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For 1.6 players who refuse to play CS:GO
United States daxmd 
This is for all 1.6 players who refuse to play CS:GO, for whatever reason. For the people who love CS 1.6, but think CS:GO is the red-headed stepchild who had the label of "counter-strike" attached to him as fluke and not birthright. Very simple question: What possible change(s) to CS:GO would make you consider playing it? You're answer could start something like, "If ______ changed about CS:GO, I would consider playing." Or, "If Valve fixed ______ in CS:GO, I would switch over." Or, "If they made _______ in CS:GO, I would give it a shot." I know I am probably going to get trolled by asking this, but please only give me serious answers and try to stay on-point rather than rant about how bad you believe CS:GO is (or how good you believe some other game is). Please also keep your comments about valve caring or not caring about gamers/counter-strike/esports/competitive play/global warming and unicorns to yourself if you don't mind. I'm in a unique position by virtue of my association with certain people who have the ear of Valve executives who oversee game development (not necessarily the CS:GO development team itself) and we've decided to try and see if we can't draft a detailed and concise request for changes that the competitive community wants to see in the game that could increase 1.6 player cross-over to GO. Now I myself don't know anybody at Valve, I am simply assisting in research and syntax for a person with close contacts over there who might just help us push the dev team to make the game better.
2013-03-26 18:41
Poland Kuz. 
If Valve fixed nades, i mean that if we could throw them throught tight gaps on map, now its impossible, fb he and sg are so fucking wide and hook the walls in CS:GO, I would switch over. Moreover i want go for lower DMG for MAG/Shotguns in CT/TT sides. Its too OP weapon which kills in one shot even if you have kevlar. EDIT: I play CS:GO since beta, i like it, but it can be better.
2013-03-26 18:50
United States daxmd 
good start and yes I agree, the nades are too damn big, I'm tired of throwing a smoke that hits one of my team mates in the back of the head because its basically the size of a football. Or throwing a failed flash because an otherwise wide enough gap is not big enough for an 16 inch softball. Mag-7 is pretty ridiculous how far the range is, no way people should be getting 1 shotted with that thing on A plat from halfway down long A.
2013-03-26 18:54
2013-03-26 18:55
On that range mag-7 does about 25 damage if you get lucky... Mag-7 isn't OP at all, its just that some maps are too narrow and cramped, like inferno, which make the weapon too strong (especially considering the money bonus...).
2013-03-26 19:05
United Kingdom Xxit 
It kill in one hit through armour without a headshot. Easy to take out a rush with a massive kill reward.. its op.
2013-03-26 19:22
Poland Kuz. 
This, i forget to say, that reward for one kill from MAG etc. is 900$, when for AWP kill only 100$ (correct me if im wrong.)
2013-03-26 19:36
Denmark Wich 
awp is $50
2013-03-27 15:40
not anymore no.
2013-03-27 18:17
meh... never noticed
2013-03-27 18:35
yeah they changed mag7 to $450 reward a LONG time ago! Might be even less now
2013-03-31 19:26
1.6ers moaning about the actual size of nades
2013-03-28 20:52
the nades are fine, except for the silly hitbox issues that source never had. for instance Ts nading up mid from stairs on inferno, lost count how many times i've hit he guy infront. i disliked how nades went through pixel gaps on 1.6, but thats just personal preferance i guess. the mag7 is just stupid though, fk that gun
2013-03-28 20:52
If they made cs go easier, I would switch over because i can only play 1.6, a game i play for years and fckin suck with cs go atm. i speak for pussies 1.6 players. Im a 1.6 player myself.
2013-03-31 22:01
if u want an easier game then play mario.
2013-03-31 23:04
Mario takes dem hardcorez skill, I vote for Pong.
2013-03-31 23:34
ah u dont get me :)
2013-04-01 02:33
Bosnia and Herzegovina woR 
Most people from here and outside world don't even have legal version of game, they still playing with pirated non-steam version of 1.6! Maybe after 2-3 years when someone make non-steam standalone version of csgo with non-steam servers and they buy new pc they will switch to CSGO :p
2013-03-26 18:49
hahhaha ur stats are based on ?
2013-03-27 15:39
the fact that there are more no-steam players than steam ones..?
2013-03-28 18:54
you dont need a beastly computer to play CSGO, and the game is fuckin cheap as hell, i think its $15 or less...
2013-03-31 20:16
Oh buddy, you live in a bubble, steam is still surreal for us, just like buying songs in Itunes is..
2013-03-31 20:21
really? you dont have freaking 13bucks to buy csgo? Comparing steam to itunes is really retarded though
2013-03-31 21:08
How is it retarded? CS started out as a free mod, which is still being played in it's original forms. All you had to do is sharing a copy of HL to play (which is not legal) All you have to do to get music is to download on your preferred site, avoiding iTunes. The CS community were displeased with Steam when it came out, and ignored it as much as CS:GO is being ignored atm. -I was one of them, since the new CS 1.6 were extremely buggy, and Steam caused an extreme amount of lag and frustration. Even though Steam got better and cheaper, countries like Brazil still have more non-steam players.
2013-03-31 21:16
We are still talking about 13€ sir.
2013-03-31 21:23
We are still talking global economics. -poor countries People who doesn't want to play something else for no reason. (failed game) ..Sir.
2013-03-31 22:30
different mentalities in different countries.. in my country (where i used to live , bosnia) 90% kids have no credit cards neither they parents have. Or if they have, they are more focused on work and bringing food on the table and kids dont even dare to ask for a pc game. In my motherland most parents are like "what is this internet everyone talks about?" They are really not into wasting their HARD EARNED money for video games...
2013-04-01 02:08
I do have 13 bucks (Astonishingly for you thats 100$ for me), but people here are used to download things, we dont have credit cards (teens), and people are just NOT_USED_TO_PAY for things over the internet, we havnt reached that level yet. I mean this, I know people who has bought cs, ofc I do.. but those are the people that actually take the game SERIOUSLY and are of a mid+ class, else forget about it. You guys clearly live in a bubble, sometimes it really surprises me. My Itunes analogy was perfect, it's the exact same thing, we don't buy, we always download.
2013-03-31 23:11
First of all, no harm intended etc. I've been to Argentina once and from these prices I would never expect that you guys get such a low average salary there. (My mom is cuban so I know what really poor economics mean) You havent reached that level when you pay for things over the internet? That is really weird, I'd expect that in Venezuela etc. though. Living in a bubble? I'm not really sure which case is the "bubble" thing for you but well.. nonsteam players are actually everywhere in the world and its a really big community which I do not understand since the game basically costs nothing, even if I love the game, why wouldnt I save some bucks to buy it anyway (in this case I understand if people do not buy csgo). I personally do not buy games unless they have a really good multiplayer since paying for a single player game which I'm going to finish in 2 days and never gonna play it again is nonsense (except my beloved titles of Final Fantasy lol). About the itunes analogy. I said it was "retarded" because paying for songs on itunes (ok everything via itunes basically) is clearly for rich people. But I just dont agree when you compare a GAME (lets say CS 1.6 which costs 10bucks and provides you years and years of enjoyment vs a music file) to a 2minute song. I dont download these things either and never will since there are milion other ways (incl. youtube) how to listen / download these. Anyway, mi ingles no es perfecta pero creo que sabes que queria decir, entonces saludos etc. ;)
2013-04-01 01:06
2013-04-01 02:10
I would play it if they fix deagle, put _se maps on the matchmaking i would like some cool animations when i kill some1, like that blood in cs 1.6 and cool deagle headshots silencer in colt make the movement unique (dunno)
2013-03-26 18:51
United States daxmd 
For the movement, what do you mean by unique? Do you mean alter the acceleration and friction so that players stop more quickly and run slower/faster?
2013-03-26 18:55
player stopping quickly the running is fine i think,and improve ingame sound because it still sux tbh
2013-03-26 19:09
its hard to explain but i liked bunnyhop it was some kind of a new skill to master in cs In my opinion the movement is the only thing cs:go should try to "copy" or assimilate from 1.6 Other things just need to be awesome and new becouse its a newgame
2013-03-26 19:16
Its unique in a negative way.
2013-03-26 19:56
Movements, give more support to bjumping and allow stepwalking(?), also, it kinda feels like you're a clumsy stone now when moving, maybe increase speed? Make the spray less random, and more skillful. idk more, but that would be just fine imo. Maybe also add more support to bigger LANS and such, hint if there's any matches ongoing in the csgo menu.
2013-03-26 18:55
INCREASE movement speed? What is wrong with you? The playermodels already move really fast compared to 1.6. (also because of the high accel ofc)
2013-03-26 19:06
I don't know what would reduce this "clumsy" feel to it. I'm not even sure it's the movement speed which makes it feel this way or maybe just the animations. But you're probably right that the speed doesn't have to be increased overall. One thing I would like to see heavily reduced though, is the way you can strafe and score those headshots so easy, it's ridiculous and I thought they would fix that in the very early days. So accuracy while moving should be reduced, and the "smooth" feel to it should be increased (I don't know what's casuing this though).
2013-03-26 19:43
Strafing, and if you let go of the "w" button that you would actually stop. That would be much appreciated. Also landing after jumping feels bad. But for the most part it's the strafing that cs:go lacks.
2013-03-27 09:03
I've heard a lot of people say that they need to make the in-game menu more of an exposure site for competitive play. Maybe HLTV can form a partnership here, where the "hot matches" listed on the homepage are listed there and people can connect directly to streams from in-game. I'm sure there would be some issues with who valve would actually allow to be linked, but it could probably be worked out.
2013-03-26 19:34
Sweden BenneDoT 
I play a lot of csgo, but that is something that atleast would make the competitive scene much bigger once they go f2p and get many casual users. A propper simple score board/bot with results and upcoming matches and a little text to introduce the daily news. If you click on it you can see brackets etc. from hltv, that can not be that hard to put in. or?
2013-03-31 20:21
and any top streams that is happening are embedded in the front page instead of just links and text. I have never read any text that is in the front page even if it says some team name like NiP. IF there was a video there which played a stream of some LAN it would be epic.
2013-03-31 21:17
Add quickzooming and make the AWP deadon target everytime you stand still and are zoomed in or have pressed the zoomin button.
2013-03-26 19:07
ye quickzooming should def be put in
2013-03-26 19:09
I support the quickzoom It increases the skill ceiling of the game
2013-03-27 07:47
"If Valve fixed ______ in CS:GO, I would switch over." R = my computer
2013-03-26 19:25
Germany VxO4 
Make it like cs 1.6 Seriously you want to force a different community base to play a certain game? wtf Now get your connections going waterboy
2013-03-26 19:27
He's getting answers stfu.
2013-03-27 09:04
Germany VxO4 
What is wrong with you? He asked us. And that is my answer. Calm down. Either you answer it as well for yourself or stfu and leave me alone Valve had enough time to correct their mistakes over 10years of counter strike. I dont wanna wait 5-7 years again till a decent counter strike is made. Till then we are all over 30 and who knows if video games will be always a pleasure. Especially in a time where publishers couldnt care less if the product is finished or not. As long as it looks good they will sell it. No matter how bad the gameplay is. I am not sure who I exactly should blame i guess both valve for not being competent enough having a decent team of developers to create a real counter strike or Hidden path that has pretty much zero experience beside making css updates over the years. Which by the way were totally awful. If they got rid of all the people who made cs 1.6 and css they shouldnt abuse the name counter strike. I mean seriously you watched carns last pod cast? You heard what the valve/hidden path developer said over the m4 silencer and the maps? Yeah you heard it why he rufuses to add it? That was by far the most stupid thing i heard from a game developer. Its just beyond my imgaination how such persons can work on such a title. There are 3 guys sitting there argueing about a serious topic with having together far over 10years of competitive e-sports experience and then you have a random game developer who thinks he has a better clue than these guys. SERIOUSLY?
2013-03-27 10:55
Germany VxO4 
Edit: Far over 20years So if you really think i pay/owe these developers some respect. Then why? They make PR with the pros on youtube and co for their game while we have statements from pro's which say they got invited to talk with them but dont see any success in the game. Its a great marketing show for them. EA style It really pisses me off. And then the sponsors jump on that train even tough the specctators are really small for what e-sports has become today. At least there is a major sponsor which only picks up titles if they have the community base to support in the way they pay in. I hope you understand me now a bit better
2013-03-27 11:09
I would like to see 2 flashbangs on Matchmaking and Brazilian servers! I love the matchmaking option but I can't really play it since I always have 150+ ping... That's bad for me and for others who play against me.
2013-03-26 19:28
You can fix that in the options where you can set ur maximum ping accepted. Maybe if you'll set it to maximum 100 you will be able to catch up some games :)
2013-03-26 19:39
the problem is that there are no south american servers
2013-03-31 21:10
United Kingdom Xxit 
Being punished for aiming is what puts me off the game. With the aim punch its better to just get the first hit even if its their foot because while you're adadad spamming and random spraying theres no chance they're gonna hit you back.
2013-03-26 19:31
Aim punch is very annoying, some people think it raises the skill ceiling but actually its the exact opposite because no matter where you hit an opposing model, you render their return fire almost useless unless they can strafe to cover which isn't possible all the time.
2013-03-26 19:36
Germany VxO4 
Totally agree.
2013-03-27 11:05
This is a huge thing. Let em take a look at this for sure. Sometimes i feel like 8 years of 1.6 doesn't have any advantages playing cs:go.
2013-03-27 09:07
Germany VxO4 
Nice to hear that we are at least on one opinion about that :D
2013-03-27 11:05
Didn't pay attention to you're wall of text btw. He's nog forcing them that's all i'm saying...
2013-03-27 12:44
Germany VxO4 
Wall of text? Sounds like you never read a book in your life :D
2013-03-27 14:18
I did, but that was an interesting or fun wall of text.
2013-03-27 17:15
Germany VxO4 
And how do you know mine isnt if you didnt read it? Where do you read the review/summary of my post? But hey just forget it since i assume you didnt heard/watched carns 2hours podcast either.
2013-03-27 17:19
I didn't ask for such a read. Not interested in even trying to read it. You should see what you responded to. You're comment was the only thing bothering me. And now you are bothering me again.
2013-03-27 17:20
The funny thing is you replied to me first overjudging my opinion on something . Yeah i am clearly the guy whos bothering here. Okay
2013-03-27 18:07
So thats good, it makes everyone more equal, no? but anyway I don't agree with you, becuz 1.6 and csgo is almost the same game for me, just different graphics.
2013-03-31 19:47
Well that's pretty weird. That's all i'm saying.
2013-03-31 21:04
1. movement 2. models 3. maps 4. death animation 5. silencer 6. smoke period
2013-03-26 19:42
so let me guess, 1. slow the movement and increase friction (players stop quicker) 2. make the models smaller because they are oversized right now 3. make the stock maps less claustrophobic, add brand new never before played maps that are balanced for competitive play (not just remakes from 1.6 and sauce) 4. not sure 5. add it 6. Reduce its cover area amirght?
2013-03-26 19:52
you are correct but i want the movement to be faster which should be free flow which will make the gameplay fast...and the headshot death animation is not thrilling like in cs 1.6... to make a perfect game you need to include all the perfect elements from a past perfect game
2013-03-27 06:34
Truly speaking, the death animation is not that important It's not an emergency IMO, the other stuff should be fixed first
2013-03-27 07:49
Don't know about that. In 1.6 when i rushed long on dd2 at t side with a deagle and gave the awp'er an instant. You just felt like playing 1.6 for another 2 years. Do you have that feeling with this game yet? Guess those animations give a lot of feedback to the players.
2013-03-27 09:09
So you want to increase the movement speed? WHen it is already faster than 1.6? I am really glad people like you have no say in what happens to games.
2013-03-31 21:19
if valve changed the player movement when the game started do be played.... spam! not talking really about models but the movement of trowing a grenade... maps is ok, the game need new tactics... the player animations when we get a Headshot for ex, thats not so exciting like it was in 1.6 sry my english
2013-03-26 20:18
Indonesia vyee 
1. aim punch (already mentioned above) 2. nades (already mentioned above) 3. movement (air accel) 4. Competitive matchmaking with standard rules (nades limit roundtime,etc) + 128 tickrate
2013-03-26 20:38
Better Anti-Cheat that is really really hard to by-pass or even next to impossible. (With that it might even increase number of how many plays the game both casual and competitive). I guess add so you can walk under the trains on train. I havnt played GO but by the looks of it and what the community states here, the "clumsyness" should be fixed or how the player moves, no idea. The smoke needs to be nerfed down to a smaller cloud. As #1 states, Mag7/Shotguns should be nerfed, it's way too OP. Or at very least decrease the money you gain with killing opponents, atleast for the competitive mode. I can probably think of more but that's what I have on top of my head, will let you know if I come up with something else.
2013-03-26 20:42
anticheat isnt cs:go problem. cs 1.6 doesnt have less cheaters. Actually it is easy to spot in cs:go because of xrays.
2013-03-27 06:57
Germany VxO4 
lol :D So you can specctate the opponents team in a comeptitive match and ban him? LOL
2013-03-27 11:14
not talking about only "comeptitive" matches. You can easily watch suspected players demos after matches. This is what admins of some organisations did it recently to ban them. in 1.6 you needed to install some hacks to do that.
2013-03-27 11:34
Germany VxO4 
And so you lose against a cheater and your fun is gone. Then you wont the even bother with the demos in a random match? WTF? That doesnt make any sense to me. Why not fight the source of the problem instead of that? In 1.6 it was never difficult to get a vac proven hack or just x-spactate since on an offline server VAC is not active. So dont let it look more difficlult than it is. Why do you wanna lose fun and lose match so after it you can have a look at the demo wait what? Demo in a random match? You gonna ask on the public/match making if the opponent would be that nice to upload his demo EHH what? That doesnt make even less sense So you talk about competitive matches in leagues. ESL and 4pl should have told you a lesson how inaccurate these ones could be and how easily they charge you without any proof. Especially if there is a admin that played the game for just a few weaks or for any other reasons. Most of these admins to that job for free so count 1+1 together.
2013-03-27 11:47
fix rcoil, less luck, more skill
2013-03-27 06:35
I think there are only 2 problem with cs:go 1- there is no penalty when you do adadadada spamming 2- weapon balance
2013-03-27 06:53
India h8or 
Improve movement. Remove Aimpunch Remove clutter from the maps and make them more wider. Improve sound Improve AWP - Include quickzoom and increase accuracy as soon as model stops.
2013-03-27 06:57
fix awp zoom(to be calm even while you are moving), add train_ce to competitive gaming(remove train_se), remove decoys, nerf mag7/glock = perfect game
2013-03-27 06:57
Tunisia edgg 
If Valve fixed the radar, deagle, huge models, tiny maps and op smoke I would switch over. oh and above all, movement. Aaaaand quickscope (really miss it a lot)
2013-03-27 06:58
dont see any problem with radar, deagle sucks, models are ok, but could be better, maps are fine except train, smokes were always OP as in cs16 as in CSS and same goes to CS:GO
2013-03-27 06:59
Tunisia edgg 
not really, with this radar you cant expect the need of a good communication to be well coordinated, for models I think they are too large, giving the awp a great advantage I agree with you concerning train, but inferno is definitely not fine. smoke is so dense and huge, just reduce its size and density a bit so we can get an advantage for those who focus well and see through.
2013-03-27 07:09
Im an awper and i dont see any advantage in this. The hitboxes are completely different as they were in css and cs16. In this game you have to hit the guy directly to the body/head/legs or you wont get the kill. In cs16 you had hitbox ahead or behind the models, but here you dont have anything like this. Its much more harder to hit with awp even if the models are bigger. My opinion, thats how I see this or how i understand to it
2013-03-27 07:11
Radar does sometimes reveal the position of an opponent you or your teammate hasn't seen, so its a bit bugged.
2013-03-27 20:06
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
If the movement is fixed i'll enjoy CSGO as well. I understand that the recoil is different and I can learn that if i try, but the movement in CSGO is just atrocious. I don't want realistic. I want fun. It's a game, not a simulator.
2013-03-27 07:17
Listen to the podcast with lurppis and carn. just a few off the top of my head: -movement. It sucks and everyone knows it. -models. fat ugly models and the map size makes it very hard to hold corners like in 1.6. As lurppis said, the game favors just running and being aggressive. reduce the model size! -recoil. you should not be able to run and spray. reward skill. -maps. maps are too small especially with the huge model size and everything was nerfed for noobs. difficult jumps are gone. maps are often cluttered with useless junk and you can get flashed everywhere without even knowing from where. -flashes/smokes. smokes are too strong. The sound of being flashed should be removed. In 1.6 I could still guess blind where the enemy was at by listening.
2013-03-27 07:26
2013-03-27 07:44
Decrease acceleration, increase friction and increase air_accelerate. Leagues implement user created maps like inferno_ce (not a Valve problem) Decrease acceleration when using slow movement weapons like the Awp. This will eliminate the ADAD spamfest and allow players with light weapons such as pistols to have a chance. Make kits cost $200 Make all weapons in general less accurate while moving.
2013-03-27 07:53 Here i had given reasons why i think csgo need some things that 1.6 has. The counter arguments by the reddit community made alot of sense so i would ask you to read some counter arguments in the comment section which might change your mind about suggesting some stuff that some of us here think is needed. =)
2013-03-27 08:10
Serbia sALE 
Bigger maps for better movement,no knee bend for god sake,tagging so that taking better positions than other people matter for something,nerf shotgun damage or make them a bit more expensive(atleast 500$)
2013-03-27 08:20
2013-03-27 09:12
I am playing it,but some good updates: tickrate, cmdrate,updaterate 128 un matchmaking 2 flashes on matchmaking fix the deagle make the p9000, mag7, sawed off more expensive add the rest of the maps(mirage, cache) to matchmaking and maybe bring the recoil befoere the january update(most stupidest thing they've ever done for the game)
2013-03-27 09:19
2013-03-27 09:27
Maybe trying to make the smoke more see-through? I mean, I usually don't know where I am when I'm standing in the smoke. In 1.6 you can kinda see through it a little bit, which is important. I'm not saying I should see my enemy through the smoke, I just want to know where the hell I am when I'm standing in the smoke.
2013-03-27 09:31
Someone who's capable of doing a mod to this game, do a promod/competitivemod like cod4 has. +more sv_accelerate +sv_airraccelerate +certain(useless) weapons banned and/or balance the overpowered guns. +less sv_friction etc... If valve can't do it, do it by yourselves.
2013-03-27 09:44
At the beginig, in 2004 i didnt even enjoy 1.6 but lot of my friends were playing online so i wanted to be better or at least as good as they were. Yeah, i was 13, i had a lot of time to waste. I just wanted to be better and better to make career in CS, to become pro player. Now when im almost 22 i dont give a fuck about any career in any game, when im playing cs its only for fun at FFA with old friends who thinks same was as me. Adult guys who started this game same time as me or even earlier. Its really fun because we all still got "this", no one insulst anybody and there's no place for childish behavior, we're all friends, we know each other from lans or just internet for a long time. Thats the reason why many 1.6 players refused to play CS:GO.
2013-03-27 09:47
2013-03-27 09:48
cs 1.6
2013-03-27 09:51
cs 1.6
2013-03-27 09:51
slap yourself and your voodoo computer
2013-03-27 10:26
nades to damn big cant throw them in narrow angle n does fuk all dmg
2013-03-27 10:03
I don't know why people complain about deagle. It's not as good as in 1.6, I know, but it's a good choice still. I can make some headshots if I shoot and let the deagle "rebalance" itself after each. While standing, the first shoot still goes exactly where you're aiming, so you can get headshots easilly.
2013-03-27 10:08
1.6 4ever
2013-03-27 10:22
Portugal picc 
If the movement is decent, I might give it a shot.
2013-03-27 10:39
NEO made the change, you can do it too :D
2013-03-31 23:09
neo gets paid, I play for amusement
2013-04-01 02:43
The main reason is the FPS. In CS 1.6 the players don't need a pc who is a beast. And they won't spend more money on PC because it's too expensive. I think it isn't the gameplay, aim, movement etc. Because all this, you can get used to. I wouldn't play CS:GO because my PC would only have like 70-80 FPS. But now i play just some danish gathers but still i play average score every game and sometimes top. And all the other players have like 100+ FPS.
2013-03-27 10:40
I don't think I will ever switch to CS:GO. I played it for a while, about 50 hours. And I dislike pretty much everything in this game. I prefer simple GFX, simple maps without tons of barrels/boxes/etc. Nades are made pretty sweet in GO, maybe that's the only thing I like more than onepointsix, even though it's not easy to get used to this change. Movement and recoil are just retarded. Weapon models are too fucking big, sound of shooting is awful. And most of all I like animation in 1.6, especially animation of a head-shot guy, just love it :)
2013-03-27 11:12
Germany VxO4 
Dude in cs:go if you run behind another team mate/model it looks like he pissed himself in the pants. I am WTF? He runs like hes looking for the next toilet :D And these are just basic things that can be done and shouldnt be that difficlt to let it look a bit better. BUT NOOOO Not even in source it looked that retarded as far as i remember it.
2013-03-27 11:13
You need some change in CS:GO. Valve pls make it same like 1.6... Funny...
2013-03-27 11:32
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
If Valve fixed everything in CS:GO, I would switch over.
2013-03-27 11:38
Its too random but i still enjoy it from time to time. feels like the bullet registry is never the same, kinda hard to explain but as if its not consistent with wat you knew from 1.6 and source. Ok reg was kinda fucked in 1.6 but u knew wat too expect, like hs from behind has to be from a shot in the neck etc. in csgo its almost different from round too round, never knowing wat too expect from certain guns and how a little movement can completely change the flight of the bullets and how they register. Awp reg is very random, sometimes shots are on target but wont register then next shot is behind or infront of target and then it does register. I dunno....also playing dm and everyone has insta hs, just makes it feel like its easy to be good at the game but hard to be amazing because of the inconsistencies. playing matches is ok but public/dm is a struggle and not a joy as it was in 1.6. Rant over people enjoy different things:) Posted in the other thread but would like to see if people agree:)
2013-03-27 11:42
if valve delete cs go and make good game like cs promod. cs go is shit.
2013-03-27 11:50
I refuse guerrilla-marketing not the game itself. In connection with the game itself, I just simply dislike it..., maps with full of trashes, impenetrable. Movement is a joke. I don't want resentfulness but how you can play with a game with that gay movement like GO? The animation looks like chicken-walk or ice skating or I don't know what was the reference but as soon as I see, I'll be depressed.
2013-03-27 11:50 IF valve makes the movement as it was in 1.6 ,u will see this 50k+community switching to cs:go On a personal note I would like to see a better money system ,awp kills give to little and awp cost to much. I want the possibility to quickzoom with the awp ,so we can do and see better rounds from players playing it I would like valve to revamp the maps,and get rid of all thoose "easy flashes" nowadays you just have to throw a flash to the sky,no popup flashes is not an improvement to the previous cs tittles. I would like to implement bunnyhop and generally a system of movement that REWARDS good players that know how to move in a map better than others. I would like to see wallbangs,cause wallbangs have been a great aspect of cs,a player needed communication,skill,instict,and insight of the game to wallbang and it was spicing up things in good games. Spray in this game IMO is ok , its something you can adapt to . I dont want the game to be like 1.6 , but valve should on their OWN try to keep the best things from 1.6 and implement them in go. also,make a legal fps CAP(like 100) in 1.6 users with developer 1 and fps like 200 had certain advantages,if you want to play a competitive game all players should play with the same settings and conditions. 128 ticrate servers Thats what i can think of for the momment,gl with what you do i hope you become a link for us,in order to have a better game. P.S i dont own the game myself,but some friend of mine have it,i have played it for more than 70 hours,i dont plan to buy it anytime soon cause the game itself left me quite unimpressed.
2013-03-27 12:55
+1 and i can add also : No blur on zoom. And in CS:GO the shooting technique is boring and looks always the same. In 1.6 each player had own technique, and it was also dependent on situation in game.
2013-03-27 13:48
A lot of people mentioning maps, when that's not really any longer the responsibility of valve, Volcano is working on a better version of train and I know someone is working on tuscan and season. The real issues: -deagle kickback and accuracy -awp accuracy -pistol consistency but honestly if the deagle was better I wouldnt care -cheaters at the top end of matchmaking are too frequent -silencer on m4 -AK tapping is awful, it should tap like the m4 is currently tapping and the m4 shouldn't tap that well.
2013-03-27 12:58
think deagle and AK are the most important to fix of the weapons, if deagle was fixed people might stop using those annoying shotguns and P90s, and AK tapping is just impossible right now, and AK should be better than M4 at long range, it isnt right now since you cant tap with it. also quickscope for AWP should be in the game. Of the maps, Dust2, Nuke and Mirage are fine but Train and Inferno are just horrible at the moment
2013-03-27 14:10
I tried it only a few times at a friend's as I've not bought it myself (and don't plan on buying it, whatever the updates Valve might make), but what immediately repelled me were the movements (movements were the best thing about 1.6 imo), that weird CoD-like awp, the hitboxes & the nades
2013-03-27 15:35
Canada xb0y 
No hate whatsoever from my side. I'm having more fun playing dota2 =(
2013-03-27 15:57
India Co17 
Absolutely True ;]
2013-03-27 16:05
nothing they could do... except make a complete new game. and i dont refuse to play it, i just dont like the game. whats the problem? its a completely new game and i dont like it. there is 99999 new games every day. csgo is one of em. i dont like it. nothing has to be changed. its a DIFFERENT game and not a good one IMO. so there is thing that can be done except make new game that is like 1.6 with updated graphics and some fresh maps.
2013-03-27 16:13
recoil & movement of cs 1.6
2013-03-27 16:19
What missing for CS:GO? Everithing that is in CS 1.6... XD I think this is the problem...
2013-03-27 16:49
we need changes, innovations, new things...without evolution the humanity where would be?
2013-03-31 23:13
There are 2 reasons: 1. GO isn't good enough 2. Most 1.6 players have played it for years with their old PCs which can not run GO. We come back to 1. GO is not good enough a reason to buy the game and a new PC aswell
2013-03-27 17:19
If you can see...most of people play dota2. Old PC'S i just to cover up the failure of GO.
2013-03-28 18:18
It's awesome atm but it can be better : - Put Some fps commands - Sillencer for m4 - Fix the Deagle - Make a Anti-Cheat thats 95 % efficient - Put _se maps on MM - Remove Aimpunch - Work on train , it sucks balls
2013-03-27 17:26
Am i the only one who misses the money turning green when you get a frag? One of the simple things from 1.6 but really gave you a good feeling and was also a clear indicator that you killed someone because in go its sometimes hard to see that you got a frag!
2013-03-27 18:19
It would be better if: - The AWP lost its sway, and regained the ability to noscope. - Fixed movement, to not have a slow down penalty from jumping, (making bhop possible) - Maybe do some commands to make the graphics worse = more FPS - Fixed pistols (fx deagles accuracy, p2000's firing rate) - Made walls alittle bit more penetrable. This is just some changes which im sure will make 1.6 more willing to play this destroyed game.
2013-03-27 18:21
cs:go shit why why its called conter strike .........................
2013-03-27 18:26
productive post man thx
2013-03-31 18:03
return to 1.6's movement
2013-03-27 18:28
Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go Need movement in cs:go
2013-03-27 20:07
"needs changes.... make it like 1.6" hahaha
2013-03-28 18:29
For cs go to be the best game ever made in the CS list, 1.6 aim + moving with cs go graphics and nades (which need a little work) fix de_train bomb spots and thats it
2013-03-28 19:01
I will Never play that game **:GO at all.. Nothing is better than...CS 1.6 !!!
2013-03-31 18:20
amazing insight man GJ!! well thought out
2013-03-31 18:59
If Valve worked with the community for changes, everyone would be happy. That's how games like League of Legends are popular. NOBODY ASKED FOR HOSTAGE MAP UPDATES !
2013-03-31 19:08
just replicate cs 1.6 guns in cs:go. Dont bring in new guns. AK47 seems to be weaker in cs go.
2013-03-31 19:24
If they include _se maps + league competetive maps into matchmaking (mill, mirage_go, maybe cache, season, contra or tuscan - tuscan will be released in next months), fix the AWP scope (no blur when moving), maybe add silencer and fix the deagle, nerf the mag-7, rebuild the anticheat from scratch which will ban cheaters immediately and not after 3 months of playing with cheats + remake the ban system, and edit movement - if they will add these changes to CS:GO, the game will be perfect."
2013-03-31 20:06
Why do you need 1.6 players for GO to succeed? CS:GO is so awesome that it will create its own player base of 1 million very soon.
2013-03-31 20:29
dream more, this game will die ~6 months
2013-03-31 21:34
"If Valve fixed EVERYTHING in CS:GO, I would switch over." By EVERYTHING I mean: the movementation that give you much worse freedom to control your model compared to 1.6, the recoils (that makes you feel like you're not playing a Counter-Strike game), the super polluted maps full unnecessary stuff, the unbelievably bad sounds (even GO players agree with this), the funny and ridiculous players models/animations, the damage of some weapons, the reward you get from killing, the radar that has too much details, the famous source flash effect that annoy the fuck out of me, the fog (it's another of those realistic things that just helps to fuck the game), and the overall size of the maps (they all look very small).
2013-03-31 20:32
simply answer - 1.6 is a more then a game for me, i play counter-strike since beta, it's like cig's or coffee for me. I will never change it to any fps. Still playng csdm/public/praccs and some online cups with friends. CS:GO is not a counter-strike, it's just a bad copy, all who play - just wanna be pro's, nothing more. Or may be braindead fans of f0rest & co. 1.6 online > cs:go online day at day, so. Most of ppl are still playing, still love it and never change it for any cs:shit. peace.
2013-03-31 21:33
Everybody shut up. I thing I've got an idea which could be true for all of these post above. Make Source engine as much like GoldSRC as possible. It'll probably fix all the problems. Except for people. Leave a reply about what you think about it.
2013-03-31 21:38
1. Fix a silencer 2. Please some FPS commands 3. Aim Punch 4. SE map default This will help the game getting better and better for everyone!
2013-03-31 22:11
you need more space in this post to get our answers,2 many things, i dont think there is a way they can fix it.I think its just better to make a new game instead of GO,cause they just wont get any good results back from what they designed. I dont hate GO but i dont like it,i mean if a company cant face the mistake they made,and keep lying to themselves saying things 'gonna change,then they will fail hard. Look at DOTA2 studio,they kept all the best part from DOTA1,and they add a lot of good thinking to it to make it nearly perfect. GO did the oppo side,they kill all these best part from 1.6, and add a lot of none sense craps to it,make it into the worst CS that iv seen.Even CSS and CZ are better than GO right now. the only way they can recover from this is try to made a new game quickly before the FPS world totally dies,maybe they will be able to bring fans back. They think graphic is everything,but this prove them so wrong, when you put a high graphic-none thinking game into the market you see the result,a lot of kids are still playing some FC64 games because its fun to play. All my friends play games these days,but i havent heard any 1 playing GO after trying it.I uninstall it several times, I was hoping they do some good changes,but now i realize if they want me to enjoy this game they may have to build a total diff new GO,cause so far this GO is not GO-product.
2013-03-31 22:33
- add silencer - add / improve quickscope - improve deagle - increase HE damage
2013-03-31 23:15
oh yeah... quickscope is a huge problem !
2013-04-01 01:46
the game will never be good for them...there will be always a problem with the game. I don't know why you continue to give so much importance to these people. They simply refuse to give a chance to a new game just because they are loyal to 1.6.
2013-03-31 23:18
I tried to like the game, couldn't do so, and I played enough hours of this game, played scrims etc, and my conclusion is that they need to fix so much things to make it enjoyable imo.
2013-03-31 23:30
2013-03-31 23:32
Valve needs to somehow make the game more "light", because you can only enjoy to the fullest if you have a really good computer, which most of the people that played 1.6 don't have.
2013-03-31 23:44
my biggest issue with the game is the maps.. they have too much shit going on. too many random spots to search, makes the game less about skill and more about luck and chance. another issue is the flashes, i really wish they were like 1.6. or at least i wish i could still hear while flashed like in 1.6. a couple other things are the recoil needs to be changed a bit. im not saying EXACTLY LIKE 1.6, but it really needs to be not so insanely retarded. Also the movement is kindof bad, i wish it was more like 1.6, i mean, everyone likes that movement.
2013-04-01 01:30
There's a simple answer for that: I don't like the game at all! First reason should be that the game is too random for me and I enjoy games like DotA 2 and 1.6 more, although I don't play 1.6 that often now either. + I can't think about anything that needs to be updated since I don't play it and when I did I disliked it so .. why do I even answer? :D
2013-04-01 01:46
If Valve bought me a new pc I would play it ;)
2013-04-01 02:30
if valve did anything to csgo, good or bad, i still wont play it. the core engine needs to be redone, so i'll wait for valve's next engine and 'cs 2'., with func_vehicle, and all the fun things the first cs had. more mods is more fun.
2013-04-01 02:55
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