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CPH Casting
United States daxmd 
What is your opinion of the official casting for the CPH? (Talking about the official stream with the pre-announced casters who are on-site). Yesterday, they were on the front page of, and within 5 minutes of achieving that, the people who run the stream thought it would be smart to stop casting CS:GO after a match ended (instead of moving to one of the other many matches in progress) and run a real-time view of some schmuck in a cafeteria eating a sandwich. Also, I found 2 of the casters completely unwatchable. Lastly, I don't understand why they decided it was a good idea to cast female matches while upper bracket quarter final matches were going on. Anyway, what do you think?
2013-03-30 19:50
"Lastly, I don't understand why they decided it was a good idea to cast female matches while upper bracket quarter final matches were going on. " this,other than that it was fine
2013-03-30 19:54
+1 so ridiculous
2013-03-30 20:29
They had to stream it.
2013-03-30 21:08
yes and they went to bed so early while some games were still being played.. they just abandon the stream when they complete their shitty menu..
2013-03-30 19:57
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
really? so bad. with 4 casters even, while usually only 2 casters complete and entire playing day. I remember a 16 hours long casting day with a_spec, only to sleep 4 hours and cast 8 hours again the next day, with the grand final being the last hour there. obviously we were exhausted
2013-03-30 20:21
yes really.. the way they are doing things is like they want to have a break every map.. even with these breaks they go to bed without finishing the matches check #29 in here for more proof
2013-03-30 20:24
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
wow... I even worked harder for events where I didn't get payed a dime besides travel/lodging/food n drinks only just started out back then (DH summer 2010) so I wasn't a GREAT caster but at least I try everything I can to give the audience what they want
2013-03-30 20:26
oh stop it you, I love you! <3
2013-03-30 20:54
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
:ppp (L)
2013-03-30 21:01
I remember well u casting that ceh9 1v3 clutch in inferno and the scrim of ur co-caster in delpan's 1hp 1v2 clutch in train . Old memories <3.
2013-03-31 01:54
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
:p good times ! <3
2013-03-31 06:20
wrong reply
2013-03-31 01:54
rahim is streaming nonstop untill the last match and he is alone
2013-03-30 20:43
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
2013-03-30 21:00
rahim the best <3
2013-03-30 21:10
India Ad1_KaM 
Any idea what he's doing nowadays?
2013-03-31 06:55
i know that he will have a break from 1st to 10th of april
2013-03-31 11:39
RAHIM THE BEST . . . . In trolling. haha. btw props Rahim for casting all day long.
2013-03-31 07:26
The easy answer to why they casted the female today is sponsors. Its the official stream, the only official stream. Sad but true
2013-03-30 19:57
United Kingdom Xxit 
Too much of that livecam and its not even in a good position.. Can they not keep the audience entertained between matches?
2013-03-30 19:59
Portugal JoceL 
+1 they should had another cam watching for guys playing..
2013-03-30 20:00
Germany PansY 
totally agree, would of loved that
2013-03-30 20:02
2013-03-30 21:25
That would be cool, i would be able to see Rattlesnk raging (although their last match was good and entertaining) hihi :D
2013-03-31 17:01
2013-04-01 15:41
Portugal JoceL 
Yeah i have the same opinion.. fuck the full match, if a game is 12-10 i want to watch it! The casters are nice, i likek all, but the woman is ALWAYS saying "indeed" xD
2013-03-30 19:59
Germany PansY 
2013-03-30 20:01
that means "in fact" right?
2013-03-30 20:27
more like "I agree with that"
2013-03-30 20:38
ty ;)
2013-03-30 20:45
"I concur" or "I agree" would be better :)
2013-03-30 20:40
google translator fucking me again xD anyway she say indeed a lot!
2013-03-30 20:45
Thanks btw ;)
2013-03-30 20:45
India Ad1_KaM 
Indeed is just agreeing and you say in fact when you agree and want to add some of your own points! :)
2013-03-31 06:57
Germany PansY 
Also, I found 2 of the casters completely unwatchable. im assuming your talking about me for one but please do list as to why as well
2013-03-30 20:02
no amount of feedback can change someones voice... End of the day it just sounds like a woman talking about counterstrike. #brutallyhonest
2013-03-30 20:06
tell me something i dont know sir, but someone may have something of worth which im more than happy to listen to. #xrayon
2013-03-30 20:10
TBH I think you are getting better. Its more my bias against women casters, but mostly its your partner that ruined your pair for me (not corey dunn).
2013-03-30 20:14
Rizc? He's a great caster man.Why didnt you like about him casting?
2013-03-30 20:23
United Kingdom Alth 
Lets not beat around the bush, he is fucking terrible. He might come across as a nice guy but his casting is absolutely unbearable.
2013-03-30 21:06
It's all about taste. Personally, I think rizc is an AWEZOME caster.
2013-04-01 17:36
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
your play by play is great tbh!
2013-03-30 20:22
I think u are awesome PansY, you and Corey casting together is nearly as good as redeye and joe miller in my mind! :)
2013-03-30 20:28
wow really ?
2013-03-31 00:23
Yes, i did not say they were better, but nearly as good ;)
2013-03-31 01:27
It's not really a standard to go by though, is it?
2013-03-31 01:49
Portugal hwz1 
You speaks too fast, that's it. Not that I don't understand what you say, but it's quite annoying. My opinion.
2013-03-30 20:33
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
LOL no way thats great commentating :p
2013-03-30 21:02
Time to go to school, you don't seriously think that the cast is gonna get more exciting if she starts speaking slowly because you don't speak english that well?
2013-03-30 21:16
Portugal hwz1 
It's my opinion, can I have one? For example, Corey Dunn doesn't speak so fast and still he's an awesome caster.
2013-03-30 23:19
Stop that, you were the best caster with Corey Dunn there lol
2013-03-30 20:59
Think the casters were good, Corey Dunn was absolutely fantastic. Stream production has been great so hats off to the guys we haven't been seeing. Only gripe is that there wasn't a separate stream for the female tourney, or assuming they wanted some big viewership for the female games, the scheduling arranged so that the cast female games didn't overlap some of the better mens games.
2013-03-30 20:04
pansy and rizc very bad, always picking the wrong games, casting female tournment while male 1/4 finals were live, cast only few number of games, not showing the groups/brackets on game break and the environment of the lan (who the fuck cares about the table where the casters sit). overall, very bad stream!
2013-03-30 20:05
this best be a troll.
2013-03-30 20:04
not really
2013-03-30 20:06
"The easy answer to why they casted the female today is sponsors. Its the official stream, the only official stream. Sad but true"
2013-03-30 20:07
From what I saw pansy and Dunn were reasonable. RizC and warclown just make noises if someone gets a headshot, they've watched too many fragmovie commentries and think that just shouting is what you are supposed to do.
2013-03-30 20:04
Honestly I don't give a flying fuck about the female csgo competetition, don't know anything about them, instead I've gotta go and watch some second tier stream to get my counterstrike fix.
2013-03-30 20:05
And less pauses, constant streaming. It's verry anoying to suddenly have to wait for fifteen minutes instead of another game or some analizing.
2013-03-30 20:07
If you have nobody there qualified to analyze, then you won't get any analysis. So far as I could tell, Corey Dunn was the only one who really understands the game. Didn't agree with some of his analysis, small example he said (saying at the top level of play, Train isn't as much of a CT sided map - actually its even moreso T sided because pros use topography to its full advantage) but at least you could converse with him about the game. I appreciate the Pansy is much improved from the I48 lan last week and obviously has been studying.
2013-03-30 20:21
idk about that name Pansy... i dunno if it means the same here in the US as overseas but as far as his casting i thought i was good... dunn is just too loud for me... i appreciate the excitement it brings, i just cant stand the way he progressively gets louder with every word
2013-03-30 20:39
Corey dunn is one of the worst casters in my eyes, he tries to give an analysis but they're so wrong 90% of the time, not that I don't apreciate what he's doing but I'd rather hear nothing then hearing lies.
2013-03-30 20:42
To anyone asking as to why the female games are currently being streamed "The easy answer to why they casted the female today is sponsors. Its the official stream, the only official stream. Sad but true"
2013-03-30 20:06
Make 2 channels.
2013-03-30 20:15
+1 theres no damn reason you couldnt set up 1 more computer with a webcam and 2 more mics, to suggest that would be too difficult seems just lazy to me, but thats just my opinion
2013-03-30 20:44
er to be totally honest with you, we really tried. I will go in to detail when im not casting but we were the ones pushign to make sure everything was getting attention. At no point did we not try i assure you that
2013-03-30 21:05
im not saying it was lazy on your part, but the organizers that planned the tournament schedule ahead of time, its not like everyone showed up the first day and just found out there's A LOT of matches going on its always easier to say after, but when 1.6 was popular almost all the events had multiple streams running... like one for main stage and one for 2nd stage
2013-03-30 21:18
when WCG was hosting a worldwide cs competition there were delays and stuff sometimes but never did so many important matches go unstreamed, what was 20-30k viewers could have easily been 40k but for the most part the best games werent on stream... i watched most of the good matches on an ESEA stream where the guys were just kinda talking about the match but they were watching the best games, and they were top players so their insight was interesting to me
2013-03-30 21:21
i switched over to the fragbite stream, what a huge contrast in quality. 2 great casters, instant replays, looks slick, looks nice, no problems, good games. Take notes please
2013-03-30 20:07
I unfortunately completely agree. Sadly I only switched towards the later stages of the tournament. Having said that you could still criticize the fragbite stream, but in the end of the day the content they delivered was far more appealing to me.
2013-04-01 16:44
No idea why one camera is being wasted on a tripod pointing at the shoutcasters. Why not just get a wireless receiver and stick it on a camera thats being handheld watching the players as they play the matches. That way you can cut to them when rounds are over, pauses, half time etc. Makes for a much more diverse viewing experience IMO Obviously if you have enough cameras do both.
2013-03-30 20:11
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
+1 Noob orga is a noob orga! Their ability to get sponsors is not for discussion, but man they're bad :)
2013-03-30 20:17
Great idea man.I counted at least 4 cameras so it should be fairly easy to do.
2013-03-30 20:27
2013-03-30 21:25
fire pansy and rizc
2013-03-30 20:11
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
The casters were decent in my opinion...warclown does not know shit, but luckily there was always someone else on the stream with him. Of course Corey is a level above the others, but that's irrelevant. It's the organization in general that stinks, and I don't think that the casters actually wanted to stream the female tournament because it was more interesting or something, but CPH simply have obligations towards sponsors, and as you might've noticed the male and the female tournament have different main sponsors! I'd say yell to the organizers not the casters! Not everybody can be Joe or Redeye Edit: Oh and about the camera, it's still the organization's fault, you can't blame the casters for that either
2013-03-30 20:15
Rizc was totally unwatchable. He tries way too much to sound like Redeye, using the exact same expressions and intonations. Btw his ingame knowledge is still as low as a guy with 10hours cs in his life, how come he doesn't learn anything from watching the big players almost every night? It made me cringe so much that I went on watching the russian stream, better not understand what the streamer says than knowing that he's wrong on almost every sentence... Others were good. Put redeye/joem and you'll double the numbers, still don't know why tournament orgas don't get that...
2013-03-30 20:15
Don't forget to mention his accent.
2013-03-30 20:37
joem is casting riot's LCS...
2013-03-30 20:50
Hmmmm he's been casting a lot of cs too lately. At least every night of the past month since there was a lot of esl cups
2013-03-30 21:04
Pansy's my type of girl. I imagine she would be quite bossy and dominating (especially in that manly suit) and I TOTALLY dig that in a woman.. um what was the question? Oh yea, why the fuck was the upper bracket final live (NiP vs VP) and the official casters were on break? I mean you watch all these guys like rahim/bainshie jumping from game to game trying to keep everyone entertained and the offical casters only go off their timetable and nothing more. Most of the time the channel is on ad's. You had 6 times as many casters as any of these smaller guys and casted 1/5th of what they did.
2013-03-30 20:18
oh yea and everyone sucking the imaginary dick of pansy in chat. horny 16 year old virgins. just stahp
2013-03-30 20:20
u jelly?
2013-03-30 20:27
just explain to me the point of saying you want to have sex with pansy every 2 minutes in chat.
2013-03-30 20:30
she might go for it
2013-03-30 20:33
that would be the guinness world record for the biggest gangbang then
2013-03-30 20:36
2013-03-30 21:27
sausagefest ftl
2013-03-30 21:28
the stream is fucking NOOB ! Caster no tactical interference or other informations regarding. Firstly, for your careness, you much watching the threat stream. Threat, a SOLID 1.6 pro, know his game and tactical interference. Why CPH pay $1000 to each these NOOB caster without knowledges or other? Saucers paid to cast f0rest, make me sick inside and I hope other agree. Thx for reading with me but I force to make account here to express my feelings. I hope you understanding. Keep up GR8 work HLTV !
2013-03-30 20:21
RAHIM's Greatfrag Stream > Every other stream. GG
2013-03-30 20:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Im available for next edition CPH lads ;D <3
2013-03-30 20:25
mTw is an ice berg and SK is global warming. You think we've forgot the DreamHack Summmer 2011 casting, ya bish?
2013-03-31 12:23
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Lol I forgot about that myselve xD
2013-03-31 14:48
not enough analysis casters. pansy talk too much without saying anything. every time in official stream too much talking not enough saying. all "pro" caster apparently belief that to cast one must talk at all times, without gravity. this casters do not have a grip on the game. better to watch the fragbite stream, best to watch rahim
2013-03-30 20:34
You guys should be happy that anyone even considers putting money into such a awful game. lolololololol
2013-03-30 20:37
Now apparently some drama with the fnatic - WW match and people getting audibly angry with admins. Of course, casters not covering that, still focused on female match.
2013-03-30 20:39
Rahim >>> pansy talks a bit to much ;D
2013-03-30 20:45
i dont like the official stream for: 1) stop streaming and matches are still to start 2) its obviously better for spectators to watch an empty char than to watch a game from 12-12 i have nothing against pansy, great to see female comentators aswell, however i believe that if casters were trully fans of the game they would cast even if they were tired. i never go to bed when there are still matches going on. yeah its not the same as casting but rahim is prooving that its possible to solo cast nonstop the whole event if you really enjoy doing it
2013-03-30 20:49
when did i personally go to bed when the games were on ? ive been the first person in the event and the last person out so i dont think that can be said.
2013-03-30 21:07
i didnt mean you. its probably also not casters decision when they stop streaming or am i wrong? i noticed that rizc did that, not on this event but it probably didnt change
2013-03-30 21:23
i was told we were done, im not sure what other games were going on at that point, i know some of the later ones were still being played out but that was it to my knowing.
2013-04-01 16:28
rizc and pansy are like stand-in shoutcaster (no offence to you)they really cant make it happen , and they arent the material for such big tournament. The thing I dont get is , when there was many game being played at the same time,after you finish one why not just directly jump into another one ... yes in the middle of the game ,who cares if we missed half of it , thats how you stream the game , but instead they go on a break and god damn didnt you have many breaks during this tourney ....
2013-03-30 20:51
This event is a fail.. casters=fail cph admins =fail streams=fail I find rahim better atleast he streams till the end.
2013-03-30 20:53
2013-03-30 20:56
All casters expect Pansy did well in my opinion. And for the whole tournament I would give it 7/10, watched every game I wanted to see
2013-03-30 21:11
tits plz
2013-03-30 21:23
Pansy im sorry but u have no place in that casting booth! Its harsh but u are very annoying and along with rizc hve no clue about cs!
2013-03-30 21:35
what a shocker, someone from hltv doesn't enjoy play by play casting.
2013-04-01 16:26
I was kind of shocked when today they weren't casting NIP vs VP... Fail.
2013-03-30 21:46
Dunn >
2013-03-30 21:58
The official stream was, and is complete and utter shit. It's laggy, the casters are bad (except Dunn) and this pansey chick looks hammered... Sadly Fragbite aint streaming in English anymore, but that stream is great, having 2 former pro's as casters that actually knows something..They also have a replay function that is just great
2013-03-30 23:27
Sweden BIRK 
Cant really say that Vuggo is a former pro, 0-32 at Assembly lol.
2013-03-31 00:03
Meh, semi-pro atleast
2013-03-31 00:04
Sweden BIRK 
Who were those 2 guys that was totally unwatchable? The fragbite stream?
2013-03-31 00:02
I thought they were doing really good. Their stream was outstanding! Okay, so... they didnt talk the best english. But when they had the stream in swedish it was great. They had replays, showed all the highlights and even after the game they hade a overview about what had happened during the game and showed every hightlight once again. They were having problems with their twitch server and right when it started they contacted twitch and after a few minutes they got a new twitch server. They did an amazing job, eventhough they were quite unserious at some points it was amazing. I mean, they casted for over 14 hours every day. Give them a rest and let them have some fun.
2013-03-31 00:08
+1. Only reason they switched to casting in English was because the official stream decided to cast the female tournament and there was no other English stream.
2013-03-31 00:14
No the onsite official casters
2013-03-31 06:37
Considering I've been completely spoilt for choice in terms of games to watch for the last two days. There was a lot of down-time on that stream... Considering they had 4 casters I consider that pretty pathetic. In terms of their casting I think its been OK. Yea I completely agree about the female tournament, terrible decision and they lost at least half their viewership, but I assume that was more to do with the event organisers than the casters.
2013-03-31 00:10
I think they are moving in the right direction, but failed on a few things. When it comes to what people want to watch it goes like this: Players live, the match, players mucking around, the casters then finally some obscure view of the venue. a live feed to a birdseye view looking at the players would of been pretty cool, if not load up another game. 4 casters yet they collectively casted the least amount of matches compared to people doing it solo. Main cast should be 24/7. Even if they had pre-recording funnies or interviews. Scheduling of matches. Saw a few teams 2 or 3 times before we even saw others. Look at what the others (who have dedicated languages) are streaming. Female event needed to be shown, so i blame event for running it at that time. They would of been better playing Friday/Saturday and grand final after mens groups were done. Better timeslot IMO. Anyway, as i said step in the right direction, i think they just lost site on what's important. Goodjob none the less.
2013-03-31 00:17
Very disapointed to say it at least. First of all, they are skipping alot of matches, single guy rahim streamed twice as many matches during the event single handedly. Let me remind you that there is 4 casters on official streams. Corey talks way to much crap we dont need to hear, and his drawings are so waste of time. Honestly have ANY ever learnt anything from him drawing ? Hes wasting like 20sec every second round on his fancy lines. If any have learnt from it, please tell me what.. The only thing is that corey have the commentator voice, and thats about it. Overall bad stream.. And no, i could not have done it better myself, but i dont get paid so.... For future.. All events.. Hire Rahim, he seems more dedicated.. and oh, pay him extra for cutting all funny his crap..:D
2013-03-31 00:22
Oi! I like his funny crap ! :) In spite of his shortcomings, you have to really appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm. Second only to Joe Miller imo.
2013-03-31 08:27
I Like it too, dont get me wrong. Its just if he´s for official stream, then he needs to cut it down..
2013-03-31 15:55
"First of all, they are skipping alot of matches, single guy rahim streamed twice as many matches during the event single handedly. Let me remind you that there is 4 casters on official streams." this +99999 . there were matches basically the whole day non stop .with 4 casters they could have done way more matches :/
2013-04-01 15:52
for me, he is casting better because of his in death analysis, and he does not talk so much, and he makes many funny things to make me lol irl. however, i think do not hire rahim for the official stream. he will no be the same. but we must watch his steam and support him this way. then his stream will have sponsorship, and he will make his price from this :)
2013-04-01 17:22
"the people who run the stream thought it would be smart to stop casting CS:GO after a match ended (instead of moving to one of the other many matches in progress) and run a real-time view of some schmuck in a cafeteria eating a sandwich". This^ And also, I didn't like the casters at all. Not one really. I only find warclown ok when he casts with uk chaps such as joe miller richard lewis
2013-03-31 00:25
shit stream shit casters lol now wonder people watched stream in russian, german, and swedish BEFORE the official stream in english. LOL. time to quit and never come back thx
2013-03-31 00:46
I think RizC one of the best casters right now, among Joe Miller and RedEye. Im sorry that he have not casted too much during the weekend, in spite of warclown, who casted the most, on the lowest level. His nosevoice is distrub my ears and what is more he was talking stupid things. There were a lot of spare time, when they did not cast matches or casted the female matches, instead of the quarter finals, but its more than the nothing, so thanks for the casters and producers. PS: Please do not staff warclown anymore.
2013-03-31 01:34
Sorry but rizc was not good. Casters should make the game interesting and exciting, get the adrenaline of the viewers going. Make us ride the emotional roller coaster along with the players - the uplift of winning a big clutch round, the slowly increasing disappointment of losing round after round, the nerves right before a big game begins, the heartbreak of a close loss that came down to the wire. Can you honestly say any of these casters did anything other than spew verbal diarrhea in an unprofessional manner (even cursing at some points, which I'm assuming twitch woudlnt appreciate if they put them on their homepage where everyone even kids can access)? Yes, Pansy is better and doing her studying and honestly not even that bad at play by play, but its obvious she still doesn't know the game. Warclown = totally overrated, got absolutely nothing from him. A total flatline the whole tournament. 0 excitement, sorry. Rizc? Unwatchable. Maybe a nice guy, but not a good caster. Corey Dunn? I don't know, by far the best of the 4 and did get me a little excited finally when I was watching that WW v. Virtus Pro consolation final, but his analysis seems overdone and I'm not even really sure if he has played the game in a while. What we need are people with deep passion for the game, who research the teams and players, and know how to put on a little bit of a show. Definitely not people who make stupid jokes, go to sleep before big matches are over, and cast female matches that no one cares about on the main stream when they should be casting upper bracket finals and commenting on the developments with the fnatic v. WW pause which left everyone clueless. This was a golden opportunity to bring viewers into the fray to get a taste of CS, but the people running the stream ran their dumb menu with fatties in the background stuffing hamburgers and snickers down their gullets after being put on homepage instead of doing decent CS casting.
2013-03-31 01:49
i think different persons enjoy different caster styles. to say that a casters should do this or that is only the opinion of the person telling that comment. better for sponsors to give money to the well viewed other language streams, and other streaming organs.
2013-04-01 17:25
IMO they are really good, if you like streams like the ones that Joe Miller did, this is the stream to watch.
2013-03-31 01:39
Pansy + dunN was the best combo
2013-03-31 06:23
GreatFrag for official stream every upcoming event!! RAHIM is INZEEEEIN caster <3
2013-03-31 11:55
I, unfortunately, only saw maybe half a game on the main stream. Whenever I tuned in, there was a camera showing a table or something else unrelated to counter strike. It's been a while since I've seen a tournament stream with so much downtime. For that reason, I watched the majority of games on Rahim/Greatfrag's stream. He's not the best caster, but he's certainly entertaining and has buckets of infectious enthusiasm. He had virtually zero downtime between games, too. Thank you, Rahim, for doing such a great job this weekend.
2013-03-31 12:34
The casting was ok, abit to much downtime though. Strange to see the official cast taking a break when all the non-officials are busy casting games.
2013-03-31 12:44
GreatFrag is more entertaining to be honest. He's very enthusiastic and understands the game(well at least 1.6 a bit)
2013-03-31 15:00
the best caster, but if he is not in his home i think he is not the same. all must support greatfrag
2013-04-01 17:26
warclown did a good job if you ask me , I dont think he could be casting on his own ,he just aint made for it , hes a great co-caster,his role as a assistant caster was done great. +1 for warclown
2013-03-31 16:12
make a seperate channel for the female tournament, but instead of having a camera watching the game just point it at their faces so the 20 people who are watching can have the wank they need to instead of pretending its anymore than 2 mid skilled teams playing eachother. apart from that all casters were decent so gj
2013-04-01 16:55
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
For me dunn is amazing. Just really good at casting, and analyzing. Warclown okay, him and dunn where a bit to chatty about just some weird stuff during the games, but I guess casting that long is hard and we can blame the stupid CPH Games schedule for that, why they don't run it on Sunday as well is just weird. Pansy - I saw just few games but she does have some good casting skills and it is nice to have a woman in there, don't see anything wrong with it. I like her catchphrases but she might over-use them. rizC - sorry to say the guy is great, he works so hard to produce material and stream and shoutcast games in online competitions, I just find him somewhat off. His voice kind of annoys me, he is a bit over excited in situations it is not needed. I really don't know why CPH would not contact JoeM - like it or not he is the best CS caster, plain and simple. For me I'd love to have JoeM with ReDeYe and dunN with either warclown, Richard(Cadred, he might be hated or even an idiot, but from Mad Catz Vienna I liked his casting). Also please get lurrpis, threat and carn to analyze. 3 IGL's who read the game probably better than anyone, they know the most but might not be expert casters. JoeM and dunn as main casters and get ReDeYe, warclown and Richard as backups. Or have lurrpis, threat and carn with them whilst casting to give analysis. No hate for other casters, keep doing what you do ! I might not like you the most but I appreciate your work to the fullest !
2013-04-01 17:39
I never watched official stream thank god I watched rahim, because what I hear in this tread official one was very bad. In Rahim stream I never missed a match, nonstop action, guy couldnt even drink his coffe. High in game volume and moderate talking, only when relevant, sometime childish jokes time to time, but its so bad humor he does it on purpose, sometime cracks me up. also very relaxed stream and no matter if you question his intelligence, he has very good game sense and clearly enjoys spectating and commenting the game in his own style.
2013-04-01 17:41
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