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50.5k viewers on VP victory
Vietnam grandi__ 
50485 witnessed the NiP's first loss Vs Virtus.Pro not bad
2013-04-05 20:58
Its obvious. Just like 500 people were waiting for Starcraft during IEM 2011, similarily 25K were waiting for DOTA2 during SLTV.
2013-04-06 01:15
all dota 2 :p
2013-04-07 17:51
sale...trolling karne de na ^_^
2013-04-07 17:52
Croatia VuKA 
2013-04-05 21:01
~5k could be from dota but still amazing numbers
2013-04-05 21:02
Ukraine s1nox 
maybe 10k dota
2013-04-05 21:02
maybe 20k dota
2013-04-06 00:06
Poland kRAMERO 
maybe 50k dota
2013-04-06 01:12
maybe 50.499999 k dota
2013-04-06 04:39
Croatia VuKA 
yea, its true, but 45k is awesome :D
2013-04-05 21:15
almost all CS:GO viewers are quit the stream and we have 32k viewers before dota2 game starts. 50-32=18k + 11k NiPTV ~29k.
2013-04-05 21:35
alot of players play dota, so they might have stayed for that aswell, you never know, 50k is still very very nice
2013-04-05 23:05
a lot of people follow more than one competitive scene at once m8
2013-04-06 01:16
The 50k already include the 11k from NiPTV, you are adding them twice
2013-04-06 16:12
2013-04-05 21:02
another why you mad?
2013-04-06 04:31
Yeah, 10th thread about this.
2013-04-05 21:02
I wonder if the grand final can beat that
2013-04-05 21:02
yes wonder girl can beat that
2013-04-06 04:33
Greece her-1g 
imagine when the asians and the koreans will get into the scene!! we will have 50k+ constantly! the game will grow long as there are events
2013-04-05 21:02
this event deserve much more viewers. very good organisation Virtus.Pro well played :)))
2013-04-05 21:03
WP means Well played
2013-04-06 04:34
i have to say this russian stream is very good.. great action from the cameras and excitable casting.. 10/10
2013-04-05 21:04
Its funny because even tho i dont understand shit they say, i actually enjoy it more than wacthing english streamers. They always catch the right action at the right time
2013-04-06 02:00
hahaha me too, maybe you can understand a few words "nip", "eco" HAHAHA
2013-04-06 03:24
A lot of them just are doters ) they waited the WB final in dota 2 ) but anyway not bad
2013-04-05 21:05
maybe on grand final even more viewers
2013-04-05 21:05
1.6 cultists are soooo mad
2013-04-05 21:05
Indonesia vyee 
do you even need to bait? let's just enjoy that finally this game reaching a higher standard.
2013-04-05 21:09
ye, no need to be like that, not the right attitude.
2013-04-05 21:46
+10k watching tobi wan kenobi re-streaming the russian stream while waiting for the dota counterpart to start.
2013-04-05 21:05
main steam more guys wait vp-nth maybe 10-20k
2013-04-05 21:08
Yesterday SLTV's stream peaked at 47k during Empire vs NTh.
2013-04-05 21:10
So around 60k + GOTV spectators, interesting.
2013-04-05 21:10
Tunisia edgg 
there wasnt gotv
2013-04-05 21:12
Oh, still it's not bad.
2013-04-05 21:12
LOL @ "they were all for DOTA", yeah so they joined the stream an hour early? Who does that for CS? I turn the stream off even if its 5 minutes away from the match so I don't have to hear the rubbish.
2013-04-05 21:05
All Koreans crazy dude
2013-04-05 21:12
you think they are a bunch of Nigels who are just going to waste an hour listening to jerks babble in a language they don't understand and a game they don't like just so they don't miss a minute of DOTA casting? Maybe, but I'm betting it isn't 10k of them, not anywhere near that number.
2013-04-05 22:09
Theres no way to prove that they were there for DOTA, so I dont even know why people are bringing that up lol. Probably just angry that GO had so many spectators.
2013-04-05 22:31
nailed it
2013-04-05 22:34
Dota had more than 70k during their Starladder match and more than 100k during the G1-League. Why should anyone be angry?
2013-04-06 16:11
Ukraine ritN 
funny people 30k wait dota2 match 50k-30k=20k it's real story ...sad but true
2013-04-05 21:06
Poland tfg 
so they must be retarded like you, to wait 1 hour for an dota match legit
2013-04-05 21:07
Take it easy, no need to insult. Thank you.
2013-04-05 21:12
Poland tfg 
ok Im sorry, just i cant understand why Ukrainians are so mad about cs:go
2013-04-05 21:14
Ukranians? seems like you are the mad one here.
2013-04-05 22:06
Cause their idols were one of the top teams in 1.6 who were used to win tournaments, now they pack in the groupstage after going into losers in 3rd place.
2013-04-06 02:02
high ranked postings
2013-04-08 02:17
delete the blatent troll posts then christ
2013-04-05 22:50
269,512 285,748 Dota 2 27,025 27,938 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yeah 50 k see csgo
2013-04-05 21:14
Croatia VuKA 
man 250k people now playing cs 1.6 (steam+non steam) 38k (steam) css and 30k (steam) csgo. 250k+38k+30k=318k playing in same time...
2013-04-05 21:19
Haha, yeah sure. Provide some proof for those numbers or else you might as well be talking bullshit.
2013-04-06 00:26
If you believe there are 250k people playing 1.6, you are fucking retarded. You simply cant count all the non-steam players. Steam stats are effective tho.
2013-04-06 02:03
The commentator was so fucking sick although I didn't understand shit. Later he screamed like in every frag lol :D
2013-04-05 21:08
for example, I watch both dota and cs ))
2013-04-05 21:08
Tunisia edgg 
2013-04-05 21:10
I don't get the "lOl 10-15k waited for dota2". Seriously, who the fuck does that?
2013-04-05 21:14
2013-04-05 21:16
Myself and other 10k did it. Watching rebroadcasting the russian stream while waiting for dota to start.
2013-04-05 21:17
I just don't understand why anyone would do that, but each to their own, I guess.
2013-04-05 21:28
why are you so determined to discredit the numbers? so nerdy
2013-04-05 22:51
And were do you read that?
2013-04-05 22:54
in both of your comments you act as though the numbers are made up from idled 10THOUSAND people. its pathetic, why even post a comment guessing numbers like that based on you and a friend
2013-04-05 23:03
You must have some problem with understanding simple English, I recommend you to read it until you get it. Myself and other 10k did it. Watching rebroadcasting the russian stream while waiting for dota to start.
2013-04-05 23:09
What does that matter? If they didnt want to watch cs:go they wouldn't have stayed
2013-04-05 23:01
So what you're telling me is that it makes no sense to watch the 30 minute commercials between tv movies. Or some show that will broadcast before your favourite football team's match?
2013-04-05 23:05
lol how are you an admin on the website? discrediting the viewing numbers, nice
2013-04-05 23:30
And how am I "discrediting the viewing numbers"? 1) User says no one would make the sacrifice to watch something they don't care while waiting for their match to start; 2) I post a link to the official Dota 2 English broadcast which re-streams SLTV's stream during the downtime; 3) This re-stream had +10,000 viewers during NIP's match; 4) This proves that people will actually endure something they don't care and possibly understand, even if it's in another language, as long they get what they've come for. Making that "Seriously, who the fuck does that?" comment quite clueless. If you really want to touch on that point, which wasn't my intention, if English speakers do that, imagine at what scale the Russian community does that. Seeing how big Dota has always been in Russia.
2013-04-05 23:56
was that under the dota stream tho ? So like was it 60k watching the match then ? or 40k ?
2013-04-06 00:14
Was under the dota section on twitch, but as you pointed out when no one else seems to realize, that means there were 60k people watching it. Probably not real spectators, but it was still free publicity for the CS community.
2013-04-06 00:45
2013-04-05 21:35
Portugal luK,ws 
cs:go dont even reack 30k players at max per day, and u say 50k viewers. DOTA2 do the work
2013-04-05 21:38
110k all cs versions
2013-04-05 21:39
~300k only dota2.
2013-04-06 02:07
i dont play csgo but i watch it.. 110k total cs players.. its not so impossible even non cs players watch csgo..
2013-04-05 21:48
Romania tr$ 
And what does people playing the game have to do with it? I've personally never played CS:GO and I watch it.
2013-04-05 21:53
Portugal wrt 
does not mean it has no more than 60,000 players
2013-04-05 23:23
you don't have to play to watch...
2013-04-06 01:05
nip tv had 11k viewers so sltv had about 20k csgo viewers - 30k+ isn't that bad
2013-04-05 21:42
Sweden BenneDoT 
Dota or not, they watched it and stayed for the show! No matter what gamer you are, if you are there and watching the stream your a viewer. 50k is great now just 20k more and we are there :D
2013-04-05 21:48
20-25k more viewers and IEM HERE WE COME!!!!!!!! YEAH BUDDY!!
2013-04-05 21:56
Actually, if 70k viewers was not sustainable for 1.6 nor Quake in IEM, why should it be for CS:GO?
2013-04-05 22:01
Well, i remember an interview with carmac I think. he said maybe they would consider cs:go with 70-75k viewers.
2013-04-05 22:10
I see.
2013-04-05 22:12
Don't take my words for stone, I just remember an interview like that, might or might not been carmac, but I remember it as it was carmac, and that person said they would consider cs:go for 70-75k viewers so they might add cs:go then.
2013-04-05 22:26
Because CS:GO is going to be bigger than 1.6. There are more gamers currently player.
2013-04-05 22:12
There are more gamers currently player. That doesn't means they will pick this game.
2013-04-05 22:19
It means that the 10% of gamers that watch will be greater than 15% of gamers when 1.6 was big.
2013-04-05 23:56
But it's very unlikely that those gamers will watch it more than one time. If they don't pick up the game after watching a tournament, it's very unrealistic to expect they will be there next time. After all, what makes a game grow it's its player base. For a LoL stream to reach 100k viewers it's because they have a player base at least that big. You can't expect 100% of the people who know nothing about the game to watch the whole thing. Those "10%" were watching IEM, that's why it reached 75k (?) and they were never seen again. With all this what I mean is that those 10% can be anywhere. Fact is, the clock is ticking, once the new generation of gaming arrives, games that try to pull out the realistic card, such as CS:GO, will have a hard time to get those gamers attention. Unless there's a massive overhaul on the way (Something more than just go F2P), you can't expect an exponential growth.
2013-04-06 00:33
Because CS:GO attracts sponsors..Why would any major hardware manufacturer sponsor 1.6 when it can be played on a modified toaster?
2013-04-06 00:59
Carmac already said that that was/is never the case. Though any company will always see that as a possible advantage to advertise, not because the game can run better on that hardware but because the game is new and has a big community, therefore lots of potential buyers.
2013-04-06 01:11
Wasn't the viewer figure, it was the viewer region that was the issue, that and the game wasn't so "global". Btw just to add, ReDeYe was the one that had mentioned if CS:GO got 70k viewers + then ESL would consider it in IEM.
2013-04-08 02:34
SURE 20k cs:go players and 20k dota2 players on stream, all of this japans were watching game and hearing language which they dont understand, cool story bro, because they just cant launch one time for 10minutes stream to check which game is streaming, they must watching all the time, because they cant miss anything!
2013-04-05 21:53
2013-04-05 22:08
Even though CPH tournament had more teams and prize money, it had lesser viewers How is it possible? It's not that there was no VP, NIP, ESC (Na`Vi was also there :P )
2013-04-05 21:55
maybe because a lot of players had easter time and hadnt time to watching games? and matches were all day long, i think people were just bored after those delays, thats all
2013-04-05 21:59
people were just bored after those delays If people got "bored", then the initial number of viewers in the stream would have been at least ~17k. So it can't be the case That's a lot of viewers depending on a "maybe" I still think Dota has affected the number of viewers. Let's wait for DH Summer Still SLTV is a good event with awesome matches! :D
2013-04-05 22:05
I think this format is very nice, 2 bo3 games is good for everyone, like they could do one in the morning and one in the evening. And I don't get tired watching non stop..
2013-04-05 22:22
because of russians.
2013-04-05 23:41
I think this might be one of the reasons Russians/Ukrainians are very loyal to their teams Just compare SLTV numbers to MadCatz Birmingham numbers. The top Source teams are competing there but nowhere near SLTV numbers
2013-04-05 23:54
If you notice, whenever there is like an online match like VP vs Na'Vi or Na'Vi vs NiP there are 20k+ specs just for an online game. Russians and that area have a big following.
2013-04-06 03:21
50.5k - 43k (now) = CS:GO viewers :D
2013-04-05 22:11
Belgium Clinternet 
Why all this hate about oh there where 20k dota viewers. So be it who cares about that. They all watched a very good game between NIP and VP
2013-04-05 22:13 COD black ops 2 ----- > 78k viewers
2013-04-05 22:41
Korea ws0 
still a shit game.
2013-04-05 22:44
American console $$$
2013-04-05 22:45
1 million dollars tourney ,just saying
2013-04-05 22:51
best fps numbers since 1.6....
2013-04-05 23:34
wow.. COD is even boring to play so i can only imagine how boring it must be to specc
2013-04-07 12:15
I can't understand why people are belittling the numbers. Are you really this ignorant or just very bitter? Do you really think the sponsors and advertisers care? Because that is what it is all about; it does not matter what kind of people are watching the game, as long as the sponsors get their desired publicity, they couldn't care less if the people watching play CS:GO or any other game. As long as people don't start quit watching by the thousands, CS:GO is a title worth including into big events, and if you have to air it inbetween other titles - so what? Also, the more people that watch the game, the more likely it is for some of them to actually go and try out the game. The numbers are numbers and therefor inherently positive, no matter how you oh so bitter pessimists want to look at it.
2013-04-05 22:44
And yet IEM said only if go hits 75k it will make it there , so yea numbers are numbers and only important thing atm in the esports ... so everything what you said above is irrelevant
2013-04-05 23:17
man are u on drugs ??? u are confirming his point then saying everything he said is irrelevant !!
2013-04-05 23:38
and you are a biased csgo/sauce lover trying to be objective and failing hard.
2013-04-05 23:46
people seem to be bitter that their preferred game doesnt get these numbers anymore
2013-04-06 01:57
People are just retarded. If they prefer 1.6, play 1.6 and leave cs:go players/fans alone. Same with cs:go fans. Problem is: half this website is 11 yo.
2013-04-06 02:11
csgo 30k viewers wat really? ITS GONNA BE HUGE
2013-04-06 01:21
u shouldnt have to fake viewers to make a game look good, 20k of those viewers were dota fans...cs:go had maybe 25k viewers in the nip vs vp match.
2013-04-06 02:00
What the fuck does it even matter? NiP vs VP had more than 50k viewers, fact. You actually think the sponsors give a damn about who watches the game? As long as their products are advertised for those 50k numbers, thats all it matters. Oh, and it was NOT 25k dota fans, but around 11k, check some posts up before posting bullshit btw
2013-04-06 02:14
how mad are u?
2013-04-06 02:46
"Oh, and it was NOT 25k dota fans, but around 11k, check some posts up before posting bullshit btw" would like to know where you find these facts.
2013-04-07 23:56
Was already explained up there.
2013-04-08 00:43
where exactly?
2013-04-08 01:00
i believe those huge numbers are not because of dota, but because of the russian/ukranian teams, those really patriotic countries with a russian stream are always gonna give you a lot of viewers
2013-04-06 02:37
the day such high numbers will ever happen again i will run naked thru a police station shouting "HEIL GLOBAL OFFENSIVE" and have my friends record it.
2013-04-06 02:47
u ready?
2013-04-07 17:49
2013-04-07 18:03
looking forward for it
2013-04-07 18:07
2013-04-07 18:57
Link the video :-)
2013-04-07 23:47
if this wasnt sltv it wouldnt have soo many
2013-04-06 03:52
Atleast i was waiting around for DOTA :D
2013-04-06 04:28
dota sucks man seriously
2013-04-06 04:37
No option bcoz CS:GO is boring. :] dota2 is better ;]
2013-04-06 04:58
what kind of nerd connects to a cs go stream an hour early for a different game? let alone 20k nerds doing that.. cmon now.. stop hatin, go had at least 40k.
2013-04-06 05:19
and the game is still boring as fuck :)
2013-04-06 16:56
f0r3v3r r0m4n14n, 1'd b3 m4d a5w3LL
2013-04-06 23:36
Favourites Book:Learning English with Mickey & Donald but it's are young (13) and they already fucked up your mind
2013-04-07 11:26
I hope he's trolling :DD
2013-04-07 11:28
2013-04-07 12:19
tomorrow 75k and IEM IS OURS !
2013-04-06 23:39
+1 :D
2013-04-07 12:07
need 100k foshooo
2013-04-07 12:16
the coverage for every lan tournament is insane :) so good to see , this will be getting better and better
2013-04-07 17:53
fantastic number, gonna watch dota2 now for sure :)
2013-04-07 18:48
55k today, 20k to go.
2013-04-08 01:16
Hopefully more big name sponsors will start funding more CSGO teams. Just need more support from valve and the game will be good to go! :)
2013-04-08 22:26
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