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News: fRoD coming back to play CS:GO
United States daxmd 
Interesting timing with the adren + AZK move to Curse.NA. "Getting back into it! Been playing for a few weeks now and will next season of invite. I'm playing on a laptop with crappy fps so I've set up a donation box for that which is linked below. You can follow me at: and I will be streaming there quite often! Thanks everyone and GL HF!"
2013-04-25 08:12
swag n0thing fr0d +2
2013-04-25 08:14
United Kingdom 3w0k 
2013-04-25 15:06
Wasn't it also stated that Warden and Storm have started playing? "With fRoD, Storm and Warden seemingly playing some CS:GO together, have you thought about teaming up with any of the old EG members in this game?"
2013-04-25 09:05
2013-04-25 09:14
m0E !!?? -.-' you must be kidding right !!
2013-04-25 11:47
they have been playing 4 fun online but -n0thing +Warden
2013-04-25 11:55
- moe or swag + zet or old coL rambo,frod,warden,zet,storm
2013-04-25 12:25
The best coL was tr1p, frod, warden, sunman and storm. swag is very talented so no need to replace him :) moe is nowhere near pro level, he is useless. Funny as hell but useless
2013-04-25 12:29
"I've set up a donation box" yeah right xD
2013-04-25 09:17
Donation box... Freaking hilarious whahaha
2013-04-25 10:09
well imagine that there were people that used to play WoW or LoL and stream through twitch, and the community donated them huge amounts of money. so why not?!
2013-04-25 12:11
There's WoW player, name Sodapoppin that receveived more than USD 42k in donations
2013-04-25 13:41
you should add that more then half of his streaming is trolling :D. funny guy
2013-04-25 13:46
Great news! But sad to see him asking for money to buy a new pc. Why cant he get a new pc from gaming companies. He was the most popular and best american player at one time.
2013-04-25 10:12
he must be joking... don't worry :)
2013-04-25 11:28
Zeus | 
CIS stormyinho 
Donation box... seems like a serious pro player ^^ sucks.
2013-04-25 10:14
if frod will play, storm will play for sure too. about the donation box, he stated that atm he earns money just to pay his bills and lil extra. anyway, pretty strange for a player who won 100k $ from gaming.
2013-04-25 10:18
Spent it all on drugs n bitches, truestory
2013-04-25 10:20
or warden took them and spent it all on mcdonalds.
2013-04-25 10:22
true story
2013-04-25 11:36
100k is not that much, he still played for many years so per year its not alot
2013-04-25 11:11
drugs whores and rock n roll
2013-04-25 12:11
He deffo will be needing those whores :P
2013-04-25 12:18
He probably has the money to buy a PC just wants a free one.
2013-04-25 10:29
He has a BMW...
2013-04-25 10:54
Doesnt say that much :p
2013-04-25 11:21
Still he could sell it, buy a PC and still have enough to buy a decent secondhand car instead of looking for handouts
2013-04-25 11:46
True but what kinda bmw does he have?
2013-04-25 11:57
Cant remember... he bought it a couple of years ago. Im sure its around the interwebs somewhere if you could be bothered finding out ;)
2013-04-25 12:07
Cba :p My point was, having a bmw doesnt equal being rich at all :p Specially in murica where they will even borrow money for a toaster =D
2013-04-25 12:10
Yeah I know what you mean but its definitely not a budget brand car.
2013-04-25 12:16
Foxj > bmw Nuff said
2013-04-25 12:17
Finland Kklz 
nothing swag frod storm warden incoming. LOL @ the donation box :DDD.
2013-04-25 11:02
That would be a cool line. Warden plays GO?
2013-04-25 12:30
Finland Kklz 
2013-04-25 12:46
So frod needs donation to continue on CS:GO,wtf?:D
2013-04-25 11:35
gl Danny
2013-04-25 13:03
2013-04-25 13:39
I'd love to see him play go, but looking for handouts to get a pc..Shame on u Montaner, geeeeez -.-
2013-04-25 14:59
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