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System configuration on CS.GO
World rockefeller1 
Hello, Please assist me with the below configuration as i'm experiencing some issue while i play cs.go. i5 3570K - 3.5 - stock 8Gb DDR3 - 1333 Mhz GC - GTX 480 - stock BenQ XL2410 Rest of the HW in my oppinion isn't that much relevant on the following matter. My sistem displays somewhere around 200-250 FPS on a pub server and somewhere at 300 FPS on a 5on5 match. The thing is even though the FPS numbers are there, the game doesn't feel to run smooth as it should (i mean 1.6 on 100FPS went smoother than CS.GO on 300 FPS); not to mention that sometimes when i have 2-3 enemies in front of me the sistem feels like it takes a huge FPS drop for a brief second. I run the game on 1280x1024 @ 120Hz and Medium Graphics settings within. I noticed however when i played a bit with the graphics settings of the game that sometimes the game seems to flow a lot more smoother. Could it be possible that some games work better on High settings rather than low/medium? I have tried a Metro2033 (torrent version - cracked) and the FPS on this rig felt like 20 or 25 max let's say. Afterwards i have installed an original copy of Metro2033 and i have to say that the game felt like 40FPS or something - anyway much much smoother than the cracked version. Could my CS.GO be influenced by my Windows 7 not being original, just a meer cracked/hacked one? Anyway, if anybody has some drivers/settings recommendation or suggestions, please share. Sorry for my bad english here and there.
2013-04-25 09:26
Any1 ?
2013-04-26 13:59
World ashhh 
csgo sometimes runs really poorly for me too, but other games run smoothly 100% of the time so maybe its a go issue.. no idea what metro2033 is!
2013-04-26 14:24
Tunisia edgg 
seems like a system overload for me, dont really know tho
2013-04-26 14:45
Canada advo 
having a non legit copy of windows could be a factor because when initially windows 7 was released, it didn't support OpenGL games properly but after a few updates that issue got resolved, your PC configuration wise looks pretty good but I were you i would get a legit copy of windows and get all those windows updates
2013-04-26 14:49
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