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Is it free 2 play?
2013-04-30 18:52
2013-04-30 18:54
No... But is the best game ever!!
2013-04-30 18:56
yea then I will buy it watching some streams and I think its epic :)
2013-04-30 19:02
World mm2 
clearly u havnt played BW
2013-04-30 20:06
Great years of BW!! But for me SC2 > BW! I play bw since 2003!
2013-04-30 20:37
Germany VxO4 
Really? in terms of gameplay or because of the money?
2013-04-30 20:38
I'm not a progamer... But in BW only koreans won great events! And now in SC2 foreigners have chances... Last event Nanina lose to Leenock for 3x2... And Leenock is a top Korean zerg player... Sorry for bad english! edit: A lot of good foreigners make scene more and more interesting like Sen, Stephano, Nerchio, Naniwa, Thorzain, Sase, Grubby, idrA and others... I think BW korean dominance is too high! Again, sorry for poor english!
2013-04-30 20:45
2013-04-30 21:03
World mm2 
yer ppl have a chance, because all the skills have been removed :)
2013-04-30 21:50
World mm2 
i also played bw for like forever, but sc2 is so much worse and noob friendly its insane
2013-04-30 21:50
Ye thats why its the most competitive game atm and thats why we see koreans who practice 12h day smashing everything. Retarded comment.
2013-04-30 22:41
Sweden BIRK1 
Its an extremely good game, tips from me. Dont stop play because you lose much, almost everyone loose in the beginning. Its not very expensive either.
2013-04-30 19:07
2013-04-30 20:38
No, just 25€ the main game and 35-40€ the expansion, lql so cheawwwp
2013-04-30 20:39
Ive played WoW, WoL + HoTs is cheap.
2013-04-30 20:44
No, it's not cheap. Why would you waste 150€ a year to play a game PLUS the expansion itself.
2013-04-30 20:45
what game are you refering to? I mean, HoTs is cheap imparison to other games that also has a cost.
2013-04-30 20:57
2013-04-30 21:17
Well, it was totally worth it. Played for 7 years. i proably wasted 1500€ on that shit, so imo WoL + HoTs is cheap. Assasins Creed for example is Like 70-80€
2013-04-30 21:36
United Kingdom wap 
It is not f2p. Anyway it is an absoloutely awesome game and I would definitely recommend it
2013-04-30 20:13
You can play it for FREE. SC2 starter edition.
2013-04-30 20:34
never played sc2 but loved broodwars.Just waiting to get a new computer and ill play dat shit all day :)
2013-04-30 20:34
still playin broodwar (L) broodwar and cs 1.6 are the only games I play right now but I watch sc2 tournaments because bw is dead, but sc2 still being awesome with a great gameplay and awesome players, some matches are really intense and it got a lot better with HOTS release
2013-04-30 21:59
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