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Football Dream Team
Portugal haas- 
Post here your dream team, based on actual players, and your favorite coach.
2013-05-06 09:46
Portugal haas- 
Mine would be: GK - Neuer LB - Bale CB - Hummels CB - David Luiz RB - Lahm DM - Schweinsteiger LW - C.Ronaldo ATM - Aguero RW - Messi FW - Mario Gomez FW - Falcão Subs - Ibrahimóvic, Iniesta, Srna, Lewandowski, Evra, Vidic, Joe Hart Coach - Mourinho
2013-05-06 09:58
No Götze ??? and Lewandowski really deserves a place in the starting 11. Were Falcão only scores in Primera Division
2013-05-06 10:15
Portugal haas- 
Gotze has to perform in a top team (other than Dortmund), so I can see if he's overrated or not. Same goes for Lewandowski. Falcão is a top class striker, check what he did in FcPorto before Atl.Madrid. He can play in any team of the world.
2013-05-06 10:18
You dont think Bayern and Dortmund are top teams? Fyi: theyre both CL finalists and bayern were in cl final last year too
2013-05-06 10:20
I only talked about Dortmund, I'm waiting to see how Gotze performs in Bayern. Dortmund is a top team right now (for 2 years), but I can't see them able to maintain the actual consistence in the future.
2013-05-06 10:22
You said "same goes for lewandowski":)
2013-05-06 10:25
Yeah I did, it doesn't make my previous reply invalid. There's a big difference between playing for Dortmund and playing for Bayern. Bayern is a consistent top team in the world, while Dortmund are the current surprise/underdogs. There's much more pressure when playing for Bayern.
2013-05-06 10:38
Dortmund is clearly a top team lol?? I mean their playing Champions League final...
2013-05-06 10:28
2013-05-06 10:35
We'll i'm 100% sure that the German teams will dominate Europe in the upcoming years. This is like the 4th final for Bayern in 5/6 years so you're rating German soccer way to low while its currently the of European standard.
2013-05-06 10:37
Mate, note that I only talked about Dortmund, I see the German national team AND Bayern dominating football in the upcoming years too, but not Dortmund. They already lost Kagawa last year, Gotze is leaving to Bayern and I don't see Lewandowski staying...
2013-05-06 10:42
Well they got Reus back for Kagawa, And their way better if u ask me. Pretty sure Dortmund will get a good player back someone like Christian Eriksen.
2013-05-06 10:46
Yeah, Eriksen is really good.
2013-05-06 10:50
Mourinho :D
2013-05-06 10:15
Portugal haas- 
What's wrong ? :D
2013-05-06 10:16
i would say casilias is better GK but almost this line up is really good and i would put xabi alonso in it as well :)
2013-05-06 20:58
bale hasnt been a left back for 2 years now bro.
2013-05-06 21:35
bale at LB? no roony or van persie? dirty.
2013-05-06 22:13
david luiz? looool so overrated
2013-05-07 19:25
V.Valdes Dani Alves Puyol Pique Jordi Alba Xavi Iniesta Xabi Alonso Modric Messi Lewandowski Coach: Gus Hiddink
2013-05-06 10:19
Portugal haas- 
I really like Gus Hiddink too, in my lineup it would be either him or Mourinho.
2013-05-06 10:20
2013-05-06 10:21
2013-05-06 10:38
2013-05-06 10:38
2013-05-06 10:49
hahaha :D
2013-05-06 10:53
2013-05-07 01:26
Mine: GK: Casillas RB: Philipp Lahm CB: Sergio Ramos CB: Hummels LB: Marcelo CM: Iniesta CM: Schweinsteiger/Xabi Alonso CM: Ozil RW: Gareth Bale LW: Cristiano Ronaldo ST: Falcao/Van Persie Coach: Mircea Lucescu :)
2013-05-06 10:42
I like your starting 11, except for Ramos (I hate him). Really like RvP too.
2013-05-06 10:53
same here, i hate him so much.
2013-05-06 16:19
hate him after penalty hi did ?:DDD
2013-05-06 20:51
there's something that makes me hate him so much and i still wonder what it is.
2013-05-07 01:42
2013-05-06 10:41
GK: De Gea RB: Rafael CB: Vidic CB: Ramos LB: Alaba CM: Iniesta CM: Phil Jones CM: Toure LW: Ronaldo ST: Aguero RW: Bale
2013-05-06 10:48
Obvious Man Utd. supporter :)
2013-05-06 10:55
Yep, but De Gea will be the best GK, Rafael is my fave rb regardless, vidic apart from injury = best, phil jones = same as De Gea, will be the best.
2013-05-06 10:55
will be!
2013-05-06 11:25
2013-05-06 10:53
Considering your comment history, I don't think you should be complaining about anything, since you don't add anything worth reading.
2013-05-06 10:54
It's a gaming site, pls go away with your retard "sport"
2013-05-06 10:56
That's why there is the Offtopic section, you might have noticed that here, people discuss pretty much every subject, as in any other forums. I'm curious as to what sport you're into... might be Ballet?
2013-05-06 10:57
you are right but I hate's not a sport all it's about $MONEY$... Only eSports sorry
2013-05-06 11:00
they why did you comment here? this is the off topic thread. think before you speak, mister
2013-05-06 16:20
csgo all about money too, nobody "loves" it
2013-05-06 20:10
2/10 Weak troll
2013-05-07 00:04
Damn son, nice trolling.
2013-05-07 18:47
He only lives once mate. If you know what I mean. :>
2013-05-06 11:27
While I do not agree with him, this is posted in the CS Offtopic section.
2013-05-06 11:34
"Off Topic Discussions on anything not seriously related to Counter-Strike"
2013-05-06 11:42
why y u no like football? one of the best sports :X
2013-05-07 18:20
GK Hart RB Dani Alves CB Kompany CB Sergio Ramos LB Jordi Alba CM Yaya Toure CM Xavi CM Iniesta LW Bale ST Messi RW C.Ronaldo
2013-05-06 10:57
GK Lloris CB RAMOS CB Kompany CB Hummels RM Mata CM Yaya Toure CM Xavi LM Hazard CAM Bale ST Ronaldo ST Messi
2013-05-06 11:07
Now that's a risky formation :D I don't think Bale can play as CAM.
2013-05-06 11:13
He is doing really well as CAM for Tottenham at the moment:)
2013-05-06 16:00
Really? I didn't know that.
2013-05-06 16:12
Denmark Sander 
Neuer Lahm - Hummels - Dante - Alaba Schweinsteiger - Xavi Messi - Aguero - Bale Ronaldo
2013-05-06 11:23
+1 . i just would change xavi for xabi alonso
2013-05-06 16:06
xabi alonso-overrated
2013-05-06 16:11
Poland F!go 
yea rly he is the best defensive mid in the world
2013-05-06 17:39
imo he isn't, not. he is good defensively and he is good offensively, but not great in neither side.
2013-05-06 18:55
Denmark Sander 
In my opinion, Alonso and schweinsteiger are pretty much the same types, where xavi is a little bit different. But Alonso was in my mind too when i made the team ;)
2013-05-06 18:39
2013-05-06 16:08
Seems like I'm not the only one recognizing Srna's value :) Pirlo is pure class!
2013-05-06 16:13
Who follows football regularly surely knows SRNA's value. They are putting Lahm, Dani Alves, because they are more famous, but IMO Srna is better than them. His influence for Croatian national team and Shaktar are enormous.
2013-05-06 16:21
That's what I say to everyone who questions my opinion on Srna! One of the smartest comments I've read here on HLTV :)
2013-05-06 17:09
- Neuer - Lahm - Sergio Ramos - Hummels - Bale - Xabi Alonso - Vidal - Ronaldo - Messi - Robben - Cavani
2013-05-06 16:17
Neuer Lahm Hummels Dante Alaba Müller Iniesta Xavi Bale Götze Messi
2013-05-06 16:18
Neuer Lahm Hummels Dante Alaba Martinez Schweinsteiger Götze Özil Reus Lewandowski Coach: Jürgen Klopp
2013-05-06 16:29
GK: Neuer RB: Rafael CB: Ramos CB: Thiago Silva LB: Alaba CDM/CM: Xabi Alonso CDM/CM: Yaya Toure RW/CF/ST: Messi LW: Ronaldo ST: Falcao ST: Suarez Others: CB: Dante, Pepe CDM: Schweinsteiger CAM: G�tze CM: Iniesta LM: Bale RW: Robben ST: Ibrahimovic, Van Persie, Lewandowski. It was very dificult to pick the topplayers, and there is no real formation for it :)
2013-05-06 16:34
this - rafael
2013-05-06 19:27
4-2-3-1 Buffon; Srna,Pique,Thiago Silva,Alaba; Xavi, Yaya Toure; Messi,Bale,C.Ronaldo;Van Persie 4-3-3 Buffon;Srna,Pique,Thiago Silva,Alaba; yaya toure, xavi, iniesta;bale,messi,c.ronaldo 3-5-2 Buffon;Silva, Pique, Dante; yaya toure, srna, bale, xavi, iniesta;messi, c.ronaldo
2013-05-06 16:38
GK : Casillas/Buffon (can't really decide) RB : Lahm CB : Hummels CB : Thiago Silva LB : Bale CDM : Yaya toure CM : Pirlo MOC : Iniesta LW : Ronaldo CF : Ibrahimovic/RVP/Aguero (lot of options) RW : Messi
2013-05-06 16:40
Cássio Alessandro Castán Gil Fábio Santos Paulinho Ralf Danilo Renato Augusto Emerson Pato
2013-05-06 16:40
Brazil 2014: Diego Alves(Valencia) Dani Alves(Barcelona)-Thiago Silva(PSG)-Dante(Bayern M.)-Marcelo(Real M) David Luiz(Chelsea)-Oscar(Chelsea) Hulk(Zenit)-Kaka(Real M)-Ramires(Chelsea) Neymar(Santos->Barcelona)
2013-05-06 16:58
No Neymar?
2013-05-06 17:12
2013-05-06 17:14
You're funny like your team.
2013-05-07 19:55
German National Team OFC
2013-05-06 16:53
Boruc Lahm Laurent Mascherano Ashley Cole Blaszczykowski Modric Xavi Hernandez Cristiano Ronaldo Ibrahimovic Lewandowski Coach: Mourinho
2013-05-06 17:05
Boruc is a very nice keeper.
2013-05-06 17:14
Yep, definitely. He is also very nice as a person, but he had some troubles with previous coach of polish team.I'm looking forward to see him in this season.
2013-05-06 17:43
Bangladesh kg1 
Smuda - volksdeutsche!
2013-05-06 21:01
what does that mean?
2013-05-07 22:25
Bangladesh kg1 
He is German and he lives in Poland
2013-05-07 22:50
that means smuda? kk
2013-05-08 08:02
Portugal yXtm 
MACHERANO?!!! hahahaha. Fake player ever seen
2013-05-06 19:01
laurent who is it? konsielny
2013-05-06 19:20
u right bro, its Koscielny
2013-05-07 00:00
GK: Bale RB: Bale CB: Bale CB: Bale LB: Bale CDM/CM: Bale CDM/CM: Bale RW/CF/ST: Bale LW: Bale ST: Bale ST: Bale Coach: Bale
2013-05-06 17:13
thats spurs lol xD
2013-05-07 00:33
Shaolin Soccer Team! :D
2013-05-06 17:11
Iker Casillas Piszczek Thiago Silva Dante Jordi Alba Sergio Busquest(4 me best player in the world) Xavi Hernandez Andres Iniesta Leo Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Robert Lewandowski Coach: Sir Alex Ferguson
2013-05-06 17:22
Busquets the best player in the world? You have got to be joking.
2013-05-06 18:18
best actor in the football world 4 sho
2013-05-06 18:27
Portugal yXtm 
+1, macherano and alves too
2013-05-06 19:02
2013-05-06 19:15
In my PERSONAL OPINION he is Cuz omitting his acting skills he is a very intelligent footballer who sees a lot. He can change the tempo of the game at the right time and can be the ideal link between defenders and midfielders.
2013-05-06 19:15
piszczek, alba and dante can't be in your 11, not because they are bad, but there are way better players
2013-05-06 19:33
Iker Casillas Maldini Cannavaro Cafu Roberto Carlos Del Piero Pirlo Savicevic Henry Rivaldo Luis Nazario De lima Ronaldo Coach: Wenger
2013-05-06 19:03
Oldschool :D
2013-05-06 19:16
nice one
2013-05-06 19:21
Henry is a 9, delpiero is a forward, maldini is a CB, cafu a RB.
2013-05-06 19:34
thats just squad i didnt put them in position but its obvius that this is 4-3-3 with delpo in the middle because his accuracy almost like pirlos their passes are 100% magic
2013-05-06 19:56
Manuel Neuer (David De Gea) Jordi Alba (Leyton Baines) Carles Puyol (Mats Hummels) Ramos (Dante) Lahm (Dario Srna) Xabi Alonso (Michael Carrick) Iniesta (Mario Gotze) Xavi (Bastian Schweinsteiger) Gareth Bale (Franck Ribery) Cristiano Ronaldo (Arjen Robben) Lionel Messi (Robert Levandowski/Falcao/Robert Van Persie) Sir Alex Ferguson (Jose Mourinho)
2013-05-06 19:14
-------Manuel Neuer -Alves -Thiago -Lahm -Bale ----xavi----pirlo----iniesta -Messi -Zlatan -C-ronaldo
2013-05-06 20:41
Portugal luK,ws 
GK- Neuer RB- Lahm CB- Hummels and T. Silva LB- Alaba Def Med- Xabi Alonso Center Med- Iniesta and Xavi RWF- Messi LWF- Ronaldo CF- Falcao Coach - The special one, José Mourinho! Doubts?
2013-05-06 20:48
Weidenfeller Lahm Varane T.Silva Bale Schweinsteiger Xabi Alonso Messi Ozil ™»]Cr•7[«™ Nacho Scocco Coach:El Tata Martino :P
2013-05-06 21:00
nacho scocco LOL :P my team wants him ! but unfortunately he will only return for AEK(if he would)
2013-05-06 21:55
since his return to Argentina he is playing at a very high level, and I want to stay in Newell `s: D
2013-05-07 14:29
he is super awesome. and he is versatile he canplay down both flanks too
2013-05-07 15:06
Brazil 1lgt 
Cassio Dani Alves David Luis Thiago Silva Marcelo Ralf Paulinho Kaka Ronaldinho Neymar Adriano (Imperador)
2013-05-06 21:16
lol dunno why so many choose Neuer, he is not that good Adler Lahm Hummels Terry Alaba Gündogan Ronaldinho Götze CR7 Pirlo Lewandowski
2013-05-06 21:23
Terry? looooooooooooooooool -1
2013-05-06 22:14
what do you mean with that loooooooooooool -1 ?
2013-05-07 01:12
Neuer is amazing :|
2013-05-06 22:41
system 4-3-3 GK Manuel Neuer LB : philip Lahm (he can play both sides equally good) CB : thiago Silva CB : Gerard Pique RB : Daniel Alves CM : YaYa Toure (Box-to-box midfielder) DM : Xabi Alonso CM : Andres Iniesta (advanced Playmaker) LW : Cristiano Ronaldo RW : Marco Reus CF : Lionel Messi this would be the sickest team ever. But i could easily make like 3-4 almost equal teams without those players here is an example System 4-3-3 GK : Gigi Buffon LB : Marcelo CB : Mats Hummels CB : Sergio Ramos RB : Mattia De Sciglio( the future best italian right back hands down) DM : Javi Martinez CM : Bastian Schweinsteiger CM : Xavi LW : Frank Ribery RW : Eden Hazard CF : Edison Cavani
2013-05-06 21:54
GK:Neuer LB:Lahm CB:Kompany CB:Thiago Silva RB:Ramos CDM:Schweinsteiger CDM:Xabi Alonso LAM:Ronaldo CAM:Aguero RAM:Reus ST:Lewandowski 4-2-3-1
2013-05-06 22:13
Cech Ivanovic Luiz Terry, Ashley Cole ....................Essien .............Lampard Schweinsteiger Robben................................................. Hazard ..........................Falcao and Hiddink
2013-05-06 22:22
Buffon Ramos-T.Silva-Dante Bale-Xavi-Alonso-Iniesta-Ronaldo Lewandowski-Messi subs: Neuer, Hummels, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Ribery, Cavani, Ibrahimovic Coach: Antonio Conte, he knows how to handle the 3-5-2
2013-05-06 22:24
when you play 3-5-2, those wingers should be also backs, that's why ronaldo shouldn't be on that position.
2013-05-07 10:12
i know but the opposing team would never possess the ball so it's ok.
2013-05-07 21:46
antonio conte is using Lichtsteiner (RB) as a right winger and asamoah (DM) as a Left winger. so you should have more versatile players at those position. so i would use 3-5-2 GK : Gigi Buffon CBs : Thiago Silva, Gerard Pique, Javi martinez philip lahm(RB/RW), Xavi(Deeplying playmaker, playing at DM's position), Andres Iniesta(CM), Bastian Schweinsteiger(CM), Gareth Bale(LW/LB) Lionel messi (SecondStriker) Edison Cavani (Center forward)
2013-05-07 15:32
and Mandzukic ? :(
2013-05-06 22:35 Coach: Klopp or Heynckes. Btw you can use that web to make your lineups, you only need to change your formation in the left side, change the players name and click the orange button.
2013-05-06 22:50
I searched for a better site but one of them was off and the best one is a Facebook app.
2013-05-06 23:12
who is Lewandoski?
2013-05-07 11:49
My cat.
2013-05-07 19:11
julio cesar valencia - lucio - alcaraz - recoba pirlo - bergkamp(c) messi - ronaldinho - kaka ibrahimovic of this era 2003-2013, not nesesary todays form
2013-05-06 23:54
Bergkamp best player ever.
2013-05-07 00:45
Manuel Neuer Philipp Lahm Dante Bonfim Mats Hummels David Alaba Bastian Schweinsteiger Andre Iniesta Cristiano Ronalno Frank Ribery Gareth Bale Lionel Messi sub: Lewandovski, Robben, Kevin Prince Boateng, Xavi Martinez, Xavi Hernandez, Buffon, T.Silva. Coach: Pep Guardiola, Guus Hiddink
2013-05-07 00:03
Lloris Kompany, Alex, David Luiz Pirlo Schweinsteiger, Gotze Robben, Hazard Messi Van Persie
2013-05-07 00:18
how does no one include varane as a CB is pure blindness
2013-05-07 00:30
Because he is too young and doesn't have that much experience, in the future he will be one of the best for sure.
2013-05-07 00:44
Too soon. He has played pretty well during 3-4 months, but he still needs more time to 'consolidate' his great conditions.
2013-05-07 19:19
srly. no one see Walcott in top11? For me he is one of the best player this time
2013-05-07 00:35
Sometimes he is not in Arsenal's 1st formation, he is a good player but surely not in the best eleven.
2013-05-07 00:41
neuer lahm v.buyten dante alaba martinez schweinsteiger robben müller ribery mandzukic coach: heynckes gg
2013-05-07 00:56
we will see on 25 may :P
2013-05-07 01:25
G.Buffon Glen Johnson - Fabio Cannavaro - Thiago Silva - Chiellini Beckham - Totti - Nedved Messi - Hulk (Falcao) - C.Ronaldo (Henry) Coach : Fabio Capello
2013-05-07 01:09
GK: Neuer LB: A. Cole MB: Pique MB: T. Silva RB: P. Lahm CDM: A. Vidal CDM: Yaya Toure LAM: C. Ronaldo COM: Kroos(Edit: Okay messi can take his place, he has to be top 11) RAM: F. Ribery ST: Ibrahimovic Coach: Mourinho
2013-05-07 01:32
Begovic Lahm Thiago Silva Varane Alba Pirlo Schweinsteiger Iniesta Messi Agüero Muller RvP #12
2013-05-07 01:31
GK: Casillas RB: Piszczek CB: Koscielny CB: Hummels LB: Gibbs CM: Song CM: Fabregas CM: Cazorla/Arteta/Wilshere RW: Silva LW: Henry ST: Aguerro Coach: Arsene Wenger
2013-05-07 01:39
Weidenfeller Piszczek, Subotic, Felipe Santana, Schmelzer Gundogan, Bender, Blaszczykowski Gotze, Reus, Lewandowski
2013-05-07 01:43
neuer lahm hummels Kompany alaba Schweinsteiger Kroos Juan Manuel Mata gotze muller lewondowski coach : pellegrini
2013-05-07 02:30
Casillas Lahm Kolarov Pepe Vidic Schweinsteiger Ronaldo Xavi Messi Cavani Lewandowski Sir Alex Ferguson
2013-05-07 02:54
De gea Rafael Varane Hummels Lahm Schweinsteiger Pirlo Mata Messi Ronaldo RVP
2013-05-07 05:36
GK Hart RB Lahm CB Hummels CB Thiago Silva LB Bale DM Schweinsteiger DM Vidal RW Messi LW Ronaldo F Muller C Kun Aguero Coach: Guus Hiddink IMBA TEAM!
2013-05-07 06:10
Estoril's team.
2013-05-07 07:22
2013-05-07 11:06
I'm from Benfica but gotta admit that was a nice one :D
2013-05-07 11:49
GK P.Cech RB Lahm CB Hummels CB Ramos LB Baines RW Messi CM Y.Toure CM Mata LW Ronaldo CAM Bale CF Aguero Coach- jupp heynckes
2013-05-07 08:00
haas-, attention whore
2013-05-07 09:21
foxj's private slut
2013-05-07 09:24
2013-05-07 10:17
what the fuck is your problem? creating threads is seeking attention? stupid hater. typical finn
2013-05-07 10:05
Topic is ok but you answer everyone so your topic would be up all day long. Get a life and find real friends!
2013-05-07 10:17
I clearly don't answer everyone. I just replied to the most interesting/curious posts here. People like you complain about both trolls (80% of HLTV) or guys like me trying to dynamize the forum while having mature conversations. Go take care of your kid.
2013-05-07 10:33
actually the dream team is Bayern FC now
2013-05-07 11:13
2013-05-07 11:13
for under21 i would use 4-2-3-1 GK : Timo Horn (Koln) RB : Mattia de sciglio CB : Raphael Varane CB : Kyriakos Papadopoulos LB : David Alaba DM : Fernando (Gremio) CM : Marco Veratti AM : Christian Eriksen LW : Mario Gotze RW : Lucas Moura CF : Neymar
2013-05-07 16:02
you watched koavcic? the best at his age. probably the best in this lineup
2013-05-07 16:41
i prefer veratti and eriksen over him
2013-05-07 17:20
ok, but kovacic is better than them
2013-05-07 17:27
4-2-3-1 GK Neuer RB Lahm CB Vidic CB Hummels LB Bale CDM Schweinsteiger CDM Xavi LAM C. Ronaldo CAM Ronaldinho RAM Messi ST Van Persie imo
2013-05-07 12:21
Manchester United.
2013-05-07 13:11
-----------Handanovic------------- Srna---Subotic---Nastasic---Kolarov --------Kovacic---Matic---------- -----Modric---------Djuricic----- ------Mandzukic---Jovetic------- EX YU 4-2-2-2 Manuel Pellegrini
2013-05-07 15:04
in 156 posts only 1 suarez LOL
2013-05-07 17:21
Note that we're talking about football, not cannibalism. Jk, Suarez is a very nice player, but in a world with Ibrahimovic, Van Persie, Gomez, Lewandowski, it's not very easy to see him being placed on the starting 11.
2013-05-07 18:37
behind gomez who doesnt get into his own team? and rvp???? lmao
2013-05-08 22:49
ctrl + f suarez *leave thread*
2013-05-08 22:49
No team can be complete without Mellberg and Zlatan!
2013-05-07 18:50
Juan mata x10 + cech
2013-05-07 19:37
GK: Iker Casillas RB: Rafael CB: Vidic CB: Hummels LB: Philip Lahm RM: Gareth Bale CM: Toure LM: Franck Ribery ATM: Cesc Fabregas CF: Rooney ST: Robert Van Persie Coach: Fergie
2013-05-07 19:58
Neuer Alaba Dante Lahm Martinez Schweinsteiger Robery Kroos Muller Robben Mandzukic Coach: Jupp Heynckes
2013-05-07 23:01
Falcão is a top class striker, check what he did in FcPorto before Atl.Madrid. He can play in any team of the world.
2013-05-08 19:47
Neuer Lahm Coentrão Hummels T.Silva Alexis(waste of talent in Barcelona) ribery Yaya Toure Iniesta Messi Ronaldo Mourinho
2013-05-08 19:54
2013-05-08 20:09
Poland maxiu 
Polish Team Not...
2013-05-08 21:01
smc | 
United Kingdom smc123 
Peter Schmeichel Gary Neville Jaap Stam Ronny Johnsen Denis Irwin Ryan Giggs Nicky Butt David Beckham Jesper Blomqvist Andrew Cole Dwight Yorke
2013-05-08 22:00
de gea alvez - t.silva - hummels - lahm bale - iniesta - ribery messi - aguero - c.ronaldo p.guardiola
2013-05-08 22:21
xizt kennys - edward - dosia - pimp guardian - markeloff - foxj scream - forest - get_right coach.zerogravity
2013-05-08 22:25
Edinson Cavani? Go guys, see football.
2013-05-08 23:17
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