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CS 1.6 - Dont Lose Your Memory
World vidalc 
2013-05-07 13:43
Portugal luK,ws 
omg, i miss this so so so much!
2013-05-07 13:53
yep man :( 1.6 was so awesome. I miss waking up at dawn to watch the games.. sk x fnatic, mibr x noa and shit :((
2013-05-07 14:10
Portugal luK,ws 
+1, EXACTLY :(
2013-05-07 14:21
I'd love to login into steam and play some mixes with friends or deathmatch, but right now I feel like I'm just wasting my time. CS:GO fucked up everything - and when they will update important stuff to make this game playable I will be probably too old to play this game again lol
2013-05-07 14:15
Everybody is so happy :)
2013-05-07 14:23
as much as I love 1.6 I hate seeing these bullshit videos with all the pro players hugging n shit stop spamming
2013-05-07 14:37
This game is a feeling. do not forget :D
2013-05-07 14:44
2013-05-07 17:24
cs 1.6 is the best, , and I Will play cs 1.6 forever, , and i am sure, will stand again. .
2013-05-07 14:46
2013-05-07 14:51
Azerbaijan Talley 
Posting same sh*t over and over again. Yes, game was great, but now its dead, deal with it. This 1.6 kids will never get it.
2013-05-07 15:55
Evrytime i read your comments i see what kind of retards you are ...
2013-05-07 16:22
it deserves to be posted over and over again.
2013-05-07 18:08
Poland maxiu 
tell guy with Dick Avatar ...
2013-05-07 18:57
Doesn't seem that dead to me. I still see full servers, lot of friends play it... There is just no need to mourn, none of the people in this topic made it big in 1.6 and chances are pretty high that they won't make it big in GO either. I don't get why they don't just go play 1.6 instead of crying about it... It is not like the game is unavailable for playing...
2013-05-07 21:01
Azerbaijan Talley 
Agreed, it gets funnier when you know crying kids are non-competitive gamers.
2013-05-07 21:15
Said the pro Pong Lenis([P]enis).
2013-05-07 21:48
music from 05:00 on-wards??? pls...
2013-05-07 16:09
2013-05-07 16:14
" Danni ... yeah ? ... A few words about cs:GO ... it's BULLSHIT ! "
2013-05-07 16:29
Azerbaijan Talley 
I wouldn't call a game "bullshit" if I'm gonna play it for hours in a day. But Na'Vi guys did it, they're pathetic lol
2013-05-07 17:05
You really think that they play cause GO is fun?, u are totally wrong, but since they spent alot of years on gaming they we've been forced to play the other version, even tho it was unplayable they had to fit too, cause of the passion they have about gaming. :)
2013-05-07 17:15
RIP real CS 2003-2013. Thank you Valve for such ,,great,, successor.
2013-05-07 16:33
2013-05-07 17:13
Germany VxO4 
You should ask this other teams which do better because a team which sucks at it for sure looks for exuses like: the game sucks.
2013-05-07 17:11
just move on. i played the game long before half of this retarded community knew anything about counter-strike.
2013-05-07 17:19
Ukraine velm 
Why did Valve touch that shit though?
2013-05-07 17:35
It's a game, not your girlfriend. Better play it if you miss it. Give GO a chance, few updates and this could he the game to watch out for.
2013-05-07 18:08
GO will never have this feeling like in 1.6 :)
2013-05-07 18:17
Sweden Irip 
Funny thing though is that like 30% of all these tryhard 1.6ers started playing it 2012.
2013-05-07 18:11
miss a lot of <3, now playin dota 2
2013-05-07 18:15
Im still playing 1,6 but i will start CSGO when i get a new pc. Take it easy guys i know we all love 1,6 but give CSGO more years and you will enjoy it as much as 1,6.
2013-05-07 18:27
Portugal luK,ws 
i need to wait years? wtf? i play 1.6 for 6 years, and i like the game since the first time! and 6 years later i have the same feeling
2013-05-07 19:09
You should more like say : I like 1,6 more because i have played it in 6 years!
2013-05-07 19:46
lol, terrible logic.
2013-05-07 21:08
wtf? in the end of the video the guy from the wcg staff didn't know Navi's name, what a joke.
2013-05-07 18:55
Sweden ejjz 
Meh, too much navi.
2013-05-07 19:55
<3 1.6
2013-05-07 21:37
I got the feels.
2013-05-07 21:44
move on nerds
2013-05-07 21:50
this vid got me chills
2013-05-08 22:17
mauhahua navi ftw
2013-05-09 00:46
nothing is forever, things change...
2013-05-09 00:54
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