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H2k-Gaming are looking for staff.
Norway H2k|Preben 
H2k is back as announced by, and with the return of H2k we're searching for staff members! We are looking for dedicated, hardworking, and last, but not least, friendly people. We are looking for: (the text in the parentheses is for you to know who to send you application to) • Graphic designers (H2kTV) • Casters within different games (H2kTV) • Editors (fragmovies etc) (H2kTV) • Management (CGO, COO, CEO is taken - H2k Gaming) When submitting an application you will have to list former work (editors, casters and graphic designers), former employees would be nice to get as well. The management have to list earlier work, you also have to submit a special application attached to the info about yourself. If you are looking to join as a marketing manager for an example, write a sponsor application for an organisation (H2k, SK, Fnatic whatever), we need to see what you can do. The application should contain where you're from, name, age and important information about yourself, and a short text about yourself. What can you benefit by working for us: -Opportunity to work in an amazing work environment -Work in one of the biggest organisations in the e-sports community. -Receive rewards for hard work such as sponsor gear and jersey And more. We would love to hear from you! Do you want to apply? Teams/players: Staff for H2k Gaming: Staff for H2kTV:
2013-05-07 14:39
2013-05-07 14:40
You are paying people with sponsor gear and jersey? lol..
2013-05-07 15:27
I believe people receive rewards for their hard work, if they prove themselves I'm sure H2k fixes a better deal with them.
2013-05-07 15:33
Everyone in H2k, except the players are doing this for free and even putting in their own money. So I don't see why people can't work for "free" for a couple of months first, might even be less. The thing is that we just started up again, we are willing to pay for hard work and good work, but right now we will not pay a lot of money for work within a gaming organisation. We are doing this non-profit at the moment.
2013-05-07 15:37
Misunderstood the post, I thought it was for full time work. Good luck to H2k!
2013-05-07 15:40
Thank you ^^
2013-05-07 15:45
what about Endel aka MeDaY? He was H2k manager for a while and did good work as i heard:)
2013-05-07 16:39
Nope brand new management and owner. All based in Norway, at the moment.
2013-05-07 17:22
I have a question. I am not very familiar with the new H2K management. Used to be part of H2k when Gaetan and all those guys were on board with Eizo,Thermaltake and Spam as sponsors. Does the current management have any experiences with sponsorships, team contracts, playermarketing, ROI, branding and so on? Sorry if it sounds rude, I dont mean any harm.
2013-05-07 16:30
Limited, but yeah. We have experience. It's not rude, it's actually alright to think that we might be unexperienced as not all of us are that "known" outside of the Norwegian scene. I have been working as a manager for 5-6 years now, I don't really keep track. I'm not a professional like the fnatic guys, but every day is a journey. You just have to wait and see how this is going. We have team contracts and so on as you said. Things are comming ^^
2013-05-07 17:24
Its just that H2k used to have a bad management during the end of its golden times, then it was sold to some germans, and now you bought it right? I was part of H2k when their still had a good name. Would like to see them go up again like in the good old days :)
2013-05-07 17:28
We are going to do our best to make the name just as good as the golden times ^^, don't worry, we know what we are doing.
2013-05-07 17:58
well if you need some advice feel free to ask me :) always nice to help people.
2013-05-07 18:05
I don't think we would need it, but I will keep it in mind ^^ Thanks for the questions and that you're thinking about the organisation. We can feel the pressure and that makes us do even better ^^
2013-05-07 18:09
Good luck!
2013-05-07 16:35
don't think the "hard" work will pay off in the end but w/e.. good luck.
2013-05-07 16:45
Well, we don't want someone sitting 1 hour, 1 day a week. If you work hard you will get rewarded ^^
2013-05-07 17:25
Good luck H2k and PRBN! ^^
2013-05-07 18:51
Thank you :)
2013-05-07 20:11
GL, if I had any experience in any of the things you want I'd jump at the opportunity...alas I have no experience :(
2013-05-07 20:34
still open?
2013-05-07 21:07
All the time ^^
2013-05-07 21:28
check pm pls
2013-05-08 10:28
I'm new at HLTV, how do I check my messages? Just email me, it will be easier.
2013-05-08 11:26
nvm, I found out.
2013-05-09 13:32
Why would you get paid for something you love to do ? Once again, good luck :)
2013-05-08 09:10
Yes, everyone should work for free.
2013-05-08 09:35
Some do this fulltime, I think they should get paid, because they are much more dedicated with their time. I would love to do this full time, but I don't see why. I probably work 5-6 hours a day with H2k now and that's my spare time. I love it.
2013-05-08 09:43
That's what I meant. If people are working fulltime, ofc they should be paid. Still, 5-6 hours a day is a lot of time, to be honest.
2013-05-08 09:51
It will go down later, we got around 50 applications + yesterday, we have to evaluate all of them, then reply etc.. Also I have to talk to sponsors keep them happy, and yeah. Stuff is getting done :D
2013-05-08 09:58
Wish you the best of luck, mate.
2013-05-08 10:05
Thank you ^^
2013-05-08 10:17
When I worked for Copenhagen Wolves, I have received over 200 applications only for the League of Legends section, something I didn't expect.
2013-05-08 10:55
Yes true! If you do this full time you should get paid for it, thats something else. But if you do this in your spare time, its more like a hobby I guess :) And when its starting to get more serious you can start thinking of getting something more! :)
2013-05-08 16:48
Well, some people think that gaming is a good way to get paid. Personally, I don't do it for fame, money or even gear. I could sit at home never traveling to an event, working my ass off, to make players get out in the world. That is the true reward, seeing a team that you have in the organisation work their way up in the world.
2013-05-08 09:42
So true :)
2013-05-08 10:49
Good luck with your organization.
2013-05-08 10:59
ty :)
2013-05-08 11:57
Nice words! :)
2013-05-08 16:50
Vincent, come back pls? :)
2013-05-08 10:51
I don't know who Vincent is. Sorry
2013-05-08 11:26
Ahah :) He certainly knows what I am talking about
2013-05-08 11:33
Let us stay on topic please. Thank you.
2013-05-09 18:18
Why ? :D
2013-05-08 16:49
I'm sure it would be great, it aint only my opinion eheh
2013-05-08 17:43
Are there others who wants a comeback of WinFakt lol ?
2013-05-08 18:04
Yeah ^^ :D WinFakt was the shit man, get that going!
2013-05-08 19:17
Maybe not WinFakt, but something with the same aims and objectives.
2013-05-08 19:45
Yeah!! :D
2013-05-09 09:47
Azerbaijan Talley 
Good luck with it.
2013-05-08 09:44
Thank you ^^
2013-05-08 16:40
France SAM7 
Good guys in H2K, gl Preben ;)
2013-05-08 18:28
Thank you SAM7 :D It's nice to hear from the boss himself! (3DMAX CEO if people didn't know). Good luck in 3DMAX, cu on lan mate :D
2013-05-08 18:53
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