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UEFA U-17 European Championship
Croatia hypno123 
This is why football became disgusting sport in my eyes. Italy and Russia needed to play 1-1 so both teams could go to semis, and look how their game looked for the last 40 minutes(sry there were actual passes between center back and goalkeeper for about 5 minutes for several times, commentator laughed) :/ ! Here is only 1.30, but I've watched this game live, and this is exactly how this game looked like. Even their supporters whistled. Disgrace!
2013-05-11 21:40
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Sad moment for football, I play U-17 and this is bullshit
2013-05-11 21:48
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Not kids fault, that's what their managers told them. I know Italian, and I heard Italian manager how he said to player, throw it back. He trowed the ball back to Italians half, where the ball stayed for about 10 minutes. The other 'funny' thing is that Russian striker didn't run at all, or when he ran he stopped when he should actually steal the ball.
2013-05-11 21:53
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Still, the players should be mature enough to play fair and seriously :-)
2013-05-11 22:47
And UEFA are going to do something about this?
2013-05-11 21:56
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They can't do more without proof
2013-05-11 21:59
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The teams' attitude is already more than enough as far as I see it.
2013-05-11 22:01
3 replies
Not a proof.
2013-05-11 22:16
2 replies
What would be a proof to you?
2013-05-11 22:34
Why are all your comments on here idiotic?
2013-05-11 22:59
ofc not haha, why would they? big names like russia and italy went further.
2013-05-11 22:45
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Why would they? It is against fair play and a fraud to the competition.
2013-05-11 22:56
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I'd like that. I'd like to see big punishment, something what could really learn them what's fair play, so something like this wouldn't come to their minds ever again.
2013-05-11 23:51
Croatians won't do anything in this case, what's not really smart IMO. Not just because of them, but because of football fair-play in general.
2013-05-12 11:49
Yea....really disagree....first time an italian team do this and after what happend at EURO 2006 ( Swe 2-2 DEN) is really sad to see this now
2013-05-11 21:59
boX | 
Greenland ALBiNh0
so croatia didn't advance or what?
2013-05-11 22:10
Kosovo goldborn_
I`d kick out both and send the 2 lower teams in , this would give a lesson for the other teams as well
2013-05-11 22:48
Bhutan hexxor
Instead of all those "respect" "fair-play" bullshit commercials , uefa should for once make a big fair play move and now ban these 2 teams , 3rd and 4th advance and italy/russia out
2013-05-11 22:57
The worst thing is that this happens to Croatia, who had beaten Spain and France in qualification stage, who doesn't have any loss in last 34 matches, WHO WAS BETTER THAN ITALY AND RUSSIA, but was really unlucky in finishing. Dear Russians, I see you have short memory, because you were qualified mostly thanks to us to EURO2008, because we've beaten England on Wembley, even though we could even loose and situation would be the same for us. And you Italians, I remember how you were frightened, and 5 FREAKING DAYS BEFORE THE MATCH constantly talked about our draw against Spain on EURO2012 which would make you exit out of tournament, but guess what, we wouldn't do that never, and that's what makes us different. Croatia, more luck next time, fair-play will/must pay-off once, just keep working hard ;). World cup U-18 is yours.
2013-05-12 00:24
how about stop crying eh? it's never your fault, always the victim
2013-05-12 00:55
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