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Study Abroad.
Luxembourg smoker<3neo 
Hi guys, I willing to do my Master from these Country specifically. - Canada - Australia (Expensive) - New Zealand Which country will you suggest. And if there any user from New Zealand, then please suggest me Good colleges for Master in Computer Science and Research. Please no other Country suggestion required. These country I have already fixed. Thank You.
2013-07-16 19:09
2013-07-16 19:48
can u tell me what are the average taxes per year in each of the countries ? ( for the university is what I mean)
2013-07-17 22:33
be specific?
2013-07-17 22:52
well like .. how much will it cost u to study in each country ? u said that Australia is expensive, but do u even know how much other countries will cost to live in ?
2013-07-18 13:59
Australia will be around - 45,000 USD New Zealand will be around - 33,000 USD Canada will be around - 35,000 - 37,000 USD Including College Tuition Fees, Living Expenses. For Visa you have to pay more which cost depend from Country to country. And For Airline ticket also varies.
2013-07-18 17:39
2013-07-16 19:50
+1 xD
2013-07-17 22:30
Australia probably. Have a friend whos been there, was really cool he said.
2013-07-16 19:51
I'm not studying yet but am I wrong that if you want to study in abroad you should have a decent english level? I mean it's a masters degree and I'm sure their classes are held in English. edit: I'm sure every country has it's own great things.
2013-07-16 19:53
That's why there is a test called as TOEFL or IELTS.
2013-07-16 21:31
Yeah but are you sure you gonna reach the score you have to get? No offence.
2013-07-16 21:32
6.0 Needed in 9.0, I have to take classes any how.
2013-07-16 22:03
The tests aren't that difficult.
2013-07-18 19:21
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
Dutch people have high-level english, its sort of our second language. We dont have to worry so much about those tests.
2013-07-19 10:37
Well there are plenty of mistakes in his post.
2013-07-19 11:16
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
Fair enough
2013-07-19 11:41
Afganistan. I heard it's awesome in summer.
2013-07-16 19:53
2013-07-16 21:31
In Australia you're allowed to work up to 20 hours (I think, cant recall exactly) with a student visa.
2013-07-16 20:14
ya in NZ too.
2013-07-16 21:31
canada is the easiest to get a visa to afaik
2013-07-16 20:19
2013-07-17 16:19
people in canada are real friendly but other destinations seem cool as well. I spent my year abroad studying in Moscow, can't help you out on that question :/ Which college would you attend in Canada ?
2013-07-16 21:38
Algonquin College.
2013-07-16 22:04
where is it ?
2013-07-16 22:40
Ottawa, capital of Canada.
2013-07-16 22:44
Ottawa is really boring city. Toronto and Montreal are way cooler :-)
2013-07-17 06:51
I'm guessing Nova Scotia (beautiful btw), since the Algonquin Indians were based on the eastern coast of NA, but that's just my assumption. O, Ottawa really, not that I'm hating but theres no ocean nearby, though if your going for a masters you'll probably find less distraction in Canada.
2013-07-16 22:50 1385 Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2G 1V8
2013-07-17 11:17
Slovakia kubiaxk 
Slovakia for sure. btw Beer ~1 - 1.5€ Cigarettes ~2.70 - 3.20€ Finlandia 1 l ~11€ . . . . . . . . .
2013-07-16 22:53
2013-07-16 23:13
finlandia strong
2013-07-17 22:16
finland stronk
2013-07-19 10:19
1 australia 2 new zealand 3 canada
2013-07-17 07:23
Australia is coming up to be very much expensive compare to NZ and Canada.
2013-07-17 11:10
ok then i would choose new zealand, canada is very boring...
2013-07-17 12:19
Seriously, Canada boring? My relatives live in US in Long Island, so I thought I can go with Canada, but the consultancy that I am talking with, they saying Its better if you choose New Zealand above Canada.
2013-07-17 16:21
lol I live on Long Island too, do u know what town ur relatives live in?...Ive been to canada and it wasnt really that exciting.
2013-07-17 23:43
They live in Mount Sinai.
2013-07-18 17:41
Indonesia 420 
canada.... weed is legal there
2013-07-17 08:31
Seriously? I am not kidding here.
2013-07-17 11:11
it's not legal from what I found on the internet, it's just it's not really a crime to smoke it as far as I can tell
2013-07-17 12:29
2013-07-17 23:35
2013-07-17 13:12
Indonesia 420 
it is illegal to sell weed... it is legal so smoke weed or purchase from doctor.
2013-07-22 06:11
I would choose canada, think australia and nz are too dangerous for all the spiders and snakes!
2013-07-17 12:28
woOt ? pussy.
2013-07-17 13:43
2013-07-17 14:23
yeah, hahaha
2013-07-17 16:15
Seeing as nz is only about 500 million years old and taking the geological circumstances into account, the fauna is not very rich in new zealand. Most of the species are invasive (like the kane toad in australia) the food chain is not that elaborate due to limited number of different ecosystems. Yes they have sharks, but on land there are not really any dangers compared to australia. The indegenous people have only one great fear, and that's a giant aggresive eel which lives in the big rivers. It is known to chop off legs and arms. But yeah, nothing dangerous really.
2013-07-17 20:57
hehe, I once saw on discovery or animal planet that in there you have to look in your shoes and stuff for black widows and all sorts, so that's why i always thought it's probably not very good! but whatever =]
2013-07-18 00:03
Canada is not an expensive place to study or to live. And it's also quite decent. My friend lives in Toronto with his gf and I don't think he ever complained about anything. Idk how much the on-campus housing costs but renting an apartment just for urself would cost you like 600-700 bucks a month(talking about 1 bedroom app). You can always find another person willing to share though and take a 2-beds for like 1000 +- 100 depending on the district.
2013-07-17 13:09
And yeah they are quite tolerant about the weed ;)
2013-07-17 13:10
600-700 bucks = 600-700 Canadian Dollar ?
2013-07-17 16:17
yeah :)
2013-07-17 17:08
Depends on what course you want.
2013-07-17 13:15
I have written the name of the Course my dear Indian friend.
2013-07-17 16:22
Oh I am sorry, I was at work when i saw ur post.. so.. anyway..There are 2 things you need to consider.. 1. Fees (how you are going to pay it, ur parents paying it or you are taking a loan?) .. 2. What will be the easier way to repay ur debt/loan...Working in the foreign country or ur homeland.. So.. Computer science is a wide area.. You might get jobs easily.. So lets not worry about it. Canada = Closer to the USA... AUstralia = Really good standard of Living... New Zealand= Least corrupted country :).. So it depends on you.. If you really want a job in the foreign country, go to Canada as its closer to the US...if you are going to go back to ur homeland aftr studies.. take Aussie Aussie Aussie the country made for beer.. If you are a very silent goodie-goodie boy.. go for NZ its peaceful.
2013-07-18 04:18
wow amazing post. And yeah, I wanted to work in foreign country for sure. I will look forward for Canada. You know some good colleges in Canada for Computer Science and Research, and one more thing, you have any idea, how much my starting salary will be? I need some approx.
2013-07-18 17:44
Canada pays good money .. If you finish masters, you will get good pay by default... in case u have experience you would get more money $$
2013-07-18 19:13
still, any guess how much?
2013-07-18 19:16
no idea ,The closest i can give you is my friend who has 1 year exp.. and did masters in usa got 70k$ per annum as the package... Thats the best i can give you. M sure u can find more accurate answers in google :)
2013-07-18 19:18
wow that amount is huge.
2013-07-18 19:19
I am petroleum engineer... where can i do post graduation in petroleum engineering with good clgs? I have searched there are many good clg in usa. are there in europe or russia or anywhere else?
2013-07-17 14:50
Google it. I think Europe will be good. Try for Germany, or Russia.
2013-07-17 16:18
canada, its where i did my studying as for the weed remark, from what i understood when i was there is its not illegal to smoke, but its illegal to possess and sell unless you are certified go figure
2013-07-17 16:44
Is canada really a good option for IT area ? I mean after studying we can do job there right?
2013-07-17 20:23
well IT is really prevalent all over the world so you shouldnt have trouble getting a job wherever you go
2013-07-17 20:31
Why you can to your own country after studying from Canada?
2013-07-17 21:36
I'm sure he cans.. because Canada it's one of the best Country in the world.. and one of the most developed countries.. and has a lot of people tho and good universities and I believe they form good Computer Sciences students!
2013-07-17 22:29
2013-07-19 10:16
hey buddy... i would pick either Australia or NZ. if you can work in Aus while you're there you can actually make/save quite a lot of money because our minimum wage is so high. If you go to Australia only go if you can study in either Sydney or Melbourne.
2013-07-17 22:25
desert Wi-Fi <3
2013-07-17 22:36
I was waiting for some Australian to reply. So can you tell me, what about new Zealand?
2013-07-17 22:54
How can Aus be expensive, you're from Luxembourg, you must be a millionaire. Anyway can't go wrong with any option. I think what is more important is the place you go in each country, as every country has its areas that will be boring and of no interest outside of study. I would pick based off the offers I could get in each country, not the country itself.
2013-07-18 01:08
dublin is a good place to study in. :)
2013-07-18 17:49
any good university there?
2013-07-18 19:16
Why not the U.S?
2013-07-18 19:22
Because the Councillor that I am talking with, she says, you can job there when you are doing your study and after study also you can job there until and unless you get job from the college itself.
2013-07-19 10:17
dublin has trinity, dcu and ucd .. all in top 200 in the world.
2013-07-18 19:30
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
If you go to canada make sure you are in the english part and not the french part (even if the study is in english). That would be a major deception ;)
2013-07-19 10:39
hmm yeah
2013-07-19 10:43
i heard in australia lives the black mamba, u die in 20 minutes if he bites u
2013-07-19 10:45
2013-07-22 06:18
All 3 countries are very similar. Toronto is nearly identical to say Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane. If you need any info on AUS colleges (or Universities as we call them) let me know.
2013-07-22 06:23
Im doing my Bachelors at the University of Auckland and computer science is my major...I applied to Monash University (Aus) as well and got accepted, but the tuition was way too high compared to UoA (Monash got a higher world ranking than UoA too)... As far as I know, University of Auckland is the most popular University in New Zealand. Check their website - for course info and tuition fee.
2013-07-22 07:03
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