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Leaders in the world
Russia Mitrafe 
Spain in football, Sweden in CS else?
2013-07-21 11:30
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Romania blg- 
2013-07-21 11:31
2013-07-21 17:14
and retards?
2013-07-21 19:13
retards are everywhere.
2013-07-22 15:39
true :)
2013-07-22 18:17
BEER? UMAD!!! BELGIUM for the win!
2013-07-21 19:23
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Belgium and Holland have both great beers.
2013-07-21 22:17
Germany for sure!
2013-07-21 23:10
United Kingdom AlywOw 
They have also good but I prefer Heineken & Stella.
2013-07-21 23:15
so u like drink piss?
2013-07-21 23:34
2013-07-22 00:28
2013-07-22 13:49
hahaha oh kurwa
2013-07-22 16:42
sry mate but heineken & carlsberg worst beers
2013-07-25 10:28
I prefer tuborg over carlsberg. but heineken?? how can u even compare it to carlsberg? i allways though heineken were for people who don't like beer, but drinks it anyway. In other words, tastes like water
2013-12-04 20:20
for me heinken and carlsberg are on the same level. same shitty level, i hate those :D
2013-12-05 17:41
2013-12-04 16:39
2013-12-04 16:48
2013-12-04 16:56
everything except for Heineken and Amstel =)
2013-12-04 23:09
Germans are great drinkers, Belgians are better beer makers :D
2013-07-24 23:45
Germany and Czech Republic are the best when it comes to making beer. :D
2013-07-25 13:19
Leffe Brune <3
2013-07-21 23:59
2013-12-04 14:41
Poland kaefix 
and Netherlands have legaly for weed
2013-07-22 20:11
Romanian beer ftw :))
2013-07-24 14:10
stejar & noroc FTW
2013-07-25 13:19
Ursus :D
2013-07-25 14:29
ye belgium good beers but they're too fucking strong.. I prefer english ale and pale ale beers
2013-07-21 23:20
ofc it's for men
2013-07-22 14:50
real men prefer wine or whisky than superlacholic beer
2013-07-22 15:25
real men prefer wine? That's the first..
2013-07-22 16:21
not wine... but yes whiskey and vodka.
2013-07-22 16:42
can't understand... you drink Whiskey which is usually 40° and you can't drink strong beer with 9-10° of alcohol, i know it's two different things but...
2013-07-24 19:04
not that I can't, I can and I like it (whisky) but a beer with 10% doesn't make sense to me
2013-07-24 19:33
mmmmh well maybe
2013-07-26 01:44
i love your beer.. my brother bought me couple of bottles and they were gone in minute :D
2013-07-25 13:58
5% superalcholic beer ? really ? sounds like u guys never drink a real beer.
2013-07-24 19:15
more like you never drink real beer :D comeon 9% its red wine lol
2013-07-24 19:31
good red whine is 13% (u can conserve it for long if he's minimum 13%)
2013-07-24 19:37
Holland beer is the best!
2013-07-22 15:35
So true ;)
2013-07-23 10:03
Portugal beer, if you mean Sagres, sry but this beer is not so good as you think, try czech beer someday, ur gonna now the difference :)
2013-07-21 21:03
2013-07-22 17:54
Super Bock>>>>>>>>>>>Sagres. sagres is shit!
2013-07-23 00:07
2013-07-24 13:14
staro pramen :D
2013-07-25 13:58
2013-07-22 10:54
Have you ever visited portugal?
2013-07-22 16:24
have you ever visited Belgium?
2013-07-22 19:06
my mother brought me some Belgium beer, it's good, it's good, but i prefer super bock (PT) maybe just because it is an habbit already
2013-07-23 00:08
I visited both and i have to say portuguese is better. It's different. Sagres is good but superbock is just so good.
2013-07-23 03:38
Well, it would take a few weeks to taste all of our beers. It depends on what you drank.
2013-07-23 10:43
Yes, The beer elected as the best of the world is the westvleteren, a Belgian beer
2013-07-24 19:08
noway checz beer is the best, staro<3
2013-07-22 17:08
hot chicks??? hahahaha
2013-07-25 14:00
beer? thats belgium
2013-12-04 20:58
South Korea Sc2 and LoL.
2013-07-21 11:33
USA in basketball, russia/finland/canada/swe hockey.
2013-07-21 11:33
Norway cy@n 
russia/finland/canada/swe/usa hockey. ***
2013-07-21 11:47
Canada and russia maybe.
2013-07-22 16:44
2013-07-25 08:40
6-1 Gtfo 1995 never forget. Swedish people cant just stand losing which i feel very sorry. You can cheer to your Loreen or whatever in Eurovision. GG cya
2013-12-04 07:09
Germany VxO4 
USA in military interventions
2013-07-21 11:34
2013-07-21 11:37
Germany VxO4 
and china in table tennis :D
2013-07-21 11:42
2013-07-21 16:58
and killing children
2013-07-21 23:35
explination please? You mean the incidents you see on youtube? Or their law not to have more than child?
2013-07-21 23:37
2013-07-22 08:58 The same comment applies here.
2013-07-22 06:02
haha xD
2013-07-21 14:38
2013-07-22 09:02
France in consumption of wine
2013-07-21 11:37
if we look the consumption of wine by a person in country Slovenia leads you pretty much.
2013-07-21 12:11
Really ? hmm nice. We surpass a lot of people with beer. But the Germans are crazy with beer !
2013-07-21 14:39
idd they are. october fests are pretty crazy
2013-07-21 15:31
only with people like you when they come here and drink till they collapse :D
2013-07-21 17:02
Isnt that great? :D
2013-07-21 22:43
Yep, and brain estimulating aswell.
2013-07-22 00:24
Beer? You forgot Czech Republic bro.
2013-07-21 23:24
cool to know xD
2013-07-21 23:26
2013-07-22 12:41
Been to Prague... beer is e-mazinggg
2013-07-22 16:44
and immensely cheap when you buy it at a super market.
2013-07-24 16:26
actually the czech people drink the most beer by a lot; because it's so cheap for them :)among other things
2013-07-24 23:50
2013-07-25 01:52
not in consumption but production maybe
2013-07-21 16:48
No. In consumption for sure
2013-07-21 22:42
I'm talking about france here, not slovenia ;p
2013-07-22 01:22
ohh my bad than
2013-07-22 01:40
Mexico Jessica Alba 
Actually you are wrong.
2013-07-23 00:11
oh really? What makes u think so?
2013-07-23 13:25
Mexico Jessica Alba 
Because i study human and economic geographie. And french are leader on wine market. In all sectors. But, to your defense, competition with Spain, Italia and the Balkans is growing up. For example, France holds a 70% international market shares, instead of 90% in 1980.
2013-07-23 17:31
Poland in IT, niche sports and wodka.
2013-07-21 11:37
asia in number of asians america in fat germany in soccer
2013-07-21 11:38
whats soocer?
2013-07-21 17:15
Germany in football*
2013-07-22 00:19
2013-12-04 15:24
german? in soccer? I think u didnt saw last 5 years of football world champs and euro champs...
2013-07-24 01:43
dont worry, he is only fanboyism
2013-12-04 18:46
Championsleague final two german teams. So we technically got the best league, world cup is not the only thing that counts.
2013-12-05 00:48
qp | 
France panic-D- 
China being the smallest dicks
2013-07-21 11:43
and USA have biggest ones.
2013-07-21 14:39
Portugal mfxd 
Africa have the biggest ones
2013-07-21 14:43
2013-07-21 17:52
u mean mid of africa?
2013-07-21 18:10
i mean all
2013-07-21 18:35
Sunde | 
World MEN)))) 
I have the biggest one
2013-07-21 23:17
what sorcery is this ?
2013-07-22 01:52
Africa isn't a nation...
2013-07-22 16:45
You dont say ... for you portugal is spain so idc
2013-07-22 17:34
lol xd
2013-07-24 01:44
ouch xD
2013-12-04 18:47
2013-07-24 13:16
How do u know that ?Not enough for ur asshole bro?:D
2013-07-22 02:51
qp | 
France panic-D- 
i've read that? you mad cuz small dick? sorry for ya bro
2013-07-22 03:16
Read some retarded artical? If u had felt that with ur holes,it would have been more persuasive.Sorry son,it's too boring to continue .
2013-07-22 10:19
unlimited salo,unlimited radiation
2013-07-21 11:46
salo ?
2013-07-21 14:40
I couldn't eat that much fat... :P
2013-07-24 12:14
me too
2013-07-24 18:20
2013-12-04 16:46
Ukrainian bacon
2013-07-21 18:18
Russia B!F 
actually, it's not bacon, it's almost 100% fat, while bacon consists of meat.
2013-07-22 09:23
plus fights in verhovnya rada
2013-07-21 16:28
i think it's not only Ukrainian attraction
2013-07-21 16:57
2013-07-24 22:29 forums leader in unserious replies
2013-07-21 11:48
Poland tfg 
france as 'we are so scared of muslims and they take control in our country'
2013-07-21 11:56
Spain ewg 
2013-07-21 12:50
Stop speaking about things you don't know about.
2013-07-21 14:41
rofl, nice troll, but it's actually true, people here are scared of anything because of medias.
2013-07-21 16:49
Drop level of tolerate and kick some muslim asses.
2013-07-21 18:20
Our country has already been conquered by sionists, but no one sees it.
2013-07-21 18:37
occupied again? that's why i couldn't call france yesterday.
2013-07-21 22:38
2013-07-22 11:46
Your tanks at WW2 had only reverse, no offence xd
2013-07-24 01:46
At least they didn't still have a fcking cavalry...
2013-07-25 09:18
at least we had some technology
2013-12-04 11:40
2013-12-04 07:19
Your turn will come soon, justice will be done.
2013-12-04 11:40
Justice IS being done. :)
2013-12-04 12:18
Yeah, cuz palestine did so much against jews, let's just take the whole fucking country and kill innocents, that's what justice is. You'll soon get punished, as it is written in your book, doomed people who self proclaims itself as the sacred people rofl.
2013-12-04 19:02
The NUMEROUS wars they waged upon us, the rockets which are fired upon us on a daily basis and of course the terror acts aimed against children and elderly are all things the Palestinian people need to be held responsible to, yep.
2013-12-04 19:03
You don't know what justice is, and you'll never what that is, because you think you're better than everyone else in this world.
2013-12-04 19:04
How exactly do I think that?
2013-12-04 19:06
Stfu They kill 10 of yours and you take down a whole city justice is not being done American cum . You took their country and you want justice ? Go kill some Arabs jacking crap
2013-12-04 22:52
media fan ?
2013-07-21 18:11
Poland tfg 
nah, media hater
2013-07-21 18:19
Can't blame them really... no1 wants to end up like England.
2013-07-22 16:46
Scotland and Serbia in tennis
2013-07-21 11:58
Nah, Britain in tennis.
2013-07-21 12:42
Sorry dude but Andy Murray is Scottish, so I can put Scotland if I want seeing as the rest of the UK is shit at tennis ^^
2013-07-21 12:43
You can if you like although the rest of Britain and Murray himself think otherwise.
2013-07-21 12:50
Rest of britain only say he is British when he wins. Scotland say he is Scottish no matter what.
2013-07-21 13:07
I totally agree, England is just like that
2013-07-22 00:22
loled Murray got only 2 Grand-Slam victories Dokovic: 6 Federer: 17 (clearly the best player of all time, got almost all records; 302 weeks #1). Nadal: 12 Sempras: 14
2013-07-21 16:06
Federer; 237 weeks of number #1.
2013-07-21 17:40
According to wikipedia it's 302. Is definitly holding that record and since Sempras was 286 weeks #1 it can't be 237. Maybe you mean "in a row". Dunno about that..
2013-07-22 00:30
in 4-5 years all of those records will be broken
2013-07-21 17:43
no way
2013-07-22 00:30
djokovic has 6 years approx to win 11 grand slams and be 1st for another 180 weeks, so it's pretty realistic tbh
2013-07-22 02:05
Murray is getting better and better and Djokovic is at his peak atm. Also no way he plays as good as Federer at ~30 simply because of his playstyle. Djokovic will be an all-time great but it's highly unlikely that he surpasses Federer.
2013-07-23 10:58
Federer>all my friends ;)
2013-07-24 01:48
Seeing as you guys seem to watch tennis; whats the fun in it? Ive tried watching several games, but most of it seems extremely repetitive and boring. Im a huge football fan, and like almost all competitive sports in general, but i just dont see how tennis is fun. So, as a sportsman who want to start liking tennis, explain to me what happens in the game to make you have a good time? :) PS: No bashing on tennis as a sport, so no need to bash me back.
2013-12-04 18:50
I'm not exactly a huge tennis fan, I'm more of the basketball guy, but I do watch big games, like semis and finals including my favorites players when I have time. The reason why I know some stuff about is because I can relate it to other sports, and I'm a good stats person :) Try watching Sharapova and you'll see why it's fun :P Joke aside, if you've tried the sport at least once, you learn to appreciate the effort and the skill required to do some of the things they do in tennis.
2013-12-05 11:23
Maybe Djokovic will, but in writing books and charity foundations, I clearly doubt he will do something in tennis close to Federer. Regardless of how much we admired and loved Djokovic, let's be realistic (speaking of recent results and his behaviour that is).
2013-07-25 02:42
you're right about the donations and charity, but we're discussing tennis records here, and djokovic will be 1st for another 3-4 years at least, so he has a chance to break federer's tennis records :)
2013-07-25 04:04
You didn't get my point :)
2013-07-25 18:20
federer is past it and nadal is injured and can't get back to his original form. Murray on the other hand is getting better and better so please.
2013-07-21 22:18
The things with Federer are facts. Murray has a lot to eat to reach Federer's level. So please!
2013-07-21 22:46
You're an idiot. I never said he was wrong at all.
2013-07-21 22:55
The OP brought up Spain for football because Spain is good in football since many years, and Sweden for CS because Sweden is the best since ever. Do you realize how wrong it is to name Scotland and Serbia for Tennis?
2013-07-22 00:28
CURRENTLY Andy Murray and Djokvic are the two BEST players in the world at this point. Where are they from again?
2013-07-22 15:45
the is thread isn't about "currently". otherwise it would be Brazil/Germany an not Spain in football
2013-07-22 17:51
Nadal on form will just rape them
2013-07-23 03:43
just remember 2011, nadal was on form then and what happened?
2013-07-23 14:01
he won french open, and then lost tight matches to Novak in New York and Wimbledon. but his knee wasnt good enough to play on his normal level...
2013-07-24 01:15
he didn't win a single match against djokovic.. the score was like 10-0? he could beat every other player with ease, so his knee wasn't injured at that moment
2013-07-24 01:19
anyway with injuries he won 2x more grand slames.
2013-07-24 22:56
yeah, and djokovic never had any injuries.. right..
2013-07-25 01:50
tell me when Novak have had a injury which has excluded him from the game for more than 2-3 months. Nadals playstyle exposes him to many knees injuries.
2013-07-25 02:13
well, that's just a question of playstyle.. nadal has a more defensive style, which makes him run alot, thus there's a much higher posibility of injuries, but when he makes it work without injuring himself it's a better and more succesful playstyle. that's why he has won more grand slams for now
2013-07-25 02:21
Spain have had a good football team only in the past ~8 years. They haven't been that impressive before. Brazil, Germany and Italy on the other hand have always been competitive.
2013-07-23 11:00
they were.. in 60s.. and in 80s.. and in early 00s... remember WC 2002? they were absolutely FUCKED by the referees
2013-07-25 13:16
Similar thing happened to Italy in 2002. They have consistently been good as a lot of other national teams, because they have a good league, but they have almost been dominant before 2008. If we were to talk about a world leader that would still be Brazil.
2013-07-25 15:36
Netherlands 66ix 
Netherlands in weed consumption
2013-07-21 11:58
that doesn't count since you can legally buy weed in your country, and it gives you an advantage over the other countries.
2013-07-21 12:16
Netherlands Flowers!
2013-07-21 13:30
Netherlands = bicycles and trailers
2013-07-23 04:01
Netherlands = red light district
2013-07-25 14:06
Studies actually show the opposite :)
2013-07-21 13:32
what opposite ?
2013-07-21 14:48
That weed consumption is actually lower in the Netherlands, sorry I replied to the wrong person so it didn't make sense :D
2013-07-21 15:48
Seems so yeah hmm.
2013-07-21 15:51
Is your mind lagging to, chrisj?
2013-07-21 18:20
We're still above average :p
2013-07-21 19:10
legalized weed maybe
2013-07-21 16:29
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
2013-07-22 12:47
Finland pulu 
2013-07-21 12:00
Imo, England in football.
2013-07-21 12:13
In terms of normal team like ManU, Arsenal and others, possible... National team, sucks :/
2013-07-21 13:30
Ukraine has the best women in the world.
2013-07-21 12:14
2013-07-21 14:44
The most beautiful faces, but the whorest mentality.
2013-07-21 16:31
forest - whorest rifma ept :D
2013-07-21 16:32
2013-07-21 20:04
I don't see how this is a bad thing...
2013-07-25 09:19
we're talking about domination here, and beauty is subjective
2013-07-21 16:50
haha, that can be discussed.. Scandinavians are overall better looking than Ukrainians.
2013-07-21 17:17
It's just an opinion. Everybody says that russian girls is most beautiful in the world, but i don't like them at all. I love blonde girls cos they're not look like me.
2013-07-21 18:25
Kinda same thing here. Not rly into blondes that much. Give me a qt3.14 Russian brunette anyday. (Anna Konchakovskaya <3)
2013-07-25 09:21
2013-07-22 00:23
its stupid to say that, cuz in every counter there are beautiful girls, but slavic girls are awesome i must agree.
2013-07-21 23:39
2013-07-21 23:48
not so sure dude ;)
2013-07-24 01:49
brazil dude!
2013-07-24 13:17
wouldnt agree..
2013-07-25 14:07
Denmark drinkes the most beer
2013-07-21 12:17
I don't think so In this category no one can compete with Czech Republic
2013-07-21 13:51
We can :D
2013-07-21 14:42
oh really ?
2013-07-21 14:49
2013-07-22 09:34
Your country swims into beer dude ! Tell me you have a lot of different beer types or is more like 1 brand that has a lot of sales ?
2013-07-22 14:00
We have a lot of brands, some are more or less popular than other. These two are the most known, but we have a lot of other local beer brands.
2013-07-22 15:04
Nice. I see one is part of the government hehe A lot of our beer companies are no more in our hands, they are in hands of a Brazilian businessman for example. Hoegaarden, Jupiler, Stella artois, ... Big shame because last time like few years ago they wanted to change the location of the Hoegaarden beer to Jupille where jupiler is made. Because it was cheaper...
2013-07-22 15:32
I know that feeling, some brands are bought up by germans. Feels sad. Stella is amazing :)
2013-07-22 15:55
I forgot to say that they stopped the idea to switch locations because they couldn't have the same taste of beer at jupille ;) Such a losers. The only problem i have is when they don't care about the company and only see profit/money. It needs to stay in the family, so you don't have such idiotic ideas to relocation it to cheaper sites. Everyone has good beer i guess ;) Don't forget the artisan beer that doesn't have a lot of production like stella or jupiler ;) They are great.
2013-07-22 17:01
then we are atleast the worlds leaders in being happy.
2013-07-21 15:02 place 17...nice try bro :D
2013-07-21 15:37
but this is right though
2013-07-21 15:46
what the hell are you talking about ? beer isnt the same thing as being happy.
2013-07-21 15:55
Germany VxO4 
budweiser beats them all i guess :D
2013-07-21 15:51
Basso | 
Denmark luyee 
Danish teenagers are European champions in drinking. Proof: - Use google translate to read it
2013-07-24 16:25
Estonia is the leader!
2013-07-21 16:02
no thats still our part
2013-07-21 17:18
you got some nice bier vom Faß, but are you drinking as much as we are? we've got soo many drankers
2013-07-21 17:22
yes its like everybody drinking beer everytime. sometimes its pretty wierd
2013-07-22 16:38
Basso | 
Denmark luyee 
The germans I've been drinking with, drink like 12-year old girls..
2013-07-24 16:26
maybe you were drinking with 12-year old girls? in germany its normal to start drinking in this age
2013-07-24 16:42
Basso | 
Denmark luyee 
I wasn't :) 18 years old.
2013-07-24 18:54
Basso | 
Denmark luyee 
That wasn't my point either.. My point is that germans isn't the best drinkers in the world :D
2013-07-24 18:56
We used to be nr1 for several years, but our teenagers have just stopped drinking for some reason
2013-12-04 07:37
maybe they stopped drinking as much, but they started early so now instead of #1 alcoholics, we are #1 drinking minors
2013-12-04 13:39
China in Badminton.
2013-07-21 12:32
malaysia are pretty good aswell
2013-07-21 16:51
2013-07-21 17:00
Afganistn & pakistan in corruption.
2013-07-21 12:33
Spain YankoFarelli 
fail! spain in corruption...
2013-07-21 14:53
fail, Indonesia in corruption.
2013-07-21 14:54
Germany VxO4 Somalia. NK and Afghanistan are sharing place one. If thats accurate is anohter question since you can measure corruption only by the hand when you know its obvious or taken to court. Under the cover when no one knows is different. So thats just on the paper. I claim you can not measure corruption to make a accurate list of it. Beside that any guy from another nation thinks his goverment is the most corrupted one.
2013-07-21 16:02
you should visit indonesia sometimes. from the highest to lowest level, be it matters of pulled over by cops($2 and you're free to go), renewing/extending your national document(whatever it is, license, identity card, etc), taking court , robbery(if you get robbed, you need to pay your 'corruption money' to get your item back or police will just keep it as 'evidence') , name it.. it all includes corruption. It's not just politicians that corrupt..for example, illegal parking:( runs by gangster, gangster on the road are paying cops for monthly fees so that they are not caught by them, . if you want to apply for a driver license, it'll cost you $5 for official price in which your driver license will never finish not matter how long you wait or you can just pay $25 for ezpizi fast license even without proper TEST. Feeding corruption is like our daily basis, I'm not joking, just ask every indonesian here in our forum. I can assure you 100% of us here pay in corruption to renew their license heck, you'll never get arrested by police as long as you can buy them. and these corrupter did not look embarrassed at all! when you get pulled over, it's really not an awkward to bribe the police officers.. It's like.. normal shit, and it's weird if you don't bribe them. INDONESIA GO GO GO!
2013-07-21 16:14
"from the highest to lowest level, be it matters of pulled over by cops($2 and you're free to go)" cheap ticket :D You know they would definitely earn more if they would give you a ticket and act like it never happend and take the money into their own pocket? :D About the drivers licence that sounds pretty cool. I mean thats fucking cheap. In germany we have a similar stuff if you pay more it goes faster through the process but a lot more expensive than that :D Example i wanted to go on vaction and realised my passport expired. Went to the town hall and they told me it would take 2weeks but if i pay twice the asked price they would make it within half an hour. You see? if thats all you got an examples i would call it peanuts. Pull up some major political flaw and you may can convince me. I mean in a capital system you are always favoured/have advantages if you have a lot of cash. Thats nothing new.
2013-07-21 16:30
it's kind of hard to explain.. I was studying in Malaysia and I find that corruption in Indonesia is the whole new level. it's like even from the lowest part of the country, you need to bribe in order to do everything. People just get used to it, for example when you apply for identity card and you don't bribe them your friends and parents will be like "what? are you
2013-07-21 17:41
it's kind of hard to explain.. I was studying in Malaysia and I find that corruption in Indonesia is the whole new level. it's like even from the lowest part of the country, you need to bribe in order to do everything. People just get used to it, for example when you apply for identity card and you don't bribe them your friends and parents will be like "what? are you stupid? why did you waste your time? just ask insider or illegal agent to apply it for you, give him $10 plus actual fees + bribes, no need to wait for months..". It's like it is a weird thing not to bribe them for doing almost anything related to government.
2013-07-21 17:43
well the philippines will be catching up so don't worry
2013-07-23 04:10
no, no1 place is reserved for Serbia.
2013-07-21 18:53
u gotta be kidding me china corruption
2013-07-25 08:07
actually Greece, Slovenia and Slovakia are n1 in corruption in EU. Dont know about the western countries but Russia will most likely dominate
2013-07-25 15:03
Robotics, bitches!
2013-07-21 12:42
not shaved girl u mean:)
2013-07-21 23:40
France takes the #1 in that.
2013-07-21 23:51
unwashed not unshaved :)
2013-07-21 23:53
2013-07-22 00:25
nope, I mean robotics. Having troubles reading? There are schools for that, you know...
2013-07-22 07:23
russia on vodka
2013-07-21 12:46
Kim Jong Un.
2013-07-21 13:05
Debts .___.
2013-07-21 13:30
USA #1
2013-07-21 14:53
Germany VxO4 
by far leading with 17 trillion hitting :D
2013-07-21 15:58
In the term of amount the US is leading. I forgot to add Japan to the list as well when it comes to public debt per capita
2013-07-21 16:04
Japan in fashion.
2013-07-21 13:36
Jamaica in running.
2013-07-21 13:47
sprint running only
2013-07-21 16:30
israel Nobel prizes
2013-07-21 13:50
A lot of different countries have more then your country ;)
2013-07-21 14:52
highest rate of nobel prize per inhabitant regarding the period between 2000 and this year is in Israel ;) otherwise it is Switzerland
2013-07-21 16:01
Saint Lucia is 1st then ! xD
2013-07-21 15:59
shouldn't be taken into account since they only had one, not fair :p
2013-07-21 16:04
Lets take Luxembourg then they got 2 ! :p I didn't see you edited your post above hmm xD about the year. That changes everything xd
2013-07-21 16:10
yeah I forgot to mention x) but Israel is a recent country so they are doing pretty well, 6 nobel prizes since the beginning of the 21st century!
2013-07-21 16:13
Yeah well every country has his prime i would say in the beginning of 20 st century you had our countries here who invented a lot and got rewards for it. I don't even think it's the country that should be shown sometimes because the person isn't even born there OR sometimes they are doing there work abroad countries like USA. Israel is a good example of it because most of those noble prizes are to people who were born in other countries then Israel. :p
2013-07-21 16:31
Well, researchers often study in many different universities around the world so it is valid for every country, not only Israel. And with immigration we can also say that someone who get the Nobel Prize in one of the western countries is very likely to be an immigrant from another country! Ofc our countries did well at the beginning of the 20th century but now, many newcomers are catching up with our science industry etc...
2013-07-21 16:44
Indeed indeed, much more money involved and governments giving their money for science. Education progressed a lot since 100 years ? I guess that's why so many newcomers are there. Many factors, anyways SCIENCE PROGRESSES !
2013-07-21 16:54
luxembourg also leads the foreigners to population in europe :D
2013-07-21 16:30
i didn't get that one ? :o
2013-07-21 16:32
what didnt you got there? They have the highest foreigners rate compared to population in percantage. Example in france you have like 12% foreigners or something like that. Thats around 8 million people of their population(60mil). In luxembourg its around 40% with 160.000 people of like 500.000 people
2013-07-21 16:40
Ah ok yeah well you can say that to the USA too then ;) So many go there because a lot of big companies are there for Research you know ;) I don't think Luxembourg has a lot of Chemical biological companies i can be mistaken.
2013-07-21 16:39
I just wanted to add this since you mentioned luxembourg that popped into my head. The Us has a rate far under 15% because they are so many like in france or germany.
2013-07-21 16:44
No worries it was interesting ;) I guess taxes are lower there it gets interesting for foreign companies and foreign workers. You have a lot of Fraudsters with Luxembourg plates here in Belgium while actually they don't live there.
2013-07-21 16:47
We should take into account immigration from countries outside the EU because most immigrants in Luxembourg are french or german and go there for professional reasons
2013-07-21 16:48
yeah are still foreigners. In Dubai the rate is even higher. Far over 60% Foreigners doesnt mean exactly = bad That was never my point
2013-07-21 16:51
atleast more than china :P
2013-07-21 19:09
now i dont understand you :D Whats with china and their foreigners?
2013-07-21 23:17
2013-07-21 18:04
Germany gets hated the most :-)
2013-07-21 14:29
I think it's more like the USA xd
2013-07-21 14:53
Last I checked Germany was the most loved country in the whole world. But these surveys arent accurate
2013-07-21 17:38
I know it was a joke but lots of european countries are mad at us because of the crisis.
2013-07-21 19:18
Why are they mad? They should be thankful...
2013-07-22 05:31
Germany is cool, just don't want to take a shower there!
2013-07-22 16:48
in XX age but now its USA i think:)
2013-07-21 23:43
Germany in making cars :)
2013-07-21 14:37
Germany VxO4 
actually if you take it by nation. its china by now. Their car market is booming like nowhere else in the word To be honest i thought its japan since you have a lot of japanese brands under the top10. But from a manufacturing point it was kinda obvious.
2013-07-21 15:49
Yeah well Quality over quantity ;)
2013-07-21 16:43
Point is: Germany is not leading in making the most cars. Maybe in making quality cars :D
2013-07-21 16:52
Yeah i know haha. There are so many companies there that are huge. Amazing. Technology at the top ? Just saying Bosch GmbH you know what i mean ;)
2013-07-21 17:01
Germany got the best cars though
2013-07-21 16:51
United Kingdom AlywOw 
I'm not sure. I would say UK has a better one.
2013-07-21 22:34
2013-07-21 23:05
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Aston Martin & Bentley > All german shits. Also I forgot to mention Jaguar & Rolls-Royce.
2013-07-21 23:13
Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Opel and VW > Aston Martin & Bentley.
2013-07-21 23:13
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Great joke.
2013-07-21 23:13
I'm not even kidding.
2013-07-21 23:14
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Sure we would rather have Audi,BMW,Porshe,Open or VW instead of Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar or Rolls-Royce. You're just a fan. Admit it.
2013-07-21 23:18
I would rather have a Porsche or Audi over Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar or Rolls-Royce, and no, I'm not a fan. And good thing you can spell Porsche.
2013-07-21 23:21
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Kind of weird person. I don't give a fuck about any Porshe shit.
2013-07-21 23:31
So you only buy cars by brand or what? Because I don't see why I would buy any of the cars you've mentioned over a Porsche or a Audi. And still can't spell Porsche or Open, oh wait Opel. And the fact that you called German cars "shit" proves how little you know about cars.
2013-07-21 23:36
United Kingdom AlywOw 
We were never talking about buying cars retard.
2013-07-21 23:41
Yeah we we're talking about getting them for free, that's good thinking. Lets compare stuff we get for free. Bugatti Veyron> all other cars because its the fastest, who cares if it costs a fortune. Still the best. BEST. FAST CARS WOHO! What were we talking about? I was comparing buying them because that's what you have to do to get a car, right? And if I would get any for free I would still choose Audi and Porsche over your UK fanboy shit. German cars > UK shit cars by miles, everyday.
2013-07-21 23:45
United Kingdom AlywOw 
German cars < UK cars. Read reviews fan. You're just mad because you will never have a money for one of these cards. I understand you and I hope you will have a nice night anyway.
2013-07-21 23:50
You're just too funny. And I can already afford most of those cars but I would never pay that amount of money for those cars. Funny how I'm richer then you and you're trying to use it as a insult for the discussion.
2013-07-21 23:55
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Yep I forgot that you are on main page of Forbes instead of me. Wow you are so funny. +1
2013-07-21 23:56
Thank you, people keep telling me that. I'm rich, good looking, smart, and funny and strong.
2013-07-22 00:01
2013-07-25 14:12
Open? okay you are not really into cars. Am i right? And again jaguar is owned by tata and Rolls again by VW :D The next time you see a bentley watch carefully. Some parts you may remember from the vw phaeton :D
2013-07-21 23:23
Just ignore's not worth..
2013-07-23 12:41
Fun fact: Opel cars are called Vauxhall's in the UK
2013-07-24 02:30
Whats so funny about that?
2013-07-24 08:26
Fun and funny don't mean the same thing.
2013-07-25 15:26
well fun fact is in australia they are called holden. You didnt see that coming hu? :D I mean whats the point? They were all owned once by GM and GM had the idea to let them share all the same chassis and a lot of parts to drive down production/development cost to compete with ford. And for sure the imagine. Built in germany. Built in the UK. Built in australia always sounds good with the brand you are refering to. Is it really that important what they are called? In 10years you can call it bankrupt if they keep going like that.
2013-07-25 15:56
still Opel whatever it called
2013-07-25 14:13
bentley is owned by VW just saying. I guess you never were in britsh car history were you? They were known for having bad built quality. One of the reasons why pretty much all UK brands are either gone bankcrupt or brought up. Today there are a few small british car manufacturers in the sports car sector which have quite a few good models no doubt. But there was a time when the UK had a really big car industry you could have been proud of.
2013-07-21 23:25
United Kingdom AlywOw 
You're retarded? Aston Martin was also owned by Ford, but still they're British manufacturers and their cars are making in UK. Anyway ... Take for instance the Bugatti Veyron. It costs Bugatti’s parent company Volkswagen AG nearly $5 million to make one, but the company sells a Veyron for around $2.7 million. That’s a $2.3 million loss on each car, which doesn’t even consider the millions the company spent in car development. That's why are not so profitable.
2013-07-21 23:28
Where did i said VW owned Aston Martin. Or where did i mentioned anything about aston martin? Aston had financial problems as well. First bought up by ford and the company was not profitable for them when the crisis began and dropped it. And later the guy from prodrive bought them. How am i retarded when you cant read? And as i mentioned there are a few small business around who produce decent cars. About Bugatti Veyron. Can you prove me production costs that much? Its a great marketing gag if you ask me. And beside that VW takes that into account for making procress into development. And yet they are still the second largest car manufactor behind mazda. And if you look at their last revenues they are one of a very few car manufacturers which still pull out green numbers in the crisis. Btw not even the grand sport vitesse costs 2.7mil. To wich model are you refering?
2013-07-22 00:00
edit black/green numbers ;D
2013-07-22 00:12
That's what i mean, they have the best quality
2013-07-21 23:42
yeah yeah now in the end you can say that :D
2013-07-21 23:44
slovakia first in per capita actually for more than 3 years :)
2013-07-21 19:22
Slovakia in TrackMania "hakkiJunior" "tween"
2013-07-21 14:41
basketball + beer
2013-07-21 14:51
we are like top6 country in basketball
2013-07-21 15:40 It's really interesting, theres a Top 10 about pretty much everything you just talked about!
2013-07-21 15:33
- I believe Lithuania has one of the fastest internet connection in the world (somewhere like top4) - Our strongmen & powerlifter's are probably also one of the best in the world (at least Zydrunas Savickas was/is considered many times worlds strongest man)
2013-07-21 15:47
Germany VxO4 
and you are leading in suicide rates :D Okay thats not funny. Sorry
2013-07-21 16:00
because we drink A LOT of alcohol and many people (mainly men) are driving a car while bein' drunk (at some form)
2013-07-21 16:06
thats not suicide is it? That counts as accidents
2013-07-21 16:31
We're talking about domination, not just (in which way your country is strong)
2013-07-21 16:53
qp | 
France panic-D- 
Just because Pudzianowski retired from this sport :D
2013-07-21 17:40
Sweden - fastest internet connection imo, and we had Pudzianowski :d
2013-07-24 01:58
No, it's not Sweden, it's Hon Kong.
2013-07-24 12:04
Hong Kong isn't a country ,bro. It's a city of China.
2013-07-25 07:03
actually its not
2013-07-25 14:15
Nice try. 1/10
2013-07-26 02:12
2013-12-04 07:03
United Kingdom paullll 
I doubt we're first, but UK and mindless nationalism and blind loyalty to political parties that serve us white collar lies and corruption.
2013-07-21 15:53
A bit like the USA without wanting to bother you, i never understood why those politicians are kissing the asses of USA government.
2013-07-21 17:07
How do you distinguish between white collar lies and (what I assume is the opposite) blue collar lies?
2013-07-21 17:52
That sounds like most countries in the world.
2013-07-22 12:24
Welcome to Italy.
2013-07-23 12:45
Netherlands :'( 
spain no longer has football destroyed by brasil
2013-07-21 15:53
One Confed Cup > 1 World Cup and 2 European Cups Sure
2013-07-21 18:01
Netherlands :'( 
history that is the wc and ec players getting to old :(
2013-07-21 19:06
still gonna be better than rooster from Brasildsadsada
2013-07-25 14:22
Netherlands :'( 
might beat brasil but they do not own football anymore. They can lose to lots of countrys now What was basicly impossible for a while:)
2013-07-25 14:31
will see, lol...
2013-07-25 14:39
Netherlands :'( 
they got no striker anyway thats good anymore.
2013-07-25 15:00
villa was injured
2013-12-04 17:12
Netherlands :'( 
guess u didnt read what i said.
2013-12-04 19:04
your mother in bed
2013-07-21 15:54
your mother in bed, she was tiger last night, ggggrauh!
2013-07-21 15:59
Bulgaria - corruption & idiotism ... sad but true !
2013-07-21 16:01
Dont worry, same here :)
2013-07-21 16:09
i know that feel bro..
2013-07-24 02:00
i think, at least, all europe knows that feeling...
2013-07-24 13:20
Without Scandinavians and Germans lol
2013-07-24 15:28
no, not really sry bro
2013-07-25 13:11
2013-07-25 15:38
Italy - Overstatement Germany - ugly persons Belguim - Beer Spain - Tapas Portugal - masonry France - sex GB - Tea USA - basketball suisse - bank qatar - investor middle east - cs
2013-07-21 16:02
france - sex? I am sure that belongs to the czech republic :D to France i would add: Weird food/eating manners You know what i mean dont you? Middle east - cs?
2013-07-21 16:06
ahah :p cs - counter strike irl
2013-07-21 16:09
counter strike? I would call it more like pro strike
2013-07-21 16:54
reread the title of the thread, in which way does a country dominate sex, ugly persons or even overstatement ?
2013-07-21 16:55
Drugs dominates his mind !
2013-07-21 17:08
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
france is known for being the rudest people on earth. Also most annoying and arrogant.
2013-07-22 12:51
2013-07-22 16:39
rudest, annoying & arrogant ? seems we are not talking about the same country. On the other hand i know french have a lot of difficulty to talk to stranger who dont speak french ( and english ) but it's most likely by fear to be innacurate or seems stupid.
2013-12-04 06:46
I can confirm, we are the best at Tea
2013-07-24 02:31
At black Tea* China at green Tea(the original one) :D
2013-07-25 07:11
germany and ugly persons? just look at kennyS, he is the ugliest human ive ever seen in my life.. And there more in your country. Would say Germany - Best Cars (Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, BMW) for France - Not a human language at anytime, bad food
2013-07-25 09:13
Bad food ? France ? We are in my knowledge on of the most know country for our finest & good food.. (And for having one of the most beautiful language too..) But i dont want to seems rudest, annoying & arrogant D:
2013-12-04 06:49
SERBIA tennis and water polo.
2013-07-21 16:08
oh please.. I know that Djoko is great and i like him much, but You can't say that SERBIA is LEADER of world tennis..
2013-07-24 02:01
Slovakia crushyou 
Israel top in chess
2013-07-21 16:08
oh one other top 100 player except Boris Gelfand from Israel who managed to win a worldclass tournament in the past decade. Russia has the most GMs, Norway has Magnus Carlsen, India is getting better with Pentala Harikrishna slowly making it to the top in his country and taking over Anand (the current worldchamp), but in general if we take the average than Russia is the top 1 country considering the amount of GMs in the top 100 FIDE players.
2013-07-25 15:15
Netherlands - Iceskating, Hockey, women weelchair tennis :D And and and giving away money 2 poor countrys in Europe..
2013-07-21 16:17
Yep, we are definitely the best in giving away money.
2013-07-21 17:00
Germany is :)
2013-07-22 00:29
Finland is pretty good at it too.
2013-07-22 14:10
germany izi #1
2013-07-25 13:09
Kazakhstan = Boxing
2013-07-21 16:24
so you're saying best boxer are in kazakhstan, or your cuntry has good boxers ?
2013-07-21 16:55
Our country
2013-07-21 20:23
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
sorry, only borat
2013-07-22 16:43
Dat too :D. Maybe also breaking two greatest CIS in cs too (Astana Dragons)
2013-07-22 17:27
Brazil is best in game called "Tibia", no offense, just sayin
2013-07-21 16:36
France in electronic music USA in blockbuster China in executions
2013-07-21 16:40
mauritania the richest country in the world :D
2013-07-21 16:43
2013-07-21 16:46
2013-07-21 16:47
they are in the lower bottom of HDI and GDP but not in the end Beside that its not really funny
2013-07-21 16:54
agree. stupid joke, but lousy mood. is not right, i'm sorry
2013-07-21 16:53
Netherlands - Call of duty 2 Sweden - Call of duty 4 Finland/Poland/Austria - Ski jumping
2013-07-21 16:48
Poland? and wtf finland? xd I know that Adam Ma&#322;ysz was great, but Austria is like here and here is the rest of the world...
2013-07-24 02:09
finland: Janne Ahonen Matti Hautuamaeki Matti Nykanen poland; Adam Malysz Kamil Stoch Wojciech Fortuna
2013-07-24 11:47
yeah, and now tell me, who is still jumping? Just Stoch, and You'r telling me Kamil Stoch is better then Austria team? No..
2013-07-24 15:27
these are 6 people who dominated ski jumping since 1960(?)
2013-07-24 22:33
Azerbaijan Talley 
Greenland - Suicide Germany - Quality cars China - Everything except penis size.
2013-07-21 16:48
Heard about that, fucking scary.
2013-07-21 18:09
Greenland is also where you have the most sex in the world :D
2013-07-22 13:46
germany - starting world wars
2013-07-21 16:53
For some reason i had to laugh even though its actually sad and true
2013-07-21 16:55
I don't think it should be seen like that. Your country wasn't the only one to be blamed at. Many abroad countries where happy to sponsor adolf hitler for his campaign for example. Many racism towards jews like today towards "arabs" in other countries then Germany. more and more and more... A lot of countries trying to have an empire with colonies etc...Thinking they were supreme and that was not only Germany with their 3rd Reich ! hmmmkay ?
2013-07-21 17:18
you mean imperialism with the last paragraph? yes, america and other countries have done awful things before and after WWI.
2013-07-21 22:34
Of course you had still all that slavery going on too (colonies). Witch made them really rich
2013-07-21 22:36
I know bro that's why i said it ;) all countries around us did the same.
2013-07-22 00:17
I have never read about it but reading that half of population died... such a joke. I would never want to be part of the family anymore if i would be his son or wathever... But the biggest point i am thinking about is that i never learned in school what he did and that is a AWFUL. You need to learn from the past and i never had any lessons in history about him, it was always about those antique emperors, Art, WW2 and whatever else... Only thing is that i am gonna read about this now ! but not on wikipedia ;) and big thanks.
2013-07-22 01:04
Yeah, that is some horrible stuff indeed. I did not know much about it before I moved to Belgium. Apparently there is a museum somewhere in Brussels about Congo as a Belgian colony, aiming to visit it at some point!
2013-07-22 22:46
Visited back in the days one that shows a lot from Africa in Brussels but not from Congo hmm.
2013-07-22 23:08
2013-07-23 00:19
norway in biathlon
2013-07-21 16:54
Russia - Vodka
2013-07-21 16:56
Czech Republic PFP 
Germany - football Sweden - esport Poland - ultras Canada - hockey
2013-07-21 17:06
sweden esport ?I'd say asia(korea+china)
2013-07-21 17:12
korea got sc2 and nothing more pretty much, sweden is decent in all games
2013-07-21 18:05
Czech Republic PFP 
2013-07-21 18:34
"decent" so they don't dominate. sc2 and LoL though, but most of the games we europeans play, aren't always popular there aswell
2013-07-22 01:23
3 good sc2 players, one of the best dota2 team, if not the best, csgo, and no lol team because all our good moba players still play HoN or went to dota2, but we got rekkles xD
2013-07-22 12:17
in Dota 2, I wouldn't call any team "the best" atm, TI3 will tell us. "3 good sc2 players" Only Naniwa can compete with top korean players, Thorzain had this time, and SortOf still can't confirm his great talent.
2013-07-22 14:53
Didn't say that they were the best either, but they might just be. Yeah Thorzain ain't that good anymore, but there is not many non Koreans that is/was as good as thorzain and naniwa
2013-07-22 15:43
stephano, nerchio, Lucifron, Vortix, old HuK, MaNa, Scarlett, Snute etc
2013-07-22 15:57
Well yeah they can compete with those 2, and stephano is for sure the best, but I would still rank naniwa #2 outside korea xd And we have morrow as well, and we had Jinro D:
2013-07-22 16:08
"old" Morrow, a shame Jinro retired, my fav terran player :(
2013-07-22 16:11
is nerchio and MaNa still good in new starcraft? Cuz i alwasy liked to watch them in normaln SC2 but now i dont hear anything about them:/
2013-07-23 13:17
atm I think MaNa is better than Nerchio, but I was talking about WoL, I hope they are doing well in HoTS, they were my fav players with stephano and dimaga :)
2013-07-23 16:27
Swedes compete on the highest level in any known e-sport title. You can not say that about korea or even china
2013-07-21 23:44
not in LoL though Back then, the asian domination was bigger
2013-07-22 01:25
i am not into lol but how about absolute legends and NiP? beside that how many esports events are out there beside the ones riot is hosting? Not many i assume? Okay WCG picked it up but as we know their image these days is not really worth for calling it world cyber games.
2013-07-23 13:34
aL and NiP can't compete with asian big teams, that's what people say, I don't really know that much about LoL scene.
2013-07-23 16:25
welcome onboard and enjoy the ride :D
2013-07-23 16:30
hahaha :P
2013-07-23 16:31
i think if u want call someone a dominator in e-sport he should have one good LoL team. Cuz atm. LoL is the biggest title of e-sport.
2013-07-23 13:20
Canada hockey? Your logic is just a failure. Sweden won the last world championship which makes them the current "leaders"
2013-07-21 17:20
Sweeden has NHL ?
2013-07-21 19:27
Lol... Our C team could beat your A team on any given day. The talent pool in Canada is by far the deepest and that is why we are the best at hockey. Ho and..
2013-07-21 19:45
Czech Republic PFP 
2013-07-21 20:14
that must be why you failed so horribly the last championship, lol ho what? what the hell is that video supposed to prove?
2013-07-21 20:42
Nobody cares about the championship. All that matter is the olympics.
2013-07-21 21:05
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Same in the US.
2013-07-21 22:39
That's why you had a team full of NHL players and we had lots of SHL and KHL players, sure. And we do not take World Championship as serious as Olympics but don't blame it on not caring.
2013-07-22 00:12
2013-07-22 16:49
The united states of sweden? :D
2013-07-23 13:35
Canada = hockey, look at NHL and how many players are from Canada.
2013-07-22 00:15
Russia B!F 
Canada hockey That's why canadian teams didn't win the Snatley cup for 20 years :D
2013-07-22 13:41
Because there is no team full of canadian player. In 3 years the Boston Bruins went 2 times to the stanley cup finals and they have a line-up with a lot of canadians.
2013-07-22 16:52
Russia B!F 
This doesnt make sense as we speak about the level of canadian hockey and the level of its maturity in all aspects, not only the level of canadian players.
2013-07-23 15:55
You clearly have no idea of what you're talking about. An NHL team located in a Canadian city =/= canadian hockey. In fact, nearly half of the players drafted in the last NHL entry draft are Canadians. If that doesn't tell you how well Hockey Canada is doing then I don't know what else to say.
2013-07-23 22:03
2013-07-24 22:16
United Kingdom Axj 
Thailand - Shemales
2013-07-21 17:17
haha +1 and we've got awesome food as well
2013-07-21 17:51
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
+ full moon parties
2013-07-21 21:20
FPS Hockey Bandy Floorball Finest ladies
2013-07-21 17:24
nah, Russians, Poles and Ukrainians has finest ladies
2013-07-24 02:13
Israel for cruelty.
2013-07-21 17:40
Germany in masturbating ^^ If you know what i mean ;d
2013-07-21 17:50
no. And i am sure i dont want to know anymore details
2013-07-21 23:46
China in population
2013-07-21 17:57
creative thinking :D
2013-07-21 18:06
hockey volleyball girls
2013-07-21 17:59
Norway having the highest taxes
2013-07-21 18:17
jamaica weed:P
2013-07-21 18:18
Uzbekistan in nothing
2013-07-21 18:20
russia vodka Ua salo x
2013-07-21 18:24
Estonia for cheap alcohol.
2013-07-21 18:26
Ukraine - Best Chernobyl in the world Russia - vodka
2013-07-21 18:43
Brazil Collee 
Brazil - football Russia - vodka Poland - trolls
2013-07-21 19:07
2013-07-21 19:09
"Poland - trolls" said by brazilian, really?
2013-07-21 19:11
sk noobs f0rest cheater neo the best poland strong
2013-07-25 08:31
Dude, i like Brazilian football, but You'r not the best ;)
2013-07-24 02:14
mongolia in nothing
2013-07-21 19:11
Kuwait - Female Football, Corruption. Female Football's never won a single match and didn't lose any under 10 goals. Corruption Billions of dollars goes missing every year.
2013-07-21 19:21
Spain - football Germany - beer Russia - being crazy Sweden - looking gay Brazil - trolls Poland - women USA - being overweight Netherland - weed Korea - video games
2013-07-21 19:42
you mean Poland - loose women?
2013-07-21 22:20
2013-07-21 23:07
poland - women? lol
2013-07-21 22:30
yeah lol too, I'm godlike ad carry
2013-07-21 23:06
2013-07-21 23:45
Poland - Vile food products and immigrants.
2013-07-21 23:44
what food is actually vile?
2013-07-21 23:47
For example chocolate :D
2013-07-21 23:51
lol, are you kidding :D
2013-07-21 23:56
I hate it.
2013-07-21 23:57
is there a difference in chocolate from poland and any other country? I mean these the most expensive products, not the cheaper ones
2013-07-22 00:00
You've never been in Poland..
2013-07-24 02:15
women really? Poland?
2013-07-21 23:11
yes yes
2013-07-21 23:22
eastern/middle european women are the best I mean girls from russia,ukraine,czech,polish
2013-07-21 23:26
There are beautiful women in every country, but i think it's fair to say that most people consider scandinavia to have the best women.
2013-07-21 23:39
as you said, there're beautiful girls everywhere, you can't say there are ugly and there beautiful or "more" beautiful than there
2013-07-21 23:45
2013-07-22 00:47
nah.. actually the best girls were allways on latin countries :P
2013-07-22 10:50
god.. in our example is joanna krupa..? no words..
2013-07-24 02:16
Poland -??? Kurwa? :D
2013-07-21 23:42
yee we dominate in kurwa speaking :)
2013-07-21 23:59
Russia 6aLo4ka~ 
2013-07-22 04:12
2013-07-22 11:07
Why do you think that Swedes are looking like gays? If they don't look like some shit, it makes them to be gays?
2013-07-22 05:41
Imo real man shouldn't have make up, be dressed in a too short t-shirt and pants in the size of his penis. What do you mean "if they dont look like some shit"? I think some of them look exactly like shit, just because of things I mentioned and they are doing it on purpose.
2013-07-22 11:15
And you clearly have no idea of how Swedes dress, I've never seen a straight man with make up, or pants in the size of his penis. Get your head out off your ass.
2013-07-24 12:05
Portugal - beauty =)
2013-07-21 19:59
beauty in terms of what?
2013-07-21 23:42
most beautifull country :P
2013-07-22 10:53
Morocco hashish and sexual tourism.
2013-07-21 20:03
thaïland by far actually :D
2013-07-21 20:35
not in hashish production
2013-07-22 13:48
Estonia with drinking!
2013-07-21 20:33
so u drink like 5l. of water everyday ?
2013-07-21 23:56
Finland cockcheek33 
Finland in absolutely nothing
2013-07-21 22:12
2013-07-21 22:23
Finland merkkis 
Maybe rally (: I know that there is couple of Sebastians from France which have dominated (mainly Loeb, after his "retirement" -> Ogier) but we've been always in top 3 in there ;O We have different champions: Kankkunen, Gronholm, Makinen, Alen & Vatanen etc... And prolly the best driver ever: Toivonen (imho)... But he had pretty sad story..
2013-07-21 23:06
why sad story? in the days around 60/70/80/90s you had quite a few good finnish rally drivers and champions. Ari vatanen and Tommi mäkinen kings
2013-07-21 23:47
Finland merkkis 
He was pretty damn quick with dat Lancia. Theres also same kind of conspiracy theories like with Ayrton Senna (that some1 broke purposely the car)
2013-07-23 06:35
What do you mean with ayrton senna? Tiovonen supported such theories? From what i know In the training session of imola at senna's williams renault had problems steering wheel position. Senna was not satisfied with it. And what they did is they welded a new steering shaft instead of building a new one because there was no time. I would claim that played a big rule in what happend after.
2013-07-23 12:10
Finland merkkis 
I meant that there is a lot of people which have conspiracy theories about their deaths (both: Senna and Toivonen). Both died because their car broke middle of the race. If u google "Ayrton Senna death conspiracy" or "Henri Toivonen death conspiracy" there is couple of interesting sides of the story. But I guess we will never know the trueth about their deaths, maybe they just were accidents or maybe not.
2013-07-23 12:11
ohhh now i got it. Gonna inform myself about tiovonen then. Anyway what are the theories at tiovonen the crash from wiki explinations doesnt mentioned much about it?
2013-07-23 12:17
Finland merkkis 
For example they didnt found any brakemarks before or in the corner where he died, but there were a lot signs of oversteering (maybe the accelerator pedal just went broken and stayed in the floor and didnt get back up). They didnt even have belly plate to cover the engine, which is kinda strange with rally.. (maybe they wanted to drop the weight of the car, dunno) FIA didnt care to "investigate" the reason of the accident..
2013-07-23 13:25
Simo Hayha was pretty cool.
2013-07-22 12:36
Finland merkkis 
The legend of the White Death. Maybe he is one of the reasons we can call our country still Finland
2013-07-23 06:36
the country of 1000 lakes
2013-07-22 13:07
Russia B!F 
actually Canada is #1 in terms of lakes and everything connected to them.
2013-07-22 13:44
Nooo, In rally, in "School education", being best country for pregnant soon-to-be-mothers.
2013-07-22 14:13
Finland are the best drivers
2013-07-24 02:49
nightwish amaranth leader in music
2013-07-25 08:53
Weed, Festivals, Electronic Music (same goes for sweden aswell.)
2013-07-21 22:23
Spain corruption and unemployment, but who cares we are good at football :DDDDDD
2013-07-21 22:33
+1 mate
2013-12-04 17:11
Poland -trolls -vodka -nice grils
2013-07-21 23:07
sk noobs f0rest cheater neo the best poland strong
2013-07-25 08:54
2013-07-25 10:16
poland in thievery and... that's it (some of polish mans think's we got the best girls in europe but that's just silly :D swedish girls are numero uno)
2013-07-21 23:11
o, rly? i dont think so widac ze ze szwecja masz tyle wspolnego co gowno z latawcem i naogladales sie jpgow
2013-07-21 23:39
well i was in sweden many times. malme, helsingborg, sztokholm and 2 times on dreamhack jonkoping (this year also) lyso ci zawistny polaczku? to, ze ty nie wyjezdzasz poza swoja dziure, nie znaczy, ze wszyscy
2013-07-22 17:03
we have swede here...
2013-07-21 23:54
rather fan of sweden, unfortunately i am a pole
2013-07-22 17:06
dont say that u are pole its shame that person like u call yourselfs a pole...
2013-07-22 18:23
no problem dude sweden, germany > poland
2013-07-22 19:27
+1 :/
2013-07-24 02:20
World champions with more armpit goes to the footbal fans Frenchwoman's
2013-07-21 23:24
2013-07-22 01:54
2013-07-21 23:38
Germany and Russian in eliminate Polish intelligence Poland dominate in emigration and letting stupid thieves govern the country which than lead to emigration... AND OFC. WE DOMINATE YOUTUBE !!
2013-07-21 23:55
"Germany and Russian in eliminate Polish intelligence" do you live under a rock for 20 years? "Poland dominate in emigration and letting stupid thieves govern the country which than lead to emigration..." i would rather say "whining of poor people" "WE DOMINATE YOUTUBE !!" with stupid, not funny comments - yes
2013-07-22 17:10
Denmark in number of teenagers consuming alcohol :\
2013-07-22 00:05
You are still far behind Russia anyway :)
2013-07-23 13:40
Not with teenagers, no.
2013-07-24 01:56
True, kids start with Krokodil.
2013-07-24 02:22
I've heard it's good for the skin.
2013-07-24 11:24
very very good.
2013-07-24 13:26
2013-07-25 08:56
Romania in hackers! (hacking banks and other shit)
2013-07-22 00:23
fast food, drugs and alcohol rule the world
2013-07-22 00:31
Greece - the land of not giving a fuck for anything.
2013-07-22 00:40
Argentina in... I don't know.
2013-07-22 01:47
2013-07-22 04:34
Haha yeah, doce de leite!
2013-07-22 05:05
2013-07-25 18:34
Also, Amanda is one of my fav yerba mate brands <3.
2013-07-25 18:34
People seem to forget the real question here. The author of the thread didn't ask you to tell him what your country is known for, but which country dominates at sport/economy/number of blabla etc.
2013-07-22 01:59
"Pho" Vietnam no1 no doubt :P
2013-07-22 04:16
Russia 6aLo4ka~ 
RUSSIA , UKRAINE ,KAZAKHSTAN THE BEST e-Sport organization - Astana Dragons H@H@H L@L :D GIRLS GAS HACHI - google dont know this. translate it pls. FOOTBALL in group stage MONEY 322$ HOCKEY
2013-07-22 04:18
You forgot to add "rUsSiA - ThE bIgGe5T AmOuNt of ReTaRdS"
2013-07-22 05:44
Biggest amount lives in USA. But we are in top3 for sure.
2013-07-22 09:46
hockey and girls I can agree with, the rest is LIES
2013-07-22 17:50
You got most millionares
2013-07-24 02:23
France in Gastronomy France in Handball France in Css
2013-07-22 09:27
Russia B!F 
Japan has more 3 stars' restaurants and more Michlen stars overall.
2013-07-22 13:48
Is France the best right now in Handball? I have no idea, I don't follow it, I just noticed Sweden has the most medals in Handball, didn't even know Sweden was good lol
2013-07-22 17:49
France, Denmark, Croatia probably the best at the moment.
2013-07-23 11:49
2013-07-23 12:21
I said "at the moment" right? Although i know Germany has the best league etc, they failed to even qualify for the next EC.
2013-07-23 16:38
anyway, Spain is best..
2013-07-24 02:24
USA #1 for killing innocent children spying privatsphere mindcontrolling people with the media! LOL! ..
2013-07-22 09:48
Find me one country who is not mindcontrolling people with the media pls..
2013-12-04 07:06
#1 scum = england
2013-07-22 11:11
Compared to some other countries I don't think we have it too bad.
2013-07-22 12:38
Maybe not as dangerous, but certainly more embarrassing. 90% (pulled a stat out my ass) of English scum have no reason to be in their situation, whereas in more deprived areas I can understand.
2013-07-22 12:55
Ah, yeah.
2013-07-22 13:16
bludy scum bag!
2013-07-22 17:52
Oooh,once again a "good" thread being spam by stupidity ... Retards, humans are retards...
2013-07-22 11:57
Germany in cars
2013-07-22 12:48
#1 USA - Movies. #1 Iraq - Oil and roadbombs #1 China - Kamakazi pilots #1 Denmark - Milk production ARLA BABY
2013-07-22 12:54
too bad kamikaze were japanese, you dumb fuck
2013-07-22 16:09
China still has more than Japan, you dumb fuck
2013-07-22 17:20
in which way explain it? When was the lat kamikaze attack from china?
2013-07-23 12:23
In which way? Answer: Numbers.
2013-07-23 13:11
excuse me, wtf are you talking about?
2013-07-23 22:38
true xd
2013-07-24 02:25
Sweden has the most milk producers in arla, thank us xD
2013-07-22 17:47
thank you sweden, i drink ATLEAST 3-4L skummemælk EVERY day
2013-07-22 18:14
2013-07-23 14:14
Then come at me bro
2013-07-23 14:28
lmao :D
2013-07-24 08:28
Hotels and hostels all over Europe have genuine fears of Danish students on studytrips. I travel a lot, and I have seen a lot of signs on hotels and gotten comments from receptionist before. If anyone has noticed or heard about this or differently - speak. Even though we do not drink the most - I get the feeling we might have the most fucked up youth.
2013-07-22 13:53
Brazil INSIDER1234 
Brazil - Ladyboys.
2013-07-22 14:25
2013-07-22 15:58
Thailand, pattaya is heaven on earth. Too bad you´re a muslim.
2013-07-22 23:22
my family is, I'm not :) btw are there only ladyboys in pattaya ?
2013-07-23 01:57
Mostly yes, you will meet less ladyboys around Thailand. Thailand is such a nice country, i´ve visited Phuket and Koh Tao island - it is really really nice. Pattaya is pretty much opposite. I mean you can get a blowjob in a bar....
2013-07-23 09:44
Estonia with beautiful ladies ;)))
2013-07-22 15:26
2013-07-22 15:58
u mean the over maked up girls u can meet in nightclub?
2013-07-22 23:21
Most spastics -
2013-07-22 17:43
I was about to write this, fu gaz!
2013-07-22 17:51
true story
2013-07-23 12:39
Ukrainian in boxing, and what????
2013-07-22 18:03
why ukranian? you mean both the klitschko brothers and who else in the other weight classes?
2013-07-23 12:40
yeah both the Klitschko
2013-07-23 13:19
who cares about fly weights...
2013-07-24 01:55
well, Klitschko > world atm ;)
2013-07-24 02:26
India in cricket
2013-07-22 19:48
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
Amount of stupid people - Serbia.
2013-07-23 00:38
said the guy who live in dead country
2013-07-23 15:35
where is the best beer ?
2013-07-23 01:20
i can tell you where it isn't - France
2013-07-23 03:41
2013-07-24 01:55
Czech Republic
2013-07-24 12:08
Poland/russia - vodka sweden - cs 1.6 england - real meaning of football
2013-07-23 03:49
poland - vodka ? are u fkin kidding me ? :D
2013-07-23 12:55
Czech Republic PFP 
80 percent alkohol in poland is wodka
2013-07-23 12:57
Poland dominate in history of vodka (wódka), production and consuption :)
2013-07-23 13:12
consuption mostly xd
2013-07-24 02:27
yeah thats a thing we should be proud of
2013-07-24 13:04
what's the real meaning of football?
2013-12-04 07:23
America -- doping
2013-07-23 04:09
Or Jamaica
2013-07-23 14:11
2013-07-24 01:56
Sweden in music, by far
2013-07-23 13:15
best heavy metal inDAworld!
2013-07-23 14:05
Only because of ABBA
2013-07-24 12:11
Sweden's music export is huge, so no, not because of ABBA.
2013-07-24 12:44
Czech Republic PFP 
nope England is best
2013-07-24 13:27
When did I say Sweden was the best?
2013-07-24 13:41
Czech Republic PFP 
to Mr.predict
2013-07-24 16:30
I can't see my reply to him?
2013-07-26 15:45
ABBA I say.
2013-07-25 15:47
Death Metal for sure
2013-07-25 15:22
Chile satch 
CHILE! in miners rescue? ok.. nou :(
2013-07-23 13:51
watch Easily The Conjuring online opens as most haunted-house tales do: with a bright and debonaire family getting in an outsized recent domicile, throughout this case a house in Harrisville,
2013-07-23 14:54
Waterpolo - Serbia :)
2013-07-23 15:34
poland - world leaders in unemployment since 1942.
2013-07-23 17:43
France PouletFurtif 
Belgium for french fries. Why "french" fries ? D:
2013-07-24 01:52
and in america they are called freedom fries :D
2013-07-25 15:59
America in incarceration rate. And some other fucked up shit as well... gogo murica!
2013-07-24 01:59
making stupid threads: russia
2013-07-24 02:17
Britain : best television, best thinkers (debatable in the current time, but of all time britian #1), best literature, best humour, best language
2013-07-24 02:46
worst weather
2013-07-24 03:11
2013-07-24 03:55
2013-07-24 21:27
English is the best language but Australians have the coolest accent
2013-07-24 06:32
best humour? what? In my country we have a saying "you have british humor" which means nohumor at all :D I guess you were being sarcastic ^^
2013-07-24 13:10 Stephen Fry explains it well.
2013-07-24 15:48
Best Television? HAAHAHAA joking right?
2013-07-24 15:51
as far as I know israel leading in: anti desertification , water technology , startups per capita , most ancient language(unchanged) , Israel boasts the highest number of scientists, technicians, and engineers per capita in the world with 140 scientists, technicians, and engineers per 10,000 employees(wiki),largest per capita user of solar water heaters in the home(95%), venture capital funds per capita and 2nd worldwide after us , highest percentage in the world of home computers per capita , Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation by a large margin – 109 per 10,000 people – as well as one of the highest percapita rates of patents filed. how ever since Israel is very small most of our achchivments our relative the true leaders in allmost every fieled in absolute way would be US , UK , GERMANY , JAPAN , France and now also China!
2013-07-24 13:00
Under the HDI your not even under the top10 calm down. At least in the end you got off the horse :D
2013-07-24 13:11
you are right we are 16 HDI combines three dimensions: A long and healthy life: Life expectancy at birth Education index: Mean years of schooling and Expected years of schooling A decent standard of living: GNI per capita (PPP US$) obviously we are living in a different neighborhood then most western countries so our GDP is lower since we have to invest more then 10% of our best work labour on military needs which are not productive at all ! on the other hand since military service for 3 years is mandatory most people not wiling to invest another 2 years for masters degrees in college or any other further education. so after all being in first 20 looks good for me.
2013-07-24 15:49
10% thats quite a lot if you consider what the US invest into you and a few other countries support you with military equipment. Including germany
2013-07-24 15:53
yes I agree the US don't need to fund us anymore with 3 billion military aid nor our enemies how ever its not counted in the GDP anyway so the HDI dont have nothing to do with that. if you mentioned the topic so I think the americans are just interested to do so because they need to support american weapon manufacturers. Germany is another story.. we dont get aid we buy for a good prices dolphin submarines 600m euro per submarine. but we also sell good stuff for your country. Germany and Israel have significant and long-standing military cooperation google: nuclear warning system, dubbed Operation Bluebird
2013-07-24 16:17
500m costs one but the german tax payer pays 1/3 of it in taxes and because we are still paying for war crimes none of our generation did. Isreal orded yet another 2 which meant 1 billion. Israel paid 600m. The rest was paid by the german tax payer. You really have the guts to tell me this. A lot of germans are pissed because of this and what their goverment does.
2013-07-24 22:57
Beside that. Isreal recieved the first two submarines for free. As a gift. And later as i meantioned for each submarine the german tax payer pays around 1/3 First they said in the german Bundestag it would cost the german tax payer only 135million in total. And they said they would not install carrier systems for nuclear weapons. And they lied again. And since isreal has 6 of them do a bit of math. Already over 1 billion is gone Edit: They dont even use the exuse for warcrimes anymore. They just gift them. What a joke Germany asked for the "gifts" that isreal should stop freezing palestine's tax income from the autonomy authority and would let them finish a german built sewage treatment plant including a consideration of the settlement policy about palestine. Answer was yes to the first one and no to the last ones.
2013-07-24 23:20
You and your fellow German Nazis need to sit down. 1) Whatever Germany gave Israel so far from WW2 -- is not enough. 2) The only reason the US and Germany among others support Israel with financial/militaristic aid is to make sure they have strong enough of an influence in the middle east. Fuck off with your dirty money. Germany will forever be known as the scum of the earth, no matter how much you idiots attempt to put on a liberal front nowadays. Scum.
2013-12-04 07:31
you call me a nazi?`Jesus what is wrong with you i did nothing. Neither did my generation. How can you hold me/our generation still accountable for something no one of us did. Yes in history a lot of war crimes have been made. But i had nothing to do with it. Neither do the german people from today. About the scum part. Isreal and the US already passed that track record in the 21th century. You know that. We learned of our mistakes. I am seriously digusted when our tax money goes overseas to people with such a ideology of thinking. I would have a lot better feeling if that money goes into real human development, countries which really suffered from WWII. Like poland. Isreal and their allies are just ruling out their geopolictical interest with brute force. Same with Saudi arabia. The US supports these fellows as well even though Isreal doesnt have the best relations with them. They support democracy in terms of how women are still hold like animals.
2013-12-04 13:28
I seriously hope palestine is going to be soon a full member of the UN. Then they can hold isreal accountable/justify for their warcrimes on international level/court. And then we can say whos the scum of the earth.
2013-12-04 13:32
GTFO you ignorant, Nazi buffoon. You hypocritical idiot haven't the slightest idea. Any sovereign state has the right to defend its citizen. If it was up to me, I'd do it by any means necessary instead of pussyfooting for decades to no avail You speak of the UN, well, "Palestine" and the rest of the Arabs waged war on the newly found Israel DUE to UN's resolution of 47'. They didn't accept it. Waged war. LOST. REPEATEDLY. You lose a war YOU BEGIN, you should face the consequences. GTFO out of Israel.
2013-12-04 13:40
My good sir, you don't go from being the devil's accomplices to "decent folk" as you and the rest are trying to portrait yourselves in mere half of decade. You and your people sat quietly at best and aided at worst in the systematical slaughter of millions of children. You are monsters. It's in your DNA. There is no way millions of people go from being people who turn a blind eye to such atrocities to decent folk in half a decade. If you and the likes of you had any decency, you'd forego your citizenship, curse your heritage and get the fuck out of Germany.
2013-12-04 13:33
yes i know it was wrong. That doesnt change the fact that i and my generation had nothing to do with it what happend 60years ago. What are you trying to tell me? We both agree these crimes are the worst in human history. Totally agree. The old germans made the exuse but we never knew about that. YES thats bullshit deep in their heart. They knew something was going wrong they just didnt stood up against their goverment becoming radical. Germany during that time had financial problems like you have today in southern countries like greece with an alarming amount of growing radical party groups. I cant believe you even support your own goverment in such times? About your DNA part. Are you now seriously trolling me? Whats in our DNA? Dude whats the last war germany started since 1945? Dont throw with stones if you are sitting in a glass house. Seriously why would i leave germany? Are you still living in the 30s/40s? Dude we changed. We dont have a multi billion dollar military budget. We dont provoke nations. We support nations in need like palestine with infrastructre lets say for example the planned sewage treatment plant wich isreal had something against it. I think we changed in quite a good way didnt we? I am proud to be german while knowing the history is marked full of black spots. I dont want to follow into the history tray. I want to change it. I would give up any hertiage if i had any Just to make it clear. I dont have something against you personal. Well maybe i do have right now. Since we have a discussion going on. But i have something against your goverment At my next statement you can laugh as much as you want: Isreal is on a way go become the next nazi germany You the the exact same pattern. First you seperate yourself from your neighbors. Second you start to claim land back.
2013-12-04 14:01
they have the exact same pattern*
2013-12-04 14:01
Once again, it's exactly this type of crap that infuriates me. It has been slightly over a half a century since your people brought upon the Holocaust, and you're... I don't even know, stupid, arrogant, ignorant, enough to present yourself as this sort of caring liberals... only half a century later... WHILE PUBLICLY PASSING FOREIGN/INTERNAL POLICY CRITICISM AGAINST THE PEOPLE YOUR GRANDFATHERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLAUGHTERING? I'd break your fucking teeth in if you were anywhere near my reach, and it wouldn't be enough.
2013-12-04 14:04
World breezy0 
you don't have the slighest idea. you have to realize that 70 years ago there were totally different circumstances and a lot of things influenced the way germany was taking at that time, there isn't only one reason. but if you still believe the modern german state has anything in common with the past regime you should really get your brain cells together and try to make some sense. you know that a lot of germans were risking their life to protect the jews from gestapo and ss and that a lot of germans were losing their lifes by doing that.
2013-12-04 14:14
"I was only following orders" "I didn't know they were killing them" "I had nothing to do with it" fast-forward to recent times: "It wasn't my generation" "Different circumstances" (A new personal favorite. Oh yeah, under the circumstances back in the day we had to go ahead and throw 7 year old's into gas chambers, but dw bro the circumstances have changed) GTFO idiots. Have the minimal decency to at least keep quiet. The fact you're being defensive only further prove my claim: Nothing has really changed, you're still the same people. If Hitler weren't to push the eastern front and eventually succeed in preserving the Reich, it's not like you would suddenly rise against him. You'd be praising your fuhrer, or at least remaining silent. Perhaps your grand-grand-grand children will be able to sensibly make the argument it's been "a long time". Until then, sit the fuck down.
2013-12-04 14:25
World breezy0 
honestly i think you are the one "who needs to sit the fuck down."
2013-12-04 14:48
honestly I couldn't possibly care less about an opinion of a German.
2013-12-04 14:54
World breezy0 
not really a clever move by you to judge only by history. history books that have been written mostly by people who were far away from all the actual happenings. you don't know the german history and you don't know the modern germany, i doubt you have ever been to germany, am i right? maybe you would think different if you had some first hand experience.
2013-12-04 15:00
I don't need no books to know most of my family didn't make it through the Holocaust you utter idiot.
2013-12-04 15:10
World breezy0 
jewish families weren't the only ones who have been pulled apart. germans got murdered because they didn't agree with the regime, every family lost members during these times. don't go on and judge so easily, especially not without having any form of background information since you somehow "don't need books."
2013-12-04 15:20
So, what you're saying is that not only Germans looked to exterminate an entire race, they were also willing to kill its own in order to achieve the aforementioned racial extermination? ... Way to go?
2013-12-04 15:25
World breezy0 
yes, we are making progress. now you just need to differentiate between "the germans" and "the people who were in power". a certain group of people were forcing a certain ideology on another group of people. judging them all as they were the same couldn't be more wrong.
2013-12-04 15:30
You are German, are you not? The NSDAP were the representatives of the German people, were they not? Also, your attempt to imply Hitler's supporters were some form of minority in Nazi is disgusting, plain and simple. The vast majority of Germans supported Hitler roughly at the time Germany annexed Austria. Edit: Also props to seemingly coming to terms with your diabolical lineage, and the recognition your people were willing to kill each other in order to wipe a race off the planet.
2013-12-04 15:47
World breezy0 
the NSDAP was the "worker's party" during these times, a right-wing party. there have also been communist and democratic parties until hitler became reichskanzler and made the NSDAP the single party in germany. communists and democrats were hunted, arrested and eventually murdered. it is true that the NSDAP got a lot of positive feedback in the late 20s caused by different circumstances as i already mentioned, for example the financial crisis. the people were poor, had no work, no money and were often starving. it was a really critical situation within germany compared to the other european countries because the contract of versailles made it extremely hard for the german government to do anything which was again another factor which was benefiting the extremists. saying the NSDAP was "the representative of the german people" is bullshit. it was like in any other country which only had one party, just look at the modern china. here we only have one party until today, is it right to say that this party reflects the opinion and position of all chinese people? i doubt it. i just want you to understand that different circumstances led to all this mess, surely there are a lot of germans who were guilty BUT judging them all as one is plainly wrong and trying to blame the generations who came after all that is even more wrong.
2013-12-04 16:37
tl;dr a lot of useless, redundant, feeble mental gymnastic. At least the folk in Nuremberg were creative, and they didn't (for the most part) try to hand out poor, idiotic excuses. There's no justification for what Germany has caused. None. I guess this is hard for you, a German, to understand.
2013-12-04 16:49
World breezy0 
there has been a lot of evil in this world, not only caused by germany, it is just more recent to you. i think i don't have to give you other examples. nobody trys to justify what happened but we should try to understand why to prevent something like that in the future. we have to remember what happened but we should live in the present not in the past.
2013-12-04 16:54
"there has been a lot of evil in this world, not only caused by germany, it is just more recent to you." It would be a legitimate assumption that the magnitude of the Holocaust is greater than any other, but, even if it weren't... So? "Hey, we're awful, but we're not the only one!"? "nobody trys to justify what happened but we should try to understand why to prevent something like that in the future" 1) You try to downplay or make excuses in every 2nd sentence you make. 2) There is nothing to understand. Under no circumstances should a group of people pursuit the destruction of an entire race. The thought the notion has to be "understood" is frightening. "we have to remember what happened but we should live in the present not in the past." That's very convenient for you to say, isn't it? I know the Holocaust is kind of treated as a taboo and as something that is awkward to discuss, and that is indeed a spur which may lead to people "forgetting". Not as a Jew, but as someone whose family was directly affected by the Holocaust, I don't "choose" to live in the past; I just feel hatred towards Germany and the German people, which only escalates when pathetic German babyboomers start spewing their self-entitled hypocritic pseudo-liberal garbage. Don't make excuse, don't try to twist and turn facts; remain silent.
2013-12-04 17:19
World breezy0 
you don't understand anything, you are interpreting way too much without having any actual knowledge. maybe you are too young, maybe one day you will understand and think different. i don't have to say anything further.
2013-12-04 17:25
What knowledge beyond dead relatives do I need? Admit to being the scum of the earth. The devil's advocate. This is the only way for you to ever begin to think about redeeming yourselves.
2013-12-04 18:32
"WHILE PUBLICLY PASSING FOREIGN/INTERNAL POLICY CRITICISM AGAINST THE PEOPLE YOUR GRANDFATHERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLAUGHTERING?" Can you just come to the point? I dont understand you. So its better we are all stuck in the history and act like we have been throughout the history instead of changing something for good? Should we still be butthurt about eachother what happen to no one of us in the past? What you want me to do is keep hating isreal and vice versa? So to keep the flame fueld by hate, anger, evil and probably religious reasons alive? With your last statement you made clear that you want nothing else than problems. You would fit quite well into a adminstrative position within your goverment :-| Dont tell me i am speaking to a 13 old kid. That would explain a lot
2013-12-04 14:15
My point? My point is that you need to shut the fuck up on matters not only you're oblivious about, but which also concern the people your grand father is responsible for slaughtering. The Israeli people provide medical care, electricity, water and pretty much what have you for people who seek its destruction. The same people who refused and still refuse to this very day to acknowledge the sovereignty of the state of Israel and who launch rockets into its lands on a daily basis, and I don't need to bring up the numerous terror acts over the years. ... While Israel continues provides them with food, water, shelter, and basically everything under the sun... Imagine how your "new" German folk would react to missiles upon their cities on a daily basis. If it was in the "old" times, your Fuhrer would skull fuck the Palestinian people out of existence under a week, let alone care and provide for them. You're stupid, ignorant, hypocritical, and haven't an ounce of shame for being as such.
2013-12-04 14:34
"The Israeli people provide medical care, electricity, water and pretty much what have you for people who seek its destruction." "While Israel continues provides them with food, water, shelter, and basically everything under the sun..." With the difference that the plant was planned and funded by a charity organisations. Israel demands money for their services. "Imagine how your "new" German folk would react to missiles upon their cities on a daily basis." They did in WWII. And after the war eveyone pointed the finger at germany. No matter how many germans died and how much infrastructure has been damaged. Do you start to see the bigger picture and similarities here? You justify fire with fire and then demand that you are better than the counter part. Thank you for insulting me on such a high intellectual level I get seriously depressed when i have to face people like you with such a ideology. Reality is hard i know :-(
2013-12-04 15:11
"They did in WWII." -- IMPLYING ROCKETS SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN LUNCHED AT NAZI GERMANY ON THEIR WORLD DOMINATION CONQUEST AND SYSTEMATICAL ANNIHILATION OF ENTIRE RACES? There are no similarities, and there's no bigger picture. Israel acts in self defense, always have, always will. Israel retaliates in order to protect its citizens, your people desired to conquer the world and wipe out an entire race. You have the mental capacity and self-awareness of a retard donkey. You're indeed, a plain imbecile.
2013-12-04 15:22
"You are monsters. It's in your DNA. ...." And that's the most ridiculous thing about people like you: You don't even realize that what you're saying is exactly what Hitler proclaimed. In fact you're approving Hitler's ideology with what you just said. The believe in different "human races" and the urgent to separate between bad and good respectively weak and strong human races. People of "inferior genetics" and people of "superior genetics". The believe that you can judge a human by his genetic and the inevitable clash of the different human races. Following that believe Hitler was all right with fighting the "inferior non-Germanic human races" for more "Lebensraum" and eradicating the "subhumans" like the Jews and the Gypsies. What you just said makes you more of a Nazi than 99% of all Germans that live today. You're disgusting.
2013-12-04 19:03
2013-12-04 20:24
1. We don't have to give you anything anymore. Most of you are NOT the victims of the holocaust and most of us are NOT responsible for what happened before we were even born. 2. Germany searching for influence in the middle east by using Isreal?!? Ahaha good joke. The last kind of influence we would want to have in the middle east is the one Israel is producing.
2013-12-04 18:47
How I am not a victim where 4 of my relatives died in the Holocaust you fucking goon? How are "most of us" not victims where the vast majority of Ashkenaz Jews had multiple relatives murdered by you? Thank you simple minded Germans for proving to myself I'm not wrong with my generalization of how the average German approaches the Holocaust today. Scum. Nothing changes.
2013-12-04 18:57
Because you are NOT your relatives and I am NOT my relatives.
2013-12-04 19:01
Ah, ok, let me get on a plane and murder several of your relatives. Nothing wrong with that, yes? And I don't blame you. I blame your kin. I blame the German nation and the German people. You will never do enough to redeem yourselves for your sins.
2013-12-04 19:05
"Ah, ok, let me get on a plane and murder several of your relatives. Nothing wrong with that, yes?" Wrong. That would make you a murderer. "You will never do enough to redeem yourselves for your sins." Come on, watching porn isn't really a big sin :( Beside that I can't think of any sin I am guilty of.
2013-12-04 19:10
Let's assume I'm a murder for the sake of argument, you said I'm not a victim because my dead relatives aren't "me". If I were to kill your family and relatives, you won't feel any animosity towards me, yes? I mean, after all, you won't be a victim just like I'm not, yes?
2013-12-04 19:13
"you won't feel any animosity towards me, yes" Of course I would. That's in the nature of us humans. Look: I don't blame you for feeling that way. I can absolutely understand it. I'm just saying that this kind of thinking won't do any good, it won't make present or future better, actually it will make it worse. What happened back then is so extremely cruel, that for people like us (who weren't alive back then) it's very hard to understand. By just saying "it must have been the genetics of the Nazis, these people are just bad, cold-blooded and cruel people by nature" one makes a big mistake. It's important to understand that's it the ideology, the way of thinking and the way the Nazi-system worked, that lead to all of this. This is very important because only with that understanding one can prevent something like that to happen ever again somewhere on the planet (for example if I read comments here that homosexuals have bad genetics or that homosexuality is a disease, which makes the homosexuals worthless people, I feel just sad; obviously some people have learned nothing from the history and are as intolerant as the Nazis were; as long as you just say "well the Nazi were that way because of their genetics" you don't realize you might have become an intolerant "Nazi" yourself).
2013-12-04 19:33
You don't understand it, let alone "absolutely". Not in the slightest. "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic". As for the rest of the mental gymnastics, spare me. Decent humans don't need any lessons on how to not slaughter millions based on kin or creed. I rather remain true to myself than to pull the pseudo-liberal act and admit I feel a great deal of hatred towards the German people. It isn't based on some bigotry or prejudice, but on the deaths of the millions who were systematically slaughtered based on prejudice. Vast difference.
2013-12-04 19:51
"Decent humans don't need any lessons on how to not slaughter millions based on kin or creed." "Decent humans". What are "decent humans"? Will you keep talking about your theory of humans with "bad genetics" and humans with "good genetics"? If yes: Get the fuck off. Obviously you're a Nazi yourself, you just haven't realized it yet. "..and admit I feel a great deal of hatred towards the German people." So blind hate became something to be proud of? Like I said: I don't judge you for feeling hate towards Germany. I just suggest you to judge your own feelings on a rational way and try to keep your mind clear and free from hate. Come and visit Germany and meet some Germans before judging them. You're welcome. "It isn't based on some bigotry or prejudice" Of course it's based on bigotry and prejudice. You're judging over 80 million people without knowing any of them (and definitely not all the 80 millions) based one something that happened before most of them were even born.
2013-12-04 20:11
I wasn't literally referring to genetics. Needless to say, I don't think different races have inclination towards wrong doings or evil. It is my own perspective. Whenever I think of Germany, I associate it with the Holocaust. I think most Jews feel the same. This isn't prejudice because I acknowledge it's my own perspective, rather than some form of German tendency for evil. I don't try to rationalize my feelings towards Germany. This isn't about logic or rational, but about human decency, which brings me to your question of what are decent humans. In relevance, if you're a decent human being whose forefathers are responsible for atrocities such as the Holocaust and WWII, you should remain apologetic and humble. I imagine how would I react if my grand-grand father would murder 80% of some family, and how would I react to seeing or hearing about the remainder of that family. Now, imagine an entire race, not a family. It's funny how some of you think you reinvent the wheel by claiming "it's not our generation". How can you not sense the extreme redundancy of that claim in face of the slaughtered millions? The difference between you and me in that regard, is that I'm not lying to myself. I'm not going to mask my feelings, because they are what they are, feelings. People like you and the other poster, though, reaffirm my suspicion you don't really give two shits about the suffering you've brought upon the Jewish people, but rather care about how you're perceived by the world.
2013-12-04 20:36
"I don't think different races have inclination towards wrong doings or evil." So why did you write stuff like "You are monsters. It's in your DNA." ? "This isn't prejudice because I acknowledge it's my own perspective" Prejudice isn't a question of the perspective. I see what you're trying to say. But if you say things like in #863 you're simply making a racist statement. If you would like to express that you've bad feelings towards Germany because of what happened in the past you can do that without being racist and making yourself look like a bigot, you just have to relativize your statement as a sole expression of emotions, not to be mistaken with a supposedly fair and rational judgment of todays Germany. "I don't try to rationalize my feelings towards Germany. This isn't about logic or rational," And that's exactly the big mistake many Germans did during the time of the Nazi-regime (just replace "Germany" with "Jews"). "you should remain apologetic and humble" And that's were we get in conflict: I and 99% of all Germans DEEPLY REGRET what happened during the time of the Nazi-regime. Beside the death of millions of people and a destroyed Europe, it has brought our country in big shame and there's nothing we wish more than that all of that would have never happened. Many of todays Germans are ashamed of their own grandparents/parents (although many of them don't deserve it, they just did the job they were forced to (with the only option of being executed as a traitor), permanently lied by the propaganda (like "Poland attacked us"), oblivious of what was really going on...many of them rather killed themselves than living on with that shame). BUT I won't stay quiet if you call me and almost all my friends and beloveds "deeply evil people with bad genetics" and when you're making me responsible for something that happened over 40 years before I was even born. That's just not fair. I have high standards of moral and I never harmed anyone. "How can you not sense the extreme redundancy of that claim" When we say something like that we do BY NO MEANS disavow what happened. Still the question of the true guiltiness doesn't become redundant because of the high scale of the crime. I guess you agree that if your grandfather was a murdered you won't become guilty yourself of that crime, right? So why would you become guilty of it if your grandfather killed not 1 but 10 people? People are only guilty of what they did themselves. Neither I am nor are you responsible for what my respectively your ancestors did. "People like you and the other poster, though, reaffirm my suspicion you don't really give two shits about the suffering you've brought upon the Jewish people" What?!? That's just a lie. I've read no comment here from a German who said he doesn't give a shit about what happened. Obviously that's just what you wish to hear because it would reinforce you in your hate.
2013-12-04 21:39
Denmark had a naziparti too. You hate me now?
2013-12-04 22:18
israle leads in : killing people bombing people making sieges on people lying at people having no mercy,and the list goes on
2013-07-24 14:06
nuclear weapon RF
2013-07-24 14:10
usa in general
2013-07-24 14:13
Just leaving a comment so the thread has 666 replies.
2013-07-24 14:20
686 was yours :D
2013-07-24 15:54
Some comments were deleted, when I saw the active threads I saw 665 comments so I posted :C
2013-07-24 21:44
UK - Drum&Bass
2013-07-24 15:29
more like Dumb&Ass
2013-07-25 07:20
More like Drunk&Salo
2013-07-25 10:14
UK - Military, politics, every sport, all esports and best looking people.
2013-07-24 15:41
10/10 sarcasm
2013-07-24 15:54 this should say everything about this guy(gay)
2013-07-24 22:12
2013-07-24 23:23
this is slynatobythedog new retard on :)
2013-07-24 23:29
Holland - king of Hardstyle !
2013-07-24 15:48
Basso | 
Denmark luyee 
In Denmark we're pretty good at cheating.. Poor couples..
2013-07-24 16:28
Brazil - Football Spain - Whores Sweden - E-sport kthxbye
2013-07-24 16:47
What a spam...
2013-07-24 18:55
i like potatos
2013-07-24 19:07
........................ Israël, in the number of rule's violations............... what ?
2013-07-24 19:16
close the debate on the best beer:
2013-07-24 19:39
Holland. LEGAL WEED.
2013-07-24 19:40
UK - for going mental because of a baby... China - pollution Germany - cars on the market Germany - CS hackers England - football (1-20 in PL better than spain/germany/italy) USA - retarde tv shows like doomsday preppers, moonshiners stc... USA - doping USA - idiots with guns USA - idiots in general (politics) Czech - world first at beer, should get an award for that Norway - wealth sweden - snus (snus in english?) denmark - alcohol consumption during work Kenya - running in total somalia - pirates afghanistan - outdated Kalashnikovs (ak47)
2013-07-24 22:24
you completly misunderstood what leading meant :D
2013-07-24 22:40
I can agree some of the things are not exactly on topic, others are opinions. So basicaly, i just did what 90 % else posted ;)
2013-07-26 00:40
WHAT? 1-20 PL better than spain/germany/italy? gimme some weed u smokin, plz
2013-07-25 13:19
yes, team 11 in PL better than team 11 in spain/germany/italy etc...
2013-07-26 00:36
UK for porn blocking :D
2013-07-24 23:52
2013-07-25 08:30
the law hasnt even passed
2013-07-25 15:57
2013-07-25 08:22
Russia - synchronized swimming :D:D:D:D:D:D
2013-07-25 13:18
vatican - wasting money the netherlands - flowers
2013-07-26 02:03
Dayum so many posts :3
2013-07-26 16:15
The Netherlands/Holland : Drugs, watermanagement, dance music, festivals and so on.
2013-07-26 16:21
Australia - Beaches, weather and rugby stars :D
2013-12-04 07:29
and kangaroos
2013-12-04 11:48
austria: leader in leaders
2013-12-04 12:21
2013-12-04 13:29
2013-12-04 14:01
Malaysia in badminton and squash :)
2013-12-04 14:30
France best in making baguette
2013-12-04 15:00
USA #1 at spying on its own citizens and Europe Government Leaders ... and also obesity, and oh yea.... everything ELSE :D
2013-12-04 15:12
lemme think
2013-12-04 15:22
Finland in Battlefield
2013-12-04 15:22
Norway duffz00r 
Norway, no way
2013-12-04 15:22
2013-12-04 15:24
Spain zevo 
Spain:jamon serrano(best food of the world), olives campo real(best), olive oil(best), canarias :) & hash and marihuana yeah, best hash (near morocco)
2013-12-04 15:34
Germany : Cars (Volkswagen,Mercedes,BMW,Audi,Porsche etc.)
2013-12-04 16:53
in renvue indeed even thought japan the us and china produce/sell a lot more cars
2013-12-04 16:59
2013-12-04 16:58
well i looked up some statistics like revenue and production line The german brands actually have the biggest revenue in sales since they are that expensive. But in production japan and china have a wider/bigger market. Toyota for example is recognized as the biggest car brand followed by volkswagen , general motors and a few other german/japanese/korean/chinese brands example: the german brands actually sell quite well in china as well these days. With the growing gdp and the biggest growing car market in china/mexico
2013-12-04 17:03
okay, another try then: Germans are best known for being "onliners" I hope all you guys are happy now :)
2013-12-04 17:06
2013-12-04 17:15
+ 9/11
2013-12-04 17:21
Portugal has good food, and wine! And we have a good history. Portugal has a really big history, it's quite sad the situation we're atm but i'm not ashamed of being Portuguese. It's funny how alot of Americans call us retarded, but they don't know that Portugal and Spain are 2 different countries lol.
2013-12-04 17:40
2013-12-04 18:35
We got some really nice chicks, KFC FTW
2013-12-04 18:36
Serbia in sport: Tennis, Waterpolo... Ofcource girls :)
2013-12-04 18:54
highest smokers percentage
2013-12-04 19:12
Canada: best at hockey best at making good maple sirup (lol) best at making poutine :d
2013-12-04 19:15
best at hockey here we go again..
2013-12-04 19:56
Serbia in eating bacon, tennis, number of wars, number of enemies, waterpoolo,nightlife, cheap beautiful girls (sharing the first place with ukraine and moldova). Montenegro in goat fuc**ng.
2013-12-04 19:19
also for nationalsim and homophobia
2013-12-04 22:12
every country have that ...
2013-12-04 22:58
Meh, it's decreasing a lot lately, thanks to justin bieber and swag, it's eating our youth like a cancer, caffes are full, footbal/basketball courts are empty, facebook became a way of life for some(self promotion ofcourse), and other forms of men becomming pussies are taking over. We are fighting that, but soon it will be over :D
2013-12-04 23:00
good reply m8! greetings to serbia!
2013-12-04 23:09
finland in saunas
2013-12-04 21:44
Venezuela = record guinnes most beautiful girls in the hole world, 7 time miss universe, we have the best player on baseball, Miguel Cabrera, we have a lot of oil, even USA come here to do big business with the oil.
2013-12-04 22:22
Azerbaijan Talley 
nice metro in Venezuela
2013-12-05 00:00
Europe - Germany World - USA
2013-12-05 00:00
Poland kiero 
Poland - 17 million people living outside the country(almost half of nation)
2013-12-05 00:09
The Netherlands, leader in water management all over the world
2013-12-05 00:36
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