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Smoke bug @ CSGO
Bosnia and Herzegovina NY033 
Have anyone noticed that weird smoke bug when you can actually see silhouettes and some objects through smoke when you really shoudln't. It's not very common bug and I don't know what causes it but I think it happens when some bombs explode in the already deployed smoke. I get this bug once in every few games which is not very often but still it's a thing that should be fixed cause sometimes you can easily smokeshot 2,3 guys that are behind or in the smoke. I noticed this bug on several diffrent PCs and I even saw it live today @ fnatic versus WW on stream. Thoughts? Does this bug accured to you and has anyone figured out what causes it?
2013-08-14 05:46
Bosnia and Herzegovina NY033 
has* fuck xD
2013-08-14 05:46
yeah, i've had this bug. it's a shame it happens because it can really ruin rounds where you should feel safe and covered by a smoke.
2013-08-14 05:48
hello it's been like this since ever
2013-08-14 05:51
It is well known and most decent players (ab)use it.
2013-08-14 05:51
Bosnia and Herzegovina NY033 
If anyone knows the reason for the smoke bug (it doesn't always happen)post it here so we can spam the VALVE or reddit forums to fix it.
2013-08-14 06:01
its intended to be that way idiot... if a nade explodes in a certain spot of a smoke then the light from the explosion lets you see faintly through it... god ur slow in the head
2013-08-14 07:43
it's actually an unintentional bug in the game engine when light and particles are drawn in or behind the smoke. but yeah, sure.
2013-08-14 08:29
It's not intended it's a fuckin bug and it looks ugly.
2013-08-14 15:55
The grenade one isnt that bad because everyone knows it and can do it. The worst one is seeing peoples name tags through the smoke.
2013-08-14 09:46
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