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United Kingdom grund 
Word is valve have already informed that they will be tweaking the m4a1, namely, they clip size...
2013-08-15 03:17
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some people have not even had chance to use it, because inventory is bugged worse than amazonas
2013-08-15 03:19
United Kingdom grund 
In tweedays new video, he talks about stuff nip have told him, and apparently, the clip size is getting changed
2013-08-15 03:20
Switzerland NEIN 
According to their blog, the clip size will only get changed if to few people will use the m4a1
2013-08-15 03:38
United Kingdom grund 
That could happen, or just because of th community outcry If it's changed the clip will become 30 and the m4a4 will be made cheaper whilst the a1 is made more expensive.
2013-08-15 03:45
Germany VxO4 
sooo much logic i cant handle it
2013-08-15 03:49
Serbia sALE 
No,people will use it,the same reason people play csgo,because its forced to them,yes everybody can quit,but i guess having some form of cs albeit not as good as the one before,is better than having no cs.
2013-08-15 03:53
United Kingdom grund 
Do you think that they meant pro players, or just everyone, because casuals will use this gun no question, it's new, ofc it will be popular, but if the pros don't use it, maybe it shows something to valve.
2013-08-15 04:17
True, they even fixed ammo bug on buymenu HUD.
2013-08-15 04:24
Completely shit update,
2013-08-15 03:56
Guess im one of few who kind of liked it, would use M4A1 anyday _if_ it had 30 rounds :D We will see what happens, atleast it's there with the USP <3
2013-08-15 04:08
its not there at all for a few players
2013-08-15 04:32
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