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Australia forkus 
Has anyone actually sold anything? Anyone bought anything?
2013-08-18 03:43
I have bought 1 esport case during influence of alchohol :D
2013-08-18 03:44
I made 8 euros for few days from selling skins / cases that drop to me. To be honest I love it. 1. I earn some small amount of money from doing nothing just playing my favorite game. 2. Valve is also earning money from people's sales. 3. Rich kids that get orgasms from playing with pink m4s just keep spending money on the market. everyone is happy !!!
2013-08-18 03:49
I'm a bad seller :(
2013-08-18 04:11
sold case, bought 3 guns :]
2013-08-18 05:49
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