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best song ever Martin Garrix - Animals
Netherlands Revl1sw0w~ this is HUGE #1 in belgium charts (never actually seen an electro house song overtaking the standard mainstream shit lol) The producer himself is only 17 whereas he made the melody 2 years ago just sick
2013-08-22 22:22
Poland zipel 
2013-08-22 22:22
Netherlands Nieroth 
Pretty boring song imho.
2013-08-22 22:25
2013-08-22 23:37
2013-08-23 12:11
2013-08-23 23:48
its a gr8 track but not the best song ever. Hardwell > all
2013-08-22 22:28
+1 crazy track
2013-08-22 22:29
No thanks
2013-08-22 22:35
thank you hltv for catering to my both my counter-strike and musical needs
2013-08-22 22:36
Hate it
2013-08-22 22:36
had to do a spoiler for rock/metal fanatics. ofc youre hating house music
2013-08-22 22:38
nothing special.typical song in todays music world
2013-08-22 22:39
this is a typical song
2013-08-22 22:41
Lyrics is getting worse every day...
2013-08-22 23:38
I dont say that I dont like this type of music, but all the songs are the same. Avvici guetta and so on
2013-08-23 07:25
didn't like
2013-08-22 22:40
Argentina ffdd 
its amazing, but avicii>hardwell>all
2013-08-22 22:40
imo Hardwell <> Nicky Romero > Tiesto
2013-08-22 22:42
both are terrible
2013-08-22 23:49
Argentina ffdd 
2013-08-23 01:46
Because every EDM artist is
2013-08-23 03:42
2013-08-23 11:34
2013-08-23 20:43
Argentina ffdd 
... what kind of music do you like?
2013-08-23 20:56
French House, Disco, Funk, Acid Jazz, Neo Soul, Funk Rock
2013-08-23 21:06
Argentina ffdd 
i dont like it, but i respect them. I dont say "THEY ARE TERRIBLE OMG!!! DESTROY THEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"
2013-08-23 21:09
Well they aren't terrible, but they definitely don't produce top notch music. In general electronic music is slowly going to shit through mainstream catering, and pleasing the masses. Can't blame those DJ's though, its hard to say no to money. This particular song for example, is a clear cut case of ripping off other successful songs with the same main beats/sounds.. which in all honesty were just as terrible as this one. I guess to each his own, this type of music is played at clubs and leaves memorable times when the majority of the crowd is dancing to this on drugs. IMHO, people should check out less mainstream artists, and actually do some research rather than download music straight of the beatport top10. I'd recommend: Gui Boratto, Henry Saiz, Trentemoller, Edu Imbernon, Jan Blomqvist, Maya Jane Coles, Florian Rietze, Paul Kalkbrenner, Gesaffelstein. If you prefer faster and more upbeat music, a lot of mainstream dj's do in fact put out good tracks every once in a while, however it's usually not the ones in the top10. Sander Van Doorn, Michael Woods, TyDi, Mark Knight etc. there are tons. N imho all better than the 2 you mentioned.
2013-08-23 22:34
2013-08-23 23:35
+1 on Trentemøller.
2013-08-24 12:53
Electronic NOISE Music
2013-08-23 01:30
Argentina ffdd 
if you dont like electronic music dont reply me bro
2013-08-23 01:47
Dude, Im a DJ myself and I like/play House, Techno not that crap.
2013-08-23 14:19
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
I'm not really a fan of house or any thing that ends up with "step" in its name but I actually enjoyed it a lot. But best song ever... no, just no. But of course it's a matter of taste, this is my all time favourite one:
2013-08-22 22:54
Is celldweller DnB? Nice track idd
2013-08-22 22:58
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
Not really, he changes styles and mixes them in a different way in each one of his tracks, making it difficult to label him in a specific genre. He goes from rock/metal to DnB, passing through dubstep, trance and many other genres, always mixing them up in a formidable way(a bit of fanboyism here :D).
2013-08-22 23:19
Such a shame he stopped making decent music 10 years ago.
2013-08-24 12:50
I agree that the self titled album is insanely better than Wish Upon a Blackstar, but I'm not gonna completely agree with you because as I said above Against the Tide is my favourite music and it's from WUAB. You know, great musicians like to try new things out, I just wish he starts once again to make music like he used to in 2003
2013-08-24 16:36
s1mple | 
Bulgaria Critias 
I bet this is the best song!
2013-08-22 23:19
Goddamn, i feel old when i hear this kind of shit music. And no i don't hate techo, house or any electronic music but this is just pure garbage...
2013-08-22 23:37
I actually like this.. +1!
2013-08-23 16:05
deep house & g-house > all
2013-08-22 23:40
Denmark iPlayer 
Decent track, but honestly not in my taste, even though I love House and like most of the electronic music I hear. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike > All
2013-08-22 23:59
Argentina ffdd 
yeah, they are so good too :DD
2013-08-23 01:47
Spain akproxx 
My horse is amazing best song ever
2013-08-23 00:00
Rayel the best
2013-08-23 00:06
If that freaking piece of shiat is the best song ever, world is coming to an end.
2013-08-23 00:11
2013-08-23 00:26
wow, that second song (Uppermost) is kinda good! ty for tip
2013-08-23 16:08
np :D Uppermost <3
2013-08-23 20:41
well, i'm more into liquid dnb and that stuff, but i really like this!
2013-08-23 21:24
same. Electro house, dubstep, dnb, trance but its awesome for me. A lot of good song from uppermost are good
2013-08-23 21:36
Don't compare Uppermost with these shiiiiiiiiiets please !
2013-08-23 20:06
2013-08-23 01:31
Brazil skuggz 
terrible song
2013-08-23 04:30
Martin Garrix - Animals (Isaac Remix) IS BEST VERSION FOR ME But I Love HARDSTYLE. Hardstyle is my STYLE
2013-08-23 04:40
Hardstyle is my LIFEstyle
2013-08-23 20:47
<3 tommorowland I'm waiting for this song:
2013-08-23 09:52
people actually like this shit?..
2013-08-23 10:24
yes people obviously like shit
2013-08-23 11:38
What shit do you here, care to tell me?
2013-08-23 13:02
All I see in this thread is weakass electro house shit. Why u no mention The Prodigy? Pendulum? Datsik? Noisia?
2013-08-23 10:33
old dnb Noisia > EH Noisia
2013-08-23 12:39
Agree. Though he is still making bangers. Dustup etc.
2013-08-23 12:48
they are :)
2013-08-23 12:50
Brazil skuggz 
i'm sure this one is a waaay¹²³ better than that... check it out
2013-08-23 10:50
btw it was the most played song at tomorrowland 13 afaik
2013-08-23 11:31
sry i prefer real music
2013-08-23 11:42
gay music
2013-08-23 16:12
2013-08-23 18:47
not even close to the awesomeness of Nyan Cat.
2013-08-23 12:33
Michael Jackson>>>>>>>>>>
2013-08-23 12:44
IMO it's not so special.
2013-08-23 14:28
2013-08-23 14:30
I'm on a horse > the rest
2013-08-23 15:22
Animals is sick tho, but this is bomb :D
2013-08-23 15:47
2013-08-23 16:19
lol, this sounds exactly the same
2013-08-23 20:11
The same? U kidding me?
2013-08-24 00:28
animals is sick but my best song ever is drink to get drunk by sander van doorn
2013-08-23 15:58
2013-08-23 19:51
Thanks for dumping a mainstream song I bet most in here haven't heard it before. Ever
2013-08-24 13:00
you must be fun at parties
2013-08-24 16:17
I am, thank you:)
2013-08-24 16:22
np :)
2013-08-24 16:39
Pretty good.
2013-08-23 19:59
rubbish taste in video games rubbish taste in music
2013-08-23 20:02
Song ? It's not a song haha
2013-08-23 20:02
Memtrix is 18/19 and he's better
2013-08-23 20:05
2013-08-23 20:23
Like minimal meets deep house. Sound is crap is 2013 not surprised this beat is two years old. Edit:Dillon Francis is way more up to date..MAD DECENT is the best channel.
2013-08-23 20:46
in portugal we call this "azeite"
2013-08-23 20:44
not totally, i don't even like this music, but what is really called "azeite" is something like this: (yeah picked it randomly in youtube)
2013-08-23 21:48
é azeite na mesma pa, so por escorregar menos um bocado nao significa que nao seja ;)
2013-08-23 22:16
sim... desde que dê pá gunada gunar é o que basta. é do swag.
2013-08-23 22:20
2013-08-23 20:50
Dat song is total crap.
2013-08-23 20:54
Macedonia ANGELKAA 
2013-08-23 21:02 Deadmau5 made that to make fun of all the garbage main room house from shit producers like afrojack, hardwell, sander, etc. They all make cheesy ADHD music. They even copy each other(Martin Garix animals uses the same kick drum as Sander Van Doorn - joyenergizer).
2013-08-23 23:28
this is the best song :
2013-08-23 23:31
Europe midi 
This is the best without controversy ->
2013-08-23 23:35
2013-08-23 23:41
ultragay but still better song than few listed one above:D
2013-08-23 23:51
just listened to this song, what are the odds? :s
2013-08-23 23:50
If you prefer gay music this is awesome
2013-08-23 23:51
This is the cheesiest thing I've ever heard. Plus, it's not electro house. This is the kind of garbage that destroys Electronic music. Typical Beatport top 10 garbage. To give you a better prespective of how this nonsense is destroying the music, please refer to this: Too see how IMPOSSIBLY HARD it is to make a song like that, see this:
2013-08-24 00:35
Rather want to listen to East coast 90's hiphop
2013-08-24 12:53
This shit on Ecstasy is raaaaaaaad!
2013-08-24 13:00
Nothing but craptechno in this thread, let me contribute a bit. PeaceTreaty - In Time Fedde Oe Grand & Nicky Romero - Sparks (Vicetone Remix) C2C - F.U.Y.A. The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days W&W - Moscow Hardwell - Call Me A Spaceman Burns - Lies (Otto Known Remix)
2013-08-24 13:08
2013-08-24 13:36
simple music for simple people.
2013-08-24 13:41
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