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Too many information on radar
Switzerland NEIN 
One of the things that blows my mind when I'm thinking about competitive CS:GO is the fact that you can see your enemies and even the bomb on the radar as soon as one of your team-mates spots them. I mean that's a good thing when you play with casual players (MM or even on a public server) who don't even own a headset or who are just too lazy to communicate properly. But for the competitive side of the game this is just terrible. I mean we're talking about Counter-Strike, a game were aiming isn't everything, a game where good communication was always one of the most important parts. Teams with bad communication should get punished and teams with good communication should get a reward (you need to know which information are important for your team-mates and you need to communicate these information in a precise but short way (e.g. the exact location where you spotted the bomb)). But since the radar shows so many information this quality got almost lost and that's one of the main reasons why even mix-teams with very poor communication (like Nostalgia) can be successful. I remember that in 1.6 karrigan said in a German interview that one of the reasons why Danish teams are good (if I'm not mistaken he was speaking about the legendary mTw) is that they communicate very precise. While on inferno A most Germans would just say "he's right on the spot, behind a box in the back!" the Danes from mTw gave every single box a name so they could say "he's behind box XY!" (it's not like we Germans don't have names for important boxes and areas but many boxes are unfortunately nameless) They took the whole communication-thing on a new level and I think that's great for CS as a competitive title. In CS:GO that "skill" would be completely useless. There should be a server-setting to make the radar only show your team-mates position ... Would be great if we get something like sv_radar_info 0/1 and 0 would be the official setting in all leagues and tournaments. PS: The radar would still give you more information than in 1.6 since you have a map on it what makes the info about your mates location more precise.
2013-09-02 15:04
Switzerland NEIN 
Please no hate-comments. Let's just try to discuss about his in a mature way.
2013-09-02 15:05
United Kingdom grund 
I agree.
2013-09-02 15:24
I wrote about it few months ago: And of course f* casuals downvoted it.
2013-09-02 15:31
Switzerland NEIN 
What the fuck... "Technically, there would be nothing that prevents the CT and Ts from having communication between the teammates (realistically) that would add enemies to the radar once they are seen by teammates. In real wars, such technologies exist, its simply as for the seeing person, having a device that measures GPS position, compass direction, stereo camera and distance measurement, which automatically detect humans that are not sending a encrypted signed "teammate" signal. And this info are simply sent encrypted to teammates. So simply, this temporary viewing of opponents in radar is a addition to realism, and should NOT be removed. See it as "meta data transfer between teammates". Such technologies exist for real and should also be in CS:GO. Not everything needs to be communicated via sound radio in today's terrorists & counter-terrorist actions." So he's saying that such a technology exists nowadays (though I highly doubt terrorists or even a special-force team like the GIGN and GSG9 wear a device with a exact map on it where they can draw down the enemie locations) and therefor it's great we have this in CS:GO? Is that guy a uber-troll or does he really not realize that realism isn't the key to success?
2013-09-02 15:39
Denmark Blankeh 
2013-09-02 15:38
Switzerland NEIN 
2013-09-02 15:42
indeed, comment is dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb
2013-09-02 16:13
a bit tryhard imo, the radar does not give you any special info anyway
2013-09-02 15:38
Switzerland NEIN 
The enemies and bomb's location isn't "a special info"?
2013-09-02 15:41
You can only see the bomb when it's down and a team mate is looking at it. And you can see where your team mate spotted the enemy last. And I'm quite sure in even a mix or gather this information will be called on teamspeak before you have time to check the radar. But I'm not against the idea ^^
2013-09-02 15:45
Switzerland NEIN 
The thing is that the guy who spotted the enemies NEEDS to call it over teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble. He needs to call the number of enemies, the exact location and if they got the bomb or not. But most of all: He needs to do that while shooting back or saving his ass. In GO this isn't needed and in many cases it becomes even redundant. After more than a year of GO and many years of 1.6 I know one thing for sure: Bad team-communication could really fuck you up in 1.6 (I remember so many moments where my mates just failed to deliver the important information at the right time), while in GO I can always rely on the radar. A classic thing are the "ragers". I'm sure everyone here knows at least one: The guys who start saying stuff like "Fuck! He should be dead! What a lucker!" right after they got killed. In 1.6 a team with players of that attitude got punished because while this guys was raging he forgot to give his team-mates the important information they need. In GO this isn't really a problem. You hear this guy rage, you look at the radar and you immediately have all information.
2013-09-02 16:07
2013-09-02 15:47
Switzerland NEIN 
Any reason?
2013-09-02 16:10
its good as it is?
2013-09-02 16:22
Switzerland NEIN 
and how/why would this change made it worse?
2013-09-02 16:23
cuz then we can see the bomb and enemies? whats the point with radar if you can only see ur teammates?
2013-09-02 16:25
Switzerland NEIN 
That's the whole point: In order to locate the bomb and the enemies you need to COMMUNICATE with your team-mates. What's the point about seeing your teammates on the radar?! That's absolutely crucial for the team-play (you get information where the enemies can't be, you can avoid positions where your mates can't give you a backup, you can coordinate yourself with your team-mates (attacking a bombspot from different sites at the same time),...). Try to play a match without a radar -> its a pain in the ass. Of course you could say: If you want more communication you could remove the radar completely. But IMO that would be too much. It's impossible for 5 people to talk about their location at the same time while also having to provide infos about the enemies location and their plans. Having your mates but not your enemies on the radar seems the perfect mix. And to use the (useless) realism-argument: It's also quite realistic.
2013-09-02 16:38
What the difference? We look on radar so we dont have to report :)
2013-09-02 17:15
Switzerland NEIN 
But the ability to report correctly (number, exact location, bomb-carrier) while being under pressure and the understanding of what info is relevant for your mates is something you need to learn. Communication was/ is an important part of Counter-strike and with too many info on the radar it got lost to some part.
2013-09-02 17:20
cs:go much more tactical nothing more :)
2013-09-02 16:09
lol valve simply dont care.. keep dreaming
2013-09-02 16:13
Azerbaijan Talley 
Not really, radar doesn't help that much. Just deal with it.
2013-09-02 16:26
Switzerland NEIN 
Of course it does. It helps A LOT. After you played GO for some times it becomes normal to get so much help from the radar, but try to play a 1.6 match now: You will be surprised how much more you need to talk with your mates. And if it wouldn't be much of a change for you, you should be okay about not having these info anymore on the radar? Right? Or do you just try to avoid a change?
2013-09-02 16:41
Switzerland NEIN 
I remember How DaZed said that the info on the radar make succesfull fakes way too hard. Successful fakes in 1.6 were often based on the opposite team not communicating good enough (classic one: panic -> hyper-reacting -> wrong call).
2013-09-02 16:48
70/100 in my opinion
2013-09-02 17:15
I killed a guy i didn't even see. Mirage, we wanted to boost into window-room, smoked ourselfs .. standing in the smoke we couldn't see shit obv. Suddenly i see a red dot on the radar, knowing someone is underground. Killed him. Thx radar. Radar in GO sucks orc balls ...
2013-09-02 17:20
Switzerland NEIN 
Yep, that bug exists since the beginning of the Beta and MANY MANY people have reported it, but it still isn't fixed.
2013-09-02 17:21
You think too much boy.
2013-09-02 17:38
Switzerland NEIN 
Care to elaborate? How can one think too much?
2013-09-02 17:40
i agree, but in the highly competitive scene. Of course in MM its a good tool the way it is now and shouldnt be changed, makes playing seriously with strangers less frustriting.
2013-09-02 18:02
I also started a ticket to benefit teamplay. I think a keybind should be added to voice speak only with your dead temmates to discuss next round strats without disturbing alive teammates. The keybind would be an addition to current keybind that allows dead teammates to be heard by alive ones. Please discuss/comment/vote
2013-09-02 18:14
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