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Have you ever been at LAN to blame fnatic?!
World zMaestro 
OMG! Literally OMG. Has any of you guys been at LAN tournaments(more than 3 times)? Have you ever competed on LAN for money? If no then you are not in the right position whatsoever to blame fnatic. I mean sure, not shaking hands was definitely childish and not professional at all. But swearing(trash talk) has always been a part of any sports(literally any). You have to respect your opponent but not to the degree that you let him ride you regardless of that opponent. If you respect them too much then you probably need to quit gaming/sports. Especially in team games you get extra hyped about results. Swearing and shouting is the way to cheer up your teammates and yourself. So stop blaming fnatic for bad talk. But you are free to mock them for not shaking hands because that is impolite in every way
2013-09-14 18:17
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carn disagree
2013-09-14 18:22
too long to read, so just faq you
2013-09-14 18:22
Xizt | 
Bulgaria HellRose 
2013-09-14 18:35
hahahah :D
2013-09-14 18:50
Thank you for this amazing insight.
2013-09-14 18:25
This would have resulted into a brawl in here :D. Fnatic didnot behave wrong in any manner. Nip fanboys tend to forget behavior of friberg and GTR( they are know to taunt their opponents on lan) while critizing fnatics.
2013-09-14 18:25
not shaking hands is not a good thing tbh
2013-09-14 18:28
You shake hands with people who you respect.
2013-09-14 18:29
when someone offers you a handshake that's not good to refuse. I mean you still can give a lame handshake. But maybe it differs from country to country
2013-09-14 18:34
Poland tfg 
yep, you should show your class and shake hand even with a person that you dont like, its so lame to not shake hands, even biggest enemies should do it
2013-09-14 18:46
well trashtalk has always been in sport and will always be, no matter what game/sport is being played. E.g EVRA VS SUAREZ/ANTON FERDINAND VS TERRY or so on .. but disagreeing to shake hands is simply stupidest thing you can ever do .
2013-09-14 18:26
thats not a trashtalk thats an insult , even though im happy fnatic beat the pussies thats to much from them and based on LAN's i have attended they would be DQ !
2013-09-14 18:48
Romania HAZAR:D 
Eneko* who ?
2013-09-14 18:27
there is reply button , carn manager of fnatic team and one of respectful player in cs scene
2013-09-14 18:47
New Zealand jonzR 
another braindead person
2013-09-14 18:28
:) Any valid point to prove that?
2013-09-14 18:29
the more topics the bigger the drama, thanks
2013-09-14 18:29
tl;dr ... BUT! I saw the video and really don't get fnatic's celebration. It's seriously unacceptable to celebrate like that. I didn't understand them but that's not the main part of this. Refusing to shake hand is really bad thing in eSport. Really poor acting from fnatic squad, they act like dicks.
2013-09-14 18:40
2013-09-14 18:45
2013-09-14 18:46
"OMG! Literally OMG." and the thread is off to a great start.
2013-09-14 18:47
f0rest | 
Romania front48 
So,as you said...have you ever been at lan? Have you ever heard about respect?Yes of course you can be arrogant or beeing cocky but not with someone who win everything in eSports (f0rest,gtr and xizt). This kind of things did TaZ in past,but TaZ is a legend,not an ugly kiddo who didn't achieve nothing in eSports(except Moddii).
2013-09-14 18:51
Serbia sALE 
Well on one hand nip kinda deserved it because they wanted another chance on a stupid rule,and if there are stupid rules some lame people will try use them,on the other hand fnatic players are really young and while they should have shaken their hands and say all those stuff in point blank to nip,i do understand them.People say sportsmanship was bad,but what about fair play?NiP lost fair and square.Arent those the two same exact things?Yes if fnatic took the higher road,they would look classy,but would that stop Nip or any other team to be lame like this?Who knows maybe this response will change that,but i doubt it.Atleast it made gtr sad,which he and his team deserved in this instance.
2013-09-14 18:59
I have played CS 1.6 on many LANs, some serious tournaments with price money but also many smaller LANs just for fun. I'm no longer an active player but signed up here just for this argument. I have never witnessed anyone "not" thanking the other team or refusing to shake hands. This is especially true in serious tournaments were I have witnessed teams getting disqualified by trash-talking in chat during the game (Dreamhack many years ago, early in bracket) I know many other IRL-sports where a player/team could get disqualified or receive a fine for similar unsportsmanlike conduct as this!
2013-09-14 19:04
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