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Klitschko vs Povetkin
fRoD | 
Russia cowoncrack 
It's gonna be the sickest fight of the decade Who do you think will win?
2013-10-05 05:34
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Surely we will win watching an exciting fight.
2013-10-05 05:41
Povetkin will win!
2013-10-05 05:44
Vladimir will win with K.O. in 7th round!
2013-10-05 05:54
povetkin is russian, so gl Klitschko kill him to death
2013-10-05 06:53
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"kill him to death" it's much worse ; O
2013-10-05 17:14
Ukraine potapUA
Klitschko win but it will be not easy one.
2013-10-05 06:59
no one can beat Klitschkos ,they will hold their belts till retirement
2013-10-05 15:14
Netherlands JUNG13
Volodya ;D
2013-10-05 15:30
why do you think that "t's gonna be the sickest fight of the decade" ?
2013-10-05 15:33
It will be a decent fight but certainly not the 'sickest fight of the year'. In terms of heavyweight, Haye vs Fury will be much much more interesting. If you include all the divisions, Pacquiao vs Rios, Marquez vs Bradley, Khan vs Alexander are all 'sicker' than this one, if you ask me.
2013-10-05 15:37
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haye isn't fighting fury...
2013-10-05 16:50
3 replies The fight is worth £10 mil, it's definitely happening regardless of what Fury says in order to intimidate.
2013-10-05 16:59
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Mmk, didn't realise it was rescheduled, it was haye that backed out tho, right?
2013-10-05 17:12
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Yeah, he got a massive cut on his forehead during sparring. Needed 6 stitches.
2013-10-05 17:54
Come on, it was clear that I was exaggerating
2013-10-06 02:00
povetkin could only win using a baseball bat.
2013-10-05 15:40
i always expect an exciting match and then it ends in 3th round... hope for something different today :)
2013-10-05 16:00
never seen an exciting match with klitschkos in it... technically very good but such a boring fighter imo
2013-10-05 16:07
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+1 ... only jab jab jab ... hope Povetkin can make a good fight
2013-10-05 16:11
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Agree, Klitschkos use only jabs, boring shit.
2013-10-05 18:31
yeah thats what every expert says and i agree with them even thought i have no clue about boxing :D Maybe Povetkin suprises and deleviers the opposite fighting style
2013-10-05 16:52
true :D he is like some cs players, even if they HS and are very good, they are boring to watch
2013-10-05 17:07
Sweden raveN4s[A]
easy Klitschko
2013-10-05 16:29
Well I guess Klitschko, but really want anything unexpected to happen in heavy weight scene... finally. That's why i want Povetkin to win.
2013-10-05 16:52
kubrat gonna destroy the one who win this so i dont care
2013-10-05 17:00
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yeah sure, its gonna be the same shit- different day, easy win for Wladimir
2013-10-05 17:40
Tapping versus ADADAD
2013-10-05 17:36
Russia AR4ER
klitschko win...again :/ but gL to Sasha
2013-10-05 17:51
nip will win
2013-10-05 18:38
Klitschko too strong!
2013-10-05 19:03
Another boring match ahead of us.
2013-10-05 19:10
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2013-10-05 19:15
would love to see klitschko vs jw
2013-10-05 19:17
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Klitschko good,but not best(JW BEST)
2013-10-05 19:20
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2013-10-05 19:44
The fight was soo boring omfg.
2013-10-06 04:13
United Kingdom smoggy:.
Really looking forward to the Klitschkos stepping down, there stint in the HW category has completely ruined it for the last 10 years. Say what you want but their the most boring shitty fighters going, the German spectators who buy the tickets year in year out are just as bad supporting their fighting style. I can not wait for the HW category becoming the top weight to watch once again.
2013-10-06 04:25
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