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Klitchko vs Povetkin
Ukraine marz1k 
ez for Vladimir?
2013-10-05 21:13
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neo > all
2013-10-05 21:14
for sure
2013-10-05 21:17
neo > all
2013-10-05 21:18
neo good, but not best (jw best)
2013-10-05 21:19
Klitchko KO in round 7
2013-10-05 21:20
Russian Vityaz > any hohol :)
2013-10-05 21:20
gotov' vodky. priparku vityazy delat'.
2013-10-05 21:24
sry sry 4 insultes
2013-10-05 22:54
2013-10-05 22:55
2013-10-05 23:23
What time are they fighting? I really want to see this fight on tv
2013-10-05 21:21
Should start any minute (Was scheduled to start at 21:30 cet i think)
2013-10-05 21:27
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
2013-10-05 21:24
f0rest | 
Romania 69sRs 
2013-10-05 21:30
zeus stream this match!!
2013-10-05 21:54
zeus stream epic xD
2013-10-05 21:56
It seems like Klitschko is just literally too big for everyone else...
2013-10-05 22:07
round 4 and povetkin it's so low...
2013-10-05 22:13
This match... ZZzzzzzZ
2013-10-05 22:18
Ukraine Xoon 
Klitchko >>>>>>>> all
2013-10-05 22:20
jw > Klitchko
2013-10-05 22:30
said by one idiot, repeated by thousands
2013-10-07 00:48
russians could give me a head
2013-10-05 22:25
Lol. The worst boxing match I've ever witnessed. Hugging 24/7.
2013-10-05 22:29
who's winning ?
2013-10-05 22:26
funny LOL so funny
2013-10-05 22:28
2013-10-05 22:30
9th round. 3 knock downs. does povetkin still have any chance to win?
2013-10-05 22:32
im not watching the match thats why i was asking
2013-10-05 22:34
2013-10-05 22:26
klitschko best wrestler ua
2013-10-05 22:30
Klitschko with this style hands on enemy is rly stupid
2013-10-05 22:33
+1 that's not boxing
2013-10-05 23:10
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
klitchko > pasha
2013-10-05 22:34
klitschko stronk!
2013-10-05 22:35
Poland kiero 
Am I wrong or Klitschko wants Povetkin to make him blowjob?
2013-10-05 22:39
c'mon how hard is it to knock someone out?
2013-10-05 22:40
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
2013-10-05 22:47
Poland jMS 
I won't ever watch heavyweight boxing unless Klitschko brothers retire. This is bullshit not boxing. If I would ever want to watch 2 guys hugging and stuff I would watch gay porn...
2013-10-05 22:50
so why nobody can just win him ?
2013-10-05 22:51
Poland jMS 
Never have I said he is doing bad, I said his style of boxing doesn't remind boxing at all. He rather hug his opponent than man up and fight...
2013-10-05 22:53
Yep, hugs made povetkin's face look like smashed apple.
2013-10-05 22:54
2013-10-05 22:55
2013-10-05 23:37
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
actually his face was good.. so fuck u ukrainian bitch
2013-10-06 00:09
do me a blowjob and die
2013-10-06 00:10
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
u have no dick lol and obviously blowjobs are your way to survive LOL
2013-10-06 08:49
don't backpedal biatch. you won't be dissapointed.
2013-10-06 10:24
because he can, i agreed its looks not as box in movies :D but it is sport = result
2013-10-05 22:54
If you were having a boxing match against a similarly skilled opponent, with a lot of money, reputation at stake, and potentially putting your life at risk.. would you go all out with flurry of punches and hope for the best or box smartly and try to outwit your opponent using whatever advantage you may have (legally of course). I don't particularly enjoy this sport but I think the fans are being spoiled by the Tyson/Ali era. No doubt it was more exciting/spectacular but many of these people have suffered permanent injuries one way or another. They spent the rest of their remaining lives suffering to walk, hear, talk, or see properly for the sake of the fans' entertainment. :( I'm not disagreeing that clinching/hugging is boring but that's just part of the game unfortunately.
2013-10-05 23:21
+1 !
2013-10-05 23:02
Bingo! We can see now mad ukrainian's fan boys who can't see further than their fingers.
2013-10-05 23:13
I don't know why, but Povetkin's face is similiar to pasha. Anyway, I hate Klitschko's style. They always hug adversaries to prevent getting hit.
2013-10-05 23:08
2013-10-05 23:29
haha +1
2013-10-06 00:16
was one and only who can beat Klitskchos , he called Lennox Lewis.
2013-10-05 23:46
pasha bicipets
2013-10-06 00:22
Fedor Emelianenko >>> Clinchmaster...Wladimir HOHOL Klitchko - its no boxer...
2013-10-06 10:52
bombit :D?
2013-10-06 19:00
wow what a boring fight, rather watch middleweight or lightheavyweight - this is too tanky and full with hugging men.
2013-10-06 19:01
Klitchko is now "Piczko". Povetkin gave his heart to this fight, Klitchko only boring things.
2013-10-06 19:08
Pakistan hayZ 
First of all Klitschko can only beat whats in front of him. Its not his fault the heavyweight division is filled with bums. The only real fights he has left apart from mandatory defenses are: Deontay Wilder - He has KO'd everyone he has been in the ring with but he is still raw, I'd give him a year or so until he can give Wlad a real fight. In a year Wlad will decline naturally and Wilder will only get better. He is 6"7 so that game Wlad plays on these little guys won't work with him. Not saying Wilder will win but he stands a MUCH better chance than the fighters outside of Haye that Wlad has faced in a long long time. Tyson Fury - He may not be technically on the same level as Wlad but he is a bigger guy who is not afraid to get in the clinch or fight him anywhere. He will get better every time he fights. He needs to beat Haye in February. I see potential in Anthony Joshua but its too early for him obviously. He is 23 and by the time he has a record to contest for a heavyweight title, Wladmir would have retired by then. The heavyweight scene is in an awful state due to a number of things: The decline of Americas amateur system. More money to be made for big men in American Football/Basketball. Wladmir is a pure athletic phenom, who is exceptionally smart because he knows his limits (his chin) and knows how to fight and use his natural tools (reach) to ensure it does not get hit. No one at present is good enough to beat him, they'll be lucky to get a few rounds.
2013-10-07 01:26 ...time to go back to MMA.
2013-10-07 01:47
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