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Help, i have proiblems with playing of demos.
Norway Matsch91 
I recorded a PCW by using boomtown HLTV, but It was finish and was going to look at it it said "........ is not a demo file" And I tried a demo of NoA vs someone, and that worked(it was a DEM-file), but my file was tar.bz2???? what should I do??? sorry my engelish is bad.
2006-02-22 13:35
Sweden 10arn 
Use winrar to ip it. I think you can find it at
2006-02-22 14:22
THx shall try now
2006-02-22 14:34
Sweden 10arn 
No problem my friend :) Ask if it doesnt work. I will help you more.
2006-02-22 18:25
Denmark Kula 
Like he said - Unzip the file using winrar: To your cstrike folder!
2006-02-22 19:48
Thx u guys It worked :D
2006-02-24 20:41
OMG I have a new problem, now the three last demos I have played has been sent to me in a .tar, but thats okey. But when I have unziped the demo file or what it is is a .tar.out(file) what can I do with this????
2006-02-24 20:54
Sweden 10arn 
Unzip that file also.
2006-02-25 15:41
Can u plz try help my with my new problem too? plz
2006-02-25 15:02
HEHE thx, I have been a little noobish, sorry. And thank u sooo much. This is not a probleme, but i am new in this stuff so, what prog can i use to make the demo into a normal video(.mpg file). where can I find this programes? And could I get some tips how to do it??
2006-03-02 15:35
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