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Croatia - Belgium preview
Croatia hypno123 
Probable starting lineups : Croatia - Pletikosa : Vida, Corluka, Lovren : Vrsaljko, Modric, Rakitic, Strinic : Kovacic : Mandzukic, Olic Belgium - Curtois : Alderweireld, Lombaerts, Verthongen, Vermaelen : Defour, Witsel, Fellaini, Hazard, Mirallas: Lukaku The match will be played in Zagreb at 18.00. I believe Belgium are clear favorites to win this match because of three reasons: 1st they have more players which play in the best European clubs 2nd their recent results 3rd Croatia struggled in the last period (two losses - against Scotland on homeground and against Portugal in a friendly match and one draw against Serbia) However, I think we'll see motivated Croatia and great-as-always Belgium which will show us entertaining match.
2013-10-11 12:23
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croatia because they have kovacic :D
2013-10-11 12:26
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+1 always try to buy him in FM, fav player atm
2013-10-11 19:57
2013-10-11 12:37
2013-10-11 12:46
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2013-10-11 13:00
Why aren't Kompany playing? edit: Benteke is still injured?
2013-10-11 13:02
Kompany is injured. Come on Belgium! :)
2013-10-11 13:14
belgium is playing so well tonight :)
2013-10-11 18:52
to easy.
2013-10-11 18:53
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Bhutan hexxor
waay to easy , 2 attacks 2 goals
2013-10-11 18:56
This goes well
2013-10-11 18:54
ez pz
2013-10-11 18:57
Lukaku > Croatia. Jesus christ, I still wonder how the fuck Chelsea decided to loan this guy.
2013-10-11 19:16
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He did an amazing match tonight and I really hope he will confirm this performance, but let's not forget that he struggled hard to score in the past.
2013-10-11 19:45
Belgium -Extaz-
easy 1-2
2013-10-11 19:57
despite loss, we were better this night. gj LUKAKU
2013-10-11 19:59
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did u miss the first 40 minutes?
2013-10-11 20:05
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nope. i saw all of your two chances. you saw that penalty on Mandzukic?
2013-10-11 20:14
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nope, neither did anyone else :P
2013-10-11 20:22
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hahaha, omg. you'll see.
2013-10-11 23:01
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courtois clearly had the ball first :)
2013-10-13 12:55
I don't know what drugs did you use during match but belgium was way better this match and whole qualifications and I'm glad they won because they deserved it.
2013-10-11 20:08
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you're glad they won cause you don't really love croatia.
2013-10-11 20:13
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no because he knows something about football, if you say croatia was better then you are blind. We got way more chances, possesion, and better players GO BELGIUM!
2013-10-11 20:17
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possesion 52-48 croatia shots 16-8 croatia shots on goal 9-4 croatia goalkeepers saves 2-8 belgium fouls 9-18 belgium freekicks 20-11 corners 6-3 please check stats.
2013-10-11 23:04
you had a brainwash that's for sure.. mafia controles hns and idiot Stimac don't know how to do his job because Mamic put him there.. it's all bussiness... and they played bad this match and didn't deserve it.. back in 1998 those were players that deserved every respect from me.. you're just raging because we probably won't even go to World Cup
2013-10-11 20:17
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2013-10-11 20:21
fu moron. mamic is sporting director of GNK dinamo and has nothing to do with Stimac or even Croatian national football team. you're the one who is brainwashed. However, fact is that we don't have any good coach and whoever comes to our bench will be critised just like Stimac.
2013-10-11 23:07
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you don't know that Mamic put Stimac to coach our team? ahahah :D
2013-10-11 23:55
then explain why stimac put Sammir to croatian team? :D because mamic told him so he could sell him to some club for big money... Mamic controles everything now sadly
2013-10-11 23:59
2 replies
Sammir is the biggest fail in our history, but he was only a sub. I can see why you think that, but Dinamo is our best club and produces the best talents. Any other coach would put Halilovic because he is extraordinary talent and he needs to adapt to professional football as soon as possible. Furthermore, he didn't play any big game, only some friendly matches against Portugal, South Korea and Liechteinstein just like Rebic kid. I agree Stimac might not be adequate coach for our national team, but I just can't see which Croatian coach would be. I think we need some famous name, but I believe our people still wouldn't be satisfied after one or two losses. I think we have big expectations. We will fail only if we fail to quailfy for World Cup or we lose in groupstage. Anything bigger would be great result.
2013-10-12 00:29
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I agree with all you said but you need to understand that they wont just put some experienced coach unless it works for idiots from HNS and Mamic.. It's all one big mafia
2013-10-12 00:42
haha, rofl
2013-10-11 20:19
2013-10-11 20:20
lol it took like 5 minutes until i understod that this threat is not about esec
2013-10-11 20:00
Bhutan hexxor
de bruyne, haha the player is a joke ,most overrated kid at the moment no wonder hes in 3rd chelsea team
2013-10-11 20:05
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De Bruyne is topscorer of Belgium and gave many assists, little bit respect pls
2013-10-11 20:18
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Bhutan hexxor
Cant have respect for him,watching tonights game looks like belgium is well sharped sword but de bruyne is just the weakest link by far
2013-10-11 20:30
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Ok mate. Now go to sleep ;)
2013-10-12 22:55
BRAZIL here we come !
2013-10-11 20:48
Nice to see Belgium back on track again :). Congratulations !
2013-10-11 23:51
LUKAKU and SCREAM ahahah gg :)
2013-10-12 00:01
delete please
2013-10-13 00:12
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