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Germany Satanaflies 
Hi all. A lot of people lately wanted to buy new computers and asked how much fps they will get in CS:Go i recently updated from my AthlonX2 265 3,3GHz + Radeon 5670 512mb 4GB ram To an I3-3220 3,3Ghz Geforce 660GTX Everybody says CS:Go is CPU heavy ,but we rarely know anyting specific So i was curious how much of the fps in CS:Go actually is the graphic card and how much is from the cpu. With system 1 1680x1650 2xAA 2xAF everything else very low ,but player details medium. 56fps in public Death match with lots of players on very small map like shoots 65fps on Deatmtach with lots of players on bigger map like Dust2 or Train 70-125fps on normal 5v5 Dust 2 having 70-90fps on most 1v1 1v2 2v2 situations and 125fps when i am alone in B tunnels f.e Now i first only changed the CPU now with the i3 3220 and same Radeon card , same drivers , same ram everything and all settings the same. I got 78fps on üublic Death match small map 87 fps on public deathmatch dust2/train 125-186 fps in 5o5 125-140 fps in most 1v1 1v2 2v2 duels and 186fps when i am alone in tunnels. Now compare this with Crysis 2 everything on lowest. Got 24-41 fps mostly 31fps on old system get 24fps-41fps now on i3 3220. Conclusion: CSGO is all aboutz the CPU and almost nothing GPU Its insane. In Crysis 2 all on lowest settings i still got same fps since the I3 can do nothing. The readeon 5670 is simply tooo weak to get more than 41fps no matter if i had an I7 or a mobile phone as a cpu :P CS:Go is all different. I3 makes a massive improvement of ~ 60% percent in performance overall... this 60% is exactly how mich a I3220 is faster than a Athlon X2 265 3,3GHZ in theoretical benchmarks from gaming magazines etc. Which shows us even the 4 year old former low buget 60€ card (it did cost 60€ 5 years ago) is not even on 100% when playing go but can handly it smoothley. Will install the GTX 660OC tomorrow but dont expect any difference in FPS in CS:Go since it seems its all CPU on the other hand i expect more than 100% performance increase in crysis 2 ^^ Hope this helps some people
2013-10-17 08:00
EDit there are some mistakes: meant 1680x1050
2013-10-17 08:04
That's some nice research man :) It also makes me think, could you tell where the opponents are based on your fps, e.g. Find out what your fps would be when no one is waiting outside b tunnels, and then you can tell if someone is there if it is less than usual, do you think this could work?
2013-11-07 00:12
Isn't that what VG did in Source? I remember hearing something about it.
2013-11-07 00:36
France PouletFurtif 
Very interesting
2014-03-12 20:15
This does help me. I have a gtx 770 because I had shit fps with my old HD6870 so I thought an upgrade was needed. Changing gpu didn't improve my fps at all. I have a first gen i7 870 and it's quite clear that I need a new cpu and mobo to get a better frame rate. I average 140 fps with gtx 770 and i7 870.... This matters because I have a 120hz monitor that I can't guarantee i'll get 120fps for.
2013-10-17 08:13
Have you heard about overclocking? People mostly get intel over AMD for the ease of overclocking and the actual BENEFITS of doing so. Lynnfield CPU's NEED to be pushed hard, and it is so easy, given you have the right ram and sufficient cooler. My brother has my old system, i5 760 (like your i7, but without HT) and we clocked it to 3.84 GHz using simple 160BCLK to get DDR3 to run 1600 MHz. He has GTX 670 and his fps simply never goes under 250, 1080p with all high, 8xAA. I always kind of expect gamers to understand at least little about their PC's, but people never fail to shock me.
2013-10-18 14:59
Just 140 FPS with GTX 770 and i7??Really?I have i5+GTX 650 and i getting 250-300 FPS 5v5,and in DM,casual getting 150.
2013-10-18 23:19
Yeah that sounds accurate, if you have and i7 and a 770 with ONLY 140 FPS you're doing something wrong..
2014-11-18 18:35
In my experimental PC I have a gtx 770 and i3-540 overclocked to 4.46GHz and I get 200-300 fps on 1336x768 4x filtering. If you can't overclock your cpu, yeah, get a new mobo and cpu. i5-4670K and that is a beast setup you will have.
2013-11-07 00:38
So now the 660GTXOC is installed and results so far went kinda as expected. 78fps on public Death match small map 87 fps on public deathmatch dust2/train 125-299 fps in 5o5 125-170 fps in most 1v1 1v2 2v2 duels and 299fps when i am alone in tunnels. So u can see the Geforce660GTXOC which is in theory more than 3x as fast as the 5670Radeon did sigificantly improve my max FPS in Situations that are 1v1 or in that i am alone. I get 120fps more in B tunnels being alone at Dust 2 than with my old radeon 5670 However when it comes to situations with lots of people the min fps isnt improved at all ! And overall thats what is important in CS:Go min fps min fps is all about CPU ... GPU has nothing to do with it
2013-10-18 12:15
In Crysis 2 however as expected from Got 24-41 fps mostly 31fps on old system to 78-135fps with same settings mostly 93fps
2013-10-18 12:39
I had similar kind of an update with CPU/GPU, what I noticed that I can use 1920, 4xAA, 16xAnistrop instread for 720p reso, 0xAA, bilinear.
2013-10-18 12:53
dual core for csgo = fail
2013-10-18 13:38
Norway inexz 
Good post
2013-10-18 14:26
Netherlands eXecz 
Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB ram and a GT 610 = 40 FPS average on nearly every map. Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.4 GHz, 8 GB ram and a GTX 650 Ti = 130+ FPS on all maps when streaming. CS:GO all about CPU? No way. I've always denied this, and I always will. Game settings: 1440x900, everything low, threads 4, priority high. My processor is a 3rd generation processor. Let's say it's not a bad one. There are only a few which are better. I'll have to upgrade my GPU some time, and I bet I'll get 300+ FPS. No offense, but no-one can tell me that CS:GO heavily depends on your CPU due to my own experience.
2013-10-18 14:52
Germany VxO4 
its about the combination in general most games rely more on the gpu than the cpu like 60/40 . In cs i would say its vice versa cpu 60 and gpu 40. So if your gpu is shitty it can have a bottleneck affect on the cpu and again vice versa
2013-10-18 14:56
Which is not the case in my situation, as my CPU is a good CPU. Although if I had the choice to get another CPU when I bought the system, I would've done it right away. It is not the best CPU, but it should be good enough to get a good FPS, especially in games like CS:GO.
2013-10-18 15:00
Germany VxO4 
you totally ignored my explination. good job :D maybe #14 explained it better :D
2013-10-18 15:37
GT 610 = crap, you obviously need a GPU that doesnt bottleneck the CPU, but now if you change from the GTX650 to a really high end graphics card you probably wont see any difference in fps at all
2013-10-18 15:12
I don't see why I wouldn't get 300+ only by upgrading the GPU. I've seen worse CPUs getting way more FPS than I do.
2013-10-19 01:09
Just to tell everyone, from my personal experience GO is not about the SPEED of CPU as such, but more about the memory bandwidth. Example: I've been using i3 550 on my secondary build, with GTX 460 and 4 Gigs of ram. On all stock, I've been getting 70-120 fps, but it was kind of up and down all the time. After overclocking to 160BCLK, so my ram would be on its rated speed of 1600. Min fps never went under 120 after doing so, however, I did overclock the CPU at the same time (multiplier of 24 x 160bclk = 3.85GHZ). Now, I didn't know if the fps were due to faster CPU or the ram, so I decreased multiplier to 20, just to get to CPU's rated stock speed of 3.20GHZ and fps, here it comes, stayed on 120. Looks like GO needs the memory bandwidth and at least some 1600MHz memory to run properly. You can't overclock your Sandy, Ivy or Haswell i3's though, which is a shame. the only way to go nowadays are K i5's or getting a used Clarkdale/Lynnfield (very cheap) and OC'ing it.
2013-10-18 15:11
so my ddr2 667mhz, my intel duo core and my nvidia geforce GT 220 isn't good enough? =(
2013-11-07 00:12
Some insanely stupid posts here >-< @ adachi The icore3 in CS:Go works very well .... unless constant 125fps+ in 5v5 Matchmaking is a fail to you since u think 300fps gives u any advantage over 125fps+ ... @eXecz So u run an I7 with a potato as graphic card (GT610....)and u replaced the potato with an actual graphic card (650TI) and notice a sigificant increase in fps So you think graphic card plays a major role... Plz turn on your brain ! The GT610 was never meant for gaming at all. It is a 38$ office card which has no gaming ability at all... could aswell have plugged a potatoe in your pc would be as fast as the GT610... The 650Ti is a low end gaming card and you get 130fps+ constant. This proofs my point even more It doesnt matter if you have a modern low end gaming card like 650ti, Radeon 7700 or high caliber stuff like 7970GHZ Radeon or Geforce760GTX As long as u have a graphic card that is meant for gaming you will get same min fps... depending on the power of your CPU
2013-10-18 22:12
i3-3225 = 100e -> 120-180 fps FX-6350 = 110e -> 200+ fps /260+ when OCed i think that even the FX-4350 would perform better in csgo than an i3 and give you 200+ fps... so i really see no pint in buying a dual core if the game you are playing can use up to 4 cores. even if one core of an i3 will give you 25% more fps than one core from the fx series still the advantage of having 2 more cores is huge. if you can do simple math and have basic knowledge about hardware you would understand that much. and of course that you'll get the same fps with 7770 and 7970 because you play on low details and on low resolution which means you don't put enough strain on the gpu. go and play on 1080p or 1440p on all high and you'll notice the difference between having a low and high end gpu. maybe i don't have a huge advantage on 300fps but the game feels better imo and that's enough of a reason for me to buy a decent PC. also i don't build my rigs just with csgo on mind -_-
2013-10-18 23:05
i've Intel g2030 @ 3.0, 120-230 fps, 52euros :)
2013-10-18 23:25
I am using my brain. The GT610 was delivered with the PC, when my friend bought the system. When he started to play some CS:GO, he decided to do a quick upgrade of the GPU to the GTX650 Ti. And saying so, the i7 3770 is quite a high-end processor, although not the best at this point, as it's constantly evolving. Just 2 months ago I bought the PC from him as he bought an iPad. I will however, get way better FPS when I upgrade my GPU, as my GPU is the bottleneck at this point. Period. The i7 3770 is exactly the same as the 3770k, except for it's overclocking abilities and the 3770k is a high-end processor. Explain me how people do get 300+ FPS on at least 720p with this processor but with a better GPU. I'm not telling bullshit, I'm also reading benchmarks and reviews, plus the fact that I've got quite a good knowledge of how these things work due to my experience with testing my own stuff. Don't start talking trash if you don't know what you're talking about. A high-end GPU will get you a significant improvement in FPS if you come from a low-end GPU. Especially in my situation. Period.
2013-10-19 01:21
Ireland hjjh 
lolol i have 8GB RAM; i3 3240 3.4 GHz and a GTX 650 and i got 200-300 fps 5on5 and 150-200 dm with 32 players
2013-10-18 23:24
What settings do you use?
2013-10-19 01:25
Ireland hjjh 
i use 1280x1024 low 4x 2x and 200 - 300- but sometimes go to 180 but thats normal
2013-10-19 12:04
is ur gtx 650 ddr5?
2013-11-07 00:05
Ireland hjjh 
2013-11-08 13:41
which motherboard u got?
2013-11-08 21:37
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
It's true, but you have to use GPU which can follow your cpu, otherwise you could get a bottleneck. For example you can't get fps boost on i3 with gtx 660, and on i5 with GT 610. i3 is the minimum nowdays, but i5's are doing great job since csgo and most of the newer games are desinged to benefit from quad or more cores. So the good match should be i5 with gtx66o and i3 with lower end cards.
2013-10-19 00:48
More threads stops helping after 8 in my experience.
2013-10-19 12:53
my fps is crazy, but when i bought my gtx670 it went up 150-200 fps
2013-10-19 01:37
Okay , to make things a bit more clear. Ofc in every scenario you have to think that this is only a concept ! CS:Go overall as opposed to other games like Crysis2 is heavily CPU based. Thats a fact. Most modern games are like 75%GPU and only 25%CPU CS:Go however seems a lot more the other way round. OFC when u play in 1080p and have SSAA and FX injectors on and all details on highest , even CS:Go would be very graphical demanding. But thats just an unrealistic scenario. 90% of CS:Go players play on lowest/low details. Because shiny graphics are very annoying in a fast paced multiplayer fps shooter. 1.) We are talking about minimum fps in realistic CS:Go settings. In my case this was 1680x1050 all details lowest except for models at medium 2xAA 2xAF on. As said multiple times above by me ... the average and max fps will increase greatly with better graphic card. the min fps not. Unless you had a potato as graphic card which cant even handle games from 2005 on lowest details... which was the case in eXecz story. His graphic card was 2times slower than my 4year old low buget 60€ card from 2009... I mean what can i say ? 8th world wonder his FPS got improved by actual putting a graphic card in ? to get to the average fps thing again If i am standing idle in tunnels on Dust2 i get 299fps with the GTX660OC I only got 186fps with my old Radeon 5670 in 1v1 duel situations i got ~ 170fps with my GTX660 OC I only got ~ 140fps with my radeon 5670 So if i did run a benchmark program that shows average fps -> the GTX660OC would be a performance improvement to the radeon 5670 Since ofc the average and maximum fps are a good amount higher. Everybody can follow so far. I was talking about min fps and heavy 5v5 situations. u can simulate these best in f.e "destruction map bank with bots" where its basically 5v5 standing against each other all shooting out of guns like mad. ----------------------------------------------------------- In these situations the minimum fps will be the same no matter if u have a Radeon4850 or a GTX770. Cause the CPU is whats bottelnecking when ~10players are within a small area. ------------------------------------------------------------- Thats a lot different to other games And that was my whole point. If you want fast FPS in CS:Go in every situation. upgrading from a bad gaming card to a good gaming card will only increase your average and max fps but not the min fps. There is not much to argue about that. In a realistic setting the minimum fps will only be improved with a better CPU Upgrading from a Radeon5850 to a Radeon7970GHZ wont increase your min fps will ofc increase max fps and average fps This information may help some people. @ Adachi. Fine your FX6300 gives you more fps in CS:Go It also consumes 3times as much power and produces a lot more heat while u cant upgrade in the future unless you buy a new motherboard with it. Also the I3 3220 is on average 10-15% faster than the FX6300 in most games ! Its just that in CS:Go since CS:Go is so CPU heavy the FX6300 is faster. I am fine with the I3 3220 though. 125min fps and 170fps in 1v1 duels is enough for me
2013-10-19 13:03
first of all i don't own a fx 6350 ,but it's basically the same (because the majority of games use max 6 cores) as a fx8350 (which i own) just with 1 modul (2 cores) disabled. 2nd : i3-3220 -tdp 55w ;fx 6350/8350 - tdp 125w difference 70w = turning off 1 light bulb. 3rd: my OCed i5 heats up the same as my OCed fx 8350 and also the power consumtion difference when OCed is 40-50w or so... that i3 is on the 1155 socket and you can only upgrade to ivy bridge cpus. and if you don't hurry they'll be discontinued by the time you decide to... there are no official news about the am3+ (fx 6350/8350) socket being dead atm but amd could release 1 more series on that platform. the fx cpus are unlocked so you can easily OC them and gain in performance and with i3 you can't. my point is if you like intel and want an intel then why didn't you save 50 euros and bought the i5 3350p. i honestly don't see the point in buying an i3 for a gaming rig if you have cheaper cpus (from amd) that do better than the i3 for the same price and you can always save some more money and buy an i5. at least that's what i would do... also as i said the cores of the fx cpus are slower than the cores of the i3 but in games that use more than 2 cores (i3) the fx cpus just own them in price/performance.
2013-10-19 13:36
i got a fcking i7 4770k+gtx670 and still bad fps, around 300 (5v5) 250ish on dm.
2013-11-07 00:09
most ppl play with low resolutions instead off everything maxed out so ofc it becomes cpu based.... common sense goes a long way
2013-11-07 00:29
Brazil hono 
I changed my GTX550Ti for a GTX760. Same FPS too.
2013-11-07 01:30
Not really on topic but just my 2 cents : I recently installed windows xp and have 50 to 100 more fps than on win7 e8400 - GTS 250
2013-11-08 21:48
have oced my memory from 1333mhz to 1600mhz and increasing the dram voltage from 1.50 to 1.57. my fps stayed at constant 120 as compared to before which keep fluctuating between 60-120. Can conclude that ram mhz played quite a important role. Didn't oc my cpu though just my ram.
2014-02-08 14:51
Egypt Kar1 
Can someone confirm that???
2014-03-12 13:16
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
Kinda true, but you need GPU, newer or on the same level as your cpu, because gpu is the one who is boosting your fps on higher resolutions, higher details and similar. For example I was testing i5-2500k + gtx 660 (200~250fps DM, - 250~340 fps@1204 low and medium details), i5-2500k + gtx 680 (DM 300fps or more fps @any resolution). Also i5-2500k with HD 7850 (150~200 DM, 200~300 @1024 with low and medium details), i5-2500K + r9 270x with same fps as HD 7850. Then i've tried same GPUs with FX8350 and fps decreased by -50 average paired with all gpu's except HD 7850 (200~350 both DM and 5on5 @any resolution). On the other hand, on games such as BF3,BF4, FX8350 was performing better than my i5, regardless of above listed GPUS So if you have gpu lower than your cpu, try to overclock CPU, because it will really boost your fps, also from my experience it's better to pair Intel+Nvidia (for csgo) than AMD+nvidia, or intel+AMD. I was too lazy to make a scheme, but this might help you and the others choosing the right parts if you will use your PC mostly for csgo. Also make sure that you can get at least 650W PSU if you wanna play with overckocking .
2014-03-12 12:27
I have a i5 2.67GHz and I need a new graphic card. So, in my case, using GeForce GTX 750 Ti vs. GTX 660 Ti would be almost the same?
2015-06-15 02:59
minet | 
Sweden z1ndanne 
used to i5 3300p with gt 620 and had 90 fps max changed my graphic card to gtx 750 i have 300 fps stable so there is a big dif with graphic card aswell
2014-03-12 20:14
Thnx !
2014-11-18 18:34
that is because you had a card NOT meant for gaming...
2015-01-24 16:57
i'm having issues with my pc too, just upgraded aswell CPU: Intel i5-4670 MOBO: ASRock H87 Performance GPU: Asus GTX650 2gb RAM: 8GB SSD: Samsung EVO 250GB
2014-05-10 05:49
I just upgraded the CPU + MOTHERBOARD, is my problem the gfx card? I get 130-290 fps but it just seems a little laggy Can anyone help ? my specs: CPU: Intel i5-4670 MOBO: ASRock H87 Performance GPU: Asus GTX650 2gb RAM: 8GB SSD: Samsung EVO 250GB
2014-05-10 06:03
I think its your ISP, try with bots ! Also google how to unpark cores !
2014-11-18 18:32
130fps on i5? i got 150 fps(1024,16xaa) on 5200 athlon 2,7ghz(cost 15$) XD
2014-05-10 06:55
yeah, its weird man its a 3.4ghz processor aswell I mean the lowest itll drop is 130, but mostly its on 210-250 fps
2014-05-10 07:37
So Guys I am About to upgrade my intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80 Ghz to core i5 processor 3.20 Ghz and my GPU is Nvidia 210 so What will be my FPS on high settings in CS GO?
2014-08-01 11:44
i5 model ? I think that Nvidia 210 is little too outdated ! no sure, maybe 50-70fps
2014-11-18 18:31
so now i know why i got that much freezes,fps drops etc -_- pc specs c2d 2.66ghz e7300 4gb ram ddr2 hd7750 1gb gddr5 max settings no vsync nd antiliasing i normally get 100+ fps on official maps like dust nuke etc but random drops mostly when i see a enemy coming -_- So! i guess i need a serious update :P
2014-11-01 16:25
Thnx for the great explanation ! Got a question thought, what's the minimum fps I can expect ? i5 4590 with 7750 1GB, reso 1366x768, others medium.
2014-11-18 18:30
lol i have fx8320 for processor uninstalled my 660ti and installed a new GTX 970 10 extra fps worth it
2014-11-18 18:43
AMD FX-4100 overclocked to the max. hf with your constant 300fps for half the price of a i5
2015-01-24 17:03
Lol guys, don't laugh at me pls. can't afford new PC atm 7 year old shuttle pc 2.6 GHz dualcore 2 GB RAM 512 MB GeForce 9600 GT 140 fps
2015-01-24 17:03
hello i play 1 fps Globalhelite for real, FPS dont matter
2015-05-07 13:05
just use it
2015-05-07 13:08
i have 400 fps :>
2015-05-07 13:08
Guys, i need some help here. I have: Cpu : core i2 280 GHZ. Graphic card: nvidia msi gt 730 4gb. Memory : Ram 2 GB And i get 60-70 fps with lowest settings. I have good graphic card, and its new, is there anyway to focus the game on the graphic card more than the cpu. And if i buy another 2 ram so ill have 4 ram, this will increase my fps, if yes how much? Thank you.
2016-02-14 17:48
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