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Edward retired from AD
Russia Molodya 
Sorry for the bad translation (Google translate). The sudden news comes to us from Kiev , unfortunately , our CS: GO roster parted ways with one of the players , namely John "Edward" Sukharev's . Since the inception of the super-team CIS Ivan showed a great level of play, but due to some circumstances , Edward'a had to be replaced . In the ranks of the " Dragons" takes at least an experienced Ukrainian players - Emil "kucheR" Ahundov ! Emil has excellent teamwork with the majority of our players , because most of them kucheR won prizes at the most prestigious championships in all of Europe! Comment Cyril "ANGE1" Karasev : "Vanya great man , and , in fact , a great player . I want to tell him thank you for the time spent in a team. But CS is a team game , and too often in recent times we played more like four + Vanya . The decision was made , taken collectively. And I sincerely hope that we will be able to adjust his game for the upcoming championships , and Ivan will find a decent team . " Commentary team manager Sergey "LMBT" Bezhanova : "No matter under what circumstances, and why, but to part with players always bad news , especially if you know them for a long time , and it is a good man. But life goes on, and I hope that Ivan could either go back to the old team , or find a new one , which will be played with all their potential. Well, we all have been Emil know . This is a very good offensive player and mega positive person . I hope you guys will be able to quickly find a common language , as the tournaments are not waiting and DH are very close . » Proof:
2013-11-06 11:53
-ceh9 +Edward ?
2013-11-06 11:53
Is this sure ? edit : so kucher replaces him ?
2013-11-06 11:56
yes it is, i just checked their official twitter
2013-11-06 11:55
2013-11-06 11:55
- Seized + Edzie
2013-11-06 11:56
kidding? he has just got igl of NaVi
2013-11-06 12:08
Switzerland NEIN 
If that's true I lost my interest in AD. Edward best. Always was. Without him Navi wouldn't even have won a local village LAN-tournament.
2013-11-06 11:57
i want to see edward in navi too, but i'm afraid that it isn't possible in the next few months at least
2013-11-06 11:57
If they can't function together I guess the decision is correct. Not sure about the new rooster though. Can't see them make top3 dmg with kucheR.
2013-11-06 11:59
Haha... the rooster... :D :D :D I'm not sure about him neither, hope he's fine on his stack ^^
2013-11-06 12:04
2013-11-06 12:05
Nice typo there :)
2013-11-06 12:10
yup :p
2013-11-06 12:11
Kucher is amazing, he is a sick support player and is partly why VP won so much.
2013-11-06 14:34
Let's agree to disagree. I think that this lineup won't do that much dmg without a "fragger". I hope I'm wrong though.
2013-11-06 14:47
They already have 3 fraggers tho...
2013-11-06 15:20
no, ad, no. no wins since know for ad
2013-11-06 12:00
United States Bibby 
+GuardiaN heard it here first :)
2013-11-06 12:00
How can it be GuardiaN, when the statement says kucher will be replacing him?
2013-11-06 13:17
he paid the wrong guy
2013-11-06 14:46
Cheeky moh. Made me laugh.
2013-11-06 18:43
he got cut not retired NaVi should just get Fox and Edward back... Fox is a way better awper than markeloff in CSGO
2013-11-06 12:09
Switzerland NEIN 
that would make no sense since he was one of the best in the team.
2013-11-06 12:06
every time I tuned in for a csgo match Edward wasn't doing well when he played good teams... I personally think he's inconsistent. besides as stated by Astana they are looking for a team player.
2013-11-06 12:16
Switzerland NEIN 
In general he was doing great. On par with Dosia. Edward IS a team-player.
2013-11-06 12:28
Obviously not since that's the reason AD kicked him.
2013-11-06 12:36
same reason KennyS got kicked out of VG, he can do some great individual plays I guess but he is not good enough as a team player.
2013-11-06 12:46
Switzerland NEIN 
lol, have ever watched him playing?!? he couldn't be more of a team-player, and he already was in 1.6
2013-11-06 13:41
so why do you think they kicked him? they clearly said he isn't good enough as a team player, approved by all 4 players.
2013-11-06 13:54
Switzerland NEIN 
I bet my ass this decisions was primarily done by angel, who's no bringing in (surprise surprise) his friend kucher. Also the management might have something to do with it (afaik they invested a lot of money and after the team didn't became straight top1, they told the team-leader that something needs to happen..).
2013-11-06 13:57
did you watch the eswc recently..he was rapin everyone
2013-11-06 12:55
Seized the worst player in the history of CS! Come on Zeus, don't be a fool, replace Kostin on Edward...
2013-11-06 12:03
seized is 100x better than ceh9 and kibaken together
2013-11-06 12:06
+1, young talent :)
2013-11-06 12:09
Kostin new IGL (that what Zeus replies you)
2013-11-06 12:07
Ukraine potapUA 
OMG WTF??? KIBAKEN WORST PLAYER IN HISTORY remove kibaken no seized who actually knows how to do frags.
2013-11-06 15:27
One contender less for DHW #1. Sad really, him doesn't fitting in isn't really much of an argument when he is always topfragging by far. It also doesn't seem likely that there are team chemistry problems due to him, especially not problems as big as to justify replacing him prior to DHW. I bet Edward sees more chances to win tournaments with Na´Vi as they are a more complete team, and yesterday's showmatch has to do something with it as well probably. Wouldn't be surprised if markeloff followed him, even though that's unlikely for both Na´Vi and Astana to accept. But splitting Edward and markeloff... The project "Astana" has clearly failed.
2013-11-06 12:07
KennyS was top fragging very often as well in VG but they are better without him.
2013-11-06 12:48
Incomparable. kennyS was released due to lacking competitive routine and knowledge. Also, kucher is no shoxie. Yes, AD can do well without Edward and will most likely stay a top contender. But they are not the CIS allstars anymore that can achieve what they set out to when the project started, which is being the world's #1. They are now practically back to, only that Fox was replaced by markeloff, which is what I call a fail considering they effectively weakened both old VP and Na´Vi in the process. I seriously think they would be better off taking back Fox now that they are putting more emphasis on team chemistry and team play than on individual genius. I would love to see VP (Astana) and Na´Vi complete their original rosters again, even though that's unlikely...
2013-11-06 13:00
2013-11-06 12:11
Is it confirmed? Edward back in navi would be sick since starix has started awping :)
2013-11-06 12:11
what the fuck is going on :D ?
2013-11-06 12:12
Netherlands :'( 
-kibaken + edward.
2013-11-06 12:14
kikaben and starix carried em last tournament :) I would say -seized or -ceh9 but thats not gonna happen. Edward basically got fucked by astana
2013-11-06 12:16
Netherlands :'( 
i think kibaken is the only option :p seized new igl :p other 3 loving each other
2013-11-06 12:18
Zix | 
Dominican Republic Critias 
+1 ... maybe :)
2013-11-06 12:19
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
not retired, more like kicked! Edward > AD
2013-11-06 12:16
kucher joins :)
2013-11-06 12:19
100 % info
2013-11-06 12:19
Rofl, you're fucked now Astana.
2013-11-06 12:21
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
+1 so damn hard
2013-11-06 12:23
astana easy fucked your idols
2013-11-06 12:24
United States esoh 
2013-11-06 12:27
Mhmmm, didnt expect that.
2013-11-06 12:22
Spain akproxx 
GuardiaN please no kucher :(
2013-11-06 12:26
Navi vs fnatic 2010 they played like gods . Hope that Marik leave ad and join navi
2013-11-06 12:25
Bulgaria R4D1 
show match make him change opinion :D
2013-11-06 12:25
i think same :D
2013-11-06 12:26
thinks the same
2013-11-06 12:27
Plus 123
2013-11-06 12:29
Brazil autismo 
i think he got kicked
2013-11-06 12:30
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
how is this going to affect his relationship with Markeloff? I think they should reform Na'Vi
2013-11-06 12:28
2013-11-06 12:30
He is not gone, him kicked.
2013-11-06 12:28
Will be interesting to see if NaVi is willing to take him back.
2013-11-06 12:29
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
The decision was made , taken collectively so marik agreed to kick him too?
2013-11-06 12:38
Spain akproxx 
now astana can't have top1 :F
2013-11-06 12:42
-ceh9 +edward, navi top contender again
2013-11-06 12:47
Finland teco 
John "Edward" Sukharev :DDD
2013-11-06 12:49
AD without edward = fail.. Navi without edward = fail
2013-11-06 12:50
Arseny Trinozhenko Классно, когда человека, который внёс огромный вклад в инвайт команды на самый крупный турнир по CS:GO решают просто збрить за месяц до турнира, пидарков везде хватает =) P.S это я про того же Ваню Эдварда ceh9's response...AD What a dicks..
2013-11-06 12:53
omfg kucher noooooo fk fk fk trash player like ceh9 they are terrible support players this fucked my day
2013-11-06 12:57
gg ad :(
2013-11-06 14:45
top player top choice
2013-11-06 12:55
w/o edward they ad will suck..
2013-11-06 12:56
bad, but it really felt like 4+1
2013-11-06 12:56
LOl you guys .... Have u watched all Astana games since they formed ? I have and Edward was playing horrible for the most part. Recent ESWC and SLTV Series he finally played good But the 2-3 Month before that he played so bad that you somtimes wonderd if it is really Edward or some random fake nic... So the timing of the descision may be unlucky since finally it seemd Edward was playing good But the months before he always was by far the weak point in Astana and nothing close to what he had been in NAVI
2013-11-06 13:03
he is one of the best in Astana. He just needed time to go up on his level. And when he is finally back, he just got removed. Shit turn
2013-11-06 13:04
Bangladesh HooP 
- ceh9 + edward
2013-11-06 13:12
Ukraine potapUA 
-kibaken +edward
2013-11-06 15:29
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
sad news
2013-11-06 19:50
retards on HLTV not understanding it's a team game. A 5 man team full of fiflaren could beat a 5 man team full of edwards.
2013-11-06 20:54
Hello guys. In what teams kucher was previously in? I'm sort of new to CS:GO professional scene. I would like to know his previous teams. Could anyone tell me, please? Thanks in advance.
2013-11-06 20:56
Denmark fyhn 
He was just in KerchNET
2013-11-06 21:19
Switzerland CHEDEL 
edward "kicked" from ad
2013-11-06 20:57
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