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Loord about SLTV
World TelewizjaPL 
That's suck. I asked SLTV orgas about 2months ago if they can invite my team for SLTV and sl4m answered me that "the management decided not to hold a qualifying this season". And then I see that they're inviting Nostalgie (even without full lineup) and some other teams. The sad thing is that i feel we're way better than most of there teams. HOW TO LIVE in this world dudes?
2013-11-07 01:09
Role: Whiner
2013-11-07 01:14
2013-11-07 14:49
2013-11-07 14:53
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2013-11-07 14:54
ahahahahahh u deserve a medal sir
2013-11-07 15:07
Singapore ierd 
hahaha this is great man!
2013-11-07 17:07
2013-11-07 17:14
2013-11-07 17:36
2013-11-07 20:57
LOL +1
2013-11-07 23:31
mad cuz bad
2013-11-07 01:15
Poland Baaq 
mad cuz cant even show if bad or not. im not fanboy i wish i could see if his team is actually worth anything.
2013-11-07 01:17
Not matter. If this true SLTV are bullshitters.
2013-11-07 01:19
he could probably 1v5 ur whole team
2013-11-07 15:37
Thanks for this information, my life is now complete
2013-11-07 15:53
any time novice
2013-11-07 20:23
afaik cs go is a team base game.
2013-11-07 20:53
nothing new tbh
2013-11-07 01:17
Australia nyms 
thats sad, id really love to see them performing especially against us
2013-11-07 01:19
US not us...your post sounds like 'Hi guys I'm neo' :D
2013-11-07 02:05
Australia nyms 
lol true i thought everyone would get what i meant :D
2013-11-07 02:50
Your post sounds like 'Hi guys I'm NEO'
2013-11-07 15:09
His post sounds like 'Hi guys I'm NEO'
2013-11-07 23:31
United States boots 
Sucks but maybe you should have stayed in ESC if you wanted to keep playing at the top tier. You can't expect these orgs to give up valuable slots to any random team that asks. has anyone seen his new team play? Any good?
2013-11-07 01:20
ye man all he had to do was NOT get kicked :S
2013-11-07 02:12
He did not leave ESC, he was kicked. I saw maybe 4-5 games of his team and they are really good. For sure better then iNations and momomo, nostalgie or ELTZ. That's my opinion.
2013-11-07 14:05
Loord's team should participate through the ProSeries. As he mention himself, they cannot prove anything without having any matches. When you aren't that top-tier team (not saying they aren't, but its not proven), it's not just PMing admin and ask for spot :P You have to deserve it; )
2013-11-07 15:24
I want to see loord again.. :(
2013-11-07 01:20
Go to his home, knock the door and ask for loord. Then see him. Tell me thnx for this idea. k. nvm.
2013-11-07 15:22
2013-11-07 17:12
I'd like to see Dobry Gaming in action. That would be sick, sl4m sucks.
2013-11-07 01:20
haha why sl4m? Maybe orgas?
2013-11-07 01:22
who cares, he sucks anyway.
2013-11-07 01:23
Maybe loord should show some results instead of begging for a spot. Every team invited has shown they can at least play well against the top teams, meanwhile, dobry gaming is losing games in esea open.
2013-11-07 01:29
actually they're winning in esea open, get your facts straight at least
2013-11-07 01:31
2013-11-07 01:41
Germany sanity_ 
they lost like 1 game, and won the rest, wtf is your problem? oO
2013-11-07 01:44
There is no reason for sltv to invite them. They haven't proven themselves at all and losing in esea-o just shows they can't compete at the top level. Why would I want to watch them get raped every game when their spot could have gone to a more deserving team?
2013-11-07 02:51
they lost one game, ONE game atm are you retarded?
2013-11-07 01:53
so what? this is reason why they should invite them instead of team from their region? lool 4 no names on world scene + loord yyyy not
2013-11-07 01:58
no, I think organizers just wanted to see russian team/mix instead of them, well their countrymen..
2013-11-07 13:40
lol guardian +4 is way better then loord+4
2013-11-07 15:03
So DB lost a game in esea open against people no one has ever heard of, and the expect to put up a fight against mystik, lgb, us, and 3dmax?
2013-11-07 02:48
ESEA Open is like practice match for them, innocent was even streaming one game, they mostly focus on fragbite masters now, I think tonight they will be playing against GuardiaN team
2013-11-07 13:37
GOTVs for all their ESEA matches are public.
2013-11-07 17:33
:S ,its ok loord,next event maybe you guys join,dont get disapointed and glhf :)
2013-11-07 01:22
Organizers can invite which teams they want, this is normal.
2013-11-07 01:27
noone cared bout what loord has to say everyone talks Edward departure
2013-11-07 01:40
cuz CIS CS scene = EU CS scene > USA CS scene >>>> Poland CS scene each match CIS teams have more people than the rest
2013-11-07 01:47
your comment doesn't make sense
2013-11-07 01:55
Basically CIS > World
2013-11-07 02:00
streams with semi-pro CIS teams popular than semi-pro EU teams
2013-11-07 02:08
well, population of CIS countries is so big, even counting only esports
2013-11-07 13:38
Here's why matches Na`Vi watching 20k minimum
2013-11-07 16:55
Why would they invite a team like that? They have zero achievements, and everyone could participate in the ProSeries (via. qualification) if they wanted to.
2013-11-07 01:50
What about MOMOMO then?
2013-11-07 02:27
We participated in ProSeries and won :)
2013-11-07 02:41
Nostalgie probably paid them
2013-11-07 02:00
Nostalgie: OverDrive, Hooch, GuardiaN, TBA, TBA one guardian is more worth seeing than whole loord team
2013-11-07 02:03
2013-11-07 02:09
2013-11-07 14:52
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
wise words here
2013-11-07 14:54
not in shape he is right now. I bet he isn't on a such good level as he used to be when he were in VP
2013-11-07 17:09
overdrive loves picking up great players to carry him through tournaments :D
2013-11-07 17:42
overdrive > ALL
2013-11-07 13:44
Don't just talk, show some results for us to judge if you actually want support on the issue.
2013-11-07 02:42
United States nytz 
I feel better than nip why am i not getting a dhw invite spot
2013-11-07 02:52
I see many of You blaming me that I wan't to take a part with my team in tournaments. Show me better place where we can prove than we are worth anything than online leagues? You saying that we don't deserve a spot simply because no archievements. I agree with that point, but just take a look on past sltv finals and how many of these mix teams and not only mix leaved the league before event was done? Usually it starts with 16 teams and ending up with 10. And by the way I didn't bag for spot - I asked for it, but it looks like it's not that easy beeing low seed. Cheerz
2013-11-07 14:20
2013-11-07 14:24
Your de_seaside needs improving.
2013-11-07 14:25
Sweden BenneDoT 
You are right, i think your result in csgo open is enough and a lot of people want to see you play so i dont know why sltv picks iNation and nostalgie especialy if iNation have no team (?!)..
2013-11-07 14:42
Go play ProSeries you can qualify through that.
2013-11-07 15:01
Is your team 2nd best in poland? I would love too see you back in action on lan. Hope you create a super polish team. GL
2013-11-07 15:16
Pro series, like momo.
2013-11-07 16:41
sl4m said that this season there won't be qualifiers for ProSeries so.
2013-11-07 20:58
carried by neo + bad noob = Loord
2013-11-08 00:42
Germany VxO4 
not sure if loord is in a position to claim that
2013-11-07 14:30
Poland kRAMERO 
i think some of those teams will drop this event due cash problems. so if loord team has any support they can still atend this tournament, they need only to wait
2013-11-07 14:31
World VeryNiceFap 
this is online event...
2013-11-07 14:37
IT was probably about lan finals.
2013-11-07 14:41
World VeryNiceFap 
So loord team go to LAN finals if any of fourth qual team drop due cash problems? :D
2013-11-07 14:50
No I mean that some teams can drop due to cash problems and that can be reason to invite other teams who wouldn't have such a problems. Very soon Loord will announce their new orga so they will not have such a problem in my opinion.
2013-11-07 14:53
Switzerland NEIN 
Why are you hating on him? He has a valid point: If his team doesn't get an invite why do other teams with zero achievements (and not even a full lineup) get invited? The only solution would be a qualifier, where everyone can participate. That's the only way to see who really deserves an invite.
2013-11-07 14:46
Germany VxO4 
wait a minute. Loord's team is new and didnt played many online matches at all right? The other teams actually have quite a few online achivements which would qualify/justify them more than others with literaly zero achivements online or lan.
2013-11-07 15:21
Switzerland NEIN 
what achievements does nostalgia with hooch, guardian and overdrive have?? they don't even have a full lineup
2013-11-07 16:33
Germany VxO4 
well the fact they placed last season under the top16?
2013-11-07 16:37
It's simple: russian organization inviting russian teams.
2013-11-07 14:48
They aren't such retards to make decisions on a national basis, however it could be some personal contact with OverDrive, furthermore a lot of people want to see GuardiaN in again. Personally I prefer Loord's team over USSR or ELTZ for sure, but seems like they kept places in the previous season.
2013-11-07 15:14
Oh my dear god u suck at this.
2013-11-07 14:57
Is loords team 2nd best in poland ?
2013-11-07 15:11
World VeryNiceFap 
2013-11-07 15:20
If you know about the polish scene? Can you tell me who are the best non-US polish players?
2013-11-07 15:24
World VeryNiceFap 
IMO 1st US 2nd 3rd 4-6 (random order) - diamon's team - Alsen team - and new team with old 1.6ers with Ben, Dok, ths etc.
2013-11-07 15:37
What imaginary team is Loord talking about?
2013-11-07 16:44
The sad thing is that i feel we're way better than most of there teams. prove it
2013-11-07 20:51
For that they need to go SLTV. Thats why he was asking for slot.
2013-11-07 20:53
play something else.. like esl esea?
2013-11-07 21:41
actually they're playing and winning games :P but people are still mad which I don't get
2013-11-07 21:42
Not mad, annoyed. Loord is acting like his team should get an invite based on who he is and his past achievements
2013-11-08 00:10
2013-11-08 00:14
well he also has 2 other top source polish players with him, but I'm not going to argue cause I understand your point. however, it's only the principle that we're talking about - they said no invites, and later on invited somebody, I'm pretty sure you'd be a little pissed off too especially since one of them is a team without a roster.
2013-11-08 01:46
where do they need to prove it? sltv is kind of tournament where the low seeded teams are proving something
2013-11-07 20:57
Low seed/=no achievements No one is going to invite a brand new team with no results to an event like star series. That's like some brand new low level team getting a dh invite because they "feel" they can beat teams
2013-11-07 23:09
According to your posts you seems like you don't like me. Not a big deal for me, cause you are not the only one here probably. What I meant is that some teams will probably drop-off from SLTV, we wouldn't cause we're looking for experience, the others are just playing. That's the only difference. End of story from my side, keep blaming me, that I want to do something here : -)
2013-11-08 01:08
Teams drop out all the time true. But why do you think you deserve a direct invite over already established teams? Why not earn your way there? And you can't assume you're the only ones who are looking for experience, every team wants that. Its how you improve. I've never met you and I have no feeling towards you either way. What I don't like is people thinking they're entitled to something they haven't earned.
2013-11-08 01:19
Keep it up man is all I can say. First played in 02, I still remember cheering for you guys at ESWC 2006 as a kid - point is you were one of my favorite players in CS, and for some reason the one I liked the most in Team Pentagram. Fuck the haters, keep on playing and doing your thing. Wish you best of luck out there.
2013-11-08 01:57
who is loord?
2013-11-07 23:10
never go full russiainian
2013-11-07 23:17
said polandianian? xD
2013-11-08 00:06
no, thanks God Poland is different from russiainians (russia/ukraine)
2013-11-08 00:10
Russia goodjob 
o rly?
2013-11-08 01:58
yes rly
2013-11-08 09:03
hes right
2013-11-07 23:29
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