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Aim Punch removed
India blehness 
So it seems like Aim Punch has been completely removed when you have armor, while it still remains if you're unarmored. Comments?
2013-11-08 05:33
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2013-11-08 05:47
Canada elyK 
The aim punch without armor is sooo much.. It feels like I start looking at the sky. I think they need to tone it down a little. You already have a disadvantage from not having armor.
2013-11-08 05:47
True. Maybe they might tone it down a bit based on feedback hopefully. IMO there should only be aimpunch when dinked on the head without armor.
2013-11-08 06:04
Poland Baaq 
Yea but when u don't have an armor? Only on eco rounds. Eco rounds were in 1.6 even harder to win. Edit: ok there are also pistol rounds which on i just reccomend to buy kevlar even in CT.
2013-11-08 13:27
if they will get the aimpunch down, vest will be useless and you will see 2nd rounds without even vents going to the losing side.
2013-11-08 06:38
Not true, since that never happened in CS 1.6, it's not like you're invencible, you die with like 2 bullets from an AK at the stomach without kevlar, without aimpunch you have a chance to fight back
2013-11-08 06:43
p250 bro.. p250..
2013-11-08 06:44
+1 if they get aimpunch down while being without armor.
2013-11-08 08:51
2013-11-08 14:24
haha spelling mistake through iphone xD
2013-11-08 14:55
I think we should wait after all the major event end..
2013-11-08 06:53
I think eco rounds will be a whole lot more challenging then, especially if the enemy has p250s...
2013-11-08 07:38
p90 players can suck it up!
2013-11-08 09:14
Hell yes! Some people will have to learn to actually aim
2013-11-08 10:12
Wowowow. Valve turning this game around with great update after great update. <3
2013-11-08 09:15
is cs becoming better than cod ?
2013-11-08 09:57
never go full retard
2013-11-08 13:10
I think you went there as you didn't notice his name
2013-11-08 14:31
How can they change such a huge aspect of gameplay before DHW? (I'm not complaining - this is the best gameplay change so far).
2013-11-08 10:00
Nice. :)
2013-11-08 10:16
I don't understand why they keep changing things some things silently. Why don't they include them in the changelog for christ sake?
2013-11-08 10:18
It just came out as a patch I believe. It should be announced soon I guess.
2013-11-08 10:34
2013-11-08 14:33
Found this on reddit
2013-11-08 10:24
Damn, great update actually...
2013-11-08 10:47
So this is a big nerf to P90 and sprayers in general I take it?
2013-11-08 11:29
what is aimpunch can someone explain me that
2013-11-08 12:28
your crosshair going up and recoil fucks up when you got hit
2013-11-08 13:11
Yeah what is aimpunch? I feel like a noob asking
2013-11-08 12:37
When you get hit your aim gets messed up. Like your recoil. This is not the case anymore when you have armor.
2013-11-08 12:42
I just played match making and aim punch was still there.
2013-11-08 13:25
i think when u have armor you won't have that anymore
2013-11-08 14:02
I did have armour.
2013-11-08 14:42
Denmark Wich 
Well thats the problem then, you dont have armor.... :P
2013-11-08 14:50
2013-11-08 14:59
Denmark Wich 
i was just making fun of armor vs armour.....
2013-11-09 11:07
well i haven't tried it myself but everyone seems to have said that it was removed seems i was wrong. apologies sir
2013-11-09 09:47
Greece her-1g 
holy shit for real?
2013-11-08 13:41
Yeah dude, if Valve keeps this up I might have faith that this game could become an even much better CS.
2013-11-08 13:46
2013-11-08 14:30
gl with that.
2013-11-08 14:45
and what's the difference??? I didnt have aimpunch with armor before ....
2013-11-08 13:55
United Kingdom QNo 
yes you did
2013-11-08 14:04
Play Wolfenstein and check the AIMPUNCH there. lol
2013-11-08 14:15
They actually need to add screen shake on move... like in 1.6 or a bit higher.
2013-11-08 15:29
Best update in a while.. will change the game play so much now '1
2013-11-09 11:24
13:55SKADE vs
15:00Nemiga vs GODSENT
19:50Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
Evil Geniuses
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