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Your Knife (Take a Screenshot)
Germany gg-wp 
Attention please, the Knife I am proud of as of no other I had. The only Weapon I would ever spent a Nametag is a Knife. Right here you see a original M9 Bayonet Fade Factory new. Earned with my glory Money and achieved with some smart Trades after trading three Knifes in a Row. I first had a original Karambit. Just the original one with the black hilt and the metal silver blade. Then I made two Trades and had a M9 Bayonet Night minimal wear cause I saw the Knife by mouz Troubley and still think it's damn cool. After that I wasn't hundred percent pleased and I made a Trade with this to a Gut Knife Slaughter Factory new and with this I made a Trade with a Bonus to achieve the M9 Fade Factory new. Means all started with one original Karambit I bought at the Beginning of this whole Skinsupdate thing started by Valve for 65 Euros as the Prices were still low. Today you see this Karambit sold for Prices like 150 Euros and so on and because of that my Knife Trade History began to role for my Advantage. There is a History behind every Knife and that Ladies and Gentlemen is the Rainbow Knife. I would never ever trade it or sell it again, it's just for personal Use. Rather I would buy a second Knife or none and stay with it forever. Now it's Time for yours. Show your Knife in a Screenshot and name Quality and what of a kind it is exactly.
2013-11-11 19:18
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And this is where i will put my knife , IF I HAD ONE !
2013-11-11 19:22
2013-11-12 04:38
2013-11-12 08:26
Randje | 
Serbia RANDJe 
sick hahahahaha :D
2013-11-12 14:39
you win the internet !
2013-11-14 05:44
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
owned pwned !
2014-01-06 01:07
2014-06-21 15:11
omg <3
2014-06-23 10:10
Lithuania AioNw0w 
"I'm Dosia" and thats the moment when i lol for 20 hours. Good day.
2013-11-12 06:29
Wtf is that "I'm Dosia"?
2014-04-09 06:58
2014-01-06 02:02
my knife :/
2014-06-22 14:18
Germany gg-wp 
With the overall History this Knife cost me 165 Euros by the way. With my luck I could open 1000 Crates and wouldn't get it cause gambling is not the right Thing for me.. You think 165 Euros are much, but right now it's a snap for this knife.
2013-11-11 19:24
you do know how to save money
2013-11-11 19:47
2013-11-12 13:31
Okey, we get it. You spent more than 100 Euros on a skin. Okey. You are rich bitch, we get it.
2014-01-05 18:09
But you don't get it, it has history behind it!
2014-06-20 10:24
But that knife looks stupid :(
2014-06-21 14:08
Your crosshair is gay ? :<
2013-11-11 19:24
Germany gg-wp 
It's a crosshair. ^^
2013-11-11 19:25
but gay?
2013-11-12 13:32 Best knife ever! Exterior - factory new kind - best!
2013-11-11 19:26
Finland XAF 
nice knife!!
2013-11-11 20:44
Finland ZIRCO- 
I came here for this. :D
2013-11-12 09:57
that's what I waited for
2014-06-21 13:53
phr | 
Poland powerdvl 
Nice very rare pattern.
2014-12-29 16:10
Poland tfg 
im too poor
2013-11-11 19:28
Poland Baaq its kinda normal knife but i like it.
2013-11-11 19:28
have m9 blue steel + bayonet stained want m9 fade/slaughter
2013-11-11 19:35
M9 Bayonet | Slaughter (Factory New)
2013-11-11 19:38
fps? are u 1920 with full graphix?
2013-11-11 19:40
Yeah, around 300.
2013-11-11 19:51
with what cpu n videocard?
2013-11-11 20:00
i5-4670K @ 4.2GHz GTX 660 Ti
2013-11-11 20:02
Finland FRGVN 
how is that even possible? Ive got gtx670 oc & 3570k@4.6ghz.. cant reach 300 even remotely close with fullhd+max qual
2013-11-13 20:20
I used to have everything on max with my older setup (before I got a new CPU) because my CPU was a bottleneck so the FPS was the same no matter what GFX settings I used. Forgot I turned them down a bit with this new setup. Resolution = 1920x1080 Global Shadow Quality = High Model/Texure Detail = High Effect Detail = High Shader Detail = Very High Multicore Rendering = Enabled Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode = None (Used to use 16xQ CSAA) Texture Filtering Mode = Bilinear (Used to use Anisotropic 16X) FXAA Anti-Aliasing = Enabled Wait for Vertical Sync = Disabled Motion Blur = Disabled
2013-11-13 20:28
twirl is seems u know alot about graphics .. and i got this really annoying problem, thats bottlenecking my fps, no matter how low or high my res or graphic settings are, and i could really need some help.. before my fps was 200-300, now its 50-100 because of this shitty problem. ive updated graphics driver, cleaned my pc, talked to nvidia support, almost done everything i could think of, and i still dont know what the F my problem is.. so i would LOVE to get some help
2014-01-26 15:54
HOW do you get that output with your 4670? We have the same CPU, almost same GPU and I would love to squeeze a little more GHz from it.
2014-06-23 08:59
I dunno, just follow some guides about overclocking. Depends what motherboard you have and whether you were lucky enough to get a good chip or not.
2014-06-23 18:10
my MB is actually killing me, I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it. One DVI-input, one slot for GPU, 3 USBs, its a nightmare. Hope it doesn't bottleneck my gameplay. Thanks anyway thoe!
2014-06-24 07:45
United States YOLO 
but not stable
2013-11-12 09:24
love your knife mate :F
2013-11-11 19:50
trade it for m9 blue steel+bayonet stained?:D
2013-11-11 19:52
No thanks. :D
2013-11-11 20:01
Germany gg-wp 
wow that knife is straight ass great. yours and the one i got now with a M9 Night all factory new are my absolute favourites and the hottest kinfes in that freaking game. in my opinion ofcourse, cause taste is taste, but your M9 slaughter FN is a kingkinfe man. absolutely great.
2013-11-11 19:54
Poland tfg 
best knife in cs:go amazing
2013-11-11 19:55
wow can you give me your crosshair settings pls?
2013-11-11 20:04
I use a white one now but the rest of the settings are the same: cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1 cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 1 cl_crosshairalpha 255 cl_crosshaircolor 5 cl_crosshaircolor_b 255 cl_crosshaircolor_g 255 cl_crosshaircolor_r 255 cl_crosshairdot 0 cl_crosshairgap -1 cl_crosshairscale 0 cl_crosshairsize 3 cl_crosshairstyle 4 cl_crosshairthickness 1 cl_crosshairusealpha 1
2013-11-11 20:10
very nice crosshair :D
2014-06-20 08:35
Still using it!
2014-06-20 11:46
i'm using it too right now :)
2014-06-20 12:12
2014-06-22 14:23
2014-06-22 14:24
2014-06-22 14:30
That's actually reaaally good looking!
2013-11-11 20:07
Holy shit that knife looked good with that graphics
2013-11-12 06:17
Your account will get hacked by some indian kid for sure now haha
2013-11-12 16:03
2014-01-26 19:49
your game is so nice and clear
2013-11-12 19:31
i want one too:(
2013-12-02 09:01
You are the first one who plays in 1080p, dont get me wrong I also play it in 1920X1080. Did you try to play in a different (lower) resolution? I used to play CS 1.6 800X600, but in CS:GO I don´t feel the same. What do you think?
2014-01-06 01:29
I still play 1.6 in 800x600 whenever I do play it. CS:S I played in a variety of different resolutions and CS:GO I have always played in 1920x1080.
2014-01-06 03:18
That knife is sexy
2014-01-26 15:57 I only have this one because tweeday stole my real knife ;)
2013-11-11 19:44
tweeday stole my knife too :(
2013-11-11 20:18
tweeday stole my knife too :(
2013-11-11 20:44
Finland XAF 
tweeday stole my knife too :(
2013-11-11 20:45
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
I got three knifes from tweeday he said he stole.
2013-11-12 06:41
hahaha n1
2013-11-12 14:02
2014-01-26 19:50
2014-04-15 10:27
lol how did he steal?
2014-01-06 02:49
There were just a big thing where a guy made a tradeoffer. His knife for nothing. It was for Tweeday, and later he told him it was not the intention to give him his knife. He told him he stole him his knife (even tho he gave it to him and could easily cancel that offer lol). Because of that, shitloads of threads were made and Tweeday kinda ruined his whole reputation for a day since he didn't want to return it, as he got it as a gift. The other guy couldn't do anything but turn the situation around and accuse Tweeday for scamming. Tweeday ended up returning the knife, since he would probally destroy his reputation for all if he didn't. Kinda a bummer that he should lose that much reputation just because some idiot gave him a expensive-ass knife.
2014-04-23 17:59
tweeday stole my knife too :(
2014-06-20 17:53
I had bayonet fade , m9 bayonet slaughter , karambit night , karambit slaughter and tweeday scammed me cuz i miss clicked 3 times
2013-11-11 19:50
Finland Eepzie 
haha :D
2013-11-11 19:55
M9 Bayonet | Crimsom Web (Field-Tested)
2013-11-11 19:56
Germany gg-wp 
nice the crimson i almost forgort. I like the black hilt and the massive red blade pattern. a lower quality knife is appealing too, cause it has a rough look, but it just depends on what you like or want to afford. everybody likes those skins or would like to have them if he likes that game and those are more and more enjoyable because the game comes more and more into shape by valve. skins for a fucked up game you don't like would be sensless, but if you have fun with GO and your buddies especially in a team it's great. i am playing that freaking game since beta even i wasn't pleased many times the right aspects spending me a good time with it.
2013-11-11 20:32
default ofc. that crappy skins are for girls
2013-11-11 19:58
But still you will be happy if you get one in case.
2013-11-11 20:15
I will be happy give it to my teammate xD
2014-01-05 18:02
give?lmao just sell it on market maybee? and buy gamezzz on steamz
2014-04-14 17:39
If you were able to make knife skins that would be one knife skin a lot of people would make, id so get it, best CS knife ever.
2014-01-06 00:51
gz. you spent 65€ for a skin
2013-11-11 20:02
Actually, he spent 165 euros in total. #4
2013-11-11 23:31
mad cuz can't afford it?
2013-11-12 08:24
I think he's mad because someone is retarted enough to spent real money on a fucking videogame 'skin'.
2013-11-13 03:51
If he can afford money on a skin that he will play all day with it having fun and respect from others or compliments , why you insult him ? Argentina > Brasil @football
2013-11-14 05:01
"having fun and respect from others or compliments" lol e-respect and e-compliments from other dudes... now that's worth it!
2013-11-14 05:32
You're an idiot man, you're honestly a laughable little brazilian boy, don't be mad other people have the means to invest in a game they are passionate about..
2013-12-01 02:05
I'm not mad, just impressed by how people have boring lives and no desire to change it.
2013-12-01 03:39
Ah I see you're not mad, clearly sad, you should probably go pursue greatness or whatever the fuck it is you do, lol chump, your life probably suxx
2013-12-02 06:42
Actually I'm on the better moment of my life, going great at the job, about to buy a new car (until the end of this week), and going on the right way to date one of the hottest girls I've ever met. I couldn't be any better.
2013-12-02 12:42
"better"... is that correct? I think it should be 'best', I can't edit it anymore.
2013-12-02 13:39
You are going to lose your job, your car will break down, that girl your with will leave you & then you'll wish you had Counter-Strike skins :)
2013-12-02 15:06
2014-01-06 01:14
2014-01-06 02:21
2014-01-06 03:34
^ You guys rokk :D
2014-01-06 05:16
too much mania, -
2014-06-20 16:09
Tweeday stole my knife :[
2013-11-11 20:08
same he stole my bike too
2013-11-11 20:11
Denmark dondane 
someday bro... someday we will get this bastard, and he will pay for what he has done. YOU HEAR ME!??!
2013-11-11 20:20
some say he has a bigger biceps than pasha :)
2013-11-11 20:21
Ukraine Acr0 
Pashas biceps are bigger than pasha himself, no chance
2013-11-11 20:53
Denmark dondane 
some say he can only be defeated by throwing the weights to rule them all in the bashing fire of mordor. Maybe we are over our heads here.
2013-11-12 08:50
watafak 650 wins in mm :DDDDD
2013-11-11 20:43
2013-11-11 20:53
2013-11-11 20:32
the name of this one please
2013-11-12 13:30
Karambit, Scorched (Battle Scarred)
2013-11-12 16:53
U'll never get it, sissy!
2013-11-14 04:26
i am an unlucky guy :-(
2013-11-16 17:09
my friend open only 1 case and get Karambit
2014-01-06 01:13
2013-11-13 12:43
I named my Gut Knife Urban Masked TheCircumciser too :D
2014-01-05 18:59
Bayonet Fade StatTrak Factory New
2013-11-11 20:41
we have a pro here !!!1
2013-11-11 20:48
2013-11-11 20:50
Hahaha! Im AWP player too. Natural move..
2013-11-11 21:07
2013-11-11 23:09
nice friends list :D
2013-11-11 20:59
Quite normal i guess.. 85 friends
2013-11-11 21:21
yeah we all have astana dragons and chrisJ on friends list
2013-11-12 04:53
I do
2013-11-12 10:44
not even near to normal if we get any news -anydenmarkplayer +BATISTUTA9 it would be normal.
2013-11-12 09:59
"I hAvE pRo-pLaYeRs oN mY FrI3ndS l1st, l00k"
2013-11-13 03:54
This is about presenting a knife, and this is the only screenshot i have, which i took the same second i opened the box. I cant control who is online/ingame.
2013-11-13 12:38
vertigo monsta
2014-06-21 16:21
why do you only play vertigo
2014-12-29 16:09
It's the best map if your not on premade tacs ;)
2014-12-29 16:40
Finland XAF 
Tweeday stole my knife :[
2013-11-11 20:47
Germany gg-wp 
Just a Knife Tip for those Youngstars that can't afford 200 to 250 Euros for a factory new M9 Slaughter or M9 Fade or a M9 Crimson Web or M9 Night and so on. My Tip is the M9 Bayonet Blue Steel and that's why. I inspected all Qualities of this Knife ingame, even the only one Blue Steel Factory new for 250 Euros on the Market right now. Cause the blade is just fully blue steel in all Qualities and has no pattern that could be worned off, it looks good in almost every quality. Only well worn and battle sacred are bit to rough, but even those have a blade full of blue steel. In the Case of the M9 Blue Steel it's just so that the lower Qualities looking more and more rusty compared to the factory new, but cause there is no pattern even the lower qualities of that Knife look really stylish in its own specific way. That's my new field tested M9 Bayonet Blue Steel. So if you like the big Knifedimensions of the M9 Bayonet this could be your Knife for under hundred 100 Euros. I just bought mine for 92 Euros and it's just awesome ingame how you see on this shot. I will use the factory new Fade M9 tagged as Rainbow for T Side and the Blue Steel M9 tagged as Thunder for CT Side. Just a Tip for those Youngstars.
2013-11-12 02:16
but have to say u are obsessed with the skins rather than playing the game....
2013-11-12 13:37
To be honest, an M9 Bayonet Forest DDPAT looks good in field tested and is only around 66 quid atm...
2013-11-12 14:32
BRO I OFFER YOU 120 Keys for the knife + a Nametag :O
2014-06-20 17:57
2013-11-12 04:07
2013-11-12 05:16
2013-11-12 07:19
ty :D
2014-01-26 16:01
The most expensive skin i have is an m4a1 bright water ft
2013-11-12 06:51
are people really spending that much money on knife skins? thats insane. also do knife skins only come from opening cases?
2013-11-12 07:13
yes only from opening cases
2014-04-14 17:45
2013-11-12 07:21
very nice how can i get it ?
2013-11-12 09:02
rich boy
2013-11-12 09:02
its not urs its esea knife!
2013-11-12 16:27
2014-01-26 08:22
Italy baus 
2013-11-12 09:19
M9 Bayonet Crimson Web (FT) , bugged MW
2013-11-12 10:53
f0rest | 
Romania twrbo 
2013-11-12 11:02
Denmark Blankeh 
2013-12-02 08:54
"case hardened knife preview, gold in play side, will trade for 200 keys"
2014-06-21 18:51
2013-11-12 19:44
2014-01-26 14:27
couldnt afford steel so you whent with wood?
2014-04-09 07:36
2014-06-19 20:10
nice dildo
2014-06-21 14:50
best knife
2014-12-29 16:10
someone gift me a knife.. :(
2013-11-12 11:04
2013-11-12 12:02
I don't have my knife anymore, Tweeday stole it :(
2013-11-12 13:31
Denmark R11S 
2013-11-12 15:53
Azerbaijan Talley 
tweeday stole my knife
2013-11-12 16:04
2013-11-12 21:27 bayonet m4 knife because valve love me
2013-11-12 16:26
attention whore detected.
2013-11-12 16:28
post your knife too, I know you have it :DD
2013-11-12 19:48
yeah but im not in attention mode right now xd
2013-11-12 22:10
he have 4 knifes, or 5 bobaN ftw :D
2014-01-26 16:00
and sudenly a wild saga apears with 10+ knives and all stattrak
2014-04-14 17:48
2013-11-12 19:18
if u want that case hardened to look good u can turn shadows to high
2013-11-14 05:07
2013-11-12 20:08
you people are literally retarded for spending money on a skin literally f*****g retarded good day
2013-11-12 20:26
I agree
2013-11-13 03:57
Maybe i'm rich and a few $ wouldn't really affect me at all :p
2013-11-13 04:15
2013-12-02 10:28
You're a laughable little boy kakanner, don't be sad people have the means to invest in a game they are passionate about, don't be so American jealousy is a shitty trait
2013-12-01 02:08
How is it any of your fucking business what people spend their money on anyway lol? Can't think of a more waste of time than commenting shit like that.
2014-04-14 17:35
i think people spending 1000's on skins is pretty stupid but if you have some spare cash spend it on your hobby. If thats cs then so be it.
2014-12-29 16:34
1.79 euro ;)
2013-11-12 21:17
2013-11-12 21:59
2013-11-13 03:38
Denmark Blankeh 
rich enough for a pc that can pull 500 fps, i must be poor.
2013-12-02 08:52
500fps on a map with no details on lowest graphics? Dude.
2014-06-19 23:01
i sold my house, killed my friends, robbed 4 banks, jacked 15 cars, blew up 2 stores to get that knife
2014-01-26 14:08
had an M9 Forest DDPAT drop once, sold it since it looks like shit
2013-11-13 05:06
2013-11-13 12:48
the best one! :)
2013-12-02 06:56
2013-11-13 20:08
2013-11-14 07:24
haha the fish
2013-12-02 07:09
2013-11-14 09:42
2013-11-14 10:17
Can you post the IP of that server?
2013-12-02 07:36
2014-01-05 18:18
Late reply, but thanks.
2014-01-06 17:52
one day i will have a knife too @_@
2013-12-02 07:11
2014-01-26 15:58
2013-12-02 10:02 I'm fckn rich boy, M9 Bayonet | *Gold* StatTrak. got it from souvenir package.
2013-12-02 15:51
2013-12-02 16:40
gold nigga
2014-01-06 01:00 standard karambit :)
2014-01-05 17:56
2014-01-05 18:06
best looking cheap karambit :]
2014-01-05 18:09
If I had a karambit fade or slaughter I would trade for a standart karambit and some sweets right away. Same goes for stattrack weapons. I don't really get fascinated by them, it's just a excuse to increase market value over 200 per cent or in some cases even more ahah It's my opinion though, and I respect everyone's else. I actually have a knife, not even close to yours though. Gut Knife Stained -.-'
2014-01-05 18:12
crosshair settings?
2014-06-21 15:23
gap -1 size 3 i think, it was a while ago
2014-06-21 15:24
style? 4?
2014-06-21 16:14
2014-06-21 17:05
Have it since yesterday:
2014-01-05 18:08
any idea why I can't open tinypic links ? It's always google chrome couldn't find tinypic etc etc I read somewhere to remove http:// but I guess it isn't working for me -.-'
2014-01-05 18:09
it happens to me too . in the link you need to replace "pt.something" for "pl.something" and then it will work :)
2014-06-20 15:36
thanks for the reply, but I already knew it :D 5 months old reply ahah Anyways thank you for your help.
2014-06-20 18:23
What is the wear of it? FT, MW?
2014-01-06 01:08
It is FT
2014-01-26 12:45
Does it still look that way after update?
2014-01-26 13:00
StatTrak Gut Knife Slaughter Minimal Wear M9 Bayonet Night field tested
2014-01-05 18:11
ahah that pic 2014 on the counter :DD Happy new year for you too
2014-01-05 18:13
"nice timing cunt" :d:dd
2014-01-26 13:15
If spending money, then for a real deal and not a shitty ass skin:
2014-01-05 18:24 My Half Smurf Kara <3
2014-01-06 01:35 My Half Smurf Kara <3
2014-01-06 02:12
bahahah <333
2014-06-21 14:29
Where's my knife Tweeday?
2014-01-26 10:46
StatTrak Karambit Case Hardened MW
2014-01-26 11:28
2014-01-26 11:40
No Star Trek No KarmaBitch Just the best
2014-01-26 11:54
Karambit Case Hardened minimal wear
2014-01-26 13:24
f0rest | 
Germany pr9ud 
why do people dont like flips and guts?
2014-01-26 13:36 Karambit slaughter mw (up for trade)
2014-01-26 13:49
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
nice krmbt
2014-01-26 15:05
Unfortunatly gone, but for lots of $$$
2014-01-26 15:06
damn that pattern must be worth a shit load
2014-01-26 15:20
m9 case hardened mw + awp redline stat mw + any other skin/keys worth 60$ ???
2014-01-26 15:44
NEO | 
Russia melelele 
stattrak ak case fn stattrak awp redline mw asiimov ft deagle blaze fn
2014-01-26 16:42
2014-01-26 14:20 kara slaughter mw up 4 trade
2014-01-26 14:34
wtf dude?!
2014-01-26 15:42
2014-04-09 07:02
2014-06-21 14:30
2014-04-09 07:01 Bought yesterday, looks awesome!
2014-01-26 15:26
[field tested] GIVEAWAY SOON!!!!
2014-01-26 15:45
nice, wanna trade?
2014-01-26 19:34
i've had a few: flip knife fade m9 blue steel the most horrible m9 case hardened also had a gut knife slaughter FN, a bayonet scorched and a m9 safari mesh. :) only ever bought one of them and it was the cheapest one
2014-04-09 06:07
how do u get all those knives without buying them?
2014-04-14 17:45
mainly traded and got lucky with one or two cases. I got two knives in a row in esports winter cases (gut knife scorched and bayonet boreal forest) just sold them both instantly. before those in the screens i had a m9 safari mesh and a bayonet scorched. no screens of those.
2014-04-14 18:14
I think from boxes.
2014-04-14 18:15
M9 Slaughter MW M9 Forest DDPAT FT
2014-04-09 06:47
gut safari mesh =///
2014-04-09 07:00
2014-04-09 08:14
2014-04-09 09:07
f0rest | 
Denmark dab0b 
Best knife for under 100 euros!!
2014-04-09 09:16
Click on my nickname here on HLTV and you'll see my knife photo...
2014-04-14 17:24
I don't heff to post pic, I got std knife ;(
2014-04-14 17:27
I'm in a hospital, and this is all i have, sry 4 bad quality lel
2014-04-14 18:00
Europe DrexxEnt m9 Bayonet Stained - Minimal Wear
2014-04-14 18:08 karambit crimson web field tested
2014-04-15 09:39 karambit fade stattrak factory new stattrak m9 bayonet fade FN m9 bayonet case MW m9 bayonet slaughter factory new
2014-04-15 10:07
Those are images from google, lolz
2014-04-15 10:35
I have 5 knives, M9 Bayonet Fade Factory New Karambit (no screenshot yet) Stattrak Gut Knife Slaughter minimal wear (with 4000+ kills) Flip Knife blue steel field tested (no screenshot yet) Gut Knife Forest DDPAT (Trying to sell)
2014-04-15 10:33
I like it the way it is
2014-04-15 10:43
M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (FT, MW icon)
2014-04-15 11:17
Russia stat1c 
DAYUM dat pattern tho
2014-06-20 17:26 gut cw mw st and a kara slaughter mw prefer gut atm
2014-04-23 18:09
that rare hltv thread that actually makes you laugh
2014-04-23 18:25
titan top 2 threads doesn't make you laugh?
2014-04-23 18:29
nah mate they got old... i prefer the shoxie onliner threads :D
2014-06-19 22:38
f0rest | 
Germany pr9ud 
most fades here are not even full colored, wouldnt like that, i had several but only 95%plus. Right now:
2014-04-23 18:39
Bayonet Slaughter
2014-06-19 22:36
I forgot to ask my mom to buy me a knife...
2014-06-19 22:50
za koliko prodajes noz?
2014-06-19 23:14
nzm oko 65 evra
2014-06-19 23:27
da l si lud :D ja sam imao nozeve od po 70 evra i prodavao za 3000k, gl :D
2014-06-19 23:46
Here we go, the make me jelly thread
2014-06-19 23:29
Funny fact is that all those kids got 200/300+€ worth knife skins but they got 30 fps ingame lol, I would rather sell knife and bought new computer then play with 30 fps and brag myself everywhere and mostly on matchmaking, acting afk till my teammates die then im gonna run through the map and keep inspecting my knife and switching, damn kids.
2014-06-19 23:44
real fact is that the most player with knives are gold nova :(
2014-06-19 23:46
Yeah, +that :>
2014-06-20 07:42
i see on fb trade groups young kids have like 400-600 worth knife/skins :D maybe dads credit card s
2014-06-20 10:42
tweeday stole my bayonet | virginity
2014-06-20 07:48
f0rest | 
Germany pr9ud Karambit fade Flip knife crimson web
2014-06-20 08:28
I never didn't care about knifes...I would rather buy gun skins in the price of one knife,I mean, most of these so called proud knife wielders have to constantly equip knife just to give the world a message I HAVE A KNIFE SKIN. It looks so funny when in some ffa server some player pull out a knife without a reason(having a skin on him is just pure coincidence probably) and gets killed seconds later.
2014-06-20 08:47
haha +1
2014-06-20 10:38
2014-06-20 08:48
2014-06-20 08:50
Brazil hugoooo 
I have a Gil Hibben GH2028SS Karambit: It's a replacement/upgrade from this:
2014-06-20 08:56
2014-06-20 08:57
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
Best knife of the game! I just have the flip knife vanilla, but I'm trying to trade me to a knife like yours. What exterior is it and is it a special pattern?
2014-06-21 19:38
Running double fades at the moment happy with them :) m9 - Bayonet -
2014-06-20 09:43
What can i see here that i can't see on the market when i click inspect? show off thread. This is becoming facebook...
2014-06-20 09:54 m9 bayonet case hardened
2014-06-20 10:21
pffffft liar! that's just a normal bayo ;)
2014-06-20 10:26
Reunion dklinh 
my :) i really love it
2014-06-20 10:25
I really like mine but if you're interested please give me an offer. Only in-game trades for other skins, no money or games.
2014-06-20 10:39
Knives are overrated... that's why I have 3.
2014-06-20 10:48
Got this one in game : :P Selling it atm for 150 keys ;)
2014-06-20 15:17
Total bargain!
2014-06-20 16:21
Netherlands xdanny 
Damn im fucking buying that one ill pay 160 keys!
2014-06-20 16:27
2014-06-20 15:44
2014-06-21 16:48
:D ill skip
2014-06-21 16:52
Karambit CH MW Pretty sweat pattern i think :)
2014-06-20 16:04
All you need is a huntsman!
2014-06-20 16:21
Slovakia kubiaxk 
2014-06-20 16:50
Russia stat1c 
dunno why you call your m9 "rainbow" it's less then 80% faded
2014-06-20 17:21
2014-06-20 17:35
Won a huge bet on CSGOLounge so got myself a Karambit Crimson Web FT
2014-06-20 17:43
This is mine *-* C/O 2500 Keys
2014-06-20 18:02
my m9 bayonet crimson web mw :3
2014-06-20 18:16
nice one <3 with big web on play side ^^
2014-06-23 11:15
yes :D
2014-06-23 12:40
Bayonet | Fade (FN) aka "Gay"
2014-06-20 18:19
give me knif plsss
2014-06-20 18:19
gibe pls
2014-06-20 22:12
Portugal zmkk 
dat shit kinfe + shit computer :/
2014-06-20 22:27
Slovakia kubiaxk 
2014-06-21 08:27
Portugal zmkk 
your fps ;((((
2014-06-21 12:51
Slovakia kubiaxk 
Yeah I know :( Kind of low since last update ... I was used to stable 250+ fps
2014-06-21 17:26
Portugal zmkk 
u want my 60 fps ? :(
2014-06-21 17:28
Slovakia kubiaxk 
you should sell knife for 50€ and invest that to your PC :D for better FPS
2014-06-21 22:19
Bayonet Slaughter (FN) literally the best pattern ever, my baby <3
2014-06-21 13:30
10/10, would knife
2014-06-21 14:09 Say what ? :D And this one its stattrack :P
2014-06-21 14:48
Mine looks way better than yours, stattrak only changes price, not looks :)
2014-06-21 14:52
looks way better ? :OO xD gg wp
2014-06-21 16:06
leaving aside the obvious huge scratches that make your knife look bad, you've got a 90% diamond with a normal, incomplete heart I've got a full diamond with an oversized heart and close to no scratches, you literally have to be german not to pick mine over yours any day
2014-06-21 18:42
Mine its MW, yours is FN! Scratchs answer :) I showed you a ss on non high settings :) You showed a full high settings :) If i have 90% you have 98% its not full as well :D And that was one i had of many :D my game knife isnt that :) this one is :D I just said you didnt had the best pattern ever :)
2014-06-21 18:49
and btw , what has my nacionality have to do with the my choice ?
2014-06-21 18:50
so yea, gg wp =)
2014-06-21 18:42
Default is best
2014-06-21 14:20
how much did you give for that? i been wanting one but imo for what people want to trade ump its not worth THAT much
2014-06-21 16:46
nice, that's what im going for next
2014-06-21 16:46
Slovakia tenzen 
crosshair color settings? thanks
2014-06-21 16:33
i dont use this crosshair anymore, but its similar to this: color 5 / color_r 255 / gap 1 / size 2 / style 2
2014-06-21 16:44
Germany gg-wp 
default but i have some pretty sick weaponskins.XD i will get a knife sooner or later again pretty sure. :)
2014-06-21 16:36
Finland NUCL3AR 
Ive got gut knife slaughter minimal wear. Really like the animation of gut knives
2014-06-21 16:36
2014-06-21 16:37 Not too shabby but im proud of it.
2014-06-21 16:51 M9 Bayonet | Scorched And this is without spending a single € :) I have just played quite frequently and always traded away cases and working my way up to this. I also bought my brother a cs:go account and told him he could have it as long as I got the skins ;)
2014-06-21 17:02
Have the most underrated skin evah. Gut knife Crimson.
2014-06-21 17:08
2014-06-21 17:33
spending 0 cent have: bayo crimson mw, and other cool skins.
2014-06-21 17:38
my &#9733; Karambit | Crimson Web my &#9733; Karambit | Fade my &#9733; Karambit | Slaughter
2014-06-21 18:17
Nothing special but im happy with it :) PS: BS: I didn't invest a single penny in skins :)
2014-06-21 18:31
Dafuq this thread WAY TOO OLD!
2014-06-21 19:41 I actually like this one :P
2014-06-21 20:16
My Karambit Case <3
2014-06-22 14:33
woooooooooow nice
2014-06-23 08:51
2014-06-22 14:37
NAF | 
Czech Republic GzzM 
Karambit | Slaughter FN <3
2014-06-22 14:47
lOl got my self a new one, maybe tomorrow will bring gut knife fade, well seeeee tho :)
2014-06-23 00:31
Germany gg-wp 
Here is my new One. Huntsman Boreal Forest (minimal wear) But! It only cost me 76 Euros from Market and has an absolute factory new Look. No Scratches over the whole Blade at all. There where two up in minimal wear Condition on market at the time I bought it yesterday and one was a few Euros more expensive and had a few Scratches. But this one was the cheapest and also cleanest lookwise. This Knife looks factory new and just excellent even on low Settings cause the Shots you see are made on absolute low Settings without any effect at all just on full HD. Show me one Knife right now, that looks factory new and better than this for about 75 Euros on Market. You simply won't find it. I controlled the market wiseley yesterday with the 105 euros i had in my steamwallet through weaponsells. I controlled all knifes from 30 euros rising up to 105 and this was my pick. matter of taste ofc, but I really like it. In my Opinion it even outshines a 200 to 250 Euros fade Hunstman or Slaughter and even Crimson factory new if you like this camouflage skin.
2014-06-23 08:03
here is mine, costs 380$
2014-06-23 08:17
Flip knife Vanilla
2014-06-23 09:59
flip knife crimson stat track ft and atm play with this bayonet
2014-06-23 10:57
I'm so cheap that I play CS 1.6 with a M9 Bayonet Fade and an AWP Lightning Strike.
2014-06-23 11:28
what you are?
2014-06-23 18:29
2014-12-29 15:53 big thanks to rechy for this one
2014-12-29 15:59
2014-12-29 16:22
mason | 
World PRQN 
2014-12-29 16:08
i have a full-fade M9 FN i guess u know what it looks like :)
2014-12-29 16:36
My current knives: Karambit | Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) __________________________________ Karambit | Fade (Factory New) ___________________________________ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened (Factory New) ___________________________________ Bayonet | Fade (Factory New) ___________________________________ Huntsman Knife | Slaughter (Minimal Wear)
2014-12-29 17:23
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