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MovieMakers help me please?
Brazil Jay double you (best) 
I don't know nothing about MM, but since i started play CS:GO this was the only movie witch make me feel like the old days in CS 1.6 Is that edition good or what? He made a good job? Do you know if it's tough make a good movie like this?
2013-11-13 11:54
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help I need somebody help =(
2013-11-13 12:03
Try tweeday one of the biggest in the scene right now makes some amazing fragsmovies Since i can see your looking for it frag, esle try AU's Samuel
2013-11-13 12:25
What Kind of help do u want in MM Add me on FB or Email :
2013-11-13 12:30
I wanna know if i'ts tough to make a movie like this If you how, can you explain? Thanks.
2013-11-13 12:39
el_generico is quite a known movie maker. A very good one as well.
2013-11-13 12:33
I didn't know him, but I loved his work, this movie is awesome.
2013-11-13 12:41
2013-11-13 12:51
Portugal proutounz 
It doesn't need to be a moviemaker to know if a movie is good. But if you want moviemakers opinons i can say that this video it's not that good. Some parts when the moviemaker tries to sync it stays very bad and doesn't fit at all with the song. The gunsounds are too sharp wich sounds awfull and some effects and transitions are abused. Despite those flaws, the video it's not that bad at all since it shows the frags in a clean way and there are some parts that are synced also. I feel that it needs more smooths (but this is just my opinion. It doesn't need to have more. Depends on people preferences). In what come to effort i give it a hard effort, because making a 4min fragmovie is hard. This guy made a 8min fragmovie that should require at least 24 hours of work on it. To make cs:go movies you need to have lots of patience because the game has still many bugs (on the time this one was made, i can't even imagine the amount of bugs) and it's very anyoing that leads you to give up the project.
2013-11-25 23:28
If you are familiar with Sony Vegas, or any of the Adobe programs it wont be that hard, you prob need fraps, or at least the demo files from the games, afaiks there was no extra effects that could not be achieved with Adobe After Effects, the real job lies in telling the story of the movie :)
2013-12-12 05:39
dunno about tips, but that was (for me) the first watchable csgo movie. el generico is an 1.6 moviemaker. i'd describe his style as straightforward, simple and effective.
2013-12-12 07:15
FGW all the way. loled @ #11. CSGO mvm is by far more easier than CS:Source. /sorry 4 bump
2014-01-27 22:14
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