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Biggest e-Sport organisation in the world?
Sweden ragnjj 
Like the topic suggest, who's the biggest e-sport organisation in the world? And not in achievements and not only in CS (as CS is a really small e-Sport compared to games like dota 2, LoL and SC). What organisation has the biggest turn over, counting all games and overall orgas? If theres any sources to use out there feel free to post them. I havent found anything when it comes to the organisations part. One could count popularity by watching their fanbase on facebook etc but that doesnt necessary speak for their finances. Try and back up you statements and not only post "SKSKSKSK!!!##" because they rocked the CS scene for 10 years.
2013-11-24 23:52
fnatic theres no doubts
2013-11-24 23:54
probably fnatic
2013-11-24 23:54
World lif1 
sdfs fg sfsaf sdfsfs fsdf sdfssdfsdfasdsfsf
2013-11-25 11:40
i guess fnatic
2013-11-24 23:56
SKSKSKS Beacuse they rocked the world in ALL games till 2010 and release of LoL
2013-11-24 23:58
Yeah but with LoL and dota e-sport really got to the next level, dont they have decent teams in those games? Then theyr not top dog anymore I'd say. Looks like fnatic and NaVi are the biggest orgas also connected to CS, is this correct?
2013-11-25 00:03
Heres a list of earnings but that still isnt what where after altho its prolly an strong indication of which teams also has the biggest turn overs. AKA a winning team in a huge game is probably more costly but also bring in more in PR and generate more sponsor money.
2013-11-25 00:00
Sweden BIRK1 
2013-11-25 00:02
Germany VxO4 
Probably EG or some korean sc2 team
2013-11-25 00:04
Portugal odr@ 
EG Fnatic
2013-11-25 00:05
I think Fnatic or Evil Geniuses
2013-11-25 00:06
EG definetly :)
2013-11-25 00:06
EG followed up by fnatic hard to rate the korean kespa-teams tbh could play a role as well
2013-11-25 00:40
My guess is either Na'Vi or fnatic.
2013-11-25 01:00
2013-11-25 01:07
Sk vs Fnatic i think
2013-11-25 01:08
eg 100%
2013-11-25 01:32
Germany .1st. 
Fnatic 100 pro!!
2013-11-25 01:42
EG for sure.. EG is paying Jaedong +$100k/year salary and they have teams on every important competitive game right now.
2013-11-25 02:20
United States NJC 
You could make a case for SK, Fnatic, Na'Vi, Curse, and EG. All of them are known all over the world as the best in what they do.
2013-11-25 03:47
2013-11-25 03:48
EG and Fnatic.
2013-11-25 11:42
Party-Daddlers. Maybe.
2013-11-25 11:44
EG for sure
2013-11-25 12:08
United Kingdom AlywOw 
fnatic 551 000 facebook fans Natus Vincere 297 000 facebook fans SK Gaming 276 000 facebook fans I think CS has been the widest part of e-Sport, imagine how many people has been playing 1.6 Non-Steam this number was much higher than any other Asian game.
2013-11-25 12:32
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Total Prize Money Won: $1 863 316 (fnatic)
2013-11-25 12:45
Denmark rizc 
EG/Alliance - No doubt about that.
2013-11-25 12:35
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