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US and NaVi
Russia absorber 
Its a pity these oldies is out so quickly... Really cheering for them, it could be last big tournament of these teams
2013-11-28 20:50
yesss... so pityyy something is over...
2013-11-28 20:56
2013-11-28 21:29
It isnt the last tournament for them! I know! Maybe they would like to change their lineups, but not disband
2013-11-28 20:58
they can't play forever. look at kenny's team and then look at US: new generation has come to replace older one. It is main life principle
2013-11-28 21:03
navi will drop their team or atleast replace cehnoob
2013-11-28 23:49
TaZ gonna retire soon..
2013-11-28 21:00
Germany B34NS 
n33d better aim
2013-11-28 21:01
the thing is that US and Navi are way 2 tatical teams with flashes and shit and they dont understand that flashes are useless in cs:go unless you are in a 4on4 or on a 3v3 situation
2013-11-28 21:02
navi > kick x5
2013-11-28 21:03
anyone>k1ck x5,they are terrible
2013-11-28 21:04
your point is?
2013-11-28 21:08
his point: navi are bad but kick are 5 times worse
2013-11-28 21:33
yeah but whats the reference to the topic? cola > pepsi x5
2013-11-28 21:46
sure man cola and pepsi are great csgo teams its because of the flag people see your flag and starting insulting you
2013-11-28 21:54
yeah so butthurt. my team sucks but your teams sucks more which obviously makes my team a bit better... (?!)
2013-11-28 21:58
2013-11-29 01:32
lgb > navi
2013-11-28 21:46
navi need changes, us propably retire, because in poland arent better players.
2013-11-28 21:02
i think there is but unlike our country you dont really change the "top players" . In france we get so much new comer talents because they had the chance to get picked . Best example kqly :) before playing in CM he was even playing with less than subtop french teams . Harts notice him on lan then you what :)
2013-11-28 21:05
1+ agree
2013-11-28 21:18
byali and snax arent good enough. They should take in edward and guardian. There might be communication problems but its the best option for them.
2013-11-28 21:17
maybe the real problem is taz and neo ? its not 1.6 anymore, snax carried them so hard this game but..
2013-11-28 21:22
Neo too, the whole tournament was bad to TaZ.
2013-11-28 21:50
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
destru, skynet, insider?
2013-11-28 21:59
I know insider and he is 99% 1.6 player. He played CS:GO only in the beginning of 2013. Even had a break for like half a year, lately. Dunno if he came back or not.
2013-11-28 22:58
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
i just seen em at 1.6, but i guess he playing go =[
2013-11-28 23:23
Nope, he plays 1.6 very rarely, let alone GO.
2013-11-29 00:34
Their time is over.
2013-11-28 21:04
-taz + tfg!
2013-11-28 21:04
Honestly I don't see US bouncing back from this. It's CS:GO ESC all over again. They've just lost practically won game. That shouldn't fuckin happen. Looks like changing loord and kuben hasn't changed anything. It's the same story. They are too old to keep playing and losing games like this to random teams in group stage. For US it was if "not today than never". Seems like never :( ggkthxbye
2013-11-28 21:06
RECURSIVE are not random but very good team
2013-11-28 21:09
R u fuckin' serious? Read this pls: They didn't have funding to go to event as by last week, they are more like mix team than a real one.
2013-11-28 21:15
they have skill players and mix is more than team, sometimes.
2013-11-28 21:17
they arent a mix lol,theyve been attending events in France and been praccing with at least most of the core(happy gmx uzzi) for a pretty enough time
2013-11-28 21:34
Sadly but there are indeed some changes incoming, at least in NaVi. Still US should change something too. Still even if they retire, they wont quit esports completely. Pasha is going to give workout lessons to Troubley,Pimp,hooch ohhh I could go on for a while. Taz will explain the principles of trolling. Neo is going to open a cathouse with the retired attax female squad and Pus as head-manager.
2013-11-28 21:10
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
I can't see Na'Vi not kicking kibaken and taking back Edzie. As for US, I really really don't think they'll continue playing after this.
2013-11-28 21:14
they're both weak as fuck Edward will make a comeback to NaVi, that's just obvious (I guess?) but dunno about US, taz was fucking bad on whole tournament
2013-11-28 21:15
stop inviting this low teams to big events
2013-11-28 21:21
Slovenia k1d89 
i think us will be disbanded
2013-11-28 21:23
2013-11-28 21:53
because cs:go is pure shit in 1.6 never happen a thing like this
2013-11-28 21:25
So the problem wasn't kuben and loord at all.. Sad too see Neo&TaZ performing so bad these days :(
2013-11-28 21:41
After watching US play today, I'm not surprised by the outcome. If it wasn't for Snax it would of been much worse for US. Time for US to make some serious changes or call is quits. Na'Vi have a better chance at getting good results if they make some changes.
2013-11-28 21:56
2013-11-28 21:54
US have been bootcamping only one time. They have to close each other in someone's house and pracc for 2 mounth like astana ...
2013-11-28 22:02
US - byali, + guardian Navi - cen9, + edward
2013-11-28 23:09
us - byali snax + zeus starix gg ez both teams problem solved
2013-11-28 23:10
Snax was their best player on DHW but byali looks like player with very shaky form.
2013-11-28 23:46
yea snax was very good. are snax and byali from 1.6 or css?
2013-11-28 23:54
1.6 I think that US really needs to pick guardian and have at least two players who will always play on highest possible level (guardian + taz/neo/pasha/snax )
2013-11-29 00:02
i dont think us has to kick or pick up anyone cuz that is not how it works. they just have to practice their teamplay and individual skills in this game. taz neo and pasha were amazing in 1.6, but they aren't that good in this "new" game. its hard for them to keep up with the youngsters even though they have the gamesense
2013-11-29 00:12
I disagree. He had best chance to shine, play in best polish team on biggest cs:go tournament ever. He failed? Bye bye and next please. Problem here might be that they have good chemistry in this line up but tbh or they wanna make good team and start make good results or fucking love story.
2013-11-29 01:30
us -snax + hyper
2013-11-28 23:47
Really sad to see 2 big 1.6 teams struggling, unfortunately Navi and US still havent adapted the CSGO style, they were very tactical teams in 1.6 and what made NAVI really big in the later stages of 1.6 was raw skill of markeloff AWP and edwards aim unfortunately they dont have both now, would be really exciting to see guardian and edward join Navi and for US it seems like their time is up :(. I wonder how ave's mTw would perform in CSGO.
2013-11-28 23:51
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