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What will the next update bring?
Netherlands jRnCSGO 
What do you think (or expect) what the next update will bring? #discuss
2013-12-04 14:20
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Bright bullet feedback Nerfed P90's running accuracy Changed the deagle to beta state More skin Chicken with santa hat Remove mat_postprocess from sv_cheats 1 Team matchmaking
2013-12-04 14:25
what do you mean with Bright bullet feedback
2013-12-04 14:26
I believe he is referring to the particles when you shoot at walls.
2013-12-04 14:32
I would love that to comeback!
2013-12-04 23:47
when you shoot, the bullet impact shows like sv_showimpact 1 .
2013-12-04 14:32
2013-12-04 14:32
I think all weapons should be made less accurate while moving (save for the glock), and all should be made more accurate when standing still/crouching (at long A, sometimes you can't 1 shot a CT behind the HSbox on A ramp because the AK isn't accurate enough to do it). And the auto should have a damage nerf and recoil cooldown nerf. I've given up on Scout/AWP quickzoom (quickscoping) at this point, I think Valve wanted to nerf the AWP into a purely defensive weapon.
2013-12-04 14:45
+1 :)
2013-12-04 19:08
This. I wish the awp's scope was clear without bobbing when moving.
2013-12-04 23:45
this. I'm really tired of getting one-shot by people who run around without stopping.
2013-12-05 10:06
If they will nerf the p90, 50% of players will unistall the game ! So...... That's not going to happen
2013-12-05 01:58
hmm makes sense.
2013-12-05 03:55
United States MadCl0wN 
hahaha nice ideea :D
2013-12-05 07:57
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong void0 
this one^
2013-12-06 11:38
that would be good
2013-12-06 11:41
500,000 $ tournament.
2013-12-04 14:35
eSports Case #2 let's go
2013-12-04 14:41
eSports Case 2014 might be coming in january, no source but the odds are high so let's say yes :D
2013-12-04 22:41
I hope valve won't just make shit tons of new skins. Fixing the problems should be #1 priority and new maps would be nice too.
2013-12-04 14:39
+1 I hope for some gameplay changes like: - P90 nerf - Autosnipe nerf - Deagle change - Some movement improvement? Basically, what yoztpetra said
2013-12-04 15:15
- Autosnipe nerf just no x) he is fine
2013-12-04 16:08
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
2013-12-06 11:42
Finland FRGVN 
well the skin makers are totally different set of developers than the ones who fix glitches or updates gameplay etc.
2013-12-05 00:12
New maps for competitive play. I'm sick of inferno.
2013-12-04 14:59
And Nuke. Both maps allow for way too fast rotations.
2013-12-05 04:04
tickrate 128 pls
2013-12-04 15:08
Not gonna happen :(
2013-12-04 15:10
why not?
2013-12-04 15:41
Netherlands Nieroth 
Cuz the majority of players don't have pc's which can run at a stable 128fps, so for those people it would be useless. That's what Valve said about it.
2013-12-04 15:53
2013-12-04 15:56
#26 , hope this will happen!
2013-12-04 16:10
That argument can be busted easily. Put fps_max 50. Then go to play on 64tick for 30mins, then go to 128tick for 30mins. There is a huge difference.
2013-12-04 22:39
Yeah I was thinking the same thing, 128 tick affects many aspects of the game such as turning, doors, kill delay, hit registry, movement key registry, and in earlier versions of the engine, firerate.
2013-12-04 23:09
Finland FRGVN 
well player from Xapso just said that Valve tested 128tick MM servers on Dreamhack Winter.. so I wonder what was that all about if they wont add them in the near future? I made a thread about it like 2 days ago or something.
2013-12-05 00:14
see #26 (:
2013-12-05 09:30
Finland FRGVN 
2013-12-05 11:32
I really hope valve add team matchmaking WITH 128 tick servers.. Can you link me to your thread, pls?
2013-12-05 11:39
Finland FRGVN 
2013-12-05 14:22
them saying just kidding and that CSGO was a troll and they are going to introduce 1.6 back into it xD
2013-12-04 15:13
Team matchmaking with 128 tick, I think this is very possible since you won't need that many servers for it.
2013-12-04 16:03
hopefully some major map changes. In my opinion every map have something to work with. The only good ones for me(at least not one sided) are cache and season
2013-12-04 16:11
NEO | 
India raiNzZ 
weapons are so imbalanced that anything can happen any round.
2013-12-04 16:14
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Agree on this tbh. The game have a fairly huge "random factor" due to this.
2013-12-06 11:44
NEO | 
India raiNzZ 
yep, p90 > all guns in terms of range, accuracy and aim punch
2013-12-08 07:25
it's pretty interesting for me when those tards will fix a buymenu which becomes broken when you reconnect to a MM server
2013-12-04 18:54
Germany VxO4 
dogs and cats
2013-12-04 19:00
Turkey mtN` 
knife round maybe :D i fcking hate start t side in nuke
2013-12-04 19:08
Lithuania tbuk 
+1 that would be sweet
2013-12-04 22:39
would be awesome
2013-12-06 11:43
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
inb4 model skins
2013-12-04 19:10
United States esoh 
i am expecting the devs to start riding this little wave of momentum for the game and start releasing pretty substantial updates to the game with lots of maps, skins/cases and hopefully gameplay adjustments. should be fun to see unfold.
2013-12-04 19:11
Huge russian chickens that you have to fry one wing at a time.
2013-12-04 19:15
I don't know what it is, but I for sure hope it's fucking relevant to the actual game instead of fixing stuff the majority doesn't care about.
2013-12-04 19:15
Probably chickens with hats and some fixes.
2013-12-04 19:37
every chicken will have a santa hat and Negev (info from Valve headquarters).
2013-12-04 22:13
i rather see them throwing molotovs
2013-12-04 22:47
yes this will be included in New Year's Update (molotovs - fireworks)
2013-12-05 07:52
is it update today?
2013-12-04 22:24
128 tick rate servers nerv scout nerv p90 should be so good :)
2013-12-04 23:49
movement update (slow it down, jump & counter strafe deceleration) make all smgs and glocks less accurate restore deagle to beta make all rifles and smgs way less accurate when moving and shooting boost accuracy and recoil when crouching and standing still improve sound effects (better directional sounds) change all maps to CSProMod maps + add mill and fire
2013-12-04 23:51
United Kingdom gaz+ 
Performance fixes. And maybe a cl_minmodels but for skins. SO that the client will only see default skins or the skins he has equipped. might help with some fps problems.
2013-12-05 00:09
atm i would like to see -some, airplanes flying when we are playing xD it just for a look more naturalistic :p -a new fix for deathnotices (sometimes just doesn't appears) -some headshot animation for the player models. these are simple things maybe, but I believe that improves the game :)
2013-12-05 00:19
-lower autosnipe accuracy -remove jumping scout accuracy; it's retarded -give AWP more accuracy for quickscoping -make deagle slightly more accurate after first shot; right now you have to be pressing movement keys in opposite directions like mad to keep the accuracy which is hella annoying -give the m4a4 the optional silencer (keep silenced recoil same as m4a1s) -then nerf m4a1s -p250 needs fixing; shouldn't be able to win a round vs rifles with only p250 *edit* add homing chicken-looks like normal chicken but walks by enemy and blows up *second edit* server should automatically change the name of anyone who buys p90 to "ALERT: NOOB"
2013-12-05 00:48
-give the m4a4 the optional silencer (keep silenced recoil same as m4a1s) -then nerf m4a1s So you want a 30 bullet m4a1. and then everyone goes back to using just one gun. I think its fine how it is, people actually use both of them depending on preference.
2013-12-05 08:29
2013-12-05 13:56
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Indeed. They should just make it 120 like in every other cs game and remove the m4a4 it doesnt feel like a cs wep tbh.
2013-12-06 11:50
United Kingdom Woon 
I hope they fix the memory leak problem.
2013-12-05 01:27
make my fps increase from 50 to 150 !
2013-12-05 04:07
Finland teco 
Client update for 12/4/2013 [MISC] - Fixed a problem with stickers on ATI GPUs. - Fixed tooltip positioning for items at the edge of the screen. - Fixed a rare case where clients could get stuck in the competitive search queue when Steam servers were experiencing heavy load. hahahahahahaah
2013-12-05 07:20
I hope this is not all for this week.. They had a couple of weeks to work on some things (before DHW), if this is all I would be disappointed..
2013-12-05 11:31
better sound better hitreg nerf p90 buff deagle better hs animation nerf getting killed while the enemy is moving :/
2013-12-05 09:16
Hopefully fix the chat. When you type something, and when the round past the chat is gone and cant use it anymore till next round..
2013-12-05 09:33
Azerbaijan Talley 
I thought it's just me.
2013-12-05 11:24
hahaha me also :)
2013-12-05 13:41
better ladder climbing like in 1.6
2013-12-05 10:47
- remove the aimpunch when wearing armor except being shooted by Deagle or shotguns in short range. - remove pistols except the Deagle effect of armour piercing - the player got headshot by M4A1 or M4A4 will take strong aimpunch regardless of the helmet - Crouching action will be slower while spraying and cause more inaccurracy and random recoil during the process of crouching action. - There is a clear feeling of acceleration from standing to moving which makes the 'ADAD' slower. - reduce the accuracy of rifles and slightly increase the accuracy of SMGs while moving around. - Being shooted by rifles or shotguns in short range on chest or head will cause intensively slowing down when moving.
2013-12-05 12:20
WTF?!? "Reduce the accuracy of rifles and slightly increase the accuracy of SMGs while moving around" ----> Attention, attention: Noob alert!
2013-12-06 11:18
Nvm u call me a noob.Hope u aren't one. So ppl can use SMGs more often in the matches.SMGs will be more useful in some special situations. 'Reduce the accuracy of rifles while moving around' .I know the movement and recoil has been fixed but sometimes I find ADAD+crouching+spraying still op,so I want it to be nerfed a little bit more.Any question?
2013-12-06 13:10
- Being shooted by rifles or shotguns in short range on chest or head will cause intensively slowing down when moving. Tagging, this is already the case (if its called tagging?)
2013-12-06 11:57
Yep,but the current tagging is not enough obvious imo.
2013-12-06 13:17
There is no aimpunch with armor right now, watch 16:30 onwards
2013-12-07 02:59
autosniper and p90 just too strong weapons in game. Specialy p90, very simple weapon, just run and shoot accuracy is 100% good. But still if you are so bad with your aim NO PROBLEM we made just for you a clip with 50 bullets :) p250 > deagle with price only 300 $, it just doesn't make sence why to buy deagle which is 3 times more expensive players should move faster while having weapon in their hands (that's my feeling, I think game peformances should be better for play and also to watch top players) on mm while some team is playing 4 v 5 with bot. Bot is 50% listening on radio message. For example when I command him : "cover this area" he will just rush to our opponents and they will easily make free kill. This is just too annoying for me
2013-12-05 13:36
once you learn how to handle the deagle, its worth 2 times its price
2013-12-05 14:21
Like the Pro players do? Wait, they dont use deagle because they have brains to do the math. For next round that extra 500 can make a difference of getting nades or not. Its not about the "learn to handle". Its easy weapon to kill, but I would never ever pay 800 for it.
2013-12-06 11:21
Hopefully a banwave aka VAC-update...
2013-12-05 13:43
Even the 1.6 deagle was better xD so yeah the deagle is a must.
2013-12-06 11:42
Greece her-1g 
need some kickass simple skins in an esports case #2 to fund the next huge tournament. i would like to be in summer 2014(ideally DH summer) some cool examples of "kickass simple skins" AK black laminate glock fade p2000 scorpion PP-bizon carbon fiber awp graphite m4a1s nitro Five-Seven Silver Quartz and stuff like that
2013-12-06 11:50
Delete auto sniper and p90 completely from the game.
2013-12-06 11:57
Fix the "Tab-> scorecard" bug.
2013-12-06 12:31
All i want is a big movement update. i think if done properly, it could balance the game a lot also make the game way less noob friendly. also although i will not be buying any skins/cases with real money, i know that a lot of people will (most of my friends) so eSports case 2 would be great. maybe this time around valve should fund like let's say 5 smaller tournaments and give them 30k or so each, so we would have lots of games so watch and perhaps we would get more players if the streams are popular or something.
2013-12-06 12:43
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