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CSGO Demo lagging
Germany gg-wp 
Why is this. I recorded a normal ineye demo on training_aim_csgo und if I load it, it stutters around my screen with 10 FPS. I have no further specific problems with the game. everything is running smoot now, only sometimes i get kicked from a dm session cause the game just quits without any command from me. also it's still not completely bugfree. just try to type the give weapon command for a galil on dust 2 and the game crashes. just one example that this game needs to be stablisized. but however, the topic and mainquestion is why are my demos stuttering with 10 FPS?
2013-12-07 19:07
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Germany gg-wp
nobody knows why? ^^
2013-12-07 19:19
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is it something like this? i had the same problem, :v
2015-02-19 13:33
Germany gg-wp
somebody gotta know it. i have a good pc and can't watch any self recorded demo cause it stutters extreme and almost doesn't run.
2013-12-07 19:52
I have the same problem, and have made post about it before myself. No one knows the problem apparently because there are just a limited number of people who actually have the problem. If anyone knows, through all of my google searching, I have not found the solution.
2014-01-09 14:28
is it okay with demos you haven't recorded? check cl_interpolate is set to 1
2014-01-09 14:32
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thx this was the issue!
2014-06-13 15:43
This has been an issue of mine for a couple of weeks now, and It's really annoying when trying to moviemake =)
2014-01-20 22:43
I have the same problem as well and my demo of me in my listen server plays back at 10FPS even though demos of online servers playback perfectly. The fix suggested by another user is to type in mp_restartgame 1 in the console and it allows you to playback your demo smoothly instead of it being incredibly laggy. It worked for me.
2014-02-08 17:15
me too having same problem, 10 fps in pov demos...:/
2014-03-04 16:13
I have the same problem. When i playback demo - game lagging, 10 fps. I change "fullscreen" to "fullscreen in window"(i don`t know, but i think it called so in English) and try to record and playback demo. Problem disappear. I change back to "fullscreen" - the same situation, no problem. Try, may be it can help you. (Sorry for my bad English)
2014-05-22 11:17
I've figured out the fix for this guys. You have to record your replay in the freeze time before it ends. Type mp_restartgame 1 and record before freezetime ends or your replay will lag.
2014-06-04 18:39
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fixed it, thanks :)
2015-02-19 13:07
Actually as long as any demo has your player switching sides / dying one time it will fix the demo. So on your own server, after you have recorded what you want to, just type kill in the console and switch sides once afterwards before you type "stop" to end the demo. Recording before freezetime isn't important and you don't need mp_restartgame either (even though it will fix it as well).
2015-02-19 13:10
I've got a slightly different problem: My demo (my POV) is lagging (though net_graph shows I have constant 168 fps) but the other POVs of my team mates (spectating after I die) are completely lag-free. What... ._.
2015-02-04 23:12
I had the same problem, but re-downloading the demo worked for me. Hope this works.
2015-06-23 11:51
I have same problem but with character , when i type in console startmovie name tga wav
2016-01-29 04:52
demo = demolition yes?
2016-01-29 05:03
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Europe Maver1kcs
2017-05-19 13:22
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