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It's not discussed enough that GO originally began development as a port of CSS for xbox live arcade. Most people know that. But if you really look at GO from a design perspective, almost every aspect seems to be designed around the idea that the user is playing on an xbox controller. I don't think this can even be denied. Looking at the facts: GO is the fastest-paced game in the franchise. It is the newest but has the smallest maps. Tagging is less pronounced. Getting kills is easier with less room for error. Run in Gun is not only possible but effective. Movement isn't that good. ADADADA is less of an issue on a controller than it is on the keyboard. Lots of console command bugs. Obvious UI and menu design elements. The list goes on. I'm not trying to start a flame war, but I don't think people who defend GO take this into account enough. If GO really was designed around xbox users, well that's a huge fucking non-starter for a lot of CS players, and it should be a concern to anyone who takes the game seriously competitively.
2013-12-15 04:33
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i dont understand your last paragraph. Who cares "what it was originally designed for" it shouldnt be a factor at all for "anyoone who takes the game seriously competitively". It should only be on how the game plays NOW, and how it will play in the near future. Counterstrike also came out on xbox. it was horrible no1 cared. Default CS controls used to have "turn keys" and not strafe keys... no1 cared.
2013-12-15 05:19
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I'm saying not enough has been done to cure this game of console-itis. People are giving Valve more credit than they deserve, saying this is the next evolution in counter-strike, when really the whole premise was to make a casual xbox marketplace game. There's a reason CoD comparisons are made. It was only a few months ago that valve implemented weapon based acceleration. Something that should have been a no brainer from the start, but because it's console there was no use for something like that. Valve needs to stop coasting and actually make an effort, but it seems they're too interested in bribing people with skins.
2013-12-15 05:50
no one cares bro
2013-12-15 05:51
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Denmark Danny D3
I care you care
2013-12-15 05:54
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we care
2013-12-15 12:32
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they care, I don't care
2013-12-15 13:37
The problem I have with this game is the huge amount of cheaters you can't get rid off. I love to play matchmaking since I have none to play with in leagues for example. But at the moment I am thinking of moving on and let the fps games be, because there is no other fps alive besides GO which combines some esport elements.
2013-12-15 05:57
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Czech Republic J0s3e
There are cheaters in every game, there have ALWAYS been cheaters, ever since online gaming begun. If a company like valve wants to create a competitive game, they need to think outside the box and actually re-design the game to being impossible cheating on, I mean I am no expert but how the FUCK are values of weapon spread, movement speed, accurracy/inaccuracy etc. client - sided values? That's just fucking wrong and gives an opportunity to play around with. While I am in no way defending the fucking scum without balls that cheaters are, counting on people not to cheat is not enough.
2013-12-15 10:53
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Czech Republic J0s3e
But, as said here before, they never wanted to create a competitive game, CS:GO was meant to be a casual shooter and that is what people somehow forgotten here.
2013-12-15 10:54
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ye and that is fucking sad, because csgo is the only "competitive" fps game alive.
2013-12-15 12:21
True. There are still so many things in this game that show its original purpose. Just start to ask yourself why certain game-designe decisions were made in the first place (e.g. the static crosshair that shows no correlation with the actual kickback, a thing that was like a brandmark of the previous CS versions, except for the XBOX version; or the missing air-acceleration that's impossible to use as efficient with a gamepad as with a mouse).
2013-12-15 06:45
+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000....................................2 infinity :D the game is a mod for consoles of cs:s and dont get me wrong i love cs:s but hate consoles
2013-12-15 06:45
Yeah cause the game has been updated on consoles. The new ui is fine and the buy menu is faster then the old buy menu. If the game was marketed for consoles they would focus on consoles they basically released a half-assed game on console and say okay thats good enough. Yes they did the same for pc but at least they pay attention to the pc community. Consoles got squat jack after the release.
2013-12-15 07:27
I think everybody knows that csgo is not ideal. Imo movement system from cs 1.6 should've been in the game, or at least valve should've made something alike, without affecting balance too much (like mwheeldown +duck should'nt be in the game - it was horrible, especially the way it affected hitboxes). The reason of removal of that could've been the one you mentioned, or it could've been casualization of the game. I dont think it matters. It still better than cs 1.6 imo, because of mm, overwatch and overall balance (weapon balance, skill balance). There was a lot of hidden tricks\skills in cs 1.6, so much, that sometimes players were overwhelmed by it (new players especially).
2013-12-15 09:25
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you can't make movement system from hl1 in new game or it will be very funny like it is in promod
2013-12-15 13:22
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how is promod movement funny? I think its flawless. :D
2013-12-15 13:33
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dunno i don't like it at all for me it's funny to see a 1.6 movement-animation with good textures.
2013-12-15 13:42
its for steam box
2013-12-15 11:25
They just wanted to unite PC and consoles players at one game. But they fucked up: everyone knows - Minput > gamepad in FPS-games. It brings PC-players huge advantage in accuracy/reaction-speed. People complain about movement, shooting-mechanics and so on every time but take a break here and imagine playing 1.6 on gamepad. Is it impossible? Stupid/retarded to play/watch? Yes, it is. That's why :GO is "so easy" compared with 1.6/:S. But now it's too late to change anything with this - whole engine should be re-worked, hence whole game should be.
2013-12-15 12:43
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... Or the players who dont like the game should quit playing and stop creating pointless hate threads with hate posts. Do you play any Barbie game? Let me guess: No. Because you dont like it, right? But you dont go on The Barbie website complaining the game is shit, do you? Then.......
2013-12-15 13:05
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Read this please: And yes, I played Barbie game when I was high as hell for ~3 hours. Did I like it? Can't say. Can't remember tbh.
2013-12-15 14:53
Eh, maps should be a bit bigger imo, spaces like quad or arch on inferno are far too thin. Or even banana
2013-12-15 13:15
most of things that you love in 1.6 is a bugs what didn't removed since quake 2 engine that was recreated into goldensource lol.
2013-12-15 13:21
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they weren't bugs, bugs get removed. There's such a thing as happy accidents, it happens in art all the time.
2013-12-15 16:48
Give back flashbug on nuke plx
2013-12-15 13:38
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