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new NiP documentary episode, no eng subtitles???
United Kingdom stato 
New NiP documentary episdoe out, but where the hell are the English subtitles? or is there an option to turn them on that im missing?
2014-01-01 19:52
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ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Theres no option, I guess they must've missed to add the subtitles or something.
2014-01-01 19:55
Maybe forgot/will add them later. :D heres the link if anyone doesnt have it:
2014-01-01 19:56
Slovakia kubiaxk 
I think they gonna fix it soon ... :D or not :)
2014-01-01 19:56
Ukraine potapUA 
Some nice Swedish guy make subtitles and upload on ybt ! :D
2014-01-01 19:58
Finland 6294 
Have already studied it about six years, no thanks :D
2014-01-01 20:03
France jaimez 
Do I look like a Swedish immigrant ? :[
2014-01-01 20:06
gonna fix ...?
2014-01-01 20:04
Good question to ask on a website they don't read.
2014-01-01 20:25
Ukraine potapUA 
By the way i like Swedish its a nice language idk why but it sounds so coool :D and i love this episodes too such a great idea
2014-01-01 20:13
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2014-01-01 20:27
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