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REC frag scene @ how?
Bosnia and Herzegovina NY033 
How to record frag scene in CS:GO (not by fraps its low qual.)? I know in 1.6 there was a program called HLAE and then u would transfer the pictures to VirtualDub but how to record in CSGO with hq?
2014-01-13 18:29
2014-01-13 18:39
fraps, startmovie
2014-01-13 18:41
Denmark  xeon 
Fraps aren't low quality at all. so i recommend you use that
2014-01-13 18:44
Poland tfg 
frap is not low qual lol
2014-01-13 18:48
startmovie in console -> virtual dub (? i don't edit much myself)
2014-01-13 19:06
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