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Titans problems
Switzerland NEIN 
Some thoughts about Titans recent matches: Sometimes I'm seriously wondering if Titans even try to read their opponents... They are known to watch a lot of demos of their opponents before the matches but still they are one of the worst teams when it comes to read their opponents mind. I barely remember VG ever doing a clever read and make a profit out of it (but since the rotation-times became so ridiculous short with GO, this has become less important anyways...but ofc it's still important, teams like coL make good profit with it). iBP's fakes today were so fucking obvious but Titans seem just unable to read their opponent's plans and use the right situations to get more infos. Maybe ex6tenz is just afraid of making a wrong call.. And their main problem is still there: Their mid-round-decisions are just terrible. So often you see situations where they actually managed to create a gap in the enemy's CT-setup but they fail to use it. And as soon as they get under pressure they start choking. In such situations they start playing completely different, like they're shitting their pants and everyone is afraid of making a mistake. Especially in such situations but also in general they barely try to play some more offensive rounds as CT. IMO this would benefit them a lot since their constant defensive CT play gives their enemies way too much freedom (they know they have nothing to fear as long as they don't get on the bombspots) and they actually have the firepower to play such things. Let alone the fact that they waste their eco-rounds to chit-chat, while teams like coL and iBP consistently kill 2-4 enemies in eco-rounds. And I would love to see their anti-eco-stats because they must be terrible. They lose so many guns in anti-eco-rounds, it's unbelievable. Often they don't even change their CT setup when playing an anti-eco..not sure if they fail to calculate their enemies money-situation or if they don't see why some things need to be played different in such situations in order to reduce the risk of loosing weapons and letting the enemy plant the bomb. A prime example of their "tactical stupidity": They play an anti-eco as T. They gathered ZERO information about their enemies setup and the best thing they know to do is doing a full-team-rush on the small-range-bombspot...surprise surprise, the entire enemy team is camping there and Titans get their asses handled. I mean really? Shit like that just shouldn't happen on top-level CS. You never wait like half the roundtime just to do a full-team-rush without having ANY information about your enemy's setup, especially in anti-eco where you can expect your opponents to make some risky shit. "Best tactical team" my ass. All they do very good is throwing good timed flashes and smokes. Titans, improve these things. Listen to my orders. Napoleon Bonaparte
2014-01-20 03:04
you are right :(
2014-01-20 03:10
napoleon best (titan wronk)
2014-01-20 03:12
I agree with you actually. I think ex6 is good for preparing these strats with smokes and flashes, he is a genius for that there is no doubt about it. But about reading their opponent they are one bad team let's be honest. Two final rounds against US teams they go on the wrong bombsite and get fooled.
2014-01-20 03:13
Switzerland NEIN 
One of their problem is that they often have way too less informations. Simply because they don't try to get them. As CT they're almost always just waiting on the bombspots while knowing nothing about the Ts. For example some "fakes" of iBP were so obvious. They threw some grenades on both bomspots, but on one bombspot they were only like 2-4 grenades, and then it became quiet. In such situations you sometimes have to take a risk and make some offensive move just to get some infos. For example if one of them had flashed mid, his mate could have taken a short peek at mid and realize that it was actually only 1 guy there and that everyone moved to banana. Knowing this would have helped so much. Knowing when to do things like that (it could also be a trick, "doing something that looks like it's an obvious fake when it's not a fake at all", my favorite thing to troll the enemies) is a very important skill. And the knowledge of how to use such infos is what separates the good IGL from the bad IGL. The IGL needs to see some patterns in the way the enemy plays (even playing random is a "pattern") but most of all: get a feeling for "how the enemy thinks". But of course an IGL can only do his job when his mates give him some infos. This is what made gob b an outstanding iGL. He used his players perfectly to gather infos and he was brilliant in evaluating and using these infos. And like I said: They should try to get more variety in their playbook. Especially as CT. You barely see them surprising enemies with an unexpected move, they seem to fear that it could go wrong so they stick with their very static, defensive and predictable system. They are actually very good trained in throwing timed flashes. They should use this to make some unexpected offensive moves from time to time. If you throw a perfect "golden flash" (meaning that one players throws a flash around the corner such that it explodes right when it comes around the corner and the second players move straight out), the risk is quite low but the peek allows you to get some important informations about the enemies or even catch some of them off-guard. Also it forces the enemy to always stay prepared, while this constant defensive CT play of Titans means the Ts have way too much room to move around safely.
2014-01-20 03:45
Switzerland NEIN 
Also as T they should more often play the classic "controlling the key areas, provoke the enemies to make mistakes (wrong offensive move/peek, unnecessary position change, handing out infos about their setup,..) and make merciless profit out of it". Teams like NiP do that way more often, while Titans too often decide already at the beginning of the round to do a certain strategy. Often I got the feeling that they simply don't know what's the best way to react on such mistakes of their enemies. They're very inefficient in using them.
2014-01-20 04:04
BE invasion
2014-01-20 03:13
Korea ws0 
I think you nailed it with the eco rounds, ex6 taking "time outs" like that is definitely stupid.. they should at least try to fuck up the other team's economy. Also, the mid-rounds rotates are awful almost every time. AND, VG were always known for using flashes/smokes perfectly to enter sites and trade frags efficiently.
2014-01-20 03:14
United Kingdom tomtmh 
I disagree I think it's very smart they take time outs, they usually take the next round because of it
2014-01-20 03:18
World fns1 
tl;dr but ure right in almost of your text, one thing: jw best
2014-01-20 03:21
Napoleon in titans
2014-01-20 03:27
They were playing a completely different game to their usual play style, you can tell they've changed a lot of setups by watching them play, I specifically noticed this on Nuke which imo use to be their best map.
2014-01-20 03:38
ye they changed d2 tho since smithz and scream now is shoxie with scream,nuke scream and shoxie to a from b and outside,,inferno smithz mostly being in b for 3 man setup etc,they need to get used to it more,and ofc work more on teamplay not just perfect nades, we can except just better perfomance at next tournaments that's it
2014-01-20 03:59
Holy shit... A kid that's trying to tell the most successful CSS team of all time and the best or even second best CS:GO team in the world how to play the game. Easy to sit there and talk trash with your x-ray mode and full screen map.
2014-01-20 03:58
Switzerland NEIN 
I'm Napoleon Bonaparte. I conquered whole Europe. Show some respect.
2014-01-20 04:02
Hungary ayeitsastro 
The other thing which was terrible as well imo, is the pistol rounds. I don't know what's happened with their aim, but they need to practice more with the pistol I guess. They lost all of the pistol rounds too. I'm still a fan, hope they will improve.
2014-01-20 04:02
They didn't lose all the pistol rounds. They won CT nuke and CT inferno for example.
2014-01-20 04:05
Hungary ayeitsastro 
well, okay that is only 2 rounds out of 8 or something like that... anyway they lost a lot rounds while the enemy was on eco, tho'
2014-01-20 04:10
That's the ones I could think of on the top of my mind. I'm pretty sure they won one on cache and probably dust2 aswell.
2014-01-20 04:12
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