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Portugal venzM 
I saw a lot of topics about gaming gear. I will write right here some news cellphones and you guys will tell whats the best, and why. Its just to change themes. THere all the same around here :( Here it comes : Iphone 3GS, IPHONE4, NOkia n97, Motorola droid, google phone (Nexus), Blackberies... Thats all come to my head right now, but post more phones :D
2010-08-23 00:35
how many IPHONE4 in portugal?
2010-08-23 00:38
Portugal venzM 
Actually, a lot... Portugal has more cellphones than ppl -.-
2010-08-23 00:40
I recently bought a HTC Desire, I love it, runs Android 2.2 which is fast and open, wouldn't trade for any other smartphone right now..
2010-08-23 00:40
Portugal venzM 
The OS is better than apple and nokia or even windows mobile ? I dont know much about smartphones, the only one i looked further was the N97 but the system is very, very slow :(
2010-08-23 00:43
Android is very cool yea, tons of apps and you are free to change about anything, so if you dont like the default email client or default sms client, just change them.. Also it has very good integration with stuff like Google maps, even has GPS navigation and all.. :)
2010-08-23 00:45
Portugal venzM 
The android seems cool yea, when i saw a commercial of a phone with it. HTC are kind of expensive here :D And you can update the software with no troubles ?
2010-08-23 00:47
My Desire came with Android 2.1 and was auto updated to 2.2 a few weeks ago.. :)
2010-08-23 00:51
1 ghz processor... Not bad at all damn. Here he costs 439. Well thank for show me that mobile, really appreciate :d
2010-08-23 00:54
actually Nokia3310 > all
2010-08-23 00:46
2010-08-23 00:48
and the 3330 version :-)
2010-08-23 00:50
ofcource i forget 3330 :)
2010-08-23 00:52
and besides this I have heard that these phones are problematic, and poses certain problems in the ear my opinion ofcourse :)
2010-08-23 00:52
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2010-08-23 00:55
yeah, i saw that too, and i saw that some of those melted inside. The iphone 4 come with a lot of problems, but the new ones are corrected
2010-08-23 00:56
and here we go another reply :D another problem: i read many issues about these modern lithium polymer batteries epsecially the nokia ones can explode very easly :D
2010-08-23 00:58
what battery is this ?
2010-08-23 01:00
a lithium polymer aka lipo wich is also used in note books, laptops, model cars/planes/helicopters and many more electronic devices. have a few of them :D when you got the right chargers with an balancer this will never happen. btw the former version of the lipo was the Lithium Ion aka li-ion wich was more dangerous. :D none modern devices are using this batteries anymore. but some chinese brands are still selling some updated lithium ions. i call them LIONS :D
2010-08-23 01:16
Almost 500E for buy something that will blow you off, literally
2010-08-23 01:00
anyway my opinion is that I like the Nokia and Nokia in general all
2010-08-23 01:03
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