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walle still ownz
2010-09-02 19:27
omg .......
2010-09-02 19:28 headshot and four random kills caused by the enemy´s unskill... but walle lucked against esuba
2010-09-04 20:44
Cheap Times...unskilled? wake up they're great.
2010-09-15 18:47
Does this mean he's back on the game?! Hope so... (H)
2010-09-02 19:30
4 shots against an eco doesn't tell that he is back in shape. Maybe its a nice move, but nothing else. I liked walle some years ago when he pwned da world, but now...its better if he retire and SK picks up Delpan. This is just my opinion.
2010-09-15 18:50
Same for Sunde.Both are burnedout This 2 giant better if retire. They are legends, but if they wanna show something new against the upcomming strong teams like : NaVi, fnatic, EG, or Tyloo from Asia. They must be change in lineups. Delpan 4 walle Friis 4 Sunde (Im an mTw Sunde fan, but still think this could be a better choice for the teams.)
2010-09-15 19:05
2010-09-02 19:30
yep, against eco, especially when sprays down the first guy from back with ~10-14 bullets... amazing frag :D
2010-09-02 19:31
Portugal venzM 
So you're saying that never happened to you ? ofc.. your play like what ? 3-4 years you're were always leet right ? He plays the fucking game for about 10 years and he can't have a bad moment ? YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO SK GAMING SO !
2010-09-02 19:44
Brazil Qi 
u write "WALL STILL FUCKING OWNZ" and now u say about bad shape? think something. Facepalm
2010-09-02 19:47
u write "WALL STILL FUCKING OWNZ" and now u say about bad shape? think something. Facepalm ->
2010-09-02 19:51
that was kinda of kidding but ok. *IRONY* But that comment above its for one who say that he suck.
2010-09-02 20:14
that's good to know...
2010-09-02 20:17
4 frags on an anti-eco and he's back in his best shape no, he still sucks
2010-09-02 19:31
this is the same guy who was writing comments like "you are noob", " I own your ass biatch" and stuff when I told him walle is no longer good.... very expected then! ;)
2010-09-02 21:06
haha true
2010-09-02 21:38
-.- ok. I was beeing ironic but drop it. But have a nice day in the internet sir !
2010-09-02 22:05
this action sucks
2010-09-02 20:04
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Hahahaha. Wow. Massive fail.
2010-09-02 20:06
tottaly agree...
2010-09-02 20:30
nothing special
2010-09-02 20:11
walle suck (hate me walle fan boys)=D
2010-09-02 20:25
2010-09-02 20:55
Netherlands Erty 
hate u
2010-09-02 21:14
2010-09-02 20:26
that was kinda of kidding but ok. *IRONY* But that comment above its for one who say that he suck. See above comments next time plz
2010-09-02 20:28
coool story bruddah
2010-09-02 20:28
Yeah, I espacially liked the first frag, hahaha. Most pointless cs video ever made.
2010-09-02 20:59
walle killed 4 ecos (1 from behind with half a magazine wasted). He clearly still ownz and will lead SK to be the top team in the world once again.
2010-09-02 21:02
that was kinda of kidding but ok. *IRONY* But that comment above its for one who say that he suck. See above comments next time plz but ok you're all pro gamers
2010-09-02 21:21
Can you stop copying and pasting the same thing to everyone saying that it's eco, they aren't talking about some comment you've made above, they're just saying it's a shit action.
2010-09-03 21:31
2010-09-02 21:15 best ace <3 :D
2010-09-02 21:18 is way better.
2010-09-03 21:31
no imho on my nice reflex and accuracy on your only 5 sprays with awp
2010-09-04 18:46
How do you spray with an AWP?
2010-09-04 21:10
i mean turn on zoom and hold left mouse button then you shoot every bullet on center of your screen like a fastzoom (sry 4 bad english)
2010-09-04 21:19
I doubt that's the way he does it.
2010-09-05 17:20
nice frags( for normal players of course) :D
2010-09-02 21:44
Normal players? Wth is normal players to you?
2010-09-03 21:32
not the players in top ten teams .you got what i meant . it is not an amazing frags. in fact there isnt any hs neither. edit: and against eco
2010-09-03 22:22
It wouldn't be nice frags for me, and I'm FAR from the top teams.
2010-09-04 12:22
LOL this gotta be the worst -4 eco ever
2010-09-02 21:49
2010-09-02 22:06
the award for the worst ironic joke goes toooooooooooo venzt :D
2010-09-02 22:09
2010-09-02 22:10
2010-09-02 22:11
You weren't at all you are a real walle fanboy and you think this is awesome.
2010-09-03 21:32
its for every one see ... seems that they haven't any intelligence at all so i got to explain... :P
2010-09-02 22:15
2010-09-02 22:25 Yeah it's so nice when he uses 15 bullets for the first guy who's barely moving and is facing walle with his back.
2010-09-03 21:33
If ur speaking about the video u posted, he surely wasn't flashed was he???!?!?! *IRONY* (see what i did there?) And now u gonna say, lol he wasnt flashed!!! Well in ESL stream and probably DH stream aswell, u wont see the flash effect, so when he regain sight, he started spraying.
2010-09-04 22:11
I can see all that too. It still is a shitty spray.
2010-09-05 17:19
nothing special :/
2010-09-02 22:57
vs eco.
2010-09-03 20:53
Perfect control sensitivity
2010-09-03 21:22
Nothing I wouldn't do.
2010-09-03 21:33
but you are super high skilled, when somebody retires from fnatic you will step in :D
2010-09-03 22:19
No, but what walle does here isn't super high skilled?
2010-09-04 12:21
CS is the only thing he is good at and maybe smoking too :P he probably doesn't want to quit
2010-09-04 12:24
Soon he's no good at CS either. He'd probably be able to take up a SpawN role in SK and maybe with SteelSeries?
2010-09-04 12:30
A "WALL" may still own... However walle is far from owning :P Try linking a video with some frags worth watching rather than, dribble spray on #1 a lack of headshot on #2 and #3/4 on red hp.
2010-09-03 21:58
:) good vs eco :\
2010-09-04 12:32
Eco Power; long range hahaha yeah he is back !!! nice spray bro
2010-09-04 12:51
BRILLIAT ECO -4 BY WALLE! so beautiful and professional it sucks.
2010-09-04 19:21
said Moldovian, do u have any clan in ur nab country? =D
2010-09-04 20:17
ofc no
2010-09-04 20:33
said Polish, do you have any clan in ur nab country except for Fx? Just quit it, he's allowed to say his opinion.
2010-09-04 20:42
he said nothing bad about poland, so dont start that shit here plz
2010-09-05 17:44
change name to "retard" because you deserve it
2010-09-15 18:34
Join to FX and show what you can do against SK Gaming. You will become the new Penguin from ex-PING.
2010-09-15 19:03
Lithuania omq 
say what you want haters, u can't own walle 1v1 awp.
2010-09-04 21:06
its forum, we sharing our opinion, only astronauts can talk about space?
2010-09-05 17:53
4 frags on an anti-eco and none of them are HS and he's back in his best shape
2010-09-04 21:39
Other ch4z 
Easy kills -.-
2010-09-05 17:57 bad.
2010-09-15 04:46
No the edit sucks not walle
2010-09-05 18:33
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
cool story br0
2010-09-15 05:00
wow cool
2010-09-15 11:38
teams > players
2010-09-15 15:02
2010-09-15 15:36
2010-09-15 18:33
this was a great move (
2010-09-15 20:01
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