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:) its a good design for
Spain draxonii 
:) its a good design for, not do?
2010-04-05 12:23
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not do??? what do you mean exactly??? :S :D:D
2005-09-16 19:36
Denmark werge 
i think he is a Newb :D
2005-09-18 14:15
well... maybe :D
2005-09-18 14:59
heH just my idea :P
2005-09-21 16:23
Not all are that good at english. So please keep your lame comments for yourself.
2005-10-18 01:05
Sweden nibb 
2011-11-17 19:51
Euehueh cool :D
2005-09-16 19:58
Denmark soukz 
Realy nice site ;)
2005-09-16 20:16
Israel gaH 
very nice [-design-]
2005-09-16 20:55
Really like it, ye. :)
2005-09-16 21:15
Slovakia lao 
nice gj
2005-09-16 21:16
Austria Pura. 
very very nice;)
2005-09-17 14:16
yeah, the site is a lot better than the old one. The greatest thing is, that you can upload demoes to the site now.
2005-09-19 10:28
thats cool yes :]
2005-09-19 16:56
heH :D just my idea
2005-09-21 16:23
France eeb 
Very cool website, clear, fast.. the old one was great too! Nevermind, we have to be "fashonable" nowaday..
2005-09-28 09:41
yeah...this website is very very nice...the first one was nice too!
2005-10-06 21:24
ye i liked the old design too but now i have more an id of a community instead of just an offer for hltv demo's /bookings goodjob guys!
2005-10-17 23:38
yeah, its cool. better then the old one :)
2005-10-19 00:40
I'm not quite understanding with your [b]question[/b] ? ..
2005-10-29 13:19
Any one whant pcw Now ...?
2005-10-30 09:14
Everything is much better now. All the features and the dreamteam on top of all, I could never have imagined like this just some years back.
2010-06-18 09:56
and that's why you reanimate a 5 year old thread?!
2010-06-18 10:04
Why create a new thread :) ?Im bored I read the forum rules, & I did nothing wrong edit--- I seriously did not plan on posting a reply on this thread, im killing some time in the office cause lack of acitvity early in the moring and read old threads, but I will be more carefull next time :)
2010-06-18 10:19
haha, don't we all know this situation I just wanted to know the reason. you know, there are users who do it just to annoy us.. and since I'm a forum admin I'm perfectly aware of the rules, but thanks :P
2010-06-18 10:56
I think hes talking about this web design that has now.
2010-06-18 12:52
Netherlands fkn- 
Oke, Sherlock!
2010-06-18 14:17
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