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R5 CSGO : Team Sponsorship
World ronin5 
Hello, Im here as representative for Ronin5 Gaming, a brand new gaming org formed earlier this year. As our main focus right now is on CS:GO, We are currently looking for a team to represent our brand : PLAYERS CRITERIA - All 5 players should be 18 years of age or older - All 5 players needs to be mature and able to show professional attitude. Meaning, humble in victory and gracious in defeat. - You want to take the next step and gain the skills necessary to work as a professional gamer for the future of CS:GO TEAM CRITERIA - After signing the contract, the team needs to have a solid and fixed roster throughout the contract, meaning, team will needs to stay with same roster or not having more than 1 roster change until the end of the season. It is important for the team chemistry as we are looking for a team who want to grow together with us for long term, not just a one-off. - Have experience in at least one CSGO competitive league/tournaments below : ESEA, CEVO, ESL, ESWC, WCG, CPL - Team is currently playing for Main or Invite division and has been around for at least 1 year - Able to present achievements in both leagues and tournaments for the past year or two - Team must consistently in communication with us in terms of team development - Team captain/IGL should have a plan and consistent practice schedule (which includes strategy discussion and game play review as well as in-game practice) WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Ronin5 Gaming Sponsorship package includes travel and lodging to attend major LAN event (conditions apply), gaming gears, jerseys, and tournaments entry fees. Our website ( and sponsors are still in progress. But if you are interested to apply, please send your application (in english) to Thank you! -Ronin5 Gaming
2014-02-26 01:43
Apologize. here is the correct link to the website :
2014-02-26 01:44
gl , best wishes
2014-02-26 01:45
you might want to specific upon the region of the team you're willing to sponsor. such as from American Region/Europe. anyways goodluck!
2014-02-26 01:47
The application is open for all regions but our eyes are set for either NA, Europe, or South East Asia So yes, even Indonesian team can apply :) Thank you!
2014-02-26 01:50
lol no way :D
2014-02-26 07:03
Lithuania jaska420 
It's better to collect team of same nationality, language barriers doesn't add anything up to teams. Look at NiP and Titan, Fnatic, iBP all of them have same nationality squads, it's a HUGE plus.
2014-03-11 19:30
That is true, thats why if its for EU I rather get a steam from same nationality. If its NA, doesnt really matter since everyone speak english :)
2014-03-11 19:52
sounds promising atleast! good luck dudes :)
2014-02-26 01:47
Thank you!
2014-02-26 01:53
gl guys!
2014-02-26 08:19
Thanks guys :) We got a lot of applications already, this forum is really helpful!
2014-02-26 09:33
Now that's something new :D hltv helpful :D
2014-02-26 09:54
2014-02-26 11:57
Good luck!
2014-02-26 09:54
LOL This is all lies. Its some russian kid about to waste a lot of gullible peoples time. (conditions apply) oOOoOps you didnt meet our conditions, bl teeheehee :D NOLANFORU
2014-02-26 10:49
Conditions apply meaning they have to perform a good result online first before we put the team to a test on LAN :) In case you are curious. And no, we are not Russian.
2014-02-27 04:41
Not sure what to make of this, but frankly, if have a lot to offer you should rather contact teams directly . That way you know what you get and the chance of success is much bigger.
2014-02-26 10:57
I don't agree with that. There are so many teams and the orga clearly still being in developing stages putting this kind of post up works perfect. Why do the extra work when the teams can and should do it :)
2014-02-26 12:08
Well, there'll be far more work for them now that they have to go through 10s of bs applications.
2014-02-26 19:17
They can easily tell if the team meets their requirements. Of course there are teams and players they should contact but those are very few. Maybe the recently released Cursive team or some of the players from TBA etc. But to start going thru all main/invite teams it would be totally useless. Also they can (as possible future employers) go thru the applications and see who did the best. If there is a new promising line who puts forth a detailed application with detailed describtion they are worth looking into. It's way easier to read aplications than go thru the scene asking.
2014-02-26 19:43
This is definitely our purpose : to make our life easier since we don't have that much time to scroll thru all Invite/Main teams one by one. We are working day n night :(( Indeed its more work, but its for worth it. We are very young org and we want a young team.. who is underdog.. and might be under the radar for now, we never know.. but thats the fun of it.
2014-02-27 04:49
I agree. In fact, we did already before even posting this on the forum
2014-02-27 04:43
looks decent
2014-02-26 11:59
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
2014-02-26 12:40
gl with that
2014-02-26 12:42
I think it's a bit untrustable IMO. Brand new org, still searching for sponsors and they promise travel + entry fees to lan tournaments? Where are those money going to come from? If they don't manage to attract enough good sponsors? Themselves? And how long will that last? =))) My prediction: A failure
2014-02-26 13:21
+ i found that a lil fishy too
2014-02-26 14:05
Our main goal is to focus on the result before even thinking about finding sponsors. We are not looking to win instantly or aiming to get money from sponsors. We are not aiming to be a top team, at least not right now. We want to be the underdog, we will lose a lot, we might win some, but we will grow and become a strong team that can compete with some of the best teams. We set up an initial funds to let our team grow and able to play on one LAN per year. It is a very small sacrifice for us considering the founders (me and my partner) also have a full-time job in real life. It is very promising for any team and its all part of our business plan. We would appreciate your support here guys. We are not here to make enemies. Thank you!
2014-02-27 04:28
well then you can't expect any good teams to apply, no serious team wants to sign itself over for 1 lan for an entire year, outright cancelling it's chances to be picked up by any other organization, since i assume your contract has exclusive clauses
2014-02-27 08:14
Our condition is pretty simple actually : We need our team to show good result over a year in both Online and one big major LAN within a year, then we will discuss about the future (extension of the contract). Any org I believe would do the same. But that is our thing to figure out, for now we just want the team to focus on what lies in front of them and winning as many tournaments / leagues. We are not looking for a good team, we are looking for a team that is good enough to put some time and dedication to becomes a good team.
2014-02-27 16:04
well then you're either looking for a good team that can qualify to major LANs, or a team that can't ....obviously any organization preffers the best team possible let's suppose you recruit some top5 swedish team, and they qualify to 1 major lan, you send them there, then they qualifty for another lan, but you cant send them cus you're out of money, but you forced to sign contract for a whole year, so now they have to leave your organization in order to find more funding, either they have to pay you to get out of their contracts, or violate them outright, OR stay with you and lose chances any team that asks for contract signing also has to provide proper funding, if you cannot do so, you cannot expect a contract to be signed, and any serious team will never sign a contract with such restrictions, you must rethink your strategy , or else you will only attrack sub-tier teams that cannot qualify to lans at all.
2014-03-11 20:14
As I said before, we are not interested in a top team or the best team. So you are not reading this topic very well. We only explained how our funding, contractual, and financial support works during interview with the team we are interested in, so unfortunately I don't have any reason to explain it here. One thing you must know is that you can't ask for an organization for a LAN travel support while being unable to give good results online, or being nervous about the condition. Again, do not compare us with any other org who is just looking for the best team. Life isn't that convenient.
2014-03-12 01:11
good read, gl with the search.
2014-02-26 14:13
Thank you. really appreciate your support!
2014-02-27 04:32
- Have experience in at least one CSGO competitive league/tournaments below : ESEA, CEVO, ESL, ESWC, WCG, CPL and u post it here? in forum? cmon
2014-02-26 19:27
After we contacted few teams we like to invite, we also posted on ESEA and then We've been told by a lot of our friends that those 2 forums are the best ones for CS:GO community :)
2014-02-27 04:42
Zix | 
Dominican Republic Critias 
why don't you get hudzg's team or grayface?
2014-02-27 09:59
Could you link me their team link? We can't seems to find it
2014-02-27 16:19
Zix | 
Dominican Republic Critias 
no, I do not know them personally. I just give you an option.
2014-02-27 16:30
Don't bother. It won't last long.
2014-02-27 16:31
bump. we got some applicants but we havent find one that fits, so decided to bump this thread. we will open the applications until next sunday. thanks guys :)
2014-03-06 01:28
Can i add you on steam ? If yes drop it here.
2014-03-06 01:58
2014-03-06 04:46
HORSE ATTACK SQWAD stronk i heard.
2014-03-06 01:33
2014-03-06 01:50
On the about section of your website it reads: '' We at Ronin5 Gaming currently looking for a team for our CS:GO division. (...)'' My english isn't perfect, but i think you are missing an ''are'' after the word ''Gaming''. Without it sounds pretty much as brokened engletsch (._.') GL, GL & more GL (/._.)/ EDIT: Did CPL/WCG ever hold any GO event ?
2014-03-06 01:57
haha thanks for noticing it :) will fix it nah, but i figured GO players who had 1.6 experience is always a plus
2014-03-06 04:38
BUMP. We just got our first CSGO roster and close to sign the deal, but we decided to have another roster since we got support from our friend at web hosting company that allows us having a bit of extra cash. Team from NA/EU will get priority. Apply by sending in your team past list of achievements and motivation at : Thank you!
2014-03-11 19:07
What is the lineup of the team that you are signing ?
2014-03-11 19:57
Why don't you just put that extra money towards the lineup you just got. A new org getting 2 teams doesn't seem like the best idea...
2014-03-11 20:10
it's actually a terrible idea, they obviously don't care about sending these teams to any major lans since they are wasting money, they just want a tier3 team that plays online only, dissapoiting to say the least. such unproffesional behaviour is very harmful to esports, and such organizations should not be allowed to SCAM people over with restrictive contracts.
2014-03-11 20:15
I agree with everything you just said
2014-03-11 22:30
The reason why are thinking of another team is because we want to focus on different territory. Everything is not set in stone so things can still change. Talking about restriction, please stop looking at things so negatively. A team can look at it as a motivation to show that they are worth for our support. And besides, our team actually requested for support to attend a LAN event next month and we do have budget and will support them partially outside the one fully-supported LAN we set as a goal to achieve. So, please do not sprout nonsense if you don't know anything about how we work. Each organization has different rules and expectation. You can't just expect everyone run on the same guidelines and that is something you gotta understand. I never understand people who enjoy attacking others without even trying to understand it first. Please learn to calm down. Its okay if you express your opinions, but do it with respect, not abuse. This is why CS:GO community never grow. Too much negativity and prejudice. I sincerely hope things will get better and less negative people in the future.
2014-03-12 01:45
The CS:GO scene is growing btw
2014-03-12 21:42
You have a good point, things are not set in stone and in case we couldn't find or change our mind, that extra funds will definitely be used for the first team.
2014-03-12 01:16
2014-03-12 01:54
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