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NobleCoin Sponsors Reliable.CA, "snk" rejoins as new 5th
Canada miKnutty 
Along with their newly acquired Reliable Gaming Network sponsor, RG.Canada has added another financial juggernaut to their list of sponsors and has become the first ever CS:GO team to be sponsored by any form of cryptocurrency. For those of you who are unfamiliar with NobleCoin, it is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency similar to Bitcoin & DogeCoin. NobleCoin uses cryptography to control and secure the creation and transfer of wealth, and allows its users to make private and secure transactions globally in less than 30 seconds. With NobleCoin backing RG.Canada financially, they are planning to attend the qualifier for DreamHack Summer 2014 in Sweden as their first international LAN event. NobleCoin's lead developer "Rofo" had this to say about the sponsorship. "NobleCoin is extremely excited to be pairing up with RG.Canada, sponsoring the only Canadian professional team in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. As a relatively newer Crypto, NobleCoin has already established themselves as a cryptocurrency for the people, donating over $5000 to "The Water Project" providing clean drinking water for people in Africa. We’re avid gamers over here, at least until cryptocurrency took up most of our time, and teaming up with the gaming scene feels like something that was meant to be. Being able to provide the funds for RG.Canada to compete internationally and put Canada back on the map eSports wise, is a huge win for us. Moving forward, we will continue to prove our dedication RG.Canada and to "you" the gaming community, by including Newegg, Amazon and Steam Wallet gift cards as key products in our marketplace. They will be sold at a 12% discount until July when bought using the cryptocurrency NOBL." After RG.Canada’s poor showing at ETS Lan in Montreal this past weekend, a possibility of a roster shake up wasn't a huge surprise. With Season 16 right around the corner RG.Canada has decided to add Daren "snk" Cooper to the roster and in doing so, replaces Evan "emode" Patrao as their new 5th. snk played along side miKnutty, STATUTORY_APE and daps last season with Dynamo Gaming (ESEA-Invite) so it looks as if they are trying to find the same chemistry that had them competing with the top teams in North America during the beginning of last season. Check out miKnutty’s interview with Sadokist at ETS LAN here(,, discussing both the RG and Noblecoin sponsorship as well as RG.Canada’s intensions moving forward into Season 16. For those of you who are interested in finding out more about RG.Canada's new sponsor Noblecoin, check out their beginners guide ( and learn how to start earning your own NOBL today! RG.Canada's new starting five is: Damien "daps" Steele Mitch "GlOOORiNSZ" MacInnis Michael "miKnutty" Vitaterna Daren "snk" Cooper Cory "STATUTORY_APE" Bate
2014-03-04 21:48
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African Union wtbx 
2014-03-04 21:50
Canada thats who!
2014-03-05 01:51
statutory ape is a fucking monster, this team can turn heads if he does well
2014-03-04 21:52
Lithuania alon9 
wow, a Canadian team in Europe. Haven't seen anyone after (which was like 7 years ago)
2014-03-04 21:53
The good old days. I was still in high school.
2014-03-04 23:57
I wasn't even alive.
2014-03-05 02:39
2014-03-06 07:07
blood elf
2014-03-07 01:27
2014-03-04 21:55
A Canadian team again woo! Glad to see them back on track!
2014-03-04 22:20
France cedd 
snk is a beast, imo they should replace miknutty too but this is on the right track
2014-03-04 22:25
I remember miknutty played really well at the beginning of last season before the hitman ban. I think having his AWP with the support of 4 solid riflers around again will make this team dangerous
2014-03-04 22:35
Right now Canadian CS has some really good teams in, Homeless and savage. Good luck making LAN
2014-03-04 22:33
homeless isnt an canadian team , and please dont tell me you really think rg and savage r good.. RG failed so bad at ETS, dont know bout savage with the new changes.
2014-03-05 03:05
Best of luck to Reliable.CA, been waiting for the day to see Canada back in Europe!
2014-03-05 01:20
gl Canada
2014-03-05 02:51
wont even reach top 50 u can quote me on this
2014-03-05 03:15
I'm pretty sure they already are in the top 50 if they're playing invite no?
2014-03-05 04:10
2014-03-05 04:14
someone is clearly misinformed...
2014-03-05 22:50
Where is canada ? krkrkr
2014-03-05 03:44
somewhere very cold ;)
2014-03-05 08:51
haha I bet!
2014-03-05 16:37
-8 still mid march lol
2014-03-17 01:23
gl broes!
2014-03-05 03:47
great to see a crypto getting involved with esports! Hats off to NobleCoin, looks like a very undervalued coin.
2014-03-05 22:19
mining it now!
2014-03-06 07:03
gl guys
2014-03-05 22:29
2014-03-07 01:28
you can buy silver and gold bullion with NobleCoin? nuts.
2014-03-19 15:31
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