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**** Face It TV
World RonMexicooo 
This is unbelievable. The community has spoken!!!! E Frag is so much better than Face It. So mad right now.
2014-03-07 20:58
France rsi_rise 
why is everyone going mad on the streams? what happened?
2014-03-07 20:59
Faceit staff forcing E-Frag TV to turn off their stream because their have 'the right' or 'the licence' to stream it
2014-03-07 21:01
Face It is forcing E Frag to stop streaming the NiP-HellRaisers match because of copyright issues even though they have 7000 more viewers.
2014-03-07 21:00
Norway Flick 
If they don't have rights to stream GSL, they shouldn't.
2014-03-07 21:02
I dislike both, but i'd rather watch faceIT. A deal, is a deal, gsl and FaceIt had an agreement. You can't just stream any game you like. They pay for it - they decide who streams it.
2014-03-07 21:01
2014-03-07 21:25
2014-03-08 17:46
2014-03-08 17:57
Norway Flick 
watching faceit TV right now and don't see any problems. gg
2014-03-07 21:01
GSL decides who has to shut down their stream, not FACEIT. However, there was an agreement, which is the reason GSL forced E-Frag to shut it down.
2014-03-07 21:06
+1 understandable
2014-03-07 21:33
World niko~ 
That's how it's meant to be. Efrag don't have the right to cover these games. Stop QQing.
2014-03-07 21:06
Brazil autismo 
if they have no right to cast the game how the hell they have the GOTV ip?
2014-03-07 21:08
they have a good cast but they can't break an agreement like that
2014-03-07 21:08
Faceit tv.... Those casters are piles of shit. Braindead monkeys would be better. But why couldn't you stream any game you want..?
2014-03-07 21:11
Dreamhack and GSL are like that. They make agreements with casters beforehand thus making it exclusive to some channels.
2014-03-07 21:24
f0rest | 
Portugal KSED 
If FACEIT wanted to stream the next match, that would be fine... But EFrag started streaming NiP, they should be able to finish it, at least.
2014-03-07 21:16
simply ban faceit tv from the internet... simply impossible to find a much worser caster than him...
2014-03-07 21:17
FaceIt lost all my respect. EfragLive <3
2014-03-07 21:20
World wtbx 
faceit havent done anything wrong you freaking idiot
2014-03-08 18:06
Peru Leko 
u mud?
2014-03-08 18:13
2014-03-07 21:21
TBH a deal is a deal but yeah faceit guys are clueless and shit casters
2014-03-07 21:23
seems fair, but i thought e frag was official stream?
2014-03-07 21:27
yes we are
2014-03-07 21:39
your original comment was "Yes" why changed?
2014-03-07 21:37
problems with internet, yes we are
2014-03-07 21:40
so why no stream for the finals?
2014-03-07 21:43
then i dont get it :P
2014-03-07 21:42
fucking idiots faceit sux ass
2014-03-07 21:31
it's not world final match in football, its CSGO ! :S
2014-03-07 21:31
Read #7. Not FaceIT's decision.
2014-03-07 21:32
2face is my favourite streamer.He is really a nice guy,also he knows whats going on at the scene so i really prefered his stream ;).Sadly,faceit tryed to look like cunts
2014-03-07 21:32
2face? Availer is the caster
2014-03-07 21:38
are u retarded ?2face is the nickname of one of the casters,who is e-frag manager ;).He was also the first to start casting at this chanel ;)
2014-03-08 09:40
But didn't cast this match, as it was Availer.
2014-03-08 17:40
who cares? efrag sucks too
2014-03-07 21:36
faceit should hire different casters instead... that´s bullshit for the community... if they want to see a different caster casting the game, they shouldn´t be forced to listen to a much worse caster !!!
2014-03-07 21:39
I don't wanna pay to watch this game, oh wait it's FREE! But I want an english stream, oh wait it IS an english stream! Brats complaining just to complain. Why not air all the football matches on free TV channels...
2014-03-07 21:43
ppl was only watching efrag for the giveaways not for the casters cause they are not good ;)
2014-03-07 21:44
Guys we'ld like to explain what happened with this game and hopefully we'll be making a thread soon that describes exactly all that happened including the miscommunication and confusion. A small synopsis, it's not a huge problem at all, it was just a simple mistake between GSL and E-Frag. GSL expecting E-Frag to cast in serbian since facetv have license for the english stream. The casters were not aware and casted the game, we were told to shut down mid way. In the middle of casting such an incredible game, in the heat of the moment we thought they were just closing us because of the competition, we had no knowledge of what was going on. iFactv deserved 100% to cast that game, it was our fault for casting when they had the license and it was our mistake. We take back anything we said because it was out of hand and we were unaware of the situation. We had the go-go then suddenly we couldnt cast. We've spoken to GSL and faceitTV and so there are no issues hopefully. E-frag don't have anything against ifacetv and in-fact during the stream we did give a good word for them and were referring to them throughout. We are very sorry for the confusion, hate and problems caused by it. Hopefully next time there will be more organisation and this wont happen again. We thank everyone for understanding. Faceit is a very high quality stream that is doing so much for CS:GO, a stream that I watched and will continue to watch. Thanks, Sorry for the supposedly short synopsis.
2014-03-07 22:18
France rsi_rise 
Everything's all right then.
2014-03-07 22:24
Thank you for even casting! CSGO needs more casters, especially more like you guys. No hate against FaceIt, was just bummed you couldnt finish out the game at least. Hopefully see you soon!
2014-03-07 22:25
No problem, even though the license thing is ridiculous. People should be able to cast whatever they want on twitch. Either way, you're a good caster. If you get a decent studio mic and start your own thing in csgo you can definitely make it far and eventually get to cast events. Just make sure to keep your stream serious, not much jerking around and tune down on the giveaways as they're abit distracting. It's nice to give something out to people but have to do it SO much and interrupting what is happening in the game because there is some announncement of some dude winning some skins is not always nice. Either keep up!
2014-03-08 17:44
you do realize the people organizing, funding, scheduling, and setting up tournaments deserve respect right? without them there would be no games to stream in the first place
2014-03-08 17:49
Who said they don't have respect though? If their stream is great and everyone loves them, people are gonna tune in no matter what.
2014-03-08 17:54
"even though the license thing is ridiculous. People should be able to cast whatever they want on twitch."
2014-03-08 18:09
Yeah? It's not like facit had 0 viewers. I still believe the license thing is ridiculous. And if I'm not mistaken, it's not even facit that has anything to do with that tournament other than casting it.
2014-03-08 18:18
They own the server/GOTV, they host the tournament - They can do whatever they want. The only thing is ridiculous are people who think like you.
2014-03-08 19:56
They don't own the game, they don't own twitch. Having licenses of their "tournaments" is still stupid. They can do whatever they want, it's still ridiculous.
2014-03-08 22:06
faceittv stream chat so die... becouse they banned maybe over 50% efrag watchers haha...
2014-03-07 22:49
Money is everything
2014-03-07 23:07
United States tHm 
No, fuck you.
2014-03-08 17:43
Obeying agreements is one of the most important things...
2014-03-08 18:04
Germany VxO4 
e who?
2014-03-08 22:07
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