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1.6 Fatal error after update
India suckopticalmouse 
1. Can't login to steam now 2. Before that 1.6 crashing with some 'Fatal Error....' 3. What do I do? 4. Is it true Valve is taking out an update right as we speak to rectify this? - On behalf of all the 1.6 people who just got fucked in the ass
2014-03-13 21:54
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i can't open 1.6 too it says could not load library
2014-03-13 21:56
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+1 i same problem :/ 1.6 dead
2014-04-17 13:40
Same here, looks like Valve shut it down
2014-04-17 18:13
Spain Donra
Same problem here!
2014-03-13 21:57
Same error for me but can still see some friends playing 1.6 Verifying game cache integrity does nothing
2014-03-13 22:11
2014-03-13 22:00
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+1 on this question. Any viruses come along with the update or just files got fucked? We need an answer on this one people.
2014-03-13 22:03
I have a HL screen when I opened it, Valve still destroying 1.6 for have more people playing the shittiest cod go
2014-03-13 22:01
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Same here. Half Life screen. Fucking douchebags.
2014-03-13 22:03
same here.
2014-03-13 22:14
me too :((
2014-03-13 22:48
NOOOO not my 1.6 :(
2014-03-13 22:04
Algeria SHeTaN
same :(
2014-03-13 22:07
What they fck doing ...
2014-03-13 22:08
2014-03-13 22:10
I cant even start steam
2014-03-13 22:12
Same problem :/
2014-03-13 22:12
I think its because of steam or something..steam was down
2014-03-13 22:12
well my steam is off, but still i can play 1.6 and server's are appearing in my favorites. Although the number of player's in the server's are low, so i assume that people like me can open 1.6 and other's don't.
2014-03-13 22:13
steam being hacked dont update your games
2014-03-13 22:15
didn't update, but 1.6 seems to be corrupted
2014-03-13 22:15
Goddamit we need answers Valve -_-
2014-03-13 22:16
Can't open 1.6 either
2014-03-13 22:17
1st useless update that turns game into pice os sh*t. Now this. Valve send pretty clear massage: "We don;t care about players, we want your money, buy Global Offensive"
2014-03-13 22:20
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stop being a stupid clueless moron, it's hackers attack not steam fault however they should have better defenses for cases like this.
2014-03-13 22:23
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All mighty update in 2013 that destroy game, was too hacers attack? And "child" don;t call someone "moron" if y don;t know him. Or mby y are juts like young people in my cuntry, not soo mature.
2014-03-13 22:40
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I am talking about your "and know this". I know about the update that valve did. And don't cal me child if you don't know me. You where the one whining about valve in the first place. And as far as I know, you can put the game like it was with some config changes so who cares. What you call and know this was the hackers fault not valve. How I love to see you blame others when you don't know shit. And I call you moron because that's what I can say about you concerning you first post. Have a f**king good day.
2014-03-13 22:50
2014-03-13 22:26
stupid valve
2014-03-13 22:32
I remmember same sh*t @ 2013. Whats next ?
2014-03-13 22:32
playing no-steam 1.6 ;)
2014-03-13 22:33
i cant fucking play some stupid half life dude
2014-03-13 22:34
its the only game i have
2014-03-13 22:36
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2014-03-13 22:40
2014-04-17 13:46
So these morons from Valve did everything they could to destroy 1.6 and when that didn't work, at least not completely, they decided to fucking literary kill it with this shit.
2014-03-13 22:36
It's working now! Just restart steam and let the update run and it should work! I'm playing with my friends already (DJ found the solution)
2014-03-13 22:41
déja vu
2014-03-13 22:38
neko 5?
2014-03-13 22:38
2014-03-13 22:39
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read #45, it works already
2014-03-13 22:40
ok back. thank you god!!! :)))
2014-03-13 22:40
we keep it real 1.6
2014-03-13 22:40
2014-03-13 22:42
I think it's back since there's a new 1.6 update
2014-03-13 22:43
valve solved the problem.
2014-03-13 22:47
159.8 mb update
2014-03-13 23:23
you ddont understand 1.6ers? valve put 1.91 csgo and make update for 1.6 to beug it so stop palying old games and move ur ass to csgo
2014-03-15 21:43
download the update..
2014-03-17 18:36
I'm getting this again today
2014-04-17 02:44
Slovakia DellCore
it starting half life all the time and im getting fatal error right now...
2014-04-17 03:12
They're trying to tell you guys to move on xD
2014-04-17 03:37
same here :D
2014-04-17 03:39
HAHAHAHA 1.6 deaddddder than deadddd
2014-04-17 03:52
the game is deaddddd play mario or solitare pls
2014-04-17 11:00 hmmmm weird
2014-04-17 11:05
Netherlands JUNG13
Shiiiit! D: And I was up till 5 am, figuring out where is the issue, verified game cache, deleted valve folders from registry, deleted .blob files and so on... Ended up uninstalling the game, installed again and it's still not working~_~ Went to sleep very late, got a sleepover and a wake-up call from my boss, now lost a profit of around 50$, from an order I didn't manage to complete in time and also I could be fined for 1.5 hour late! :( All regards to velva!
2014-04-17 11:09
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Or you could just have went to bed earlier and fixed the game when you came home? Wtf
2014-04-17 12:09
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Netherlands JUNG13
yeah man, I agree it's my fault too! but ffs, why issue an update that will crush perfectly working game?! How could I know it's not my Steam or hardware problem? I just came home late, a little bit high and wanted to enjoy some gathers xD
2014-04-17 13:10
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Denmark Danny D3
That doesn't seem like a fix, rather a temporary solution if it works
2014-04-17 11:20
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it's the best fix, since you don't need to download any files. just revert files on your own hard drive
2014-04-17 11:28
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Denmark Danny D3
Yeah, I just thought if Valve would roll out an update it would be a wasted effort. Can confirm the fix works btw
2014-04-17 12:04
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I think the best way is to run this fix and disable future updates. This bug is in my opinion a calculated move by Valve to destroy the game
2014-04-17 13:31
fuckers' from valve quite brutal way to deal with 1.6
2014-04-17 12:16
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this may sound like a conspiracy theory but isn't it strange when valve updates just a perfect game right before holidays time and right before copenhagen games starts?
2014-04-17 12:18
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yeah exactly it's fucking bullshit funny how they started to only fuck with 1.6 a lot when csgo is around...and people say volvo don't do anything against 1.6...
2014-04-17 15:18
rip 1.6 (2000 - 2014)
2014-04-17 12:23
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2014-04-17 13:33
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And so does 2009 version still work too.
2014-04-17 13:15 download that and replace cstrike with cstrike from there profit
2014-04-17 13:09
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2014-04-17 13:31
Just use the link LAM posted in his video. He made all tricks clips, I'm sure we can trust him by reputation - It's not a solution however, and should not be seen as such. It's a temporary fix only. Ideally, someone should track down the exact file or group of files that caused the problem and provide a fix that replaces nothing but those.
2014-04-17 13:45
What the fuck is this? I used that and could play like normal on a public server, but then I hosted a listen server (New Game), and some dude started speaking about investments and what not. I couldn't join a team, couldn't disconnect or anything. I just sat there, listening to him go on and on about some investments and his life in Venezuela, the most bizarre thing is that he spoke Swedish. Weirdest shit I've ever experienced.
2014-04-17 16:58
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Hahahha, it worked for me xD
2014-04-17 17:21
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Have you tried hosting de_dust2?
2014-04-17 19:04
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nahh I haven't tried :(
2014-04-18 12:55
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2014-04-18 18:07
tnx for warning, didn't insall that update and cs works fine.
2014-04-17 13:36
not working also "Library problem" glad I got gifted for my gui works back in the days, and didnt paid a penny for this shitty game gj volvo
2014-04-17 13:45
I'm 'in the game' right now and everybody can see me playing. So swag.
2014-04-17 13:50
dat fucking bug thx valvo
2014-04-17 14:20 unzip the backup into common/Half-Life/ folder, and it will work. hf.
2014-04-17 14:38
why the fuck are they still touching 1.6? purposely to fucking kill the game so we play go or some shit...seriously and you say valve don't do fucked up stuff?
2014-04-17 15:17
smart bitches there, its all cuz of cs go, Valve wanna see u playing fuckin CS GO
2014-04-17 19:07
Are they going to fix it?
2014-04-17 21:47
right click on map Half-Life, rewind to previous version, copy to desktop, replace it with the current version, it works.
2014-04-17 21:52
steam updating right now, at least for me. //edit: cs 1.6 working again.
2014-04-17 21:54
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Yeah, me too UPDATING!!!
2014-04-17 21:54
Ukraine gungrave
same 158 mb update
2014-04-17 21:54
go play csgo noobs
2014-04-17 21:55
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