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Its too bad 1.6 and CSS didnt have...
United Kingdom anab0lic 
...the luxury's that CSGO has right now, to expand the playerbase and make prize-pools so large, both of those games really deserved it, CSGO certainly doesn't.
2014-03-15 01:29
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he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css.
2014-03-15 01:32
Finland AnimeRotta 
2014-03-15 01:33
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css.
2014-03-15 01:47
we do care (about cs 1.6), just moved on, dont get confused :)
2014-03-15 04:34
he mad cuz no1 carez bout css.
2014-03-15 17:52
a lot did care about 1.6
2014-03-16 15:22
we do care (about cs 1.6), just moved on, dont get confused :)
2014-03-16 21:20
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css.
2014-03-15 01:32
France PouletFurtif 
Its too bad 1.6 and Quake*...
2014-03-15 01:34
2014-03-15 01:35
2014-03-15 14:54
+1 heheh
2014-03-15 15:28
minecraft and quake *
2014-03-15 16:11
+1 CSS lel.
2014-03-15 17:34
2014-03-15 18:06
2014-03-15 18:32
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
2014-03-16 13:14
Finland XAF 
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css.
2014-03-15 01:35
he mad cuz no1 carez bout cs
2014-03-15 01:37
Yo are you like stuck repeating the same shit everytime you get an occasion? Let it go already, it's just a game man. I uninstalled 1.6 lately, it is superior in many aspects but
2014-03-15 01:40
one of the best songs of all time
2014-03-15 14:30
And that's pretty sad tbh. Just imagine what we'll be playing in a few years if people keep accepting everything that they get from developers.
2014-03-15 14:44
Yeah I agree, but come on. We are growing up. I understand how I cannot be playing the same game since 13 years, and how it might not be appealing to other people, companies, sponsors or audience. Times are changin, you get newer people who care whether tha game looks shitty or not. It's still CS, and I play it purely for the competition aspect. It's an arguable case, because everybody knows 1.6 was the thing, but I can only shrug it off and say oh well. I'm pretty sure if I get a shitty game I will not play it just like I did not play CS:GO up until the more recent updates last year.
2014-03-15 18:25
One of the problems with CSGO is this attitude you're displaying. Your nihilistic attitude is allowing it to be a worse game when it should be an improvement of its predecessors.
2014-03-16 08:12
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
+1, half of these sheep feel too obliged to defend GO, that they are blind to constructive criticism.
2014-03-16 13:26
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It should've, but it is not and. I tried before and gave up after two years of seeing it go in a different direction. I think it is time to stop dreaming about it changing god knows how, and stop trying to create a topic everytime you get a chance like this guy does? I am not defending CS:GO dv, because I did not like it at all before, but the thing for me is I do not give a flying shit because to me it's just a fucking game. I play it and have fun for whatever it is, as long as it is not pure shit (and newsflash: it is not pure shit).
2014-03-16 15:27
>(and newsflash: it is not pure shit) In my opinion it is unplayable.
2014-03-16 20:43
In your opinion.
2014-03-16 21:15
and mine
2014-03-16 21:24
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css Fuckin hell Anab0lic, your immense butthurt no name CSS competitive buddies and yourself who decided not to play GO has given you this mad vendetta against GO.
2014-03-15 01:44
u mad we played a better game than CSGO will ever be?
2014-03-15 01:42
2014-03-15 01:45
2014-03-15 01:46
please, entertain me.
2014-03-15 01:50
Those are still not facts.
2014-03-16 10:41
Yes they are. And these even more so:
2014-03-16 20:45
No they're not. Those are your personal opinions.
2014-03-16 21:23
You people make the same mistake over and over again when you compare x to y in entertainment. I might aswell just ask you, what movie do I like? Valve should just have renamed CS:GO to something not CS related, to make you people (cunts) understand that this isn't 1.6 or CS:source. And don't get me wrong, I loved 1.6 from about 99-04. I did the mistake of going back to play it last july, and realised it wasn't as good as I remembered. What you call a broken recoil, others may like. I'm a bit hungover, not really sober - so this might sound like ramblings of a madman :P
2014-03-16 11:28
Norway DKOP 
Not really. To be honest 1.6 is a lot better then what CS:GO currently is. If we give CS:GO and Valve a couple of years it will without a doubt be a great game, but as for now I can honestly say that 1.6 is a lot better than CS:GO :)
2014-03-15 04:08
in what aspect? crouch bugging, bunnyhopping(which i personally miss A LOT) what more?
2014-03-15 04:11
spray(tattoo) ;)
2014-03-15 05:35
static chickens that don't help the enemy to reveal your position (,_.)
2014-03-15 14:48
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
you are yoo young to understand that :)
2014-03-15 18:41
rofl look at you, are you like a cs 1.6 veteran? i just asked for clearense not a idiot responding to me
2014-03-15 19:06
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
I played both 1.6 and GO and 1.6 is way better in aspect of movement, weapons balance, better maps and overall there's much more options to play some match situations
2014-03-15 19:09
thanks, i played css myself so i pretty much dont know amything about cs 1.6
2014-03-15 19:20
I'd like to say that 1.6 has gotten worse since that last linux shit update....But it was the best game ever IMO...pls no flamerino I SAID IMO :3
2014-03-15 07:22
It's the same with the right settings.
2014-03-15 14:45
It's still your opinion, someone who has never played any other CS version might still think CS:GO is the best. So in years to come when Valve released CS:Arctic Defence (or some bs like that), those people will do what most of you "old school" people do now, and go "This isn't as good as CS:GO" - rince and repeat. I played the fuck out of CS from 99-04, tried it again last june... it's shit! But as I say, it's subjective.
2014-03-15 11:41
yeah of course you'd say you played back in '1999' LOL, but no surprise that you just joined in the past year. it's obvious from what you're saying that you didnt play competitively back in the day
2014-03-15 20:51
Your immense butthurt with your no name CSS competitive buddies and yourself who decided not to play GO after CSS died has given you this amazing hate against GO. I don't really care about GO, I never liked the game.
2014-03-15 01:46
u mad because rttlesnk? :D
2014-03-16 11:32
wait wait, you're saying CSS was a better game than CSGO? LOL
2014-03-16 21:45
This is just the beginning bro, a save CS campaign is starting soon, and you will see that true cs players vastly outnumber the cod kiddies propping this game up right now chasing weapon stickers.
2014-03-15 01:46
What "true cs players vastly outnumber? GO's player numbers" Where you getting this number from? Am I being trolled with this supposed "save CS campaign" announcement?
2014-03-15 01:48
LOL announcement is soon bro stay tuned... word of mouth spreads fast on the internet these days, you will see. ;)
2014-03-15 01:53
Oh please tell me whose involved in this "save CS campaign"
2014-03-15 01:55
Lots of former pro players.
2014-03-15 02:00
And what will they do? Post a load of how to fix GO threads in HLTV/reddit and GO's steam forums?
2014-03-15 02:05
when valve sees just how many people want a good cs game like we had before and didnt get one with csgo... i think they might see how they are missing out on making a lot more money from this franchise dont you? Think about how many people played and loved 1.6 and css and how few of them are playing CSGO right now...the numbers are very large. It doesnt take much to gather interest and support for things like this from vast numbers of that playerbase in this in day and age of the internet where everyone is connected, if you know the right people and where theres lots of gamer traffic its not that difficult.
2014-03-15 02:29
You're missing the point of my question. What does this "save CS campaign" entail? How will it get the attention of Valve?
2014-03-15 02:35
by bitching obviously
2014-03-15 18:09
noone cares about CSS proplayers here, noob.
2014-03-15 02:14
2014-03-15 17:37
I do ;(
2014-03-16 10:33
CSPromod 2.0 inc
2014-03-15 02:40
What luxury? CS:GO has grown into what it is today. CS 1.6 could never have become this big as the way it was in the end.
2014-03-15 01:41
are you serious? Do you know how much bigger the steam userbase is today than it was back in 1.6 and CSS era? And how much more exposure CSGO has on a daily basis? The difference is enormous. On top of that you have twitch which has a huge amount of daily traffic and gives the game free advertising. Then you have 250k prize pools that come from all that....
2014-03-15 01:51
" the way it was in the end" With your logic the player count in CS 1.6 should've increased when Twitch got more traffic and the Steam player base increased aswell. My point is that CS 1.6 in the end was a game that didn't attract any new players and simply couldn't achieve things such as $250000 tournaments. CS:GO has created its own success and partially attracted a whole new audience with smart features and advertising. There's no luxury in that. The only luxury CS:GO has in comparison to CS 1.6 is that it doesn't look 20 years old.
2014-03-15 02:33
First of all... WHAT THE F YOU EXPECT FROM 15 YEARS OLD GAME. Believe me or not but if there would be such mass media like twitch etc. 10 years ago and if Valve would do so much to make it popular as they are doin with CS:GO it would became way more popular. "CS:GO has created its own success"... so playerbase isn't created on old 1.6 and css(sAucerz) bases? So for example didn't used to be site about 1.6? CS:GO became so popular ONLY because of old playerbases.
2014-03-15 02:56
Like you said, what do you expect from a 15 years old game? Stop acting like Captain Hindsight and get your facts straight. CS 1.6 didn't go out of fashion because Twitch weren't there or because there wasn't anyone throwing money into the scene. The game got old, blasé and neither got updated nor kept interesting in any other way. Nobody want to invest in a game that had its peak 8 years ago and wasn't likely to attract any new players at all. Stop talking about things you don't know shit about. You have no idea what kind of people the current player base consist of. Of course there's a big chunk of old Counter-Strike players there, but there's also a huge amount of players that hasn't even played Counter-Strike before. What is there to discuss really? That CS:GO don't deserve to become popular?
2014-03-15 14:28
"You have no idea what kind of people the current player base consist of." OK. Since you have got no brain Ive done here. And believe me - you're the only one that have no clue what is it all about.
2014-03-15 15:26
Bring me some facts then, instead of talking bull.
2014-03-15 23:59
Switzerland NEIN 
I agree that CS 1.6 didn't have a future, but simply because it was already 12 years old. Already the fact that it became so old is amazing and speaks for the quality of this game. But saying something like "simply couldn't achieve things such as $250000 tournaments" is ridiculous since GO only has that prize money because Valve is paying for it. "CS:GO has created its own success" Without the previous CS titles, GO wouldn't even half 10% of its player-base. Just look who's actually playing the game. And what platform Valve uses to make it more popular (the competitive esport-format, which was a product from the communities of the original CS ). "There's no luxury in that. The only luxury CS:GO has in comparison to CS 1.6 is that it doesn't look 20 years old." Absolute bullshit. In my other comment I gave you a good list of luxury things GO has and the other CS versions didn't have.
2014-03-15 14:52
Valve isn't paying for anything, they gave the player base an easy way of sponsoring tournaments similar to the compendiums in Dota.
2014-03-16 10:45
Of course they do. They sell a product (key for weapon-case), keep xx% and spend the (tiny) rest for tournaments which again are a good advertisement for their main-product (the game).
2014-03-16 11:26
The only money Valve takes is from Steam market. Not from transactions for the eSport keys.
2014-03-16 13:13
Of course they do. Only a small percentage from the esprot keys goes to the esport. Read the buying agreement.
2014-03-16 13:53
Nope, because those products mostly appeal to a younger, fresh consumer. 1.6 is over a decade old and will mostly appeal to most people in the 20s (even 30s). Mostly unactive community generation since most moved on with life, started a family and so on. By having an inactive community and seeing a lack of players, sponsors disappear because the consumer disappears. Products such as Twitch would have no influence on a new growth of an old game, you see? The most active consumer is teenagers, whom are mostly playing new commercialized games such as CS:GO (Which had quite a bit of marketing) and displayed through an already massive Steam, with a huge franchise (CS) fanbase, both casuals and active competitive players. Together with the mass amount of redditcasual consumer it will naturally have a growth.
2014-03-15 18:04
tell me this, what people do first: 1. installing steam and then thinking what game they should buy or 2. thinking what game they should buy and then installing steam if its steam game maybe cs 1.6 and source is the reason why steam didnt grow that much
2014-03-15 18:29
Steam userbase: Late 2011: 40 million members Late 2012: 50 million members Late 2013: 65 million members Early 2014: 75 million members This is why CSGO is larger. That + twitch. When you actually take this into consideration you could actually say CSGO is doing very badly. I do wonder how many people have bought CSGO didnt like it and dont play it, would be interesting to see those numbers.
2014-03-15 19:14
you dont understand what I wrote my example meant that people first search game they want and if they found something they are creating steam account, if its steam game ofc - not other way around so maybe cs:go is reason why steam grew up lately (disregarding dota2 ofc), and maybe 1.6 and css is reason why steam had only 40 milion members in 2011, take this into consideration if people would create steam account and then searching game they want to play, then your conclusion would be right. because someone after creating this steam account would choose cs 1.6 over other games and that would make cs 1.6 bigger, but it doesnt work like that
2014-03-15 19:26
LOL no i can assure you CSGO is not the reason the steam userbase has blown up like it has in recent times.
2014-03-15 19:51
even if u are right, it doesnt mean that bigger steam userbase made cs:go big and it doesnt mean that bigger steam userbase would make cs 1.6 or css bigger than cs:go
2014-03-15 20:03
had the userbase been as big as it is now back then and had there been things like twitch...both games would have been far bigger than CSGO. I also feel like with CSGO the player base is like 90% made up of people who never played the former games...and thus basically don't realize they are playing a worse version of what there once was... they dont really see its flaws and where its lacking.
2014-03-15 20:13
well, this is only speculation, u cant be sure about that I cant agree that 90% players who never played previous cs versions would like to play cs 1.6 even if they would realize that 1.6 or css is better game than cs:go. people are looking for most entertaining games (they dont really care about skill ceiling, movement or death animation), and cs:go is better than previous version in this aspect for sure
2014-03-15 20:32
Not in my mind. When i tune in to watch say a sports game... i tune in to see that athlete do things that 99.9% of the rest of the population cannot do, thats what makes it such a spectacle to watch and so entertaining... its the same with Esports. With the skill cap being much lower the people that are tuning in to watch now, unless they are complete noobs, are watching players do things that they can easily do themselves.
2014-03-15 20:40
winning come from strategy, team work, out thinking your oponents and hard training, not from skill, movement etc - these things make u better individually btw. carn in 1.6 was totally piece of shit, he couldnt kill enemy from back and he still is consider as best igl this game had and when I was writing about entertainment I didnt mean watching cs:go matches but playing cs:go
2014-03-15 21:20
Finland siloquez 
2014-03-16 17:49
Switzerland NEIN 
First of all: CS:GO is still faaaar away from what CS 1.6 was in its prime. Especially in Western Europe (in 2003-2007 CS 1.6 was "mainstream", GO is still just a niche-thing). Second of all: Without all the support GO gets from Valve (which 1.6 and CSS didn't) like sponsored tournament prize money (just think about what tournaments GO would have without the ones Valve is paying for), promoting the tournament-streams (for example in the game menu) and even give people skins for watching/opening them (before they did that, the streams barely had 20k viewers), providing good tools to follow the tournaments (HLTV had bugs since 2002 and Valve ignored the community for 12 years and even forbid 3rd party companies to fix the bugs), integrated MM (even though it's terrible), an extreme low price for the game (for the previous CS versions you had to pay the full prize) GO would be pretty much dead. Third of all: GO is still mainly living by the name "Counter-Strike", that became legendary because of the previous versions. Also I think it's a shame that now we have a lot of viewers, but I see more people talk about their fucking skins and bets than about the actual tournament.
2014-03-15 14:42
Finland AnimeRotta 
integrated MM (even though it's terrible) How is it terrible?
2014-03-15 18:07
Hes probably referring to the low rate tick servers... MM has definitely helped CSGO grow though and MM is one of the few things i actually do like about CSGO, the previous versions really needed this, lurking IRC channels to get 5 v 5 games was a PITA and has made the competitive side of the game far more accessible than it used to be. Although at the same time I feel like the pub scene in not what it once was because of this... and thats a shame as that's how a lot of community's and friendships were often formed in the older CS games... playing with and against the same people at the weekend or whatever for a bit of fun...
2014-03-15 19:36
Valve isn't sponsoring anything. They gave the community an easy way to sponsor tournaments similar to Dota compendiums. I'm not sure how it's hard to understand.
2014-03-16 10:46
First of all, there are no statistics of the player count from this particular time, so there's actually no way in knowing how many that played CS 1.6 and how those numbers compare to CS:GO. 10 years ago a majority of europe still didn't have a ADSL or broadband connection, so I wouldn't be to quick to grab numbers out of my ass like you're doing. Second of all, Valve aren't sponsoring any tournaments. There are no fundings, except for the money that we, the community are contributing with. But I guess that's an unfair luxury aswell? Whining about CS 1.6 not being a better game when it comes to features, like integrated matchmaking, is also a pathetic attempt of an excuse for why CS:GO should've got something for free. CS 1.6 is almost a 15 year old game, ten years ago a matchmaking system wouldn't barely be possible due to the simple fact that the netcode was shit and you would get +300 ping when facing players from other nationalities most of the times because of the average of 0.5-1 mbit connections for the majority of the population across europe. It's a new time we live in, alot has happend the last 10 years, time to wake up.
2014-03-16 15:36
I didn't wrote any numbers you fool. It's just a fact that back then almost every kid here knew what CS is and in my school-class 80% of the boys played it. If you ask kids nowadays what CS is they simply don't know it, but they certainly know COD and BF. CS had the attention COD has today. And even main-stream media wrote about CS (although mostly in a negative way, making kids violent and stuff). Valve is providing the prize money and since they also do this because such events are a good promotion for their game you could also say "they are sponsoring the prize-money". That money comes from selling their product, it IS VALVE'S MONEY. If you buy the esport case, their is NO guarantee what will happen with your money and you are paying to Valve, so it becomes VALVE'S MONEY. Read the buying-agreement. You are buying the case, nothing more. Valve just promises that they will spend a certain part of the money (which is now THEIR money) as prize-money for tournaments. And this is only a certain percentage of their earnings, by no means they spend 100% of the money they earn with the esport-keys as tournament prize-money. Who said that this is an unfair luxury?? It's not "unfair", but it's definitely a luxury when compared to the previous CS titles. None of the previous CS versions got such a support from Valve when it comes to esports. In fact Valve completely ignored the esport-side of CS till GO (simply because they had no business-model for it). The chief of the ESL CS section even said in an interview that Valve completely ignored them for 10 years, every letter they send them (for example regarding the cheater problem) remained unanswered. "is also a pathetic attempt of an excuse for why CS:GO should've got something for free" Something for free? What the fuck are u talking about? I named the integrated MM as something that GO has and the other CS versions didn't have and that definitely helps GO to evolve as an esport title. You must be a total fool to not agree with that.
2014-03-16 15:56
>What luxury? Valve realizing that esports is a huge market with tons of growth potential and thus they are getting behind the game and pushing it in the esports scene. Neither 1.6 or CSS had this kind of backing. They did what they accomplished purely off the merits of the game alone. CSGO would not be where it is without the established competitive community and the huge backing that it's getting from Valve.
2014-03-16 08:17
What huge backing are you referring to? The half a million dollars that was entirely community funded? Valve is not supporting any tournaments financially, neither in CS:GO or Dota 2, it's only the money from the community. I don't get where you're going at, I'm not saying in any way that there aren't any players from CS 1.6 or CS:S that plays CS:GO.
2014-03-16 15:25
They are integrating esports into the game. With previous games you had to have a friend tell you about competitive CS. Now every single person that has the game knows. They are also raising funding through ingame purchases.
2014-03-16 20:41
That's not something I would call a huge backing. They're simply implementing the same features that is more or less crucial to create a modern e-sports game. Just because this didn't exist 10 years ago doesn't make it unfair in anyway.
2014-03-16 21:02
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css
2014-03-15 01:42
If Valve creates another game, this "fans" will eat that shit just like they did with this CS:GO.
2014-03-15 01:46
and Source
2014-03-15 01:55
Comparing Source to GO, Source is better. Source just has the worst animations that I've ever seen in a game.
2014-03-15 14:48
But the 1.6 and CSS community did not have to suffer from the people who doesn't even have the game but watch the stream for souvenir packages
2014-03-15 01:54
Get lost
2014-03-15 01:54
2014-03-15 18:37
Theese topics are getting boring now :(
2014-03-15 01:56
2014-03-15 18:37
One of the big reasons in my mind why CSGO is in the terrible state that's it is, is because the competitive community is being too apathetic.
2014-03-16 08:18
lol i think 1.6 is by far the best, but I definitely like go more than source. However, GO is the furthest from actually feeling like a counter-strike game. I like GO for what it is. I just don't see it as counter-strike at all.
2014-03-15 02:02
I feel the same that's why I just call it "Global Offensive" not "Counter-Strike Global Offensive"
2014-03-15 02:23
2014-03-15 07:16
LOL have been calling it 'Globally Offensive' myself.
2014-03-16 00:04
2014-03-16 08:18
It doesn't feel like a real CS game yes :/. Maybe because the look of the maps and everything. Hope (if it ever will) Counter-Strike 2 comes out, I hope it feels like CS, but combines all the good aspects of all 4 games :). I hope it will also kill the console FPS players and CoD and BF AND the MOBA games.
2014-03-15 17:45
What is it that you like more about GO than CSS? IMO everything that made CSS worse than 1.6 is even worse in GO.
2014-03-16 08:19
I was REALLY bothered by the model size and recoil/kick
2014-03-16 10:09
You mean lack of recoil kick? Because both CSS and CSGO have less recoil kick than 1.6. And in my opinion, CSGO looks/feels much worse in this area.
2014-03-16 20:47
CSGO spraying is at least moderately difficult. 1.6 is easier to spray imo, but CSGO has static patterns. Despite that, most people consider spraying in CSGO to be harder. There were times I would spray even at a mid distance in 1.6. After playing for an year, I RARELY spray in GO. Tapping is harder in GO too. By the way, recoil and kick are completely different lol CSS was an absolute joke in that regard, so I won't even go there.
2014-03-16 23:23
you continuously make hate threads towards CSGO. Don't you have anything better to do?
2014-03-15 02:03
he mad cuz no1 carez bout cs
2014-03-15 02:10
Estonia 2026 
Well let's see if this will be a regular thing for Valve to support events. Or will they host a tournament themselves like they do in Dota 2. Wouldn't expect 1mil but 500k would be nice.
2014-03-15 02:12
You know that 50k in 2006 was worth more than 250k is today, right?
2014-03-15 02:16
Way more than that
2014-03-15 02:26
It's not even worth close to that. 50k in 06 is worth about 55k to 57k now
2014-03-15 12:30
If you take in place how economic evolved, ye, but if you take in place the price for the things, you'll see its way more.
2014-03-16 12:21
are you retarded?
2014-03-15 17:50
2014-03-16 22:41
cs:go has skins and is noobfriendly. its the tetris level 1-1 of cs... thats what the kidz want nowadays...
2014-03-15 02:32
Egypt Kar1 
Ye was noob friendly at the beginning, now u cant adadadadad, p90 become shit, shooting moving inaccuracy 50%.
2014-03-15 04:08
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css
2014-03-15 02:50
anab0lic is STILL hating. i must say, at least he is persistent...
2014-03-15 03:01
Useless thread.
2014-03-15 03:55
2014-03-15 18:36
both of those games really deserved it, CSGO certainly doesn't. based on what? your opinion? get lost.we already know that you hate csgo from 21592591591 topics but that doesnt mean that your opinions are facts or something like that
2014-03-15 04:04
Egypt Kar1 
lol u again, he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css.
2014-03-15 04:07
Ohh i need some stickers and skins to fap upon ..
2014-03-15 04:23
Germany gg-wp 
I fully enjoy the CSGO Competition. It's my life right now, so maybe I should get one. XD Seriously the Competition is good. And CSGO isn't different in elementary principles of Videogames. You just gotta find out how the things work. from recoilcontrol to controled taps, nades movement and so on. Cause if you start controling the game fully on a high level and have some understanding of 5 on 5 principles and playing in a team it's a enjoyable game. Those Skins and all GOTV Gimmicks they offering with CSGO now on a next Level are another nice plus. but the skinthing is a lil bit expensive. If I think about polish Guy for example which has a monthly salary of 300 euros or something like that, it would be hard to even think about a 300 to 350 euro Stattrak Vanilla Karambit for him. So that's really not the best solution for everybody and global seen. The Game itself gets just better and better. and it's like I said. Try to get all gameelements working on the highest level you can get, join a team and have fun. :) CS 1.6 was great, CSS was great, but now it's all about CSGO. 1.6 dead CSS dead Promod more dead than dead cause it never seen real daylight and was a hell of a good game by the way.
2014-03-15 05:40
Germany VxO4 
the average salary in poland is 1.100 usd with a yearly income of 13.000 usd And a purchasing power far over 20k And no one forces him to buy these overpriced weapons. Not even the keys.
2014-03-15 12:03
I really think anab0lic is employed by to start those threads for site traffic... noone can be this retarded on their own :)
2014-03-15 07:30
And still not get banned lol.
2014-03-15 17:49
Every now and then we get these posts whining about CS 1.6 and sometimes even CSS, get over it people 1.6 was amazing it was the king of its time, CSS not so much due to lack of interest from many older players, but CS GO is the only one that has a good mix of both, it deserves the success , its getting updated every now and then, its just a overall better choice for now to play
2014-03-15 07:32
Onepointsix was an amazing game - but it's over now. The new generation need stickers, skins, ranks, drops etc. I'm old in a way, I used to play, now I'm only observing. It's okey, its just how things work now.
2014-03-15 12:10
It's not like we're complaining about stickers (Yes, I think they're ugly but I don't need to use them). The game could have skins, stickers and all the other shit and still be a good competitive game...
2014-03-15 14:52
Yea, of course. But, I feel that the competitive is being sacrificed for the commercial players in the game.
2014-03-15 14:58
How is it when you don't need to use skins or stickers nor do they give you any kind of advantage? Nothing is being sacrificed for the skins or stickers.
2014-03-16 10:49
I don't know that.
2014-03-16 16:47
What competitive parts are being sacrificed for skins and stickers? I mean, stickers are giving money in to the organizations that have CS teams..
2014-03-16 17:30
Bro. It's just how it is now, for FPS games to succeed you need perks as I mentioned. I like CSGO, but it's not perfect as an competitive game. Why? Because it needs to be more casual to please the bigger audience.
2014-03-16 18:26
So? How do skins and stickers sacrifice competitive play, do tell. You've not answered the question I asked in the first response.
2014-03-16 18:45
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
css had it one year with million dollars tournament, but the game was so shitty that it ended really fast.
2014-03-15 12:20
no that was more to do with how awfully planned out that TV show the CGS was trying to make esports mainstream by appealing to non gamers....i mean seriously did you actually watch that thing LOL? The CSS player models were wearing coloured football jerseys (im not kidding.)
2014-03-15 18:00
he mad cuz no1 carez bout 1.6 and css
2014-03-15 12:24
just ban him
2014-03-15 14:43
+1 ban his IP or he has to go to Reddit so Valve sees his comments :).
2014-03-15 17:51
2014-03-15 18:36
LOL another thread by anab0lic, just fuck off you stupid moron go cry some where else. It's boring seeing your messages as all you do is complain about CSGO
2014-03-15 14:45
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
Agred with 1.6. Source had that luxury and still failed to grow, because the game was terrible.
2014-03-15 14:49
I'm a 1.6er and as a competitive game, Source is better than GO.
2014-03-15 14:53
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
Source is a terrible game filled with huge hitboxes, OP weapons, major interpolate bugs, crappy movement and OP flashes and smokes. GO is pretty decent. Source is bad.
2014-03-15 15:13
source never had this luxury, r u dumb kid?
2014-03-16 21:05
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
2014-03-16 21:29
r u dumb
2014-03-16 21:30
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
2014-03-16 21:42
Another thread for the most butthurt 1.6'ers out there, anab0lic and king of hltv, to be even more butthurt because they still haven't learned how to counter p90. Mad 'cause no1 carez about their opinions.
2014-03-15 15:23
You can indeed counter P90. Just buy another P90 and hope for being the first one to get random HS.
2014-03-15 17:02
I have the max ranking or whatever the stupid medal system in this game is using nothing but a p90 for all the games...just to prove a point LOL.
2014-03-15 18:07
Go play with your pennies.
2014-03-15 19:27
true but what can we do now? its too late just delete csgo and play dota 2 <3. Also I miss those times when we had only 1.6ers in this website not noobs from COD and BF
2014-03-15 15:32
thats exacly what i did... now im in dota 2 after 1.6 fall i didnt spend an hour in csgo... what most funny think is, where is all this haters who was hating csgo while ago... they are right here hating 1.6 now... hahaha make me lough
2014-03-15 17:08
Not hating just trolling lol.
2014-03-15 17:53
Yup same here, dota 2 is now my #1 esports interest, but id be lying if i said i wouldnt be all over a good competitive version of CS if that actually existed right now.
2014-03-15 18:04
India Ad1_KaM 
Its only because Valve wanted CS: GO to be big and it didn't happen. So now they are doing everything possible to do it. At least 1.6 didn't need big prize money for more viewers!
2014-03-15 17:11
Skins actually, I think even if CS GO didn't have the skins, but still the 250K price pool they didn't have as much viewers :(.
2014-03-15 17:54
India Ad1_KaM 
Yeah, skins too! :)
2014-03-15 18:10
Of course they wanted their game to become big, who doesn't want that? What developer team does not try their hardest to create the biggest game? Pretty much all eSport games have tournaments with big price pools in order to grab attention, even fucking WoW has a tournament sponsored by Blizzard and that game has been dead for 5 years. This comment is one of the most retarded once I've seen on here.
2014-03-16 10:52
India Ad1_KaM 
Maybe you want to read my comment again. I never said that anybody doesn't want their game to be big! I'm just saying IT IS the reason they had to do all of this. Watch out before you call someone else a retard!
2014-03-16 11:30
Similar to how all other big games did. How do you think Riot got LoL so big? Hint, LCS. How do you think Blizzard made WC3 such a big hit? Hint, blizzcon. There's not a single game that starts out big, that's why you're being a retard for even posting it.
2014-03-16 13:12
United Kingdom Alth 
Shush, no tears, only dreams now.
2014-03-15 17:39
My all honesty: your constant flamebaiting isn't doing anything useful at all. Literally no once forces you to follow/watch/play CS:GO. If you hate it so much: find other stuff you can waste your time with. Play Dota2 ... or any other game that's fun for you. You are just as bad as all those totally clueless fanboys running around on HLTV.
2014-03-15 18:02
exactly just so many whiners these days
2014-03-15 18:04
m a d b o y s
2014-03-15 18:31
2014-03-15 18:35
Hungary adzeii 
Love these 1.6 kiddies :DD "1.6 is the best blablabla" Then go play it, nobody cares about you :)
2014-03-15 20:09
u do realize without the people that have basically been screwed over and have no good version of cs to play competively anymore you wouldnt even have this watered down version right? You should really show a little more respect to all the people like myself that kept the counterstrike name alive for so long as we did and helped grow it to what it is buddy. You should also realize many of us arnt just mindlessly flaming csgo and trolling we actually want the game to be better like it once was....dont you think if the game was actually better or as good we'd go play it?
2014-03-15 20:17
Unfortunately most people do not think that far.
2014-03-16 00:21
If the games would've been good enough they would've had this luxury.
2014-03-15 20:20
lol that's probably the dumbest thing i've ever heard also, 1.6 didn't need this kind of 'help' with the prize pots in 2001-2005. Prize pots back then were quite good. CPL summer 03 $200,000 prize pot, not much different from today
2014-03-15 20:48
Price money that never got paid, there's a reason why CPL crashed you know.
2014-03-16 10:54
are you kidding me lol? cpl didn't 'stop' paying prize money until about 2006, nice try though
2014-03-16 21:22
Yeah sure. If you believe that.
2014-03-16 21:23
we could say cs:go is shit, in 2012, now cs:go is 1000000 times better than 1.6 and source. I loved 1.6 and still love it, but honestly there is everything better now in go than in 1.6
2014-03-16 00:24
1.6 had much bigger prize pools than csgo has ever had or css.
2014-03-16 10:39
uhm? what? the biggest prizes in 1.6 were 50k ....... in fact source had a bigger prize at one point in the CGS please stop being retarded.
2014-03-16 11:10
there has been over 300k dollar tournaments in 1.6. mention cpl.
2014-03-16 12:32
it's 2014.. move on ffs
2014-03-16 10:51
f0rest | 
Denmark d0ng 
I agree with you that it's a shame that 1.6 and CSS didnt have the same luxury, but I definitely think CSGO deserves it. What always annoyed me before CSGO came out, is that the player base was so split up between the 2 games. What CSGO has done is unite the players from both sides, which is awesome and I think that has made Valve throw a lot more money at CS, because they didnt have to favor one version or the other. Too bad that there are still people out there who hate CSGO so much. I mean, sure, I was a bit sceptical at first aswell. Coming from 1.6, I was worried it would just be another CSS (which isnt bad in itself, but it just never had the same feel as 1.6). I'm glad I gave it a chance though, because I really think they did a good job combining the things that were good in both games.
2014-03-16 10:51
it hasnt though thats the thing....its created its own seperate community, most 1.6 and source players want absolutely nothing to do with CSGO... so basically everyone that supported and loved the older games has nothing to play now.
2014-03-16 13:26
wait... WHAT ?!?! Almost everyone I knew switched either to csgo or started to play League of Legends, those are the games which are actually quite attractive if you haven't noticed. The other half of people just went inactive and started to spent more time in rL , working in jobs , starting a family so please, PLEASE tell me where all those 1.6 and source players are who deny cs:go and have nothing to do in their free-time!
2014-03-16 22:07
no they didn't, 1.6 didn't deserve this expansion because the game was severly limited in attracting new players, and source was a piece of shit game. heck, i would of rather switched to quakelive than playing css
2014-03-16 11:09
Australia cr8 
At first I thought this guy was just a sad troll but given the amount of time he puts in to his threads/replying I now realise he's no troll, just the saddest HLTV user there is - and that's saying something. Your constant downie preaching and giving your opinion as fact does nothing for your cause. This "save CS campaign" will achieve nothing, that's if it even exists. I bet you were one of the people claiming CSPromod was the way of the future when GO first came out. Go fuck yourself anab0lic.
2014-03-16 11:20
Europe skelteR 
This kind of threads should be deleted already...
2014-03-16 11:33
what is this css people talk about? wasnt there only 1 cs before csgo?
2014-03-16 11:34
Romania JeeFo 
In order to have this kind of prizes, you need sponsors (among other things). Do you think ASUS would associate it's ROG brand to a game that you can play on a 10 year old computer? I've been around since the beginning of CS, and I truly believe that CS:GO is a step forward.
2014-03-16 12:35
1.6 funboy, FUCK YOU RLY GO DIE
2014-03-16 12:48
classic display of hatred by a kid
2014-03-16 18:58
2014-03-16 13:15
here's a mad uk boy coz uk players are shit at csgo lololol
2014-03-16 21:16
20:20Illuminar vs GODSENT
21:30MIBR vs
22:00Rugratz vs Riot Squad
Riot Squad
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