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Zowie Players
World kennelkennel 
Who is playing with Zowie and which model they use?
2014-03-20 11:50
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Kazakhstan dr0!d 
neo - fk i think at least it the mouse he developed
2014-03-20 11:52
can confirm he was using at EMS as well as someone else from VP (cant remember who though, maybe snax?)
2014-03-20 21:18
Snax is using fk2.
2016-02-13 00:16
NEO | 
Poland koperek 
fk - filip kubski :p
2016-02-13 00:28
now its ec1a or ec2a
2016-02-13 00:48
EC= Emil Christensen HeatoN The FK series is better and Neo is better.
2016-02-13 01:11
Used to play with EC1, but changed for a Kana as the Zowie, only had 3 DPI settings and the lowiest was 500 not 400 :/
2014-03-20 11:53
Latvia CINDER 
450 is default to all zowie mice
2014-03-20 12:04
The first ECs are 500/1000/2000dpi
2014-03-20 12:27
mantuu | 
United Kingdom makky_ 
EC1-A is 400/800/1600/3200
2016-02-13 00:17
Finland Jiksu 
dAT necro
2016-02-13 01:05
2016-02-13 00:47
Denmark lolzbananabe 
Taz - EC1 eVo CL kennyS - EC1 eVo
2014-03-20 11:52
doesnt taz use intellimouse?
2016-02-13 00:24
Norway h0k0n0n 
Clan Mystik
2014-03-20 11:53
Whole VP, CM and probably LDLC too.
2014-03-20 11:55
So im going to buy a Zowie but i dont know which model :D
2014-03-20 12:03
2014-03-20 12:06
2014-03-20 12:10
Big hands EC 1 evo cl Smaller hand EC 2 evo cl
2014-03-20 20:24
2016-02-14 18:03
i play with zowie ec2 and its ok so go for it
2014-03-20 12:07
United States Prop 
same, it's nice
2014-03-20 19:40
So you are going to buy zowie only if any pro players use it right
2014-03-20 12:07
2014-03-20 12:13
They use it because its good ?
2014-03-20 12:14
Finland 6294 
They use what ever mouse the sponsor wants them to promote, of course there are exceptions
2014-03-20 12:17
zowie is none of their sponsors
2014-03-20 12:19
Finland 6294 
I meant they as in all pro players
2014-03-20 12:43
Brazil Mirekz 
the main reason why most pros are using zowie now is because Benq bought zowie and since Benq sponsor most teams/players, so yes zowie is one of their sponsors.
2016-02-13 00:50
Thats pretty relative tho. Theres alot mice (mouses or grammar nazis) that are better than infamous steelseries ones but nobody gets them because their lack of advertisment etc. Some pros are forced to play with sponsored ones because its in their contract blabla, some use what they like. Personally if I'd suggest you a mouse it would be a Zowie mouse, Razer DA2013 (which I heard is pretty good) or Logitech g400s (which isnt that expensive, has a great old 518-ish shape and its super durable). NEVER go for steelseries unless you wanna deal with bugs and shit. edit: anyway if you want to get zowie ones ZOWIE EC1 - most likely same as IE 3.0 ZOWIE EC2 - similiar to IE 1.1 ZOWIE AM - pretty much same as IE 1.1 ZOWIE FK - reminds me alot of a mix of razer krait/copperhead and zowie AM
2014-03-20 12:20
got razer 3500dpi 3.5g for now but im going for fucking Zowie and i dont have a choice which one :D
2014-03-20 12:22
I would suggest EC1 eVo then
2014-03-20 12:32
my hand is small :D
2014-03-20 19:15
AM or FK then, i personally like AM more than FK.. since FK is more.. flat?
2014-03-20 19:28
2016-02-13 00:27
byali - AM snax & neo - FK taz - ec1 evo cl
2014-03-20 12:18
Denmark iPlayer 
zowie mice are the best, get any one of AM, EC or FK
2014-03-20 12:30
me - ZOWIE EC1 eVo Dont mess with me, Im Gold Nova Master
2014-03-20 12:37
Bulgaria R4D1 
xD germany and gold nova ? sorry just needet to q you :D Zowie best :D EC2 non evo since 3/4 years only change surfers :D and i had like 10 diferent mouses :D
2014-03-20 19:32
zowie fk here, great mouse :)
2014-03-20 19:32
You can order straight from Neo's shop, and contact him there personally and ask for advice! :D
2014-03-20 19:34
VP arent sponsored by Zowie, most of them use whatever they want, Neo is probably the only one that uses all Zowie gear and thats probably because he can try them/ buy them all for free. The rest of the VP players have a mix of Zowie and Qpad (mousepad)
2014-03-20 19:35
I like the part where neo buys them all for free.
2014-03-21 14:04
Brazil Mirekz 
but they are sponsored by Benq which owns Zowie
2016-02-13 00:53
this thread is 2 years old benq only recently bought out zowie
2016-02-14 14:52
2014-03-20 20:21
am\fk are best mice since legendary ms 1.1\3.0 imo. You have to pay more for the product, that is not spoiled by a bunch of unnecesarry functions for kiddos, such as useless 1 billion dpi, customizable color logos, integrated memory or anything else
2014-03-20 21:00
seangares uses FK; biyali uses AM; foxj uses AM-GS; Skadoodle uses FK; TaZ uses EC1 eVo CL; KQLY uses FK; kennyS EC1 eVo CL... just pick the shape you prefer!
2014-03-21 15:01
Germany OfficialKown 
2016-02-13 00:15
neo and snax zowie fk
2014-03-21 15:15
Great mouse this Zowie FK2. Reminds me of the old Microsoft intelliMouse 1.1a. back in the 1.6 days. Dont think i would change anything on it. I have tried many mice and Zowie are no bullshit and bang on great. This mouse is perfect if you like ambidextrous mice and have small hands.
2016-02-13 00:10
Japan jia 
coldzera Zowie fk1, Zowie SR, Zowie Celeritas
2016-02-13 00:14
Germany OfficialKown 
Cold has za12
2016-02-13 00:14
Japan jia 
oh mb, but isn't the same sensor?(avago 3310)
2016-02-13 00:21
Germany OfficialKown 
Yeah same sensor but different shape :D
2016-02-13 00:22
Flusha uses the fk1. It seems the majority of pros use the FK1 or EC1-A/EC1 eVo edit: Just so you don't get confused, the EC-A and EC eVo series are the same thing. The only difference is the EC-A series can get up to 3200 DPI while the eVo can only go to 2300. Also, I have 18cm hands and the EC1-A is great :D
2016-02-13 00:21
"EC-A and EC eVo series are the same thing" smh. Different coating (one fits all as opposed to rubberized or glossy), different wheel (24 steps vs 16), different sensor (better in every single way)
2016-02-13 00:22
nt suomi
2016-02-13 00:23
nt usa
2016-02-13 00:23
nt perkele
2016-02-13 00:23
nt maple syrup
2016-02-13 00:23
2016-02-13 00:25
Default .
2016-02-13 00:15
Playing with FK1 right now. Love it.
2016-02-13 00:15
Japan jia 
minimoe fk2
2016-02-13 00:17
Poland tw1l1ghtt 
me, markeloff, kioshima, fnx - ZOWIE ZA12
2016-02-13 00:17
Germany OfficialKown 
cold aswell
2016-02-13 00:17
Estonia swag420weed 
I use logitech m705, pure shit
2016-02-13 00:22
United States doge1000 
typical pleb: google "best mouse csgo" clicks first reddit link > zowie best mouse eu > order overpriced piece of dump > rank increases due to confidence > "zowie mouse best mouse im seril" ok noob well let me tell u, dell mouse is the best, its been proven scientifically so if u tell me im wrong then ur wonrg
2016-02-13 00:23
United States szno 
FK mazin'
2016-02-13 00:28
entire LG
2016-02-13 00:31
Most of Renegades
2016-02-13 00:32 full list of all professional players. CTRL + F to search
2016-02-13 00:46
One step ahead of me m8
2016-02-13 00:47
All mouz players are using Zowie gear now, but I'm not sure who is using what. chrisJ switched between 3 Zowie mice last month
2016-02-13 00:48
Brazil Mirekz 
most pro players are switching to zowie gear, the reason behind that is because Benq bought Zowie and Benq has an sponsorship with most pro players and teams.
2016-02-13 00:57
Jordan LBJ 
Created 2014-03-20 LOL
2016-02-13 00:50
steel | 
Other ToRu 
FalleN - EC1-A
2016-02-13 00:50
FK1 i r8 8/8
2016-02-13 00:53
Wait a second... fk - Filip Kubski (Neo) ec - Emil Christensen (HeatoN) any idea what the rest could stand for?
2016-02-13 00:54
Portugal mrsc 
am - abdisamad mohamed (SpawN)
2016-02-13 00:57
good one
2016-02-13 00:59
Speaking of Zowie mice, does anybody know what ZA stands for? I know EC is Emil Christensen, and FK is Filip Kubski, but I can't figure out for the life of me what ZA is. Also, there should be a PL and CA. Let's see if anybody can figure those out! ;D
2016-02-13 00:58
PL Patrik Lindberg CA Christopher Alesund ZA I have no clue maybe someone else knows.
2016-02-13 01:18
Zowie AM = Abdisamad Muhammed = SpawN 1.6 legend
2016-02-14 15:53
finalmouse - ScreaM best
2016-02-14 15:48
fox uses it
2016-02-14 15:52
Russia art7 
2016-02-14 15:55
North America a7 
Zowie ZA 11 all day Long.
2016-02-14 18:05
zowie ec2-a, really the best mouse I ever had tbh, I like small mice but i didn't fully like the kinzu series I used for years, A bit more ergonomic is nicer imo.
2016-02-14 18:07
f0rest plays with zowie ec2-a, allu with ec1-a, xizt was playing with ec1/2 but switched to ikari
2016-03-11 21:34
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