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torrents in your country
Estonia ygos? 
I was wondering about using torrents in your country, is it regulated at all, if it is then is there a control over it and do you get a fine for downloading etc.. I am just curious about it after my firend got fined in Germany for downloading a movie via torrents. For admins: Im not promoting pirating Im just asking people is pirating regulated/punishable in their respective countries
2014-03-25 15:03
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i've gotten a few letters. No legal action.
2014-03-25 15:05
i download everything with torrents. this is my sanctions to usa and eu for admins: I'm not promoting pirates.
2014-03-25 15:07
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2014-03-25 15:12
2014-03-25 20:16
2014-03-26 01:05
What? "This is my sanctions to usa and eu" How do I even English?
2014-03-26 16:15
haha xD
2014-03-27 18:27
it's being monitored by the police, ofcourse. but not regulated or even punishable. frauds and CP will get you punished for sure, copyright violation by torrent downloads not so much, for now
2014-03-25 15:07
I've downloaded atleast a thousand movies from The Pirate Bay and never got any message or notification from my ISP here in The Netherlands. Sometimes I would download 60-100 GB per evening and nothing. Don't really think its punishable here unless they search your computer but even for that I think they need your permission of some sort
2014-03-25 15:11
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i think 'u' will be more punishable if u download it, for sale.
2014-03-26 15:56
Downloading certain HBO series is a different story though, it's a well known fact that HBO contacts your ISP's and ask to warn you. But that's about it, i don't think HBO would be able to do anything either.
2014-03-25 15:10
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HBO bestest
2014-03-25 15:28
even outside of the US?
2014-03-25 15:51
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Possible but highly unlikely
2014-03-26 01:17
I doubt around any country in south america there is any regulation for that kind (or any kind) of downloads. I don't really use torrents tho, since i don't download much stuff (music/movies/software) and the games i get are from steam. (._.')
2014-03-25 15:11
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i thought you were from france?
2014-03-25 15:53
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why did you think that ? wtf (._o)
2014-03-25 16:22
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2014-03-25 19:12
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Wasn't that... obvious ? c(^_^'u)
2014-03-25 19:51
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no (;_;) i thought u were afraid from the CIA, DEA, FBI, INTERPOL, NSA, KFC and cha0s ,_.
2014-03-25 19:54
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Yes, I am. Still they don't know my exact location and never will (·_·)
2014-03-25 20:12
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argentina. said it already :D
2014-03-25 20:15
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U w00t m8 ? (''._o'')
2014-03-25 20:26
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2014-03-25 20:28
pretty sure you told me that
2014-03-26 08:39
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(''' ._. ''')
2014-03-26 15:47
I haven't heard anyone getting punished for torrents in my country. But our PM just blocked twitter for all 12 million users in our country.Why? To stop people from hearing his leaked conversations about corrupted cabinet and his theft, even a tape where he orders his son to move 1 billion dollars of cash out of his house, which we hear him say on another tape later the day, "we have been working all they but still have about 30 mil. € of cash to go.Should we just buy houses with thoose?" So i wouldn't be suprised if they tried to jail me for using torrents.
2014-03-25 15:13
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2014-03-26 01:16
The torrent protocol is allowed. It is a common way do distribute linux distributions as an example. However, it is not allowed to download or upload copyrighted material (if they doesn't allow it of course). Doesn't matter if it is via HTTP, torrent or any other technology. The maximum penalty is two years in prison, minimum is fine. Do they care about Björn, 15 years old, downloading the new Spiderman movie? No. They have caught a few end users just to "spread some terror". Media will write about it and people got scared. They have also taken down bittorrent-trackers here in Sweden. Don't think we have many left. Oh yeah, they are still trying to bring down thepiratebay, but it doesn't work very well. So yes, people are still downloading a lot.
2014-03-25 15:21
Downloading content is legal, sharing/uploading isn't.
2014-03-25 15:27
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When you're downloading youre basicly sharing also (seeding and leeching).
2014-03-25 18:28
Yep I download when I need something, tpb ftw :D! Last thing I downloaded was SP: the stick of truth ^_^
2014-03-25 15:29
controlling torrents? wait what?
2014-03-25 15:30
Using private trackers, so really no chance.
2014-03-25 15:34
As far as I know; downloading is legal but uploading isn't.
2014-03-25 15:54
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yes it is.. at least in Poland you are allowed to download stuff for personal use only. You just cant share it.
2014-03-27 18:51
I got fined three times in three different apartments during the last several years. But for me it's ok, I downloaded hundreds of movies and episodes of HMYM and stuff. Even the amount which I had to pay each time was pretty small in comparison to the money I saved :D
2014-03-25 15:54
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Norway billson
Crazy. How much you payed if its not secret?
2014-03-25 16:44
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It should have been always around 2000-3000€. But it's not that easy for the petitioner to get the amount. If you're getting fined, it's the easiest way not to answer and contact a lawyer. If you answer, you're automatically guilty and they can get you for more. In germany we have a lot of lawyers that a specialized for this case. You pay them 80-200€ and they write a declaration to cease and desist for you. In total i paid 450€
2014-03-26 09:47
i buy everything i read, watch or listen ...said nobody
2014-03-25 15:56
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+1 :D
2014-03-26 09:56
Would they be able to fine you if you use a VPN while you torrent?
2014-03-25 16:01
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most likely not, the problem with torrenting is that it's super easy to acquire other peoples ip, anyone with utorrent can do it. I doubt the officials would contact the vpn owner for your information
2014-03-25 16:30
I guess private torrents is all you need. And even with public torrentss, there are only very few torrents that police or whoever deals with it in given country are able to track. There isn't enough resources to observe all them files. I assume police has some specific torrents they observe- so named traps. But that's just my wild guess, im far from specialist on the matter. That dosen't imply in Estonia obv, torrents are not illegal here. Downloading atleast.
2014-03-25 16:38
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You are correct. Downloading in Estonia is legal, but uploading is illegal.
2014-03-25 20:55
No. You don't need VPN, a proxy is enough.
2014-03-25 19:22
In Estonia only reproducing and then distrubuting is punishable and I have personally heard a few cases where one young man copied lods of Estonian music artists albumbs and uploaded them to web. Only thing they care what goes on with torrents is tracking peophiles and their child porn
2014-03-25 16:31
I have 1.3 TB downloaded and 5.3 TB uploaded in my acc on rutrackerTM
2014-03-25 16:37
Argentina atriX^
I have downloaded around 200 movies from torrents. Still waiting for the FBI to knock my door.
2014-03-25 16:39
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2014-03-25 16:48
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Argentina atriX^
why is that?
2014-03-25 17:16
Only 200?...
2014-03-25 18:25
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Argentina atriX^
So far, I don't play any other games besides CS so I don't download any games and I only download movies I'm interested in having so far 200. When I think of some others I'm interested I will download them.
2014-03-25 19:03
I've never heard of a guy getting punished or caught because they downloaded torrents, not in Denmark! ^^
2014-03-25 16:40
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It is illegal in Denmark yes. But the police in Denmark clearly doesn't have the technology to check it. I have been pirating for the past 6 years, and nothing so far.
2014-03-25 19:12
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They have ROFL, they just dont care about people like you and me downloading a movie now and then.
2014-03-25 19:55
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Kinda doubt it, the police in my region atleast is outdated as fuck
2014-03-25 22:50
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Well, i recieved a DMCA a while back which made me more aware of my security today.
2014-03-26 00:32
They do have the technology, the difference is that alot of people doesn't know that it isn't the police job to hunt people down without any reason. The companies behind the torrented movies have to personally put up a lawsuit against an individual they're suspecting are sharing their copyrighted content. Thats where the police would come in. And most companies wouldn't want to go out there and look for individals, because the evidence isn't that great on that matter, you can easily come with excuses that somebody must have broken into your internet and downloaded stuff. There just isn't enough evidence. The laws in denmark are that the person using the PC are the guilty one, which makes providing evidence much harder compared to other countries where the guy that OWNS the pc are the guilty one.
2014-03-26 00:43
piratebay is blocked by my isp :D
2014-03-25 16:42
4 replies there are tons of others extensions
2014-03-25 18:08
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2014-03-25 19:12
aye I know that, I was just pointing it out. :D
2014-03-25 19:18
2014-03-25 19:16
not in spain from what ive seen atleast
2014-03-25 16:43
downloading pr0n erryday
2014-03-25 17:19
Theoretically is not legal to download via torrent in Romania but we have a very big torrent site here that everybody heard of. But they never had problems. I am downloading for more then ~3 years from it all kind of shit and I also never had any kind of problems.
2014-03-25 19:07
it's legal.
2014-03-25 20:44
I used torrents in 2005 now filehosters are safer and faster
2014-03-26 00:43
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bad boy :D
2014-03-26 01:06
Just like most other countries: Torrenting is illegal, the website is blocked. Nothing out of the ordinary. People that gets fined are mostly (99%) only people with mass torrenting. Those people who UPLOAD the files and share them with others. People that uploads 100+ movies per day for everyone to download. Those are the ones that are mostly in danger. Individuals downloading torrents on the other hand, the chances are slim as fuck, if not almost entirely impossible. (They will have to put up a lawsuit against you personally, it's ALOOOOOT of work for companies to cba going through on every individual. They will rather sue those guys who mass-upload stuff.
2014-03-26 00:46
actually we dont know if its legal or not but we keep downloading torrent and other stuff that should be...illegal x)
2014-03-26 02:19
We get letters all the time. Just throw them in the bin. I think they have successfully prosecuted someone for uploading torrents and charging money for them...
2014-03-26 09:26
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gomez style :D
2014-03-26 15:54
Don`t use torents!...............when you play csgo :D
2014-03-26 10:08
i'm downloading everything from torrents, except cs ofc.
2014-03-26 16:00
I download at least 1337gb porn a day, no warnings.
2014-03-26 16:03
I feel bad conscience using it, so I stopped :/
2014-03-26 16:07
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lol we got a jesus here.
2014-03-26 16:11
what is torrent?
2014-03-26 16:09
np for me
2014-03-26 16:09
I download all them Child porns from them. ain't nobody gonna touch my torrents doe.
2014-03-26 16:11
dont use P2P shit without a vpn in germany aka torrent,emule and stuff like that. One click hoster are pretty save tho.
2014-03-26 16:11
i think its ok unless ur uploading torrents with movies etc, they u can have problems
2014-03-26 16:26
If you're just into TV shows like me, I recommend you Hulu (if it's available in your country). Most of the stuff I watch is free, though ad based (2 minutes commercials every 10 mins isn't that bad too be honest). They upload the episodes just hours after it aired in the States. There's Hannibal, Revolution, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and older stuff like The Twilight Zone, A-Team and ALF as well. They also have premium which allows you to watch all seasons of X-Files, Star Trek etc. It's pretty awesome that networks are adjusting their strategies to the 21st century, heck, I don't think I wouldn't ever started following South Park if they didn't have ALL episodes available on their website. I stopped watching TV years ago because I was sick of 20 minutes of commercials every 40 minutes. Can't wait for Netflix to be available in Portugal, though usually the section in Europe is not even half of what the Americans have.
2014-03-26 16:38
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