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SteelSeries Kinzu trouble
Morocco Gun4s 
hi guys, was just asking if anyone of you ever had a problem with the Kinzu. it goes on and off several time per day. it dosen't shut down .. since the red light is always flashing but it dosen't respond for mouvements and clicks. hope you can help or give some good advices. seeya.
2010-10-25 16:49
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I have a kinzu since June and I never had any problem mate. probably it's something wrong with your USB port?
2010-10-25 17:58
Morocco Gun4s 
i'm afraid not. already tryied all my ports, same story.
2010-10-25 20:19
maybe the cable of the mouse is broke, buy a musebungee to avoid.
2010-11-22 16:30
Denmark Nix0n 
RMA it if it keeps on doing having problems.
2010-10-25 20:21
Morocco Gun4s 
not mine, it's a friends mouse me, I stopped playing since my MX got destroyed long with my PLANTRONICS.
2010-10-25 21:04
Other Mortal_Wombat 
i have 15 mx518 boxed here at home u can have one freee :D
2010-10-25 22:13
no shit..
2010-10-25 22:16
Same problems here, it has so much bugs. They still didn't release any firmware update, also to dissapear mouse acceleration.
2010-10-25 20:37
Morocco Gun4s 
so it's not just this one. can you tell me something, can you play with it ? i mean with all that problems. can you play a game without having "big trouble" with that?
2010-10-25 21:07
To be honest, I can't play with it because I have fast reflexes, and the mice goes too fast. I tried everything just to fix it, changed everything in drivers, but still problems. Anyway, I'm playing again with my old 1.1 ...Waiting for any update from SteelSeries...
2010-10-25 21:17
Morocco Gun4s 
so it is not a technical problem but a softwar issue ?
2010-10-25 21:54
I looked some stuff up, what I remember of it is that their had to be an update or something like that. But my mouse kept on doing it after I had it for like 2 years, I really liked it but it's still expensive to buy it (again) in my eyes. I had it and sometimes it was gone for like weeks and suddenly it just comes back. Never found a solid solution tbh. wops wrong
2010-10-25 23:59
bad x bad :/ the problem is about getting it .. the price is not a problem actualy.
2010-10-26 00:07
Lol, they still sell it over here. €45 is too much just to play a game.
2010-10-26 14:49
i had the same problem with my kinzu.i think it is a problem of the mouse cable.i just bought a new mouse and i trade the mouses and i send my hold mouse to the warranty.xD
2010-10-25 22:19
Other Mortal_Wombat 
forest and markeloff and alex (tyloo) play well on it :p maybe a bad unit
2010-10-25 22:29
I had this problem with my mx518. It freezes for like 0.1 sec. edit: Didn't found a solution, my wired burned off.
2010-10-25 23:51
:/ i have a MX too that have your problem 2.
2010-10-25 23:54
It didn't stay with just freezing, after a while even disconnecting. (red light going off)
2010-10-26 00:00
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