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Denmark purityy 
So i am watching Fnatic vs NiP. The casters are quite good (Anders/TheRiot) the only problem and irritation is the word "PUNISH" And he got the punish for it. He's going to get punished. He was punished. Would be great if you guys could use some other words, or mix them up.
2014-04-06 20:38
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how does such a thing bother you? like wat
2014-04-06 20:44
I don't know, it does.
2014-04-06 20:54
Norway Flick 
you are getting punished for that
2014-04-06 20:58
2014-04-06 21:01
what a punishful situation
2014-04-07 12:02
maybe you should mute them then ?
2014-04-06 20:58
The point of watching stream?
2014-04-06 21:02
well don't watch the stream then lol.
2014-04-06 21:27
wow gr8 logic, explains a lot about finland.
2014-04-06 23:51
Brazil durk 
wow gr8 logic, explains a lot about xenophobia
2014-04-07 00:02
mad cuz UK is one of the worst countries in the europe? mad cuz Finland >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UK mad cuz from UK? well, i would be mad too. xoxo
2014-04-07 00:07
Lol the netherlands on top? haha
2014-04-07 00:11
totally legit.
2014-04-07 00:14
Denmark qwedsa 
red light, hashish, multicultural. <3 Holland
2014-04-07 00:51
haha you owned them
2014-04-07 12:04
2014-04-07 09:29
2014-04-07 00:55
hahah wow gr8 logic because internet says so must be best country to live in uk is the best country to live in so stfu we have the most beautiful women not like racist sweden mad cuz snows 364 days a year?
2014-04-07 03:09
Latvia CINDER 
Did you just say you have the most beautiful women? It must be just you. I've seen a couple, but nowhere near as much as eastern Europe or Scandinavia.
2014-04-07 10:09
completely agree.
2014-04-07 12:05
2014-04-07 14:08
Finland merkkis 
They havent seen better cauz they live on island, so they see only uk women. Jk
2014-04-07 14:52
from not liking the overuse of the word punish to who has the best women, gr888888888888
2014-04-07 16:34
uk is a 3rd world country
2014-04-07 12:09
Haha defuq bro. Acording to multible tv programs the majority of UK woman is far overweight. tells alot about your taste!
2014-04-07 17:32
haha don't think so uk women are the most beautiful and intellectual women you will ever see, at least uk women know to put fake tan on and some of them have only 3 teeth missing
2014-04-07 18:22
Finland XAF 
2014-04-07 19:13
your point shes hot?
2014-04-07 19:39
WOOP WOOP HOLLAND probably because of the weed
2014-04-07 11:27
2014-04-07 00:22
Finland XAF <- explains alot about UK :D Be careful ;-)
2014-04-07 00:40
that explains a lot about finland
2014-04-07 03:09
Finland XAF 
mad cuz uk worst country eu?
2014-04-07 16:06
haha this explains how much knowledge finnish people have apart from lurrpis
2014-04-07 18:23
mad cuz u wanna get banged by lurppis?
2014-04-08 01:49
haha mad cuz lurppis shook my hand once
2014-04-08 03:33
Austria db42 
1o1 trade 63 times per half. semmler alone.
2014-04-06 21:06
To be fair Anders started that one as far as I remember.
2014-04-06 21:17
Austria db42 
it still gives me earcancer everytime one of them says it.
2014-04-06 21:23
Europe DrexxEnt 
I watch the LCS in both EU & NA for LoL, and it's the same in the biggest eSport out there. I suggest getting used to it, as it most likely won't change any time soon.
2014-04-06 23:07
he just wants to post something
2014-04-06 21:30
rofl...atleas better than 1 for 1 trade =)
2014-04-07 11:58
2014-04-07 22:16
LOL MAN far more annoying is vendetta. PUNISH HIM
2014-04-06 20:59
You had horrible childhood
2014-04-06 21:00
2014-04-06 21:02
2014-04-06 22:07
2014-04-06 23:22
can't be worse than getting raped
2014-04-06 23:52
Yeah, am sorry for you.
2014-04-06 23:55
World Jeza 
2014-04-07 00:18
2014-04-07 00:22
haha even his replies are rape
2014-04-07 03:10
hahahahaha . wp
2014-04-08 00:03
Finland XAF 
2014-04-07 00:20
there is a program who let you change sounds of the words, so every time he said the word "punish" you will hear a peeeeeeeee* Kappa
2014-04-06 21:01
We will try and hold back on the punishment
2014-04-06 21:02
thanks alot :) Awesome casting, i appreciate it.
2014-04-06 21:05
i love you, keep saying punish, i love that for real <3
2014-04-06 21:03
u should try and say ROCKET JUMP When a nade kills a guy xD
2014-04-06 21:17
Denmark fyhn 
PLEASE do not do this!
2014-04-06 22:15
2014-04-06 23:11
2014-04-06 23:20
copying isnt good
2014-04-07 11:24
its just for the lols only for him to try it and see if he actually does it half as good as rahim xD
2014-04-07 13:37
Dude, you better copy something good than come up with something bad.
2014-04-07 18:56
i think it is pathetic to copy from other people
2014-04-07 19:08
And the word cool? As in "very cool tactic" "cool headshots" It sounds so unprofessional
2014-04-06 22:12
That word also kinda shows the passion Anders has towards the game, you can see that he loves playing and that he's enjoying what he's doing, I don't think that's a bad thing :)
2014-04-06 23:53
I dont get how he is passionate when he's saying that
2014-04-07 12:03
It's just the feeling I get from the word when said by Anders :) It just shows that he enjoys what he sees :)
2014-04-08 00:45
wise words :)
2014-04-08 00:28
yeah and stop faking excitement just to esport and stop ow man oww oww oww sounds like you just saw a little child fall of a ledge
2014-04-06 23:53
little child like u? go get ur calories and shhhh
2014-04-07 00:00
wow someones mad.
2014-04-07 02:36
+1 with the Ow Ow Ow :D
2014-04-07 10:55
yeah finally someone understands, it's like you know when kid comes home with cut on his leg or something and then mother is like "oww owww what happened oww oww" that's what anders sounds like owwww man owwww owww...
2014-04-07 11:57
doesn't bother me at all, still good you try and improve though
2014-04-07 10:50
I'll punish you if you punish the punishing edit: wrong reply im truly sorry
2014-04-07 12:34
2014-04-06 21:02
haha any idea about that guy? Rahim i guess, he casts anymore?
2014-04-06 21:03
nope , i miss him :(
2014-04-06 21:06
2014-04-06 21:10
Finland FRGVN 
he is online all the time though.. havent asked lately whats his status but I'd guess its his family&job that stresses him enough not to cast.
2014-04-06 22:02
i heard he doesnt like csgo
2014-04-06 23:09
Finland FRGVN 
well yeah he said so but he likes casting so that shouldnt be that big of a deal(fans + casting should be enough imo).. plus imo this version of the game creates even funnier opportunities for him to make everyone laugh :D but yeah he talked about his family&job taking a bit 2much time for him to stream. I happen to be admin btw ;)
2014-04-06 23:14
such punishment. keep the good work anders! top caster!
2014-04-06 21:03
if u think u can do a better job at it go cast it yourself...Anders & the boys take their time to cast this in a professional way and they do a amazing job at it i feel sad that people like this have haters.....
2014-04-06 21:08
what? I am not a hater, +1 to him for Casting. I was just giving a suggestion. Where did I said anything bad about them?
2014-04-06 21:10
focus on the message not the messanger
2014-04-07 16:36
Are you getting punished everyday?
2014-04-06 21:44
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
2014-04-06 22:13
Agreed. Are you making a comeback to the competetive danish scene anytime pur?
2014-04-06 22:15
probably I'll try csgo, since I'm free these days and just roaming this forum :p Which team u in?
2014-04-06 23:05
Good to hear! None. Stopped playing cs when csgo came out, because my computer at the time couldn't handle CSGO graphics. I was going to make the transition with creed, bql and endoze, but now that i have started playing it, I would not guess i would have stayed very long in that team :D
2014-04-06 23:12
United Kingdom QNo 
drink a shot every time they say "1 for 1 trade" whoever lasts the most rounds wins
2014-04-06 23:10
Inb4 hospitalised before the first buy round
2014-04-07 14:42
YOU will get punished for saying something like that about the best casting team around!!!!!
2014-04-06 23:12
after you get punished you will understand
2014-04-06 23:15
You get punished straight to your head
2014-04-06 23:17
bdsm porno much?
2014-04-06 23:37
+first blood, rampage, humiliation, killing spree
2014-04-07 00:12
Yeah seriously, Anders needs to start saying stuff like "oh wauw NiP just got rekt by schneider, ez skins ez lyfe".
2014-04-07 00:40
Europe midi 
1 for 1 punish
2014-04-07 00:58
i realy hate when anders in every casting says: "i really appriciate it" " it certainly is", this trend goes on from the beggining of your career...
2014-04-07 07:40
I would let Anders and his casting team cast how they'd like. It is very easy to fall prey to common words that you incoporate into your vocabulary. Anders does an amazing job and his verbage is more than suffice to meet the viewers needs. Love you guys at NipgamingTV keep going strong!
2014-04-07 09:22
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
1for1trade 1for1trade 1for1trade 1for1trade will he have enough time for the defuse??? Yes he will
2014-04-07 11:07
It is fun though when people bring up phrases we havn't used for a good while :D
2014-04-07 11:08
Some have become classics. Please dont stop. <3 1 for 1 trade
2014-04-07 11:23
I loved how you switched to "Equal trade" for a while due to all the attention on this 1on1trade phrase. Keep it the good work.
2014-04-07 13:46
Thanks for noticing! Now we just need to stay ahead of the curve and come up with some more phrases before "equal trade" becomes the new 141 :D
2014-04-07 14:43
I really like Anders, one of my favorite casters, but reading the defuse sentence had me cracking up xp but I don't find it annoying, rather amusing in fact :D
2014-04-08 03:37
I generally I find it offensive or annoying or anything when people point out words or phrases that we use too much. In fact, I just assume most people do it because they want to help us out, which is great. It would be pretty arrogant to just stop listening to feedback or just assume that everyone is a "hater" =)
2014-04-07 11:07
2014-04-07 11:13
Another really annoying thing is the crosshair you use on the stream, PLEASE change it. It's to small and impossible to see. Green and medium size with or without outline doesn't matter. I honestly can't see it when I watch the stream. Look at your own vods and tell me it's a good viewing experience with the current crosshair.
2014-04-07 11:14
2014-04-07 22:16
great that was supposed to read "I generally DONT find it..."
2014-04-07 11:25
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
That's why there is an edit button.
2014-04-07 11:55
only for a short time :<
2014-04-07 12:12
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Oh yeah ur right, didn't notice that before. Strange :p
2014-04-07 12:16
Such a positive mindset towards the community. Goodluck!
2014-04-07 19:41
2014-04-07 22:15
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