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russia vs ukraine phone call
World IloveCSgo can someone translate?
2014-04-15 19:57
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2014-04-15 20:34
98% vs 2%
2014-04-15 20:35
man its not your bisness, play on Csgo
2014-04-15 20:42
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2014-04-15 20:56
if its true, the war is coming
2014-04-15 21:08
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what did it say?
2014-04-15 21:35
Just tactical talk between commanders of RF sabotage groups,which require federalisation of UA and elections of governors in areas of Ukraine before 25.05. Also they are talking about their lack of antitank weapon and a lot of victims on enemy`s side. sry for my bad eng :(
2014-04-15 21:55
Russia+Ukraine! SUCK, EU!
2014-04-15 22:01
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2014-04-15 23:39
fucking disgrace
2014-04-15 22:53
to translate 6 mintes conversation? r u kiddin me? f*ck it...
2014-04-15 22:57
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I think he just means a summarized translation, no need to translate every single word.
2014-04-15 22:59
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2014-04-15 23:01
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simply saying puting forces ukraine to make federalization. and then we wont be able to get financial credits from eu. and also those pro russians are making ambushes and killing different group of people from military units,bastards
2014-04-15 23:31
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dam... I hope you guys are not in war soon, and russia will just back off :(
2014-04-15 23:35
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Doubt it. Putin has got too far playing tough guy.
2014-04-15 23:44
he wont back off, he has a cancer of the brain, like most of russian leaders through all history
2014-04-15 23:54
just lie :]
2014-04-15 23:34
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