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Which resolution?
Germany Chris Walker 
My question is: what are the advantages and disadvantages of either 16:9 or 4:3 and which one would you prefer between 1600:900 and 1280:960 and why?
2014-04-20 22:03
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Ukraine pzb0b 
I use 1280 16:9 and its ok for me
2014-04-20 22:05
stretched either 1280 or 1024 if you need the fps, because it fucking works, just play with it for a month
2014-04-20 22:08
Germany ayyy 
there is no big advantage on 16:9 except the wider fov which will help you in maybe 1 out of 150 matches. 4:3 gives you more fps and if you strech it the models are bigger but overall its just preference.
2014-04-20 22:15
whatever suits you best, plain and simple.
2014-04-20 22:21
The one you feel good with. /thread
2014-04-20 22:22
Finland lalli 
16:9 I think is better because wider fov (which doesn't help that much)and overall better picture quality. 4:3 with black bars may help you to focus on precise location and gives you more fps (with my computer not much difference) 4:3 streched Everything seems bigger but hitboxes are the same they aren't any larger.Only advantage is more fps. I used to play with 4:3 streched 1280x960 cause It's just felt right but nowadays I play with 1920x1080. I did get used to it and love it!
2014-04-20 22:30
Counterstrike does not need myn resources! But because of the streched pixels --> bigger enemys, i prefer playing 1280*960 streched
2014-04-20 22:41
i use 1600x900 not stretched, its because i play on a 27 ich screen
2014-04-20 23:04
I play 800X600 4:3 :P, why? Because I first played on a laptop which couldn't run a higher res with ok fps. Now I got a better PC and I still used to it, simply because I'm used to it.
2014-04-20 23:12
1024, id use black bars if i had a wide screen monitor, but this is completely preference, even more so than sensitivity imo.
2014-04-20 23:13
I think stretching 4:3 will mess with your x:y sensitivity in game. So I always would stick with 4:3 black side bars.
2014-04-20 23:26
Argentina atriX^ 
I play with 1024 4:3 just preferente and stretched because I have a 16:10 monitor. If I had a 16:9 I'd use black bars.
2014-04-20 23:33
1280x960 is actually pretty good. I feel comfortable with it. so do some of the "pro's", lately.
2014-04-20 23:49
Germany Chris Walker 
Yeah I am just asking cause I think most pros use 4:3 since they're used to it from 1.6 or Source. But CS:GO is my first CS so I don't have any habits there.
2014-04-21 01:11
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
I use 1024 4:3 streched. It makes everything bigger and the game seems to go faster(walking faster etc), making it less boring to play. Your x/y settings get fucked for a while, but after 1 day you will get used to it.
2014-04-21 02:40
800x600 > world
2014-04-21 02:41
1280 streched feels nice, bigger models/hitboxes and shit but as someone mentioned above, the x/y sens isnt right so 16:9 1280x720 for me
2014-04-21 02:45
I use 1024x768 stretched because I am used to it =)
2014-04-21 03:26
is stretching 4:3 res will make fps lower than 4:3 black bars ?
2014-04-21 07:19
4:3 - 1280x1024 stretched
2014-04-21 07:41
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